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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez & Ashley Tisdale leaving LA Live

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen leaving an event at L.A. Live with good friend Ashley Tisdale last night (Dec 14) in Downtown Los Angeles.

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  • 0:13 it looks like selena got pist

  • jenny

    its funny how Justin’s happy and Selena is…piss

  • Natalie

    She looks like shes in full bitch mode

    • alexia

      y you talking about yourself HOE!!!!!!!!!

  • christina

    no one can say selena wasn’t pissed in this video because you can clearly see she was. when cameras are around them like that justin didnt even hold selena’s hand…shockingly

  • T.Williams

    She did look pissed. I was like dang girl calm down he’s takin pics with a fan. Everyone is so chill, if Justin’s chill infront of paps(which he is usually highly irritated by) then Selena has no reason to be pissed and huffy.

    • CeLena

      No, she’s not pissed.. You guys shud stop bashing on her, & get over it.. ;P

      • Lilly

        She totally was, look at Ashley she didn’t give a crap what anyone thought and stopped a huge a fan and didn’t look like she just had a prostate exam. Tisdale looks like any normal girl, were as Selena thinks she is someone like Madonna, who has been is the bushiness for longer than her. Little note Selena, tone down that god damn bitchy attuide and slap a smile of ur face.

        Not a Beliber and never wanna be one just saw this video because Tisdale was in it.

  • Patricia

    Damn wtf is wrong with Selena? Is she really that pissed that he’s taking a picture with a fan? She really needs to stop being so clingy or Justin will dump her soon.

  • i hate her justin deserve more

  • justin we love you so mush than you know

  • elizabeth

    Ashley Tisdale? Say what? That’s Ashley Cook! Hellooo , Ashley Tisdale is the High School Musical girl…wow

    • lea

      she’s in the video too with sammy droke another disney girl

  • Anonymous

    “Hey, Selena what are you getting Justin for Christmas?”
    Like she’s gunna tell u anyways with him standing right there!!! lol 😛

    • lizzard

      lol i was thinkin the same thing….man i ahet the paps

  • OMG there’s Ashley Tisdale XDXD

    Happiest moment !!!!

    And Elizabeth what were you tryin to say about Ashley ? And what’s wrong with HSM girl ? Selena’s from Disney,too !


    seriously selena? whats the big deal about justin taking a picture with a fan!? you get him 99.99% of the time… you dont realize justin doesnt ONLY care about you. he cares about us fans, too.

  • Justin bieber and selena gomez are very nice together!! I love you selena and justin i want to see you!!!! again again and again love youuuuuuuuu muchhhh

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