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Justin Bieber gets owned by 8 year old girl Sophie

Justin Bieber called an 8 year old girl to wish her a happy birthday and she hung up on him.

She was chosen to be the lucky fan who gets a call from Justin Bieber. Maybe because it could also be her birthday. But when Justin, who appeared on BBC Radio 1’s afternoon show, called her she hung up on him no realizing it was her idol. DJ Greg James couldn’t contain his laughter as the Canadian singer “got owned” by the little girl.

JB immediately got off on the wrong foot with the suspicious youngster when he accidentally asked for ‘Sophia’.

The smart schoolgirl quickly corrected him, saying: “Pardon? No this is Sophie.”

When her hero asked where she lived, the shy child muttered: “I don’t… um… I have to go” and immediately hung up!

They eventually got to chat and the teen heartthrob sang an acapella version of Never Say Never before telling Sophie “I love you”.

The funny conversation proved a hit with listeners, with one grown man admitting to DJ Greg “That was so sweet, I shed a tear”.


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  • brandispitzer

    awwwwwwwwwwwww thats so nice of u

  • awwww thats so sweet

  • @no1jbfanest on twitter

    so cute wish that was me

  • belieber baby

    can you upload a link so we can listen? x

  • that is so great, i got your 3 phone numbers in my phone contacts list.

  • LMFAO, well did he REALLY think that she would tell a strange man on the phone where she lived, LMFAO oh justin your so clueless sometimes :’D but it was sweet ^_^

  • so sweet never say never

  • Belieberry

    Aweeeeeeeeeeeee ! <3 <3

  • Some Girl

    aww see? Justin isnt a bad kid. He actually goes out there & cares for youngsters! awww. how can u hate someone like that?
    if u wanna hate a celeb, go hate on Lohan or Kim Kardashin. (idk how to spell Kim’s last name)

  • yolanda

    waooo que dulce es??’

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss together sweetheart hug kiss meet sit sweetheart hug kiss together walk marry all happy nice call (509)340-6261 am unber like Alejandra Magana 🙂

    • Anonymous

      he sucks balls!

  • jazzy mark

    you are a good boy