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Jelena: Justin and Selena’s romantic picture or posing?


Man I hate being honest because I always come off as being a hater but here I go…. I love Justin and I’m trying really hard to believe in Jelena but this picture is way too much. I mean someone else had to hold the camera and take the picture for them so to me it’s like they’re posing. Publicity much? Argghh sorry but I’m just annoyed for some reason. This picture is too weird for me.

Let me know what you think (please don’t let me be alone in this)….


I’m back from my trip and I can’t believe now many people commented that they don’t think this is the real JB and Selena. Here’s a better pic. This is really them people! Romantic but still #posing. lol sorry!

This is the real Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! Believe it.

And the mystery is now solved. These pics are from New Years 2011 in St Lucia

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing in St Lucia

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  • ashley

    when was this because in this picture justins hair isnt cut

    • but i will be calling it publictity act still , love david conway

  • Honestly

    okay.. this picture is CLEARLY posed. but come on… it doesnt mean they are necessarily doing it for publicity, about ALL my friends take “cute” boyfriend pictures, why wouldnt justin and selena do the same?

    • Me

      And so do we and our asses don’t get our shit like THIS tho. We smile at te camera not look like we about to fuck. Half dressed. Take beyonce and jayz, zanessa, and countless other celeb relationships. LEGIT ones… Do u see Pics of them at all? Fuck no so okay then you statement was IRRELEVANT.

  • Michelle

    I don’t even think it’s them -.- I mean the lighting’s dark, and you can only see the side of their faces. Was Justin even dating her when he had that hair cut? I honestly don’t think it’s them. So you can cool you jets haha. It’s probably just random people who are put through hair and wardrobe, pose for the camera, and they post the picture online so people can start a convo. like this.

    • Isabelle

      It doesn’t look like Justin’s body really, same face shape, but I agree that it may not be them

  • camilla

    I agree with Ashley

  • TrueBielieberBabe

    It is posed and it is them. Looks like a pic from St. Lucia. No big deal. We know all the pics from St. Lucia was posed. They wanted to break the news of their relationship.

    • totally agree

      • Tatiana Reeves

        I agree πŸ™‚

  • lauren bieber

    Justin looks way taller than Selena and they are usually about the same height and if this is them which I don’t think it is, his hair is longer, before he got it cut, sooo why would it have been leaked NOW and not THEN???

  • Patricia

    I think, this picture was taken for them.. Only a memorie. You know, normal (not famous) people do that. πŸ™‚

  • ashley

    OK this isnt them justin isn’t even not 1inch taller then selena. he’s not taller than selena now either. plus “selena in this picture is weird and the smile. selena smile isn’t like that (i just looked at pics of them). and in st Lucia remember their room. it didnt have a railing or anything.they were on the ground not high in the sky (lmfao) theres alot of posers of look a likes of them. I saw a poser of selena on fb wearing the same bikini as selena when she went to hawaii. “selena”was taking a picture in the mirror, she had the same suitcase as selena too. but they both had a different body and “selenas” belly button was wider then the real selena, remeber that one picture of “justin” kissing a girl on the bed. well that wasn’t justin but it did look like him didn’t it.

    • ashley

      oops i meant “phone case”

    • Isabelle

      Good observation

    • babylieber

      of course Justin is taller than selena. She always wears super heels and still Justin looks about the same height. Plus, pictures on the beach and stuff, show that being barefoot he’s like 3 inches taller

      • sarah

        thats not true. justin and selena had almost the same height in St. lucia…i tink sel was a bit taller. and about the heels…if u take a look at the recently taken 2011 AMAs pics…selena was wearing heels and she was taller than justin

    • Tatiana Reeves

      This is somewhat true because this is a defiant that this is justin but not selena because JB was not taller or even the same hight as SG when he had this hair cut:/

    • Me

      Awkward moment when Selena clearly wears heels. Selena IS NOT taller than Justin she is 5″6 I wud know I met them both. And Justin 5″8 just like me. Selena wears 6 inch heels all the time . So..

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s not them, but if they’re.. C’mon who doesn’t like to have cute pics with their bf or gf!!!

    • lol

      But Who Would Put It Out There Because Justin & Selena Like They’re Stuff Private

  • ashley

    and if they wanted this picture to be private why would it be released now? hmmmm?

  • ashley

    take a look at justins elbow. it looks like a tatto or something? justin doesnt have a tatto on his elbow

    • brandy

      I saw that too its just because oft he lighting

      • brandy

        I meant of πŸ˜€

        • brandy

          Lol i meant of the :-D:-D

  • Anonymous

    i really dont think thats them !

  • christina

    that does not look like selena at all.

  • Retaj

    This is not Justin and Selena , how didn’t you figure that out , i saw it in tumblr earlier and everyone believes its not them

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if it is them or not. They’re allowed to pose for pictures. People should stop hating just because he’s famous. If Justin was famous and was dating Selena everyone would be against Justin just like they are to Selena. Even though she is famous. Just stop hating and start appreciating.

  • Cocodutch

    Who cares if it is them or not. They’re allowed to pose for pictures. People should stop hating just because he’s famous. If Justin was famous and was dating Selena everyone would be against Justin just like they are to Selena. Even though she is famous. Just stop hating and start appreciating.

    • Stfu

      Appreciate the fuck what? Noone cares about that flat ass non singin bitch

  • i just dont think its them……they were barely going out when justin had his old “flip” and it just doesnt look like his body……his neck isnt that long and his arms arent that stickly…
    and if this was taken in st lucia like most people are saying, justin was like selenas height or a little shorter, he wasnt taller than her last december…. if u look at theyre kissy pics, when they were walking out or one of the ones where they were hugging, it looked like they were pretty much the same height. so i think this pic isnt them and its fake.

  • Maggie

    Maybe they wanted it to be posed. You know, cute posed picture for their wallpaper on their phones or something. Even if it’s not them, it doesnt really matter. I honestly don’t think they’re in it for publicity anymore. I think they really love each other and we should be happy about it. Not arguing about if it’s them or not. Even of they were only a publicity stunt, that’s between their record labels and managers and them. Not us. Just say “Aww. Such a cute picture of those people.” and move on. I mean, it’s not really THAT big of a deal.

    • i do,nt make gag on that idea , love david b conway

      • i ment to say was just do,nt make me gag on that stupid idea comment , just by maggie , love david b conway

    • Random Person

      guys i dont think this is a publicity stunt anymore. Theyve been together for a year and hav been together even in private. Does it make sense that their families are helping them with a stunt that only helps Selena Gomez? Come on, of course theyre in love…he even refused to talk about her on the view (i think thats the name of the show) cause he said it was special to him…plus we dont know who leaked this and everyone likes to have cute pics with their bfs…

      • Stfu

        #1 clearly your ignorant cause some couples in Hollywood go as far as getting married being “together” as YOU think don’t mean shit.
        #2 their families are 100% innocent either u think they tell their families EVERYTHING? Selenas mom ad dad manage her and pattie is never around. Justin rarely even sees his family anymore. Family can’t stop from doing anything . He didn’t talk about her on THE VIEW cause he didn’t have shit to say. And no that pics is a bout to fuck pic. I have a boyfriend way liner and do u see us taking pics? No stop making excuses for them . U don’t know weather they are in love or not.

      • Stfu

        #1 clearly your ignorant cause some couples in Hollywood go as far as getting married being “together” as YOU think don’t mean shit.
        #2 their families are 100% innocent either u think they tell their families EVERYTHING? Selenas mom ad dad manage her and pattie is never around. Justin rarely even sees his family anymore. Family can’t stop from doing anything . He didn’t talk about her on THE VIEW cause he didn’t have shit to say. And no that pics is a bout to fuck pic. I have a boyfriend way liner and do u see us taking pics? No stop making excuses for them . U don’t know if they are in love or not.

  • Look so much like Justin, but the girl doesn’t look like Selala. I don’t think that’s them. Plus, Justin has alot of look-alikes.

  • Ellie

    I think jelena are for real but this is posing :/

  • Anonymous

    im sorry and not to sound mean but for a belieber you really suck at knowing what pics of justin are real or fake. and if it was them so what if they took a picture, couples do that.

  • Natalie

    looks like him. doesnt look like her. shes taller than him. even now

    • Biebfan4ever

      yah shes taller than him…

    • Me

      Actually she fucking isn’t Selena is 5″6 BAREFOOT being that usually she always is wearing heels and Justin is 5″8 I’ve meet them both and I’m 5″8 do. WRONG

    • Me

      Actually she fucking isn’t Selena is 5″6 BAREFOOT being that usually she always is wearing heels and Justin is 5″8 I’ve meet them both and I’m 5″8 too. So you are WRONG

  • Anonymous

    I Like Jelena And All but There are A lot of Pics Im Jst Like That Is Soo Posed πŸ™‚ I Wanna Believe It But.. meh

  • Haha.

    Why does it even matter if it is or it isn’t. IT’S THERE LIFE, LET THEM LIVE IT. At the end of the day your opinions don’t matter and that is the truth.

    • Stfu

      No YOUR opinion don’t matter . Stop kissing ass that relationship is fake so get over it

  • Anonymous

    its fake it doesn’t even look like them

  • i think they are really handsome and cute when they are posing

    • Stfu

      Ou are clearly a stupid piece of shit

  • yeah that’s not Selena she has a different shape face

  • jasmin

    I loove Justin but his sagging is getting out of hand! Lol! It is still very sexy but boy u need to pull up your pants XD

  • jj

    I think this is not Jelena !

  • Hope Bieber

    Dude, Jelena is real! Do you honestly think that Justin would make up lies saying he loves Selena and wants to get married?! They are truly in love! If they were not, then everytime someone asked him about Selena, he would not say, “uh… I actually I’d rather not talk about that. It’s kinda personal.” Justin said that because he has feelings for Selena. You’re just hurting Justin. Get a life and quit it!

    • lol

      who the fuck said anything about hating selena on here dude?! no one we all said we supported them on here. get outta here dumb fuck we just said it doesn’t look like them. justin’s butt is bigger lol and selena’s face shape is different. st.lucia justin wasn’t taller then selena

    • Stfu

      Okay first of all Jelena IS NOT real. Second justin NEVER said he loved her and wants to get married he is seventeen not some old fucking man. At u getting married? No. So why the fuck do your stupid ass think that he wants to get married? He’s a teen boy! He hasn’t even lived yet. There are more fish in the sea other than wack ass Selena gOmez. so you can grOw up and come back when you get some sense. Marriage isn’t some fucking shit you do for fun. So why the fuck y’all cunt ass girls think its cute to throw around love and marriage so easily shows how ignorant you are.

    • Stfu

      And correction he says that cause the shit is fake and he don’t have shit else to say. So its funny u wanna act like u know how he feels about her when u clearly don’t even know him. YOU need to quit and get a life. Lol and stfu are right

    • Hey

      And correction he says that cause the shit is fake and he don’t have shit else to say. So its funny u wanna act like u know how he feels about her when u clearly don’t even know him. YOU need to quit and get a life. Lol and stfu are right

  • the truth.

    this picture doesnt even look real at all.. just stare at it and you can tell this pictures not them… and i dont understand why you say their love and relationship is all for publicity, when they get interviewed they dont share anything about eachother and they dont really answer the questions because they like to keep it private as much as they can. you are all oblivious. just because they are famous doesnt mean that since they are dating its for publicity. okay? good, bye. stop hating.

    • Me

      Actually they don’t say anything they can THINK of anything to say. Clearly u cant think cause if they wanted their life private they Wudnt be flaunting their fake ass “love” all over instagram and NATIONAL TeleVision like that have done on Junius occasions. And actually it does proof of their publicity stunt is obvious and EVERYONE knows it. So I guess you talking about professionals, paps and even other celebs have commented on their relationship. Even Kathy Griffem made a joke call their relationship and Hawaii pictures fake ad they are FAMOUS THEMSELVES. You just don’t know shit bout hollywood.

  • Sharon

    That is so obvious that it’s not Justin and Selena. So don’t go hating on them. What’s there to hate about Justin and Selena, people still can’t get over the fact that there dating like get over it, there dating. This isn’t Justin and Selena so yeah.

  • to be honest i think it’s not them cause Justin’s hair is longer and he is a little taller then Selena but the picture is really cute though

  • Kinsley

    I dont think its them…

  • Lexi

    It is so obviously posed. I have a boyfriend and that just doesnt happen. I mean yeah we can stand like that but it doesnt mean there is a friend standing there taking a pic as we romantically look into eachothers eyes. haha all of you have to get real. its posed.

    • Me

      Exactly someOne with common sense

  • lol

    If it was real and them. wouldnt the picture be a better picture not all dark

  • Lisa

    I don’t think they’re posing..
    Couples allways do pictures like that! Thats normal!
    did you ever hear about self-timer or something like that?!
    i think they really love each other…! πŸ™‚
    and i’m very sure that justin loves her allover.. ! and i hope that she loves him too… cause they really look happy together..! πŸ™‚
    and i don’t think you’re a hater just cause you nor belive in a picture… πŸ˜‰

    • lol

      yeah but thats not even selena or justin,wow just because the bieber hair doesn’t make that “justin” and thats not selena’s face structure

    • and you are just stupid to think that there parents will let me to do that in public just at st, lucia , love david conway

  • Gabbi

    You are absolutely not a hater for saying your opinion and to be honest I agree with you. Everything they do seems so posed and fake. Idk but I’m happy someone else doubts on the whole Jelena thing.

  • Liezel

    I think it’s just romantic πŸ™‚ if this really was for publicity, this picture must have been all over the internet. I never saw the pic before. Besides, I think there’s nothing wrong taking a romantic picture, everybody does it. Just because it’s Justin & Selena doesn’t make it different πŸ˜‰ I think they’re a cute couple. πŸ™‚

  • sarah

    well…this had to be taken last year because Justin’s hair isn’t cut there. Oh n his pants below his ass! sexy!!!!! how does he keep that thing up when it’s so low? oh and about the pic…not a hater or anything but that was 2010. they weren’t so in love then so i think (my opinion) its was posed

  • Biebfan4ever

    well to be honest. I HATE JELENA AND SELENA! i love justin sooooo much, but still it bothers me that there dating. I just think something, When they werent dateing selena wasnt really popular, yes she was popular but not this popular! so ever since they started dating shes been getting really popular so I think shes just with him for popularity. I am a jelena and selena hater and I’m proud to admit it! okay so if u like Jelena and Selena dont judge me. kbye, nuff said-.-

    • lol

      i get what your saying, before she started dating justin she has gotten alot more famous i mean shes dating a teen heartthrob and is known all around the world so how can she not be known. before justin she couldn’t even host any awards at all, justin hooked her up probably. Like how she did the ema’s 1. she stole miley’s look with the chola thing, remember when miley did party in the usa with justin bieber she acted as a chola Miley got called a slut and whore for it and Selena did the same thing but worst selena showed her bra and boobs but selena gets called cute, makes no sense at all

  • Tatiana Reeves

    there is no tattoo

  • Kayli

    to me, it doesn’t look like them because of
    1. the lighting, the quality & stuff, i mean its sort of blury too.
    2. because justin’s hair is short, i’m not positive but i’m pretty sure they wern’t this close when his hair was like that, plus wasn’t he shorter then her at the time ?
    it’s possible it’s them, but it’s a bit odd. & maybe someones not taking it ? theres a self timer on some cameras/webcams.
    if someone already said anything i already did, i apologize, i didn’t feel like reading through all the 50 comments. xD

  • Lol

    Another one in the Pool Just Leaked its Definately them. Check out Tumblr. or Girlleader1 on twitter. Scroll down you will see them. its a tumblr link.

    • lol

      no no no no thats not them underwater lmfao

      • Lol

        If you look at Selena’s boob, she has a birthmark on it. on her right one. Its Definitively them.

        • lol

          uhm no its not i saw the pic before its not them.

        • chrissy

          That’s not them, So what if theres a birth mark But that’s Not justin You can Tell

        • Lol

          Honestly im done with this. I think we gave it to much importance. Its there life. They are probably in Texas, and we are here arguing over a picture.

        • lol

          well im just making a point it’s not them because its not

  • Kirstie

    This pic is old look at jb’s hair. And how do you know this pic was meant for anyone to see but them? That’s right you don’t.

  • Daisyl

    Daisy I Very Much So Agree with u. I Mean I Love Justin With All My Heart & want him to be happy but then again this is a lil too much

  • alexA rrrr....

    oigan ustedes no se dan cuenta
    ahh y si no entienden mi idioma yo hablo spanish!
    esta foto tiene como fondo Rio de Janeiro!!
    o sea que quiere dar a entender que fue tomada en el balcon del hotel en Rio!!
    Β‘JELENA!! !β™₯ ><3 β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯……..β™₯


    Ok so listen up this sounds cliche but THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO, people love falunting what they have or bragging or whatver so maybe they wanted people to see how happy they are (: and atleast it was private they didnt go and get a magazine to take a picture of them its a close friend, its soeone from the team, so its family.

    • Hey


  • i agree with daisy, i mean he is trying too hard. if she loved him she would tell him to not try so hard. i don’t like jelena i like them bother selena & justin

  • Gemma Paynter

    lol guys it’s not even justin and selena, look at his hair.

  • mary

    I personally think that it is not them. That doesn’t even look like Selena and Justin doesn’t have that hairstyle any more. He looks to young to be him and his body looks to flat. Justin has abs and guns. Love you sexy beast

    • :)

      Justin post that on instagram

      • Hey

        Justin DID NOT post that on instagram so u need o stop that fujing lying. I have his instagram account and that picture was MEVER on it. You are full of SHIT

        • Shay

          Okay, so he didnt post it. No need to be freaking rude about that, damn.

    • Anonymous

      it’s just an old pic i guess πŸ™‚

      • lol

        lol no he didnt

        • Hey

          Ur right he didnt

      • Hey

        He didn’t post that

    • Tesa

      Mary, I agree 100% that this isn’t Justin or Selena. I was skeptical at first because a personal picture like this is rare from them… And in the ones they post they acknowledge the camera. But this wasnt posted by them… This picture was posted on oceanup.com with a caption that said thanks Erika? How would a fan have come across a picture like this to leak it? Also, Im a HUGE SG fan.. It’s almost embarassing how much I know about her. So when looking at the above photo I’m thrown off by her arm. Selena is tiny. Her arms are not that big, especially in comparison to Justins. Secondly, this picture was posted along with another on the aforementioned website titled Selena and Justin in st. Lucia..? Why would this picture have leaked almost a year later? Sketchy? Thirdly, in January the height difference between SG and jb was slim. As in Selena may have been a bit taller than Justin. Lastly, in the second picture (which is supposed to be the two in a hot tub, look it up on th ou site) you cannot see selena’s freckle on the upper interior of her right boob.?? A freckle which is visible in almost every SG picture I’ve seen. I think these are fakes, good fakes, but fake photos nonetheless. (wow I feel like an investigator :), let me know if you agree)

      • but like her shirt isnt even that far enough down to see her freckle thing on her boob. but i dont think this is selena.

      • fhugu

        I’ve seen this pic wayyyy before oceanup posted it…it’s been on instagram flotting around for so long people on there said Justin posted and put a caption saying “when no one knew”.

    • fhugu

      It’s an “old pic” of when Justin and Selena were like first spoted together when they went swimming together some where.

      • fhugu

        Theres more pics you guys are gonna see soon of them in like the same place

    • Anonymous

      Eveybody Hasz To Stopp Fucknn Hatinqq ON Justinn Bieber “& SeLenaa Gomez Bekcausee They Look Kcutee Toqether .! Selenaa Isz So BeautifuL Andd Justinn Isz Fucknn Sexy Asz Hell.!

  • Anon.

    Now that I’m looking again, I don’t think it’s them. Look at “Selena’s” arm.. it’s huge right by her elbow.. plus these ppl are both SUPER tall and thin.. like stick thin.

  • ChelzGzz

    I agree, I don’t think it’s them at all. That dosen’t look like Justin or Selena. And I know just got his hair cut in Feb but that is not his hair, even though he had this kind of style before he changed it.

  • i agree to them,,,, they are so sweet

  • Patricia

    Honestly this is either a very old picture or its not even them. Justin hasn’t had that hairstyle for a long time now and the girl doesn’t even look like Selena. To me she looks more like Caitlin Beadles.

    • Hey

      Not shit about that girl looks like caitlin

  • Claudia

    its annoying when justin always posts pictures of them. i mean like we get it, their dating….

    • ;)

      I know right!?

  • omg they are back together am shocked

    • They never broke up. Where have u been?

  • KittyKat

    they are happy dude,
    I mean, Beliebers should support Justin’s every step.
    thats who we are πŸ™‚

    • Michal

      That is what I keep saying! If we really love him then we should support every thing that he does..not hate on Selena. He’s happy and we can see that! They are SO cute together! I love you Justin!

      • Hey

        U dont know if Hes happy or not. When y’all recongnize that thing are not as they appear then y’all will go far in life cause y’all don’t know shit about the real world

    • Hey

      U are a dumbass. To be a fan u don’t need not Have to have every got damn thing he does. Clearly u don’t have a mind of your own

    • Biebfan4ever

      no… i love justin but still I hate selena and jelena.

  • Lilly

    I think, if this is real, that it was taken when they were in Rio. You only get those types of mountains in Rio. But it looks very fake to me. No offense but it looks like they were posing, or expecting it. Usually, if it was taken by surprise they would have different looks on their faces or they would have turned around. but in this case, they kept looking at each other. A persons natural reaction to somebody coming close to them is to turn their head and look at them, unless they are expecting it. So, its fake.

    • justin didnt go to rio till this year and he didnt have the flip…..

      • Hey

        Dumbass yes Justin did have the flip when he went to rio. And he went to rio when Lilly said clearly you don’t know shit. Any fool know it was this year cause that when that fake ass couple started

    • ;)

      Agreed. They would have turned their heads if it wasn’t posed

  • Yah, I don’t think its them.

  • Mj

    This is fake,Selenas not that short and Justin is flat,he’s supposed to have abs!

    • don’t you mean FAT NOT FLAT soz mate to upset ya NOT LOSER

      • Hey

        First I all Justin IS skinny. Second Selena IS fucking short. She wears heels and still is the same height as Justin. Selena is fucking 5″6 and Selena is 5″8 I meet them both so clearly ur ignorant

  • boobies.

    first off, that looks nothing like selena. selena has short hair unless she’s wearing extensions. that’s caitlin. look at her face profile, and look at justins haircut.

    • Hey

      Tht dont look SHIT LIKE CAITLIN. Your stupid as hell.

    • Biebfan4ever

      whos caitlin?

  • Anonymous

    No its them…. there is other pics of them on Ocean up. there in St. Lucia

    • lol

      thats not when they were is st. lucia

  • Anonymous

    it is theeemmm daisy u forgot to show another picture of them , its when justin bieber and selena gomez were in a hottub kissing and someone taking their picture and yes i think its POSED>_>

  • Gummie Bear

    ok so i like botha them but why is justins pants half down did he shove? lol tell me thats not funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kali sok

    i am not no jelena bleveer but this pic. is so posing….publicity!!!!!!!

  • Cortney

    Regardless if it’s them or not. Stop hating. If you’re in a relationship wouldn’t you want cute pictures of yourself with your boyfriend. I know I would. Justin and Selena post pictures on instagram of them together all the time. They’re dating, it’s a picture, get over it. It’s not like they’re freaking naked.

    • Hey

      Okay that statement of your is so got damn ignorant I’m not even gonna comment.

  • That’s not true… it’s too much romantic….
    But I adore the photo πŸ™‚ They’re cute <3

  • Anonymous

    Fake. But if it was real I would go all ninja on Selena.

  • Dasia

    Dangg y’all making all this fuss over this one lil picture! Who cares if it was posed or not? Let them be. They probably just took this picture to take it, thats what bfs and gfs do! Me and my friends do it all the time with our bfs and gfs so whats the problem. And i thought yall were supposed to be true fans of Justin? I cant really tell when yall are still hating on Selena! Y’all need to give that girl a break.

    • lol

      some people hate selena for other reasons not only because of justin damn

  • Belieber

    That’s not Justin and Selena! (Well I hope it’s not. [I’m not a hater!]) πŸ™

  • Aw! es lo mas lindo que eh visto en mi vida!(: te amo justinβ™₯

  • es lo mas lindo que eh visto en mi vida!β™₯ los amo :L

  • ok so i dont think this is them. but if it IS them then maybe they are posing but that doesnt mean they are just doing it for publicity. maybe they just wanted a cute pic together. but still i dont think its them.

  • Biebfan4ever

    its not them. selena is taller

  • fhugu

    Really does look like a pic of Justin “back then” how much more could it look like him “back then” but idk if that really looks like Selena but yes kinda.

    My friend and her boyfriend always ask me to take pictures of them whether there cuddling or making out on the lockers and theres nothing wrong with that they make me take pics of them all the time- it’s cute and normal.

    I’ve seen pictures of Justin posing with Caitlin his ex NO ONE said anything about that like when they were making a heart with there arms on some beach. Likeee…?

  • Isabelle

    In this photo he looks taller than her which if u see them together he is her height

  • thats selena and justin

  • Shiny

    No wonder y he likes her she has really big boobs and he likes it a lot

  • makenna norton

    im with you on this gurl its to weird its like their trying to make us grossed out or uncomfortable im trying ti be a jelena fan to but when i saw this i litterally scramed someone nextdoor called the police

  • Roxanne

    Couples pose for pictures all the time. And the fact that they weren’t leaked until now shows that they weren’t taken for publicity … Daisy needs to calm down.