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justin bieber so random

Justin Bieber on So Random Dec 4, 2011

Justin Bieber puts on an intimate performance for the crowd on the holiday episode of So Random.

In the upcoming episode, the 17-year-old musician sings his hit holiday track, “Mistletoe,” from his new album, Under the Mistletoe. The So Random! holiday show premieres Sunday, December 4th @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.


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  • The one and only Mrs.Bieber

    I am totally going to watch it

    • The only Mrs. Bieber


    • The only Mrs. Bieber


  • The one and only Mrs.Bieber

    I just gave myself the second comment on the newest JB story

  • yeah!!!! i’m watching it!!!!!!!

  • Kokopuff

    Going watch it, love that boy so much!!!!!!

  • Patricia

    What the hell is so random? Never heard of it. I love Justin but Im a little too old to be watching the Disney channel. All the shows on there suck anyway.

    • Anonymous

      you dont know what so random is weardo justin beiber is ok but i hate his hair i want to shave it all to bits

      • Anonymous

        Justin bieber is hot I hope one day I could touch his tender hair lol

  • Kirstie

    That’s such a stupid show. But I will be turning into the end of show to watch the biebs..

  • its not a stupid show right jb

  • yolanda

    sera genial ese programa

  • oh HELLZ TO THA YEAH!! i watch it anyway so I AM DEFO WATCHING IT on the 4th, forget about the 25th the 4th is gonna be betta 😀

  • Crazy4JB

    Please tell me their going to have him in a skit or whatever its called too

    • beibsbestbeliber

      omg, i would realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hope so!!!!!!

  • beibsbestbeliber

    how do they have that pic if its on December 4????

  • shaili azerad

    hey can we get tickets online to go watch it live or no?
    my little sister wants to know lol

  • sweet t


  • lizzy jb lover

    i love u justin bieber im your biggest fan <3