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justin bieber today show nov 23 2011

Justin Bieber on The Today Show Nov 23, 2011

Justin performed Chestnuts Roasted on an Open Fire with Usher, Mistletoe, and Santa Claus is Coming to Town this morning on the Today Show. According to reports, this is the largest audience in history that the Today Show has ever had.

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  • Lilly

    I love him so much :’) ♥ He’s so generous. ♥

    • Anonymous

      yeahhh he is <3

  • biebslover

    he also sang never say never! i was there it was so great

    • Anonymous

      and he have danced too 😉 <3

  • Anonymous

    hey stuffed up santa claus is coming to town so many times 🙁 zoo good but <3 love him

  • JBieberfever

    Best luck to you Justin!!!

  • anon jb fan

    This is not right… we got trampled and had towalk through all the ppl that had fgotten thier on tues and monday THEY EFT MESSES…. THERE SLOBS AND JUSTIN DIDNT SET UP TENTS FOR HIS FANS… nothing for nothing bu REALLY JUSTIN REALLY?

  • Lindsey

    I flew from north carolina and was there for 24 hours camping 🙂 he was so sweet he surprised us in the night before and not very many people noticed him , he was being sly walking with an umbrella with kenny behind him…I walked over and he reached out and grabbed my hand and thanked me for coming and told me to stay dry 😀 he’s such a sweetheart also scooter came by earlier and took pictures with me and signed my book <3 I love Justin and his team