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drake justin bieber concert dec 2011

Justin Bieber & Drake Performing at Stevie Wonder’s Concert Dec 17, 2011

Justin had tweeted:

a long day but one i will never forget. got to spend time with a hero. a legend. #honored

Today he met Stevie Wonder. Someone he’s looked up to ever since he was young. Justin sang Stevie’s “Someday at Christmas” at the Stratford Idol competition in 2007 and also sang that to President Barack Obama back in 2009.

The reason he calls Stevie a hero is because Stevie was also a big child singer. He holds the record as the youngest to have a #1 hit. He was only 13 years old. Justin doesn’t have a #1 hit yet but you can’t compare anyone to Stevie Wonder. That’s why Justin calls him a #hero.

Anywhooo, Justin will be performing this Saturday at Stevie Wonder’s Toys Benefit Concert with Drake. The picture above was taken at the Jay-z & Kanye concert at the Staples Center on Tuesday, Dec 13. Justin’s looking really tired. He tweeted:

get your TIX LA!! Me and Stevie Wonder and my bro @Drake this Saturday for Charity!! http://nokiatheatrelalive.com/events/event-detail/2925/stevie-wonders-16th-annual-house

So the rumors that he may be doing a duet with Stevie Wonder on the X-Factor finale (which was pre-recorded yesterday night) or at Stevie’s charity concert may be true. If they do do a duet, I’m guessing they might be doing “Someday at Christmas”. Since it’s perfect timing.

Here’s Justin performing Stevie’s song in Stratford:

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  • bea

    just listen to how different the cheers are at the beginning of this video compared to what we would hear now!

  • haha he looks drunk in that picture


  • Emmee

    i love JB

    • Emmee

      justin bieber.com