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Cody Simpson & Justin Bieber duet for new album?

Last month at the premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 in Los Angeles Cody Simpson revealed that Justin is helping him write songs for his next album. He didn’t specifically say that they were going to make a duet. But somehow I think their collaboration will be much more then simply Justin writing for Cody.

Today Justin joined Cody in the studio with music producer Julian Swirsky to make some new songs for Cody’s next album:

This doesn’t necessarily mean that JB will actually do a duet with Cody but if I had to put money on it I say definitely Justin will do more than just write with Cody. Expect JB to be featured on at least one song on Cody’s next album coming out March 2012. Also expect Nick Jonas to be on Cody’s next album too. Can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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  • Kirstie

    Ek nick Jonas is a Panzy same with Joe. Kevin is just a annoying

  • Patricia

    This isn’t really a surprise since they both share a manager lol. Scooter is now working with Cody too. I like Cody, he’s a good singer. And he’s definatelly gonna be hot when he gets older. But Justin is my love. I can’t wait to hear their new song together.

  • I love Cody Simpson, he’s an amazing artist. I love Justin more and I’d love to hear their duet if they ever have one. Their both talented and I just know the song will be superb!

    • Anonymous

      what she said

  • yaY!!

    • Anonymous

      i pick justin bieber cause he is hot

  • Paola


  • leslie sanchez

    i love cody and justin

  • justin beiber

    I am so excited to work with cody simpson.He is realy talented.Sometimes he gets on my nerves alot.If i had a chance i would get away from him.

  • justin beiber

    I hate cody simpson!

    • i don’t like what you said about cody simpons i love him so much

    • Issy

      And I hate u cody is so cute and a nice guy and I’m Emma’s best friend! So u might want to stop!

    • Anonymous

      how can u hate cody he is the hottest guy on earth and he has an aswome voice and he is Austrian

  • i love you 2 guy’s!!!!!!!!

  • I love you cody Simpson and me and my. Friend love you and me and she have all your. Songs we losing to your songs all the time.

  • i love you and i love your new song boyfriend you should come in see me on my birthday june 10 my address is 7368 68st S.E caledonia mi 49316 call me too at 1-616-698-9086 love mary jacobs

  • Like cody and jb ?

  • Scarlett

    since i love bpth the boys. I cant wait

  • Anonymous

    i don’t relly like justin bieber but im in love with CODY SIMPSON but i cant wait to hear their duet and i hate justin bieber.

  • mercedes

    cody simspon sucks i love u justin better

  • Anonymous

    where are they?

  • nhyla beaty

    Cody Simpson like