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mariah yeater justin bieber baby dna

Mariah Yeater & lawyer hiding after Justin took blood test

The woman who claimed to be Justin Bieber’s baby mama is running for the hills, because we’ve learned neither she nor her lawyer have made ANY attempt to contact Justin’s team … to compare his DNA with her baby’s.

Justin took a DNA test in New Jersey last Friday, and sources connected with the singer say he can’t waiting for Mariah Yeater to hand over her baby’s DNA results. But so far nothing.

Yeater’s lawyer has been blabbing to the media, but has stayed clear of anyone in Justin’s camp. Sources connected with Justin believe Yeater will never produce DNA results, because it will simply become ammunition for a lawsuit he intends to file against her and her lawyers for abuse of legal process.


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  • Carly

    all i want to say to mariah yeater is: “I TOLD YOU SO”
    don’t mess with the biebs!

    • Anonymous

      yes…very true…:)

  • thebiebsloveme_

    She could be a good story maker! By the way the whole story line is so L-A-M-E!

  • Patricia

    I also think that Mariah isn’t gonna provide her baby’s DNA anytime soon cause she’s scared of getting sued by JB. Dumb bitch!

  • Anonymous

    Justin Bieber is hot

  • i knew it!!!!!!!!!!! she is fat lying bitch

  • belieber

    bitch…luv JB…n blv him..:**

  • Gaby

    Lol the pic is so funny but I hated this bitch since the day this whole shizniz started why you ask well its because I Hate H A T E liars!!!!!! They just make me feel sick plus the things she said that he said didn’t sound like something that would come out of JBs mouth!!!! Seriously if she’s gonna lie she should make up a better story jeez these people make me sick I mean imagine what her son Is going to think when he’s older and he finds his name in something about this I would think my mom is a piece of dog poo I’m sorry for JB and he should sue her ugly face!!
    Peace out my fellow belabors