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Justin Bieber performing on So Random [Video]

Huh? I thought they were airing this on Dec 4th on the Disney Channel? This is my favorite performance of Mistletoe so far.

Oh btw, Justin now has over 15 million followers as of this morning. Congrats JB!!
(Thanks @biebersgagaswag for the video)

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  • JB

    I love this one the best <3 xoxooo

    • lol

      justin bieber is the best in the hole world he can sing and one thing is that he goes out with selena gomaz sooooooooooo she is so ungly lol peace out ………………………………………………………… xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Anonymous

    JayBee is hot.

  • anon

    i love this one!!!!!
    he doesnt do “with you-ou-ou” and i like it better how he does it in this ! he sounds amazinggg

  • beibsbestbeliber

    aww! I MISSED IT! did they play it on tv already?? r they going 2 replay it on DEC. 4?!!!!!

  • enaa belieber

    omg !!even i missed it… aww man..

  • biebers girl

    best performance ive seen in while…i just fell in love all over again. i love you justin

    • Anonymous

      it come on tv dec 4

  • i’m so excited JB is so HOT!!!!!!!!

  • yeah.its my fav too and you`re welcome =)

  • I was searching through youtube and I finally found this vid so I add as a favorite in my youtube channel and I dont own that video =)

  • Bella

    Totally my favorite. Okay, just asking, but was he trying to kill us with the dancing at the end. 😀

  • bieberfever

    huh i was waiting for that it was going to be on december 4 i missed it 🙁

    • it was probably on disney on demand:) no worries its still gunna be on december 4th 🙂

  • christina

    i saw another video and he kept staring at this girl while he was singing 🙂 he was in love it looked like

  • my favorite performance of mistletoe by far!!!!!<33333333 love it sooooo muchhh!!:) including his dancing at the endd!! 🙂 soooo hottt:)

  • Robyn bieber


  • ashley

    is it just me or did he sound kinda nasily? noo hate i lovveeee justin bieebberrrr<33333

    • belieberforlife

      i think its because of the video quality, its not the best.

  • Patricia

    I really wish Justin wouldn’t associate himself with the Disney channel and their shitty shows. I hate that channel and everyone on it. He’s way too good for them. Amazing performance btw.

  • hey justin i love u more then anygirl i swaer,,,,,, i love u i will do anything for,,,,justin i will never be the same without you,,,,i wish i could see u one day,,,if i see u i will be so happy to see u,,,,,,,justin ur my fist love,,,,can u come to az plz i love u,,,,i love u more then any girls,,,, lost my heart, i lost my mind without you,,, i wish u be my futer man,,,,justin be my man,,,,,,,,i wish u will be my man one day,,,,i love u love u like crazy i want you want you like crazy,,,justin i will never forget you,,,,,,justin i love u now i will love u later and i will love u forever,,i am lost i am vain i will never be the same without you

  • Katie Ford

    Justin Bieber The best person in the entire world he beats out any celebrity everr He deserves to be famouss I cry at the mention of his nameee i luvv him and his new songg xx

  • kirsten