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Justini Bieber & Boyz II Men – Fa La La [Official Music Video]

Justini Bieber & Boyz II Men – Fa La La [Official Music Video]

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  • Ronald

    this vid. is soooo goood! i really feel christmas whenever i listen to it 🙂 good job The Biebs and Boys II Men

  • Ronald

    guys please follow me @ronaldsings, i’m a belieber and i love this site 🙂

  • Paula

    Justin, I love you, you’re more than my idol, you’re my inspiration, my happiness … Thank you very much for being who you are, you’re the most beautiful person in the world – Justin Jet’aime ♥

  • ilovejb&boyz2men&usher

    there is one thing you guys forgot to say He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo H.O.T HOT!!!!!!!!!! in this music video i can’t w8 4 his music video with usher for chestnuts roasting on an open fire

  • omg i love thissss!!!!!!! HE LOOKS SO FREAKIN HOTTTTTT OMG!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDD

  • keisha brown

    OMG i love this video he is so sexy! xx

  • Anonymous

    i so cute

  • I loved it is very beautiful, as always! *————————-*


  • Belieber

    I love this song so much. He Has Grown up wayyyy too fast. Its funny how when Selena was famous and he wasn’t and she didn’t even know he existed and now he is famous and they’re going out. J+S= Forever And Always

    but, this song is amazing, and his voice has changed a lot!!! 🙂

  • p.a

    this is the best one ever