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michael buble justin bieber

A Michael Buble Christmas: Justin Bieber interview

Justin will be performing on Michael Buble’s Christmas special on Tuesday, Nov 6 on NBC.

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  • bieberfever

    hi is it on December 6 or November 6? Because u wrote November 6th and what time is it going to start? thank u

  • Anonymous

    “because i’ll die if the ratings are terrible.”

  • merry xmas jb

  • Quit grabbing Selena’s boobs and butt you ass hole

    • Anonymous

      your stupid hes not like that your just jealous cause u dont get as much girls as he does why dont u just sut up already we get your jealous

  • ?

    Jb hurry up and fuck Selena till she can’t take anymore

  • amita

    Sigan a @lulopilato!, es la esposa de buble, ella hara twitcam con sus fans el 21 de diciembre si llega a los 1.500.000 seguidores!

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