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Austin Mahone is copying Justin Bieber!!

Meet Austin Mahone, the 15-year-old aspiring heartthrob who has 320,000 Twitter followers and an official nickname for his fanbase. “Mahomies” much like Justin Bieber’s “Beliebers”. But who is he, anyway?

Austin Mahone

Like Justin, Austin grew up in a modest family but from Texas. His father died when he was just a baby so his mother raised him on her own. He started covering popular Bieber songs on YouTube in January. In almost a year he’s gained 290,422 subscribers, and from his heavy bang-age, taste for shiny bling and two earrings (like JB), it’s easy to tell that he’s borrowed some moves from Justin Bieber.

Mahone himself has said he hopes to one day meet and or work with the the powerhouse Biebz, but admits that “even a follow or tweet would be amazing.” Mahone’s rise to prominence this year has lead to his first concert in Houston in late November, and most importantly, recognition at his high school. “I’m overjoyed and excited and happy,” he said. “I’ve always liked music, and this is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Scrolling through Mahone’s blog reveals covers of Lil Wayne’s “How To Love”—also a Bieber move and his own Subway commercial—because why not? His most recent project is a version of Bieber’s “Mistletoe” video, which has an incredible 5 million views since October 26, 2011 and is basically the symbol of pop music eating itself.

Mahone‘s grandmother and mother helped him recreate the new holiday classic, which is actually the sweetest thing we’ve read all day as we picture the women encouraging their future meal ticket to deliver those longing stares and poignant chest grabs he spent hours in front of the bathroom mirror perfecting. Whether or not he becomes the next Justin Bieber, it’s hard not to at least hope he snags some free tickets to an upcoming Bieber show.


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  • Selena

    He’s a really cool guy and he isn’t copying Justin. Why is it that every guy on YouTube that sings must be copying Bieber? That isn’t true. Come on people open your eyes.

    • justin drew bieber

      baby come on leave them alone let them think what they want come to my house and get in bed i have a suprise

      • Jasmine

        Omg lolololol!!! ^^ hahaHahhaha

        • Ida

          Fuck you

        • Kid Drew

          if u say fuck u to austin nothing is wrong with him so u stfu and go fuck ur m@m

        • Helena

          Shut up kid drew, people are right there Austin ain’t no copy cat….HES A THIEF!! He stold that song “just a friend” from Mario and his song “what about love” sounds just like that song “bye bye bye” and dem moves are copied as well as Justin’s swag!!

      • mercedes

        fake justin bieber

        • kendelle

          do you want to know who austin mahone is cause some friends know him

        • Yady

          I do could you please

        • ???A

          I love them both and u just.dont know what your saying both of them are great guys

        • J.orlando

          No one cares bitch

        • Kloie

          You don’t even know who the freak he is!! So shut the fo up HATER!!! Ge isn’t copying Justin Bieber either!! He is the first Austin Mahone not the second Justin Bieber! So mind your own frikkin business and stop being a frikkin hater!!

        • kendelle

          oh shut the hell up u wish you where having sex with justin i like them both you bitch

        • J.orlando

          No one cares bitch

        • Anonymous

          i think his such a copy of justin his a good singer .

          but i think people like justin should stop singing about girls and they always have a flashy car

          Austin wore a white hat and white jeans is a copy of justin bieber

        • Anonymous

          Tru tru

      • Anonymous

        bitch u wish he will never

        • Destinee Nowak

          U to bithes need to shut your mouths ,there r little kids on here like me.

        • Amber

          Hah your real funna ya knoe tht??? Your telling them to shut there mouths and to stop with the cursing cuz theres little kids on here?? Bahaha yur cursing rite bak.. lol i just find it hilarious. So why dont you watch your language LITTLE KID!! xD

        • KillEmBitchezDead!!

          Destinee Nowak, aaye, aaye gyal, shut yuh blood clawt!! People dem ah cuss every where, if your a little kid, swerve off this page!!

        • Clarissa

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      • your mom

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      • Alexis

        Nobody wants to get in bed with your nasty ass it won’t even happen in your damn dreams bitch!

        • ana rogers

          wow this is really IMMATURE!! grow up and get a life!

        • vanessa

          get the fuck out like you can get girls

        • chelsey

          hey now u know what he is probably wayyy better and i bet u can get a girl so save your life i mean get a life and grow up i know your just jelouse but dont take it out on him he is hotttt i bet hotter then u will ever be so grow up really and find something elese that will make u cooler bec this right here trust me does not make u cool even tho u think so!!!!!!!!

        • nicole

          thats very funny cuz most guys think they can get watever girl they want

        • Destinee Nowak

          shut up u stupid hoe ,i am only 10 here.

        • nicole

          me nicole or selena??????

        • Pamela

          lmfao, all of you guys are hilarious, and even the people that are like “you guys are so immature”, your immature for calling them immature, because if dogs wanna fight with cats and apes, leave them let them fight it out. People have their ways of fighting stuff out, other wise we will never be able to understand each other, if we all agreed on something then there will be no positive and negative or pros and cons, based on your fighting methods, I can which one of you guys are apes, dogs, and cats. And the dogs are the strongest fighters in this argue ment right now, all cats can eat shit!! I also dislike justin and austin, those of you that don’t think austin is a copy cat, you must be retards, he copied Justin’s swag, and he stold “just a friend” from the singer Mario, and his song what about love sounds just like that song “bye bye bye”, and those moves he did on what about love were copied!! So all you guys defending him, EAT SHIT!!

      • Selena

        Sex i’ll be over soon.

      • Funny

        Um stop please that’s nasty

      • Christazia Auguste

        Really justin you gatta be joking.

      • BostonGyal

        OOOH stfu you shit!! No one cares for your shit, so get a fucking room you bastard!!

      • Anonymous

        Really justin

    • gabb

      he dont copy bieber because he sings his songs, its because he do everything he does, and we never said that everyone wants to be justin

      • MimiTooCool

        I think this whole page is stupid, like honestly everyone thinks a new singer that happens to be a guy is copying just bieber , its not true, austin is trying to make it somewhere just like justin beiber did, nobody said he was copying any other artist so let him do what he does and stop worrying so much dude if you like austin cool if you dont, you dont have to be so rude. J.s

        • Anonymous

          I think you shouldnt be saying these bad things about Austin, so what he started his singig career the same way as Justin, it doesnt mean its right to be saying that. What if your best guy friend started a sIng career like Justin? It dnt mean you can say mean things about your best friend. Dnt you know tht all people hav feelings.

        • Anonymous

          The comment dnt go to u mimi something it was for whoever wrote tht mean article about austin

    • Anonymous

      True… MANY guys have those likes and use that type of clothes… Doesn’t mean they’re copying!
      He isn’t as good as JB, but he is good. JB inspires him, just like JB inspires all of us… but Austin took his talent and he’s doing his best to follow his dreams.

      • jbieberlover

        i totally agree with everything…..yes alot of guys do have that type of style in clothes and accories and hair but its ovious its all for the “SWAGG” look (which is totally hot) but i agree also that Justin inspires Austin to do what he loves and i must say Austin is very good and very hot lol and i am glad that Justin can inspire kids just ike him to chase their dreams and make them come true! like he says “NEVER SAY NEVER”!!!

      • MahomieFeverx3

        I think Austin is a bit better than Justin;) it’s just my meaning and i’m a belieber. 🙂

      • a mahomie 4 life

        thank you someone understands!!! he isn’t copying justin bieber. don’t talk about someone you don’t even know!!!

        • nicole

          very true 🙂

      • Gitamahar

        that’s right (:

    • Amanda

      You cant say someone is copying another because they look a little bit alike…

    • austin grant

      because we dont need another beiber…. he just wants the fame… i dout he cares about his fans or music…. people have been sending him free stuff…. hes just like jb… the hair cut and everything

    • Abola

      Yeah he is and he isn’t coping Justin bieber because he is way better and good looking then justin bieber

      • Anonymous

        I so agree

    • Anonymous

      yupp but austin iis hhhhhhhotttttttttt

      • vanessa

        i agree with you he is hot but his more then hot his FINE!!!! can i marry you AUSTIN????

        • Funny

          Hiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! I’m Selena I poop rainbows me and Justin he fucked me it felt like unicorns slap my ass who

        • KatieMahone

          Oh my godd me too! But I fuckked Austin! •hence the fuckking sarcasm•
          Nobody gives a flying shitt about your fuckking lies!

    • Anonymous

      Yea! “haterz gunna hate, Mahonies gunna luv”-Austin Mahone

    • Kelly

      Are you really that stupid?? Justin Bieber does NOTHING but copy Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shannon O'shea

      True <3

    • kirstyn

      Ya uhhh btw Austin acctually sings like a guy and justin dosent soooooooo austin has a right to do what he loves they sont have to be coping someone

    • Anonymous

      He is amazing

    • laura

      well he is you shud see a youtube vid its called is austin copying jb and his pics are so samee and plus he wus covering jb songs before :p

      • tanisha

        yes i agree with you laura

    • Anonymous

      I know ha

  • Anonymous

    This kid is a loser.

    • Anonymous

      You are a loser Austin is amazing!


        austin is so sexy hes my boyfriend

        • Anonymous

          Hahaha so funny

        • Austin Carter Mahone

          no you r not
          dumb ass

        • Justin Berber

          Stop leve her alone

      • nicole

        lol :):)

      • Clarissa

        Ahaha Don’t call ppl of a loser so stfu already

    • vanessa

      HAHAH sure your just a hater you hate him because his better then you

    • Anonymous

      Hes not a loser hes a very talented boy yes its true jb is an inspiration to him but not everyone has to be copying him its life people after jb became famous many guys began dressing in purple and like him NOT COPYING !!!!! Jb began his career lik him singing another artists songs would u be mad that he copied ur fav artist and then be mad someone copied him? Get ove it yea im one of his mahomies but i dont have anything on jb my opinion is not bias because i like austin

    • chelsey

      dude really just bec ur jelouse dont mean any thing so u just need to keep your comments to your self and it would make it easyer for people to make there dreams come true

  • Kate

    You are so arrogant and stupid. Yes, Austin may be pretty similar to Justin, but it’s because he looks up to Justin. That’s the problem I have with most beliebers, they think that every other teenage guy is trying to be the next Justin Bieber. Believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around Justin.

    • Selena

      I agree with you. Why can’t people just open their eyes and notice that not every guy wants to be Justin. Most of the guys on YouTube don’t even like Justin Bieber in most cases. Austin looks up to him, like you said, not copies him.

      • Anonymous

        i agree

        • alexandria

          I agree your totally right

        • Samantha

          i agree too because …he is just doing what he loves and not every guy that sings id trying to be like Justin

        • samantha

          is…opps sorry

      • kendelle

        he does NOT copy him he just loves justin! i know austin he is a sweet heart so is justin

      • Austin Carter Mahone

        selena lets have sex call me some time

        • Anonymous

          F******** you



        • vanessa

          why with her you can have it with me;’ theres alot of girls that want to……………and heres my number 8324688832 so call me maybe

        • kendelle

          can i have sex with u

        • selena

          ok why dont you call me at 727-777-0518 ok thx suck my boobs

        • Destinee Nowak

          In your dreams.

        • cindy

          every body needs to grow up

        • heather mcelroy

          Well this is.whay ithink all of y’all are stupid and Austin mahone is right and I am a mahonies

        • Kaykayluvsyou!

          Me too? 🙂 we could have a threesome? Haha jkjk

      • kendelle

        I agree. Can i have sex with you

      • Esmee

        I agree that! <3
        Austin just look up to Justin and NOT copys him

    • Glykbelieber

      You never know if Austin likes Justin Bieber maybe he says to his fans
      that he supports him and doesnt hate him..
      but you never know ! maybe he wants to be better than him.. maybe he hates him , maybe he finds unfair that he became famous..Sometimes people say things so fans will be happy about him..

      • Anonymous

        Just shut up u dont know wat the fuck ur saying

        • Clarissa

          that’s true ^^

  • Adam

    This kid is a loser. I’m a huge Justin Bieber fan, but this kid definitely copies him. Look at his other videos. He’s copied everything Justin has done even from the very very beginning.

    • samantha

      stop bagging on Austin just because you can’t put yourself out there like he can he has just as much talent as Justin does

    • lolipops

      thats soo mean ! andd hes hotter than justin bieber. kthanksbye.

      • austin grant

        same hair cut braces sings with a lisps….. fans of this guy are only sad cuz there pathetic and have no lives

        • Anominous

          Okay whatever Austin has more swagg than bieber he didnt copy Justin. Justin is austin inspiration and u all said it about Cody saying he copied Justin but now cody and Justin are friends

        • anonymous

          you’re the pathetic one making fun of teenage girls being a fan of someone who has amazing talent. i would really like to see you put yourself out there as much as Austin.

        • Anonymous

          fuck you.!!!

        • Anonymous

          Maybe YOUR tht you hav no life nd sayin bad things abt Austin

    • Someone austin knows;)

      Austin is not a loser at all. He’s a talented,nice guy. & he is NOT COPYING JUSTIN BIEBER. Justin Is his Idol. & he looks up to him. Their is nothing wrong with that!. Just because Austin is better then Justin. dosent mean hes copied him. So STOP Hateing.Mahomie#

    • chelsey

      get a life and grow up dumb a**

    • Mahomie

      You need to shut the f*** up. Everything you just said is a f***ing lie. Austin Mahone is his own person be-otch

  • jess


    • selena

      stop bagging on people because you can’t do what they can

      • Glykbelieber


  • omfg stop justin is ok and no one is copieing him

  • Anonymous

    not every guy that sings Justin’s songs are copying him. maybe he’s a fan of justin. And if you go to his youtube channel he sings other artist songs not just Justin’s.

    • alexandria

      Exactly!!!!!! They just need to open their eyes, because this stuff is getting really stupid!!!!!

  • beliebers

    he looks like justin, dresses like justin, that nasty copy..

    • samantha

      leave him alone every guy is not copying Justin even though you might think so…a lot of people look like Justin and dress like him…have you ever thought about if Justin copied somebody else with his looks and clothes

    • Lupita

      You know what you can go to hell! Your facts are all f**ked up just like you so get a damn life! Dumb whore! Austin Mahone does not copy Justin Bieber your just mad that Austin might be better then Justin!

  • Anonymous

    If you want to look up to JB that’s fine. But I don’t want TWO of him in this music. You’ve gotta create your own identity and find what makes you different. That’s the problem these days, hardly anybody wants to stand out. You shouldn’t strive to be like someone else. Justin doesn’t go dressing and cutting his hair like Usher. Austin should want people to look at him and say “Wow this kid is unique and amazing” not “He reminds me of Justin Bieber”.

    • MoreBiebs

      Exactly!!! You said it all.

      • shadra/ alexis


  • MoreBiebs

    I find this boy to be very fake & his videos irritate me. He always looks in the camera with this “Don’t you think I’m so hot? Don’t you just love me?” sort of look and it just bothers me. He doesn’t seem original at all. Nothing special about him. Sure he can sing, but maybe he should do something a little more original with his talent. And stop looking kinda like a douche… Sorry if this offends some of his fans. It’s just my opinion.

    • jbieberlover

      umm well i love Justin bieber but i like Austin too but i have a ? if you dont like the way Austin looks on the camera then y do u keep watching his videos and u have to admitt that he is hot and he knows it to so thts y he prolly does tht cute little look with a cute giggle in between videos! just sayen

      • samantha

        I am with you he is hot and can sing…he knows it too he is nothing close to a douche…and if hes like JB then why aren’t you hating on Justin too

        • MoreBiebs

          I never said he was like Justin. I just said that he wasn’t original. He doesn’t have anything new or special about him. It’s all just very fluffy and based on looks.

    • shadra/ alexis

      austin isnt copying justin they just have the same taste ! austin is more less selfish to 🙂 justin can be mean but so can anybody .! im not hatein on either of them i have seen austins vids b4 he became famous and justin but i cant say anything bad bc i have only seen them bihind a camra 🙁

  • james

    why don’t you all just leave Justin and selena alone you all jeloius cause they have a music or movie or tv come on pepole just leave them alone. there good people snf to say you hate selena thats your thoughts just do not post it on here or any were els

    • sabrina

      I’m no expert but nobody said anything about Selena on here so why are you saying this

    • nelson

      Xactly that’s what i would say 2

  • Jessa and Everlily

    We are both a mahone and Bieber fan. Jessa is the Bieber fan and Me Everlily is the Mahone fan. Yes Austin may sing Bieber songs but that doesn’t Mean he is copying him. Austin is his own person and he would do anything for his fans Justin like Justin would for his fans. So I think people need to stop saying he is copying JB when he isn’t. I mean We love Justin and Austin. But they are two different people.

    • Glykeria

      Im not against Austin but the thing that Justin has which many people like it and notice it is this special style with the shoes and the trousers!, i never said that Austin is copying him by singing his songs of course not! but you know the style of the shoes the trousers the 2 piercings on his ears it seriously reminds you of Justin maybe he says.. that he doesnt copy Justin but he likes his style.. and does it.. which show to people that he copies, even though he doesnt feel like it
      i have said before the special things the many singers have is their own style!

      • Jessa and Everlily

        But Austin doesn’t wear the pants like JB does. yeah he has his ears done like JB but Austin is completely different. But Austin Does U Streams for his fans you don’t see Justin doing that. Yeah he is famous now but He needs to remember that his fans are the ones that made him who he is now. Yeah he says thanks but Austin does shout outs to his fans i think everyone needs to stop saying that oh this singer is copying this singer. Next you going to say that Cody simpson is copying JB since they act alike and dress alike.

        • Glykbelieber

          First of all i said that looks like copying someone and also. Justin Bieber is sooo famous.. and fed with the haters and the paparazzis..and because he doesnt have any privacy in an interview Usher what talking about Justin missing his old life and thinking sometimes to quit.. Austin is not that famous! he doesnt receive as much messages as Justin he has free time to upload videos and relax in his room Justin doesnt have any free time.. so dont say that Justin is bad to his fans. and compare him with Austin.. ! come on…

  • Louise

    I hate Austin. SOOOOOOOOOOO much copying Justin.

    JB ftw.

    • Clarissa

      Louise, you can’t be hate him so much like that, you probably get jello,, and he doesn’t copy of Stupid Justin Bieber so Fuck off

  • Patricia

    Im a belieber but I also like Austin. Im NOT a mahomie or anything like that, and yeah he’s not the best singer, but I still like his voice. It relaxes me lol. Yeah he’s cute, but Justin is fucking sexy. Maybe in a few years when Austin gets older and takes his braces off, then he will be hot. But for now he’s a cute kid with a decent voice. And I respect him for being a Bieber fan.

  • awesome

    seriously… some of you guys are hating on him for “trying to be like justin” because he sings his songs….
    first off get a life, and secondly.. you cant hate on this kid for trying to make a name for himself by sining other peoples songs, when thats HOW justin became famous.
    i love justin, and sometimes i think he’d really be ashamed to read some of the shit his fans write about other people. keep that in mind….

    • jbieberlover

      i totally agree about justin reading some of this stuff

      • MoreBiebs

        Yes, Justin made his rise to fame by singing others songs… but he kept it natural. He was just sitting in his living room, singing. He was humble and normal about it all. It was just so relaxed. Austin seems kinda forced almost. To me, it’s all very cheesy. I respect him for following his dreams & I do think he has some talent, but he should be a little more natural about it all. Keep it about the music & your talent… not your clothes and your baby-doll face.

    • Anonymous

      Yes !! Finally !! Some one who’s actuly smart !! And I’m not a ” Belieber” and yes I am a ” Mahomie” but Austin is just trying to get big like JB . JB started out singing other pplz songs , so y can’t Austin as well ? And yes they dress alike , but so what ?! Lots of guys dress like that !! And I’m not a bieber hater but I don’t like him so don’t think that I’m just saying this stuff cuz I don’t like Justin !! And I think Austin would be hurt if he saw this stuff and Justin would be disappointed in all of u guys saying Austins copying !! Justin Bieber should be happy ppl other then teenage girls like him !!

      • Angelina

        Austin isn’t coping Justin lot of people think that but I don’t austin is a great guy!”)

  • Glykeria

    Im not against him or something, but he is not that special he is just a kid..which just sings has a good voice not something veryy amazing, which copies Justin.. or let’s say it has exactly the same style.. as him.. i seriously something that everyone likes about Justin is his style.. every singer should have his/her style but Austin.. just copies..

  • EVERYBODY SDFU!! everbody knows that….. justin is better heheheheheh 😛

  • Anonymous

    Well Austin is only copying Justin like Justin copies Usher. Justin sings like Usher. That wannabe! lmao. Many of you should listen to that song Im Yours, and than Mistloe. Justin copies that song. Everyone copies everyone in the industry. The different is that each other Artist takes and brings something special to each song. They are able to produce their own emotions in the songs they sing. That is exactly what Austin does, and Justin does. You can tell exactly what that song means to them.

  • Glykeria

    Im not against Austin but he seriously copies Justin or let’s say it has exactly the same style as him..and Austin doesnt have that talented voice.. he just has a good voice nothing else.. and also the nice thing that Justin has is his style i smile when i see that he weres this nice shoes and the pants i really love it it’s the special thing about Justin and then i see i kid with exactly the same style..
    every singer should have his/her own style!

  • Alexandria

    He’s not copying Justin. Everybody just thinks that if your on youtube and u have the voice and the looks they assume that your copying Justin.

    • Glykbelieber

      Im not against Austin or something but the special thing that Justin has is this style with the pants and the shoes the hole thing, which many people love it. I seriously go to this site everyday and i smile when i see pictures of him with his nice shoes and the pants that reminds of Justin Bieber and im not saying Austin copies Justin because he sings his songs of course not! but the idea of watching a kid with two earings on his ears like Justin the shoes and the trousers
      ovbiously it gives you the idea of ”copying” maybe he doesnt want to copy but he likes his style and does it that’s all, and that’s my opinion.

    • carly

      hae you go awaya thack you

      • Emmee

        way are you being men to Alexandria

    • carly

      i hae you go awaya thack you

  • Christina

    Wow…..following Justin? Really people? Austin’s a FAN covering JUSTIN’S songs? Austin may think Justin’s style is cool and looks up to him so he wants to be like him and dresses like him. Austin doesn’t only cover Justin’s songs. Saw his Rolling in the Deep cover? Yea thats Adele. So yea…he’s copying Justin. :\ Really people? Be serious now.

    • Glykbelieber

      We are not talking only about Austin singing his songs
      you didnt mention the freaking style..
      and just to know no one said that Austin is copying Justin because of the songs and these are opinions also so accept it

  • He are sweet and cute, but is so true that he are copying Justin! 😀

    • Samantha

      He is not he doing what everybody else is doing singing their hearts out

  • jazz

    Come on hes not copying justin he sings different songs such as adele and micheal buble yh he looks like justin but he doesnt copy everything about him he likes the colour red for instants his inspiration is justin Bieber.

  • Samantha

    he isn’t copying Justin he is better looking and i don’t like Justin anyways so back off and don’t hate

    i <3 U Austin do what you do and rock it

    • MoreBiebs

      I don’t like Austin so back off and don’t hate

    • Bieberlover4life

      If you dont like Justin get out from this page is for Bieber fans so shut the fuck up and get a life

  • Anonymous

    Look guys. He’s not tying to copy Justin personally I’m a big fan of Austin. He looks up to Justin. Yes he might sing the same songs as Justin does but does that mean he tries to copy him? NO. He has other songs other than Justin’s. Yes his style is the same but remember half of the country also dresses like that. more than 90% of the guys at my school dress like that.. so that doesn’t mean bull crap. Leave the poor guy alone. He’s just trying to get somewhere in life. LEAVE HIM ALONE(: <333

  • belieberforlife

    wait hold up #1 austin has said before that she loves justin and has always been a big fan! #2 he cant do anything about the way he lives its not like he killed his father so for you to say that he is copying him is not far. A lot of people really like austin and hope for the best of him and are very proud of him for having his first concert. He is really nice and you shouldnt hate on him

  • Glykbelieber

    What i have to say is that Austin is not original,yeah ok he has a good voice but for example Justin doesnt cut his hair like Usher lets say.. If you see Austin in the road
    people who dont know him they will say this kid looks like Justin Bieber
    and then he will be Just be known as next Justin Bieber other people will say his is copying Justin and many other things. Austin should want people to say
    ‘this kid looks unique and amazing’ but this thing cannot be.. because he doesnt have anything thats his style i look at this picture and the hair the shoes and all of this style is different of what he looks now and you will notice it also.

  • Bieberlover4life

    I have to agree with a comment that i saw i like Austin but when i first saw him i said he looks like Justin Bieber i totally ignored what he was singing the first that came to my head was he looks like Justin and you can see this picture and compare him with what he looks now he is TOTALLY DIFFERENT he has new type of shoes he has 2 earings on boths of his ears the clothes look like Justin im not going say that he is copying him by singing he is songs because i dont believe that.

  • Uhh

    If you look at Austin’s videos, he covers songs that Justin did in the exact same way. For example: Chris Brown’s “With you” with music, “Back At One” acapella (Justin’s version), Lil Wayne’s “How To Love” with no video but just a picture, and a remix of Trust Issues? Really? His so-called “mahomies” don’t realize any of this and it annoys the hell out of me. His wear-your-favorite-color thing is an overkill. Red everything. He really has no originality. That is my opinion. He’s not completely bad at singing, but he uses autotune. Wtf? No hate intended. Just an observation that I hope everyone notices sooner or later.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you on everything except one thing: he is bad at singing. I laughed when he did someone like you. It was all auto tune and plus Naya Rivera did it better – and she actually has a record deal because she can sing.

  • Mia

    He is sooo copying him!! Also Austin can’t sing as well as Justin and one thing that bothers me is tht he does everything the same ps swag doesn’t work on Austin it only works on justin and my boyfriend lol ok by

    • kendelle

      he is hot
      shut up

      • kendelle

        I know him he will beat u up

      • Clarissa

        Holy Fuck why the hell you think Austin is copying Justin but he’s not like that motherfucker So Shut the fuck up already

    • kendelle

      what is ur stupid boyfriends name

    • Spencer

      Ok look lil girl i dont know who you talkinqq bout but i know you need to get this straight Austin Mahone does NOT copy justin bieber why would he people should be their OWN person that is why we are here in the first place and jb does not have that much swagg and I dont think you have a boyfriend wit yo FAKE self go get a life !!

      • vanessa

        kendelle idk who you are bt look who you think you are to talk like that about Austin you dont even know him and your runing your mouth like you do………just go and get a life or go run your mouth some were ells I LOVE YOU AUSTIN MAHONE

        • kellen

          i thought that this page was mwnt for austin mahone fans and no crappy drama so both of you shut up and by the way…….ONE DIRECTION ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! not austinOR justin

        • 3litze

          Austin looks like my cusins

      • kendelle

        I am not little,He is not copying jb and i dont have time to get a life cause i am to busy fucking people and making out and having sex dumb ass so call me at 727-777-0518 to fuck me!1

        • kendelle

          fuck me get it in there back it up pinis!!!! shit i for got shut the hell up u fucking bitches justin is fucking me now..

  • lol

    The difference between Justin and Austin is that Justin had this passion for music and entered competitions, performed acoustically in the streets, and posted videos just to show his family what he’s got and didn’t realize how much attention it would get from everyone else on youtube. He was young, talented and passionate (: Austin on the other hand, is this rich kid who lives in a nice house with expensive recording equipment who’s done nothing but post covers exactly the same way Justin did, and he’s praised for his looks for some reason even though he tries too hard… And he does MUSIC VIDEO COVERS which is totally for the attention ._. He does concerts now. He thinks he loves music, but really, he loves the attention he gets from doing it. Just had to get that thought out there (; I’ve been holding it in for too long. Have a good day.

    • Glykbelieber

      I seriously agree!!
      Justin from a very young age he was playing music hitting objects and playing guitar piano and drums justin has huge passion for music
      not like Austin..maybe he likes it but he likes more as he gets attention more and more…

      • mrs mahone♥

        leave austin ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          ik did u ever meet him just dont talk about people you did not even meet

        • Anonymous

          your a crazy stalker hoe:)

      • J.orlando

        No no I agree j. B lovvvvvvv music tht was for the bitches who lik Austin. Srry

    • Yeeeaahhh

      Agreed. I couldn’t have said it better. I’m so sick of seeing this kid. He’s terrible and his new “single” is edited to the max. Its unbelievable how hard he tries to copy Justin Bieber. He doesn’t just admire him he wants to be him. Blaahhhh

  • Emmee

    austin kiss me on the lips and justin bierber kiss me on the lips

    • nelson

      R U cracy ? U seemed too easy to be plyed with.Would they even do that

      • Anonymous

        no Theyy didnt bitch

  • carly

    so wot i not like tham i hae tham os mach

  • alyssa shouse

    i am happy that austin mahone call me today he say he kiss a girl on the lips he is happy so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Jordan Miller

    This kids an amazing singer and just cause he’s done covers of Justin Biebers songs doesn’t mean that he’s copying him. But I would do anything to meet Austin. Hot dayyyum 🙂

  • Emmee

    i am happy he call me today

  • Emmee

    austin mahone calll me he say he mish me and he will call me todoy and he is coming to NJ in cherry hill he is happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • carly

    way did he love you Emmee

  • justin

    hey.. stop hating austin ! cant you see, hes a nice guy..he’s just a fan of bieber so he is covering up some song of jb. ITS NOT THE FAULT OF AUSTIN BEING POPULAR !!

  • liljade

    This kid is juss tryna do wut he wants to do and dont h8 im for that !..!..!
    ItS his choice if he want 2 dress lyke dattt and i dont even think he want to copy justin bieber cuzz check this interview he did!!! He finds it funny dat u thinnk he looks lykee justin bieber………!!!!!! :/ sooo,,,, STOP HATIN AND HATERS JUSS GO AND GET A DAMMNN LYFEE ://///!!!!!!——-:Z

  • I <3 Austin Mahone:)

  • luthmi lushala

    your nice boy

  • hai.

    i don’t hate this austin kid, but if you say he’s not even the tiniest bit influenced by what justin does/has done, you’re kidding yourself. he’s covered pretty much everything jb did when he was a kid, in the exact same way (ex: a capella, backtrack, etc.)
    i’m not saying he’s “copying” jus10, i’m just saying that it feels like he thinks, “oh…well, that worked for justin, if i do the exact same thing then i’ll be rich and famous, too!”
    plus, i cannot stand this austin kid’s voice. again, nothing against him, but it’s super annoying.

    • Anonymous

      I feel the same way about Justin Bieber … But yes Austin is trying to do wut JB did to get famous but if u could sing very goodly then wouldn’t u try to get discovered ? I kno I would so plz just leave Austin alone 🙂 and just so u kno I’m not trying to be rude or mean Or any thing , unless JB reads this then I am cuz I don’t like his little girly voice 😀 soo yaa just shut up about Austin

      • Glykbelieber

        Look theres a difference between Justin and Austin
        Justin has huge passion for music he played on the streets guitar and uploaded videos of him singing for his family to watch and without knowing how much attention he would get. On the other hand Austin is a rich kid and lives in a nice house and had the money for expensive recording equiment and uses auto-tune and if you see this kid on the road you will say he looks like Justin bieber..
        seriously no originality and also..not that special..and guys its my opinion..im not against but thats what i believe

  • This kid has not been copied by justin bieber that not justin is the only worth and that you yourself the hojos and i like justin but sometimes passes is chulito sorry but this guy has not been copied by justin as well that do not say that it has been copied

  • shadra/ alexis

    i love bieber but i love austin more 🙂 he a kool dude ! but sorry fer bolth im not a fan 🙁

  • Anonymous


  • you are verry cood end cool i love you sooooooo match and i love jestin sooooooooooo match you and jestin biber my love

  • verry gooooooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Anonymous

    tough 4 him he aint got a girl 2 kiss at the end cos he is so ugly his braces make him look so ugly he CANT SING and he’s going too fast. i bet he hasnt got any friends cos wen talks about folk he points 2 his grandma
    WOW HE’S GOT SOOOO MANY FRIENDS ( sarcasm if u really believed me )

    • Erin

      He is not ugly, he doesnt have a girl because he is not a player that is going to date every girl. He is waiting for a girl to treat him right. He has so many friends look at him on twitter he has so many mahomies that support him. GET A LIFE “anonymous”

  • AUSTIN MAHONE IS AUSTIN MAHONE. He’s not Justin and it’s really annoying how you made a whole article on your website comparing him to Justin. Justin is his INSPIRATION! He’s not trying to be him. You guys say any guy that posts videos of himself singing on youtube is automatically trying to be Justin Bieber. Which isn’t true. Like I said before Austin is Austin. Not Justin.

  • Erin

    He is not copying Justin, just bc he is growing up in texas and his dad died at a young age doesn’t mean anything. Its not like his mom choose to live in Texas only because Justin did. Its not like his dad died because Justin dad died at a young age. He covers Justin’s songs because he likes Justin hes not trying to be like Justin. He is not taking moves off of Justin, He is acting like himself that is his personality nobody can change that. Austin Mahone is the next AUstin Mahone not the next Justin bieber.

  • Troneah

    He isn’t coping Justin, for one he actually cares about his fans and he is more involved with his fans. Justin is to stuck up to dare put his fans first. Austin has some balls, you guys can trash talk him like that but lets see you put up a video of yourself singing on YouTube and get a million views on it. Yeah, exactly you couldn’t do it. I myself don’t know to much about Austin, but I’ve seen a good bit and he is nothing like Justin. Austin, yes does like Justin and probably sees him as an icon. There is millions of people who dress like the both of them, and does it matter? This is the USA, people can pick how they dress weather they like Justin, or Austin.

    Austin is a real man, to do what he does. When you trash talk someone, or judge them, think about it, could you on your own be able to get where he has?

    Think before you judge someone.

  • Magyn

    dont compare Austin to Justin he isnt the wanna-be/next Justin Bieber he is the FIRST Austin Mahone!
    Haters gone hate Mahomies gone lovee!
    Nuff Said(:

  • anonnomous

    Austin I love you soo much<3 your my everythingg. Dont listen about what those haters sayy about you copying Justin Bieber . Your amazing aanndd hot<3 let them haters hatee.!(;

  • kayla boley

    i love austin he is sooo cute

  • kayla boley

    i love justin toooo



  • TrueBieleber

    I love them both! Justin and Austin are both huge fans of mine. But Austin is not copying Justin! You guys need to stop comparing them to eachother.

  • Mahomie4lyf


  • Anonymous

    this is just a biased story.

  • HI

    He’s not copying Justin. In fact, he looks up to him. 🙂 I’m a Belieber and a Mahomie at the same time. Austin has talent!

  • ryleigh

    i love Austin!! he is def. not copying Justin. Austin is closer to my age too so better chance to get in bed with him! lol

    • Gamagedara malli

      may ne……..www.gamagedaramalli.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    copy catter

    • haley

      NO HE ISNT.,!

    • fuccck hatuurs

      chilll thuu fucccck out ” anonymous ” he aint noo copy catter he jusss gots swaaq …. get iht , got iht :/

  • I looooooooooooooove you Austin I am your huge fan U r so cute than Justin and I love your songs

  • xobrittanyxo

    Hes just supporting bieber :3

  • Chloe

    Austin is NOT copying Justin Bieber! I HATE Justin Bieber! I’ve Met Austin Before! He is the sweetest boy EVER. #mahomieforever #hatejb

  • UHG

    He is not copying Jusstin Bieber he likes his personality his songs like he siad there cetchy and fun to sing

  • haley

    Ohk, This is how i see it Austin just wants to be a singer…I would just let him go…i mean come on guys there is other people out there other than Justin..?! Wake up and see reality.!(: Besides Austin is like REALLY cute…alright…! and this is nothing against Justin but face it guys..everyone wishes they could sing or dance or something (some talent) or atleast alot of people i know do..! Everyone is their self in their own way..! and yhu know what..! I want Austin to achive his goal.!!(;

  • Mahomie4life143♥

    Austin Mahone is in no way copying Justin Bieber!I love Austin Mahone alot!I believe he is cuter than Bieber.So shut up and stop comparing him 2 Bieber!

    • fuccck hatuurs

      exactly faaawk, austin aint copyinq shiiit 😉 he juus qooots swaaaqq , & justin doesnt soo chill thu fcck out holmes

  • fuccck hatuurs

    daaah, yoou guys chill out its only austin mahone ;b hes hawter theen justin bieber 😉

  • Sharee

    No…Austin Mahone is not copying Justin Bieber…People must not compare and judge other people because we are all different in our own way.
    Austin Mahone is inspired by Justin Bieber && He’s kind of a Belieber.
    So Austin Mahone is one of Justin Bieber’s biggest fan that’s why Austin make covers.
    Well…we should not compare && judge other people because each && every one of us is special && unique in our own way.

  • hello

  • Cece mahone

    Wow okay what haters… Justin is austins Inspiration just like he is all of ours. Believers copy Justin all the time so don’t be talking. Austin has an amazing personality and the voice of an angel… He is amazing. So is Justin bu seriously, stop with the comparing. Thanks.

  • Cestin forever

    Omg ceces on here? Haha ya ppl listen to her she would know. Her and Austin have a history. (; Cece Pleas follow me @cestinx (‘: <3

  • Lmfaobro

    Cece and Austin don’t have anything anymore just friends lol stupid. Thank god cestin’s over she’s a bitch watch she probably won’t even answer! Forget herrrr

  • Austinlover(:

    Chill. I hated cestin too but you don’t gotta go all out like that. She’s a really nice person and has a good personality just like Austin. Mayo IRS are just jealous of what they had………….:p

  • Cece mahone

    Austin deserves everything he’s getting.

  • Ok austin is not copying justin just bcuz they dress alike ang sing doent mean anything hes just a guy trying to be a singer but everybody thinks urs copying justin bieber its stupid what anybody thinks but just shut up about if they look alike its stupid austin mahone is way bettee than justin bieber just sayin so just stop. saying that he’s copying Justin bieber bcuz hes not well bye


  • Anonymous

    fuck off guys , he isn’t coping justin bieber and by the way Austin mahone is much sexier and hotter than justin bieber!!!

  • daniella


  • Anonymous

    you guys are all idiots. get a life 😀

  • Anonymous

    I totally don’t agree Justin is himself and so is Austin

  • Anonymous

    Austin is not trying to be or take over justin’s fame, justin is austin’s inspiration! And all the haters towards Austin Mahone need to stop because Austin is just a teen trying to get noticed by the world. Like Justin Biber did when he was younger soo just stop with this talk about Austin trying to be like Justin!!

  • brittany

    I don’t care what anyone says Austin is Austin. It makes me mad when people say that he is coping Justin but he is not. Just because he looks up to Justin does not mean anything. I’m sorry but it’s the truth and if it were me i would not want you saying that about me!

  • Gamagedara malli


  • Anonymous

    can he get in my bed or…?

  • addison

    omg..people leave austin alone he isnt copying nobody he just has some tast like justin thats all..soo dont be a hater!!

  • aubree

    i like what addison said..soo i like austinn and justinn!!their both really hot and thay are not copying nobody.. so quiet being little obsessive bitchees and get over ur god dam selfs forreall!!

  • aubree

    well just stop its a free country austin can do anything so just STOP. stop being so oppsesive i mean no joke its stupid u all r acting like stupid retards. so this means stop

  • nicole

    i also agree with selena. austin is a really great guy and he wants to be his own person. he only looks up to justin,idolizes him even, but he most definetley isn’t copying!!!! and the people who cant get that through their thick skull can go suck it. i personally both guys are totally awesome and HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    why is it that there are soo many haters in the world? 🙁

    • kortney

      thats true
      idk why

  • nicole

    i also agree with selena. austin is a really great guy and he wants to be his own person. he only looks up to justin,idolizes him even, but he most definetley isn’t copying!!!! and the people who cant get that through their thick skull can go suck it. i personally think both guys are totally awesome and HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicole

    i love them both!!!! they totally kick ass!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Carter

    Ok everybody who posting rude comments about Austin Mahone needs to just STOP!!! I mean seriously are you so lame that you have to sit in front of the computer screen all day talking negative about people.. wow….. people who do that must not have a life!! i think you might wanna go get a life instead of ruin someone elses!! And for all you haters you all don’t even know him so how can you be so heartless and post negative comments about someone you dont even know!! Thats all i’m sayin…….

  • Ally

    Justin Bieber is way…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..cuter than austin so is 1D

    • Carter

      Ally…..you are Freakin Blind if you think Justin bieber is cuter than austin Mahone!!!!!

    • JBisAnMJimpersonatorOnly

      I wish he’d come OUT of the closet he is in, Selena is only a cover for this copycat twerp with NO talent other then to copy everything off someone else who has WORKED his whole life.

  • Charlie

    This is seriously the most pathetic thing i think that i have ever read. Many of you need to go outside rather than sit behind your computers starting ‘cyberwars’ with other people on the internet. Im a Mahomie and a Belieber, and they are both equally talented. Yes Justin has more recognition because he’s bigger, but why cant Austin too? Their both good, and I really like both of them. Yes you can all have your opinions, but it doesnt necessarily mean that its the right one. grow up.

  • jenny

    your lucky this austin hate dont bother him

  • Anonymous

    Austin is cute

  • Anonymous

    Austin can you call me on Skype today talk to me for 4 honrs

  • kailyn

    Its funny how you think austin is copying justin austin said tht he likes justin bieber okay wow and its kool how you guys think you can use the f word every other word doesnt make you cool

  • austin mahone

    austin is his own person and a lot of people have the same style as justin and some people are older then justin and have the same style so does that mean justin is copying then NO austin is awesome and did anybody notice that austin is an amazing singer and his voice is not anamated and justin’s is so thats why he sounds better then him but really austin is way better then justin and i dont care if people dont agree with me we all have diffrent thoughts so deal with it there is no reason that we should be fighting over who is better they are both amazing and i might like austin is better then justin but i still like him

    • austin mahone

      btw my name is katelynn

  • JBisAnMJimpersonatorOnly

    Justin Bieber is nothing more than an MJ impersonator. He copies MJs sunglasses and also how he takes them off slowly which is totally MJ, he copies MJ dance moves because he has NONE that are his own, he copies MJs video’s where he chases the girl thru the bowling alley which is copying from MJs “The Way You Make Me Feel” video, he copies MJs peace sign, he copies saying “I love you my fans mean everything to me” as MJ always said that. He copies wearing a mask and hiding his face which has made EVERY MJ FAN PISSED BEYOND BELIEF. He copies having his own photographer/videographer with him as MJ always did. He copies EVERY PHKING thing that is Michael Jackson. However, MJ NEVER had to use “auto tune” software to correct his voice which also tells me JB can’t even really sing. THIS talentless copy cat or (mj impersonator) has NO dance moves that are uniquely his. And by the way, JBs excessive crotchgrab (every 6seconds) is stupid. This loser is making his money OFF MJ. COME ON AUSTIN…KNOCK THIS IMPERSONATOR OFF THE BOARD. Sorry if truth hurts, but it is what it is.

  • JBisAnMJimpersonatorOnly

    Oh, and he (justin bieber) also copies MJ by wearing a glove and pointing out to everyone. He makes me SICK! He will never ever have the talent Michael Jackson had, MJ was a natural, he could draw and sketch and his sketches are amazing, he created his own style NOT copying from anyone else, YOU MAKE ME SICK JB, USING MJ AT EVERY TURN TO MAKE YOUR FAME. SHAME ON YOU!!! NEXT THING YOU KNOW HE WILL BE WEARING WHITE SOCKS AND LOAFERS AND TOSSING PILLOWS DOWN TO THE CROWD WITH MESSAGES OF LOVE LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON DID. STOP COPYING MICHAEL JACKSON!!

    • kortney

      did you know that justin bieber sold his soul to the devile just so he could become famouse. thats so stupid.

  • JBisAnMJimpersonatorOnly

    All you girls don’t love Justin Bieber…you love MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON because that is who bieber copies ALL THE EFFIN TIME. When JB took his sunglasses off slowly like MJ did during his superbowl performance ALL MJ FANS wanted to PUKE, that is MJs move, JB can’t think of any of his OWN stuff so he copies…..SMH

  • Jean

    To the commentor of JB copying MJ…you are SO right! Its disgusting to see him making his money off of MJ. Also, JB is reckless, driving in excess of 100mph, he could kill someone, it doesn’t matter who was chasing him, he is at fault. He purposely used that as an excuse to speed in his expensive “look at my car you can’t afford” car. He just wanted to show off…NOT COOL JB..when you kill someone it will be YOUR fault.

  • Jean

    JB doesn’t even have the CLASS MJ had, MJ would NEVER have worn a tshirt that said “F you”…shows you how immature JB really is.

  • Sherry

    JB sux, immature, careless, copying other artists continually, acting like he is better then others, his 45 mins of fame are OVER. Hurry up Austin..replace this douche bag.

  • cynth.

    why do you all even care.
    if you dont like him then stop talking about it.
    i bet most boys look up to justin an also even copy him.
    are you saying stuff to them to?
    or just austin?
    leave him alone let him live his own life.
    noone cares if you copy them or not.
    you all comment and stay stuff alot about how austin dresses.
    you know what just get over it.

    • ali.

      you know what you right. every one need just stop talking about it. and grow up. i like both of them. and austin might have dressed like that before justin even got populor. you dont know that you dont live with him or really even know him. just what you see on his video’s

  • Shannon O'shea

    he looks like Justin Bieber but he ain’t trying to be like him <3

  • anynomous

    you look like a combo of louis tommilson and liam payne ur hawt

  • hotchicknini

    wtf alya cursin a confusion because of austin and justin they are both fuckin hot and can sing austin ent copyin justin he may find him as a rolemodel but if he was followin justin bieber he wud cut his hair d same way and do every thing dat he does!

  • caitlin

    i love you so much im a girl you so hot can you go out with me do you have girlfriend please say no cuz i love you can you be my boyfriend babe

  • chelsey

    get a life louise

  • Elayna


  • melissa escobar

    hey Justin bieber don got married with Selena Gomez place i love so much because you are the best boyfriend ever have your girl friend Melissa escobar

  • Kyle

    Ok so Austin is copying justin bieber because he wears 2 earrings lol i wear 2earrings i guess im copying JB and all the other guys too and a lot of people come up with names for their fans and they dont even dress the same

  • elisabeth

    shut your f*cking face!

  • justin bieber

    Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf talk musice Yes like Alejandra Magana 21

    • kortney

      i whant you to call me plz

  • kortney

    oh just sut the fuck up bieber you know that hes better and hotter than you.

    so wat you got to say to that you mother fucker.

  • kortney

    yes or no?

  • kortney

    i love you so much austine i think ur a really good sing me and my friend thank you are and know u are i love u austin.

  • kortney

    omg hes not copying justin bieber he just whants to be just like him and thats all austin is a sweet hot looking guy and he just whants to be like anyother singer. so just get off his back.

  • kortney

    and plus he sings way better than justin bieber. no a fince justin

  • sarah

    the points made in this stupid article are soooo invalid. you think austin wants his dad to be gone so he could be like justin? fuck no. theres a difference between copying and lookingg up to someone. get your facts straight before you bash austin.

  • Alexus

    I love Austin’s voice and i think he is hot

  • lea

    hey what”your name
    how old are you

  • lea

    ich kenne dich so lange und du singst gut mach weiter so

  • lea

    hast du eine freundin will ich mal fragen ja oder nein antwort

    • lea

      ich will nur einfach das du schreibst vertig ich werde deine lieder in facebook legen und meine handy ist auch ein paar lieder von dir ich habe gesendet das ich ein paar lieder von dir habe und horen kann

  • lea

    schreibt doch mal was ich wei- das du mich nicht kennst aberich kenne dich schon ein halbes jahr keine angst ich hore jedentag deine lieder die sind gut gestaltet und schon <3

  • lea

    justin bieber und selena gomez seid ihr zusammen

  • Logan Davies

    to Austin Mahone you like to dating with me and for a dating go horseback riding at woodwind south i like to playing the Guilar and singing and dance from Logan Davies

  • Logan Davies

    to justin bieber
    you like to dating with me and for a dating go horseback riding at woodwind south i like to playing the Guilar and singing and dance from Logan Davies

  • makayla

    they need to stay the same no one can cage them


    I LUV U JUSTIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • mariah

    ok Justin may inspire Austin but i’m sorry I just can’t listen to Austin he is like another Justin bieber. But Justin sings better and dances better and is hotter. So why would I listen to Austin when I can listen to Justin and have a better version…. lol. I feel like Austin is coping just bieber. I don’t like Austin I won’t buy any albums. Not a lot of people even knows who he is and the people that do half the people who do don’t like him. BELIEBER 4 LIFE

  • Melzx

    seriously come on Austin is definitely copying Justin Bieber..why is that? seriously because Justin i s more cooler lol <3

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  • amina deen

    he is soooooooooooooo copin justin btw justin is way hotter then austin

  • andrea

    i love Justin and Austin!No Coment

    • andrea

      i love JUSTIN AND AUSTIN! No Coment!

  • Austin Mahone

    Please, me and JB are both YouTube singers. We both wanted to be famous and we got it. Please u can hate me just don’t hate JB he’s a great guy.

    • Mahomie4life

      austin is not copying justin
      austin is not the second justin bieber
      he is the first austin mahone
      i love you Austin !!!!!!!!!!

  • Paola garcia

    Yup but austin mohone is better

  • beliber(cute)

    This is crazy.So of course Astin copier from Justin clothes and hair…
    But we are the Belibers Justin.


    • dont worry be happy

      omg he is not copying jb so shut the f up

  • Mahomie

    Guys this is stupid.. Austin is not copying justin at all, he just likes his music. You all need to stop this stupid hate.

  • Mahomie

    I’m not saying this just because I’m a mahomie, I’m a belieber and a mahomie so I’m not taking any sides. But this stuff about austin copying Justin is seriously pathetic. Frown up.

  • miracle

    I love austin he us so cute and I hope to see him one day

  • Anonymous

    Austin is a sweet gy I know how he feels so bak off!!!! Don’t listen to them thm Austin!!! Please??????

    • K

      Baby don’t listen to them!!!!

  • Natalie

    LEAVE AUSTIN ALONE!!! He did nothing wrong. I love you Austin mahone!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE JUSTIN!

  • Mahoney

    I <3 Austin Machine.I think Austin Mahone is better than Justin Bieber.

  • Mahoney

    Bye Bye Justin bieber.

  • anna bradshaw

    i just wanna know if they are friends,justin is becoming worse,but people can hardly find somebody which is such handsome and gifted like bieber.Anyway,they are CELEBRITIES!!!!!!!!!!

  • love_someone1234

    i love Austin and Justin. They are both great at what they do. Yes, Justin has made some bad chooses but that doesn’t mean he is bad at everything. All Austin did was like Justin’s songs so what that he put them on youtube. We all sing songs that we like all Austin did was put them on the internet so what. We put videos on vine, facebook, instagram, twitter, blogs, and other places and some of them we are singing in them so does that mean we all copy people. Also, Justin started by using songs that were made by other people and you guys aren’t saying anything about that know are you. No your not so all you haters go hate some were else.

  • kendelle

    heyyy I met Austin and I asked him if he was copying JB and he said no and JB is like bad and Austin is perfect

  • Anonymous

    heyyy I met Austin and I asked him if he was copying JB and he said no and JB is like bad and Austin is perfect

  • Ravyn

    Every song Justin Bieber covered on YouTube before making it big, Austin Mahone did too. He did it the EXACT same way! Same verses and same notes (well he at least attempted.) He has a lot of girl fans because he’s cute! His voice isn’t as stunning as Justin Bieber’s voice. Him and Justin Bieber are compared because they are both cute and have toned up on their body. Yet, Justin’s voice is also why he is where he is today! Austin’s story and his way of making it to the music industry is extremely cohesive to Justin’s.
    He doesn’t copy him in music NOW because he has to write and perform his OWN songs… which are obviously not too hot because he isn’t making much in sales. But before he became every girls dream guy, he was covering the same songs that Justin covered and tried being extremely cute for the camera.
    Austin would be even better if he decided to change up his music. I’m the same age that Austin is.. and I know that the little girl music phase should be over for him. I’m not saying to sing about money, sex, drugs, or cars because my passion for music goes way deeper than that, but he really needs to get a different idea for his songs.
    As long as he has been out, I’ve only liked one song… and that was “What About Love.” It’s time he expresses his music through true feelings. A lot more people could probably relate to that, since the majority of the world is going through heartbreaks and or falling in love. But when writing about love…. don’t make it so similar to every other artist’s music. Austin can improve! He just needs to look at other options.