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justin bieber batmobile pulled over police

Justin Bieber’s Batmobile Pulled Over Again By The Police!

TMZ has just reported that Justin got pulled over again today in Los Angeles.

Cops say he performed an illegal maneuver in his swagged out “Batmobile” ride. They said he made an “unsafe left turn” at an L.A. intersection. Luckily Justin was let off with a warning after he promised to be more careful in the future.

This is not the first time Justin has been pulled over by cops while driving the customized Cadillac, he was pulled over back in October after cutting off a California Highway Police officer. He got a warning that time too.

After that incident he was on Jay Leno where he said that when the cop pulled him over he asked “Do you know why I pulled you over?” and Justin answered “Because you like my car?” LMAO!

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  • ery

    badass!!! 😀

  • Sarah

    Haha, that’s Justin for you. He’s a bad boy <3

  • Bieber girl

    Haha lmfao!! Naughty boy!

  • Michelle

    Well he didn’t actually say that 🙂 He told Jay Leno after saying that: “No I didn’t say that!” So he was just kidding 🙂

  • ....

    thats a celeb for you always getting away from the law, shows money buys everything aka mj and kobe’s rape all the drug charges and everything else lindsay lohan has done. its ridiculos

  • 100% belieber

    …i just remembered justin is only 17 and he gets to drive a car so y dont police let everyone age 17 drive a car… i will tell u y… because u not superstars heheheh.. but it is quite unfair i mean that hes famous it doesnt mean hes different it doesnt mean we different we are just still a human okay i mean we not famous ppl but we shouldn’t be treated differently only that we are not superstars like justin is … but still i love justin bieber no matter what xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • bea

      in america and canada you can drive at 16…

  • i drive a car im 17 i have my own car and when ur 17 u drive a car