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Justin Bieber takes Selena Gomez to Bourbon Steak in Washington DC

Justin sure knows how to treat Selena Gomez right. While in Washington D.C. for the Christmas in Washington concert he rented out the $10,000 a night presidential suite at the Four Seasons Hotel and even took Selena for a steak dinner Dec. 10.

An eyewitness said “Justin and Selena were extremely polite and friendly. They were wearing matching red scarfs and were very affectionate with each other. I don’t think they ever stopped smiling.”

“Justin and Selena split the organic chicken and filet mignon. They also had the wood roasted magical mushrooms, mac and cheese, and eggplant. For dessert, they had the coconut cream pavlova and crunchy profiteroles.”

Always the gentleman, JB took care of the bill and made sure to treat his server very well. “Justin was very generous with his tip,” our source says. “Let’s just say the tip was almost the same amount as the entire dinner!”


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  • abbeybelieb

    look how nice hes dressed for her and she…..looks like SCUM BAG!!!!!!

    • SelenaLoves Jb

      Ugg rude abbeybelieb i know that well its kinda true but you aint gotta say that ruddddeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!! jk atleast your a j beileber are you a jelena beliver or just a justin belieber?

    • Kirstie


      Lol grow up. He’s dressed like that because he went straight to the white house stupid….. He proably wasn’t dressed like that on the flight probably changed when or before landed…
      Grow uP and stop hating and being a bitch! You don’t even know her…

  • thats kinda funny abbeybelieb

  • i hate my life

    who care what selena wearing and im happy their together

  • christina

    thats funny because i read a whole nother story from a different server saying they were kinda rude

  • Awww tht was soooo sweet! Selena is soooo lucky,so is Justin. They r the perfect couple! Man,i would kill for a bf like Justin

  • I got your haircut.

  • jayna

    Hi justin! (if you ever read this) i love you! I used to dislike selena but now i think she’s gr8!