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selena gomez justin bieber date titanic

Justin’s Titanic date with Selena came after a fight


ahahaha. First just in case you didn’t know it, Justin Bieber will sign your boobs.

Secondly, did you know why Justin booked the Staple Center for his date with Selena? It’s because they had been in a fight and since she told him it was such a long time since she watched the movie Titantic, he booked the Staple Center to watch the movie with her to make Selena happy after that fight.

Thirdly, @ 12:50 into the video the guy said “you know what he’s doing” and Justin gets out of his seat. Do you know why?

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  • beth

    No why did he get out of his seat

    • Manahil


      • Kayla

        It because they are saying that he eats a girls you know what and thats how he got the mustache its pretty sick of them to say that i think.

    • n

      the dood was saying hes getting ‘excited’ ha

  • Desteni

    Why did Justin get out of his seat??

    • cuz i mean every one knows that him and slenea gets it in duh

  • Melissa

    Idk why he got out of his seat, someone tell me please??

  • thebiebsloveme_

    the black guy is trying to be annoying

  • beth

    someone tell me y he got out of his seat

  • mollie

    why did he get out of his seat?????

    • Manahil


  • biebergomez

    hahaha the guy on the left of him made me laugh sooooo freakin hard

  • Kayla

    He got out of his seat because people say that if you eat a girls you know what you will grow a mustache so they are basically saying that justin does that to selena and thats how he has a mustache they are pretty gross.

    • Melissa


    • Kirstie

      Haha I love how you all find it gross, just shows how little and immature you all are. That’s why he’s dating a 19 year old

      • Kayla

        Well im actually 19 and im not immature for your info. im just saying i find it gross for them to be talking about that with him and hes only 17 years old that is gross and highly inappropriate hun.

  • Annonymous

    I’m pretty sure he didn’t like that interview. They talked about too many inappropriate things…

  • Megan

    Guys he got out of his seat because they said ‘we know what you’re doing’ as in hes having sex! haha like hes sexually active, thats why 😉

    • cuz he is………..with selena i mean duhh if you think about it


    This is Hilarious! I love ? Chalemagne ? ,

  • Bella

    omg that was a very awkward conversation

  • Bella

    he got up because he was embarassed

  • Anonymous

    why the hell are they talking about that in an interview…justin must’ve been EMBARASSED

  • rich

    Wow he looked very uncomfortable

  • axd

    LOL you guys are a little young
    they were saying he does oral on her

  • The one and only Mrs.Bieber

    I hate his hair like that and he probably got out of his seat to make a move on Selena

  • Bieberrr

    At the end did he say fuck?

    • Anonymous

      yeah thats what i thought he said he like said “you so fucking…..” i didnt hear what he said after that!!!

  • Patricia

    They were saying that Justin has oral sex with Selena and he got so embarrassed that he got up out of his chair. The funny thing is that those of us that have his tumblr already know how much he likes that stuff haha. I checked his likes and he liked several videos where dudes were performing oral sex on girls. No lie. In private Justin is a little perv, but in public he gets embarrassed when people ask him about sex and girls. Its kinda cute, I still love him. But that charlemayne dude is really rude and a sexist pig. He annoys me.

    • MrsBieber

      What’s Justin’s tumblr?

  • Anonymous

    The moustache thing initiates that Justin goes down on Selena a lot haha

    • hannahbieber

      hahah yep thats what i got

  • biebsbestbelieber

    can u get another one i cant see it 🙁 🙁

    • biebsbestbelieber

      srry i mean the vedio

  • I do like talking to my JB posters or u

  • Paola

    OMG I can’t see the video :S

  • samantha

    what guuy i dont get anything ??

  • amy

    send us the link please for the video i cant see it

    • trece

      just type it in one youtube thats what i did and i watched the interview its so inapproprite he was getting uncomfortable but it was sooo funny

  • ashley


  • Miss bella

    OMG they look sooooooooooo ugly togther look at Justin hair and Look at Selena so fuckk ugly

  • nikki

    ok sooo to get my facts straight Jelena got into a fight bcuz he signed a girls boob or bcuz he didnt watch the movie Titanic or did they even fight at all!? nd honestly idc bout the “getting out of his seat” i juss thought he had to take a piss.. but then now i noe.. ew.

  • why talk about them Because Don.t like that selena gomez Don.t say that to justin bieber get out sitting about why let him sitting with u will pleace be nice to him quit leave him alone his family so very nice to… selena gomez pleace u won.t so very mad at him Don.t he love u he like u ok cause Do u like him u guys so happy things u welcome cause come on Don.t fight together maybe Baby justin bieber u like selena Gomez she is so pretty girl very nice reason II love my Bff…???