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justin bieber childrens hospital selena gomez

Justin and Selena visit sick kids in Washington DC hospital

Jelena made lots of sick kids’ day last weekend when they surprised them at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C.!

The day before Justin Bieber performed at the Christmas in Washington concert at the White House, he was spreading holiday cheer to kids in need, with the help of his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Aren’t they amazing to their fans?

Jacqueline Bowens of the Children’s National Medical Center said “The kids loved them! It was a surprise for them. Justin spent quality time with all of the kids, talked to them, took pictures with them and sang to them.”

For the past 30 years, the proceeds from Christmas in Washington have gone to the hospital, so Justin was joined by Victoria Justice and Conan O’Brien, who were both part of the concert. A source told us Selena wasn’t featured in the hospital’s photos of the day because she wasn’t part of the event. However, she did pose for pictures with kids who asked.


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  • gabb

    its the first time selena cared about those kids and its just because justin told her to do it

    • Haha.

      She visits hospitals all the time, she is part of the voice in Philadelphia, and has visited a couple of hospitals in L. A. Multiple times. Learn your facts.

    • chelsea

      ur right its the olny time

    • Honestly

      first off.. thats not true..
      and either way… does it matter?
      shes still doing an amazing thing.
      get over yourself.

    • Anonymous

      you piece of crap! what are you 10? first time you say.. well you know what, you know nothing she helped kids a bunch of times! so how about you start helping instead of criticizing people! idiots like you is what makes this world stink! i hope you learn something, get a life, and grow up. you pathetic,old, and useless person!

    • Someone Somewhere

      umm nah.(;
      you’re wrong.
      you know nothing about selena.
      dont judge her.(;
      she is beautiful, kind, and helpful.
      my advice to you:
      fuck off.(;

  • hahaha

  • Jfs'.

    “Gabb” whatever. Shes the ambassador to UNICEF since shes been 17. The youngest in years. she donates to charity all the time..she goes to hospitals all the times, taking pictures with children. Seriously, stop being jealous.

    • TrueBielieberBabe

      It’s ok to be jealous. Most of Bieber’s girl fans wish they were in Selena’s position. We all sing Taylor Swift’s song, “You belong to me” to Justin. It’s all a BIG fanatsy. So let’s us enjoy it. We enjoy believing that we are the ONLY ones good enough for Justin. While in fact he doesn’t know that we are alive. Wait maybe he does know we exist. We buy his albums, attend his concerts, and conduct his buyouts. You know he has not spent large amounts of time with us. So give me Justin with no Selena. It is ok for him to date her and be with her, but when I read news about Justin I don’t want Selena in every story.
      She is his gf not mine. I am a Justin fan, not a Selena fan. She has her own fanbase. Dating Justin has made her even more famous and she had gotten a lot jobs because of this association. So, she has profited by being JB’s Christmas Love. Just as I have benefited by being a Justin Bieber fan. His music brings sunshine in the live and you cannot put a price on that.

      • Patricia


      • Anonymous

        first of they were visiting a hospital and it’s a good thing they were together and ya beliebers are….. very childish and crazy, but she didn’t get jobs for being his girlfriend!

      • Someone Somewhere

        Selena and Justin are perfect for each other.
        they always smile when together.
        when are you crazy nut fans going to wake up and see he’s not yours.
        stop wasting your love life dreaming.
        cuz it ain’t gonna happen.
        if you haven’t heard they really are into each other.
        they’ve said they even hear wedding bells and babies’ crying in their future.
        they are the cutest couple ever.
        stop being so self centered and jealous.
        get a life and fuck off Selena.
        she is the best thing that ever happened to him and i hope he notices that.
        she is probably the only girl who will be with him though everything.
        he’s her guy.
        she’s his girl.
        Jelena foreverrrr. <3