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justin bieber funny macy’s commercial

Justin Bieber Macy’s Black Friday Commercial

This commercial for Macy’s Black Friday sale is soooo funny. Totally reminds me of when Justin landed in Auckland, New Zealand in April of 2010. The screaming was unbelieveable. All I can think about is how Justin’s ears has to put up with this everywhere he goes.H e’s probably gonna lose his hearing from all the screams.

Here’s the video from New Zealand. My hears hurt watching this. Imagine being in the middle of this mayhem.


This is taken in Switzerland where someone pretended to be JB at the top of a hotel.

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  • belieber baby

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that add is the funniest thing ever. he is such a good actor now !

  • Hannah

    This is sooo funny!!!! i wish there was a Macy’s in England :/

  • TrueBielieberBabe

    Too funny. I luv it. Biebs did a good job acting.

  • funny biebs

  • Nora

    Does anyone else seriously just want to be best friends with this kid? I mean I know we would all like to date him too lol but I sometimes just wish we could just chill and stuff…he seems so fun! 🙂

  • Hannah

    i know i always say that to my friends, i think he would be such a funny person to hang out with and i’m sure he would be a great friend 🙂

  • je te deteste

  • Hope Bieber

    that was the funniest comercial ive ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beliebz

    haha funny comercial 🙂 He’s soooooo cute, fit, amazing….. (you get the drift) in this 😀

  • beliebz

    AHHHHHHH! his hair is so cute! omb i swear everytime I see this boy I fall in love all over again 😀

  • Patricia

    I used to work for Macy’s six years ago. It was a fun place to work. I love this commercial. I guess even guys can have bieber fever lol.

  • name


  • i can’t stop saying your name justin bieber, i saw u in the newspaper and i read that article about u being a dad and having the dna test

  • hunny

    love u jb

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