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Justin Bieber Leaving Spago In His Cadillac Batmobile

Justin heading out of Spago restaurant last night in his Batmobile after taping X-Factor earlier in the day.

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  • byb

    can they let him alone fuckk

  • Patricia

    Wow he was in a really good mood. Usually he’s cursing out the paps and here he’s actually thanking them and smiling. Or maybe he just didn’t want the bad press.

  • sammy

    omg he is soooo sweet! he is actually tlking to the paps and letting them take pictures! he is just so perfect! i love him!

  • christina

    even scooter was smiling in the back, maybe something good happened? and this times paps weren’t pushing him they actually gave justin space and let him leave without any troubles

  • i love his car