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justin bieber x factor dec2011

Justin Bieber on X-Factor Season Finale December 22, 2011

Justin Bieber has revealed on Twitter that he will be performing on this weekend’s X Factor.

The teen idol, who is promoting his Christmas album “Under the Mistletoe”, announced the news to his Twitter fans by writing: “UK!!! X Factor this week. #Mistletoe”.

Bieber performed on German X Factor on November 15 and is said to also be lined up to sing on the season finale of the US X Factor on December 22.

He recently recorded an ITV special in London called “This Is Justin Bieber,” which is set to be shown next month.

During the show he dueted on a new and revamped version of “Drummer Boy” with Tinie Tempah.


Justin’s appearance on X-Factor UK has already been filmed. That was the reason he returned to London after Madrid. So Justin won’t be going to the UK again. The ITV special he did called “This is Justin Bieber” will air on ITV1 at 7:00PM December 10, 2011 in the UK. And don’t forget to watch his appearance on X-Factor USA Dec 22 where Justin will be performing “All I Want For Christmas” live with Mariah Carey.

UPDATE: Justin is not performing with Mariah. Instead he’s doing duet with Stevie Wonder.

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  • i love justin bieber

    • Anonymous

      i love u justin bieber is for school

  • i cant wait for him to be on there !!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Amy

    Its not already been recorded … its a live show so hes doing it live … he will be coming to the UK …. x

    • cc


  • megan♥

    babes; puuurlease.
    im driving down to london to see him.

  • Belieber

    its a live show so he’s peforming live… i dont think there just gonna show a video of him performin on a live show are they? the audience paid to see that! :/

  • Heaaather

    when is ustin bieber on xfactor uk? does anyone know if hes gunna be touring uk 2012? let me know please! thanks!xx

  • hello justin

    how are u ??

  • bianca

    justin drew bieber…….. i loooovvvveeee yoooouuuu!!!!! does anyone else agree???? thumbs up 😛
    ps. god damnt i love you the most justin bieber. i love you xx
    ps. your hott hahah:P

  • love j kiss me

  • apps

    jb i love u so muchhhhhh….and i am the biggest fan of u in the world…i can do anything for u handsome,cool and amezing man.