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justin bieber jaden smith ice skating

Justin, Selena & Jaden ice skating in Park City, Utah

Justin and Selena can’t get enough of each other! After spending Thanksgiving in Texas with Selena’s family, the couple took a trip up to Park City, Utah with their friend, Jaden Smith.

Fans caught a photo of Justin, 17, Selena, 19, and Jaden, 13, ice skating at Park City Mountain Resort and HollywoodLife spoke exclusively to a source at the resort, who confirmed the photo was taken there.

Another source tells us, “Jaden was doing some crazy one-legged stuff, I guess he really thinks he is the Karate Kid. They were laughing and joking with each other. Justin joked with Selena and tried to do a doubles routine at one point. It was all very playful. Everyone was in super great moods.”

Jaden’s dad, Will Smith, owns a mansion in a swanky area called The Colony, so we imagine the group is staying there. All of the homes are ski in and ski out and range from a whopping $7-$20 million.

Justin also tweeted Nov. 29, “@officialjaden is such a #beast.”

Selena recently admitted in an interview she’s taking some time off right now to relax and recuperate, so what better way to spend it than with her boyfriend?

Stay tuned for all the info about Justin, Selena and Jaden’s fun snow trip up north!


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  • Jarielis

    I love justin bieber and i always will. MUAH. Kiss

  • Lol

    I’m Glad he gets time off to spend with his Loved ones. He does a lot for us, its nice for him just have some alone time. No cameras or people around him all day. Just him, his Girlfriend and one of his Best friends. Im Glad. (OH and his Body Gaurd). lol

    • lol

      he’s with he 24/7 lol what are you on…crack? they never get a break from eachother

      • ilovejustin

        (he’s with HER 24/7) if you’er going to say crack about other people write better. I agre they work really hard, i know that they’re all the time together but they never are together without a camera i front of there F@#ck faces now that Selena and Justin finish there tour and that justin took a break from the CD Under the mistleteo promotion, they get some time alone with friends.

        • ilovejustin

          for in front see i correct my selft

          sorry F#$@.

        • ilovejustin

          “camara in front”

          sorry again.

        • lol

          what is this, school? no it’s the internet we don’t have to write correctly. 1. why isn’t selena with her pregnant mom? 2. why isn’t justin with his family when he’s on break? he barley get’s to see them….no wait he would rather spend time with selena when he could do that whenever he really wants too. justin spent thanksgiving with selena AGAIN this year. justin didn’t even go out to canada when they had their thanksgiving….rude, justin’s mom had thanksgiving here in l.a but justin wasn’t with her at all. he’s pushing his self away from his family

        • Patricia

          I agree with everything you just said. He should be up in Canada with his family, instead of spending all his time with Selena.

        • belieberforlife

          yeah i agree with that. I understand that they are young and in love. But they dont always have to be together. They shud spend time with family also.

        • belieberforlife

          especially now with selena’s mom pregnant and all. Her number one priority shud be helping her mom.

        • Sara

          Your an idiot you know that? 1. just because selena’s mom is pregnant does not mean she needs to stay with her 24/7 2. justin celebrated thanksgiving a month ago he said it on letterman’s show because Canadians celebrate a different thanksgiving 3. are you with him 24/7. you sound like you follow both selena and justin and know there wherabouts and know whether they spend time with their family!! Your not with him 24/7 so don’t judge him based on a couple of pictures now and then! beside why would the paps be interested in taking a pic of justin and his family. THe hypes all around them as a couple duh…



  • Anna

    WHAT?!?!?! If I had known about this I would’ve been up there!!! Ugh! I hope he’s there tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    She’s with him

  • Lilly

    She’s with him 24/7… it starts to get annoying… if wants to take a break, spend it with your family and your MOM THAT’S PREGNANT!!!! dont you get enough of Justin every single effing day!?!?! go spend it with the people who you BARELY see year round, not with the person you see every freaking day. Im starting to really get tired of this ‘Jelena’ crap, its getting on my nerves, i just wish they would break up already,,, geez..

    • Patricia

      I agree. Its not good for a ” couple ” to spend so much time together. They should go be with their families.

  • Anonymous

    sagging pants + ice skating abilites = talent

  • Patricia

    I wonder how Selena feels hanging out with a 13 year old? hahaha But for real Jelena is getting annoying as fuck. And Im not even a Selena hater. Just saying.

  • Claudia Elena

    There’s a pic of Justin and Selena hugging on the ice!

    Cute!Love’em together!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! You are being the only one nice about it I love them together too!!

  • christine ruoti

    i live 25 min away he should came to me

  • Megmooxo

    Sara i sooo agree with you. Like really guys they prob. see there family a lot. So what is there is some pictures here and there of them. That doesn’t mean they are always together. And like if you say they are together 24/7 so you follow them?? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez forevezzz. Jelena! <3

  • Oh my God first selena met me then she said she never like him and she never will now she is going every were with him