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jimmy fallon its not my baby

Jimmy Fallon – It’s Not My Baby [Justin Bieber Parady]

You know the jokes are gonna start coming and Jimmy Fallon is right on top of it. Tonight he made a whole parody of Justin’s Mariah Yeater baby drama from JB’s “Baby”.

Watch: Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon “Someday” hilarious outtakes

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  • BieberBoy

    Lmao. That is too funny.
    I think it MIGHT be true… I mean she is going really far out of her way to prove it. Maybe it isn’t true… but maybe she believes it… People are messed up in the head like that.
    BUT there is a possibility it is true. Slight possibility… but possibility none the less.

  • this makes me sick. i dont find this situation funny at all. jimmy fallon and justin bieber are friends. what a douche.

    • alyssa

      actually justin found this funny soooo…..

      • how do you know..?

        • alyssa

          he said it on an interview he thought it was funny and he loves jimmy fallon

        • M

          What interview that was in the past 17 hours…?

        • JBforever

          it was funny but i wanna see when he said it was in an interview

  • Laura

    I found this funny :’)

  • Mimi

    LMAFO i love the biebs but this is hilarious

  • y0

    funniest lyrics omfg so clever

  • gianna-leigh swinton

    LMFAO oh that is some funny shiz, sorry justin ^_^!

  • beliebinforever