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New Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey music video debuts Nov 30, 2011

Justin has announced that his music video with Mariah is debuting during the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting special:

“BIG NEWS! Me and @MariahCarey will debut “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Video WORLDWIDE on the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting. #4DAYS”

As we all know Justin has already pre-recorded his performance for the TV special and now we get a special bonus because the premiere for the video with Mariah will also air during the special. Don’t miss it. Watch it at 8PM on NBC Nov 30th.

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  • Anonymous

    hi jb!

    • Anonymous

      hi jb

  • i cant wait until the new music video comes out i am so excited

  • OMB!!!

    Please update the news. There hasn’t been any new news about justin for like 2 days!!