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justin bieber poker gambling

Justin Bieber plays poker, gambles $20 but loses $200

Justin is underaged but that didn’t stop him from gambling.He seems to love a game of poker.

Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship (who opened for Justin on tour) said:

“A hotel we were staying at had a casino. Justin was too young to go into the casino but he wanted to play poker. So he had one of the dealers come up to his suite and have a poker game in his room. He got flushed out by one of his tour managers and was bumming out about losing 200 bucks. He said at the start: ‘I’m not going to lose more than $20.”

Better luck next time Biebs.

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  • aww that sucks but he has a lot of money

    • J.B Fan

      Justin Biberr <3

      • J.B Fan

        Justin Bieber * <3

  • Jelena Lover

    When was he playing poker? Like…what day?

  • gabb

    where is that boy who use to flip his hair back and forward??
    where is that kid who used to joke and dance all around?

    • ashley

      he’s grown up (: he hasn’t changed !

      • Krystal

        Changing is a part of growing up.

    • melissa

      he is still kidrauhl but i miss those days!! looks like we wont have our young justin we all fell in love with </3 🙁

  • Patricia

    I don’t see why he would get upset over losing $200 when he has millions in the bank. But this is still a funny story hahaha. I never knew he liked to play poker.

  • i love justin bieber so much thats why iam going to say the following:
    1: he has not changed he has grown up.
    2: he is just having a bit of fun, its not like his doing drugs.
    3: he has heaps of money, he helps charities so i think its time for him to do something fun for himself.
    4: gambling is wrong when you do it too much and you are addicted but in this case its not wrong.

  • It’s just 200 bucks not 200 thousands! Cut him some slack, after all he works too damn hard to make us happy! And it’s not like he does it all the time. He just wanted to try it this one time.

  • hahaha

  • Anonymous

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