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Selena will propose to Justin on Christmas Day

The National Enquirer reports that Selena is planning to propose to Justin on Christmas Day.

The “Hit The Lights” singer wants to make Bieber feel more secure about their relationship, following Mariah Yeater‘s claims that he fathered her son, Tristyn.

The source who is close to Gomez revealed: “Selena is crazy about Justin, and she hates seeing him so upset over the paternity allegations.”

“He’s been on edge thinking Selena might leave him, so she wants to get him a ring to show that she’s with him for the long haul. Even Justin’s mom Pattie is in on the secret.”

Following the baby accusations, Bieber has apparently been talking about starting a family with Gomez, with the insider revealing: “Pattie thinks Justin is talking about having kids partly because he’s afraid of losing Selena.”

“But if Selena proposes, Pattie thinks Justin will feel more secure, and she’ll be able to talk them into putting off a wedding and kids.”


Another stupid rumor

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  • X

    what the ?!
    who would publish news like that? it doesnยดt matter if theyยดre considered true or not. such behaviour is unbelievable!

    • Abbie

      i agreeeeeeee

  • Jenna Tarantinnno

    DEFF NOT TRUE…. hes only 17

    • Nataly

      Just cuz they are engaged doesnt mean they r getting married anytime soon they could wait..;

    • ?

      it’s all possiable actually….no matter if he 17 or 87 he can still choose to marry if he wishes…which i whish he wouldn’t right now but evry true belieber should respect his wishes :/

  • Mitzuki

    Justin Bieber.. Big head! >.<

  • Wow

    This is sooo stupid this obviously can’t be true.

    • ?

      but it could…which i dont want to believe but it culd be true…:(

  • mary

    hahhaha. lol lol lol lol lol.. I mean, to much!
    this is a lot for me and it’s so obviously that’s a stupid rumor,,, From mtv? duh

    • brandy

      It says at the bottom thats its a stupid rumor. I hope that justin doesnt get married

  • Anonymous


    • ?

      y do u hate her?

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE YOU…

      • anonymous

        yall have no right to hate her, she hasn’t done anything to yall. she is an awesome girl, and all true beliebers would be happy because justin is in love and happy. Dont get mad cause she crushed your dream of going out and marrying justin bieber cause it’s never gonna happen.
        come back to reality….

  • 100% belieber

    i mean if selena would acc propose to justin..all beliebers will hate her for the rest of their life… and btw hes only 17 so its like 98% that they would split up if they would get merried!!!!!!! xxx

    • ?

      actually not all beliebers would hate him…..at least not true beliebers would..i know i wouldn’t and i consider myself a true belieber <3 i love justin more than anything in this world and in order to be a true belieber u shuld respect his wishes…..so i say that all beliebers would not hate him….and actually alot of beliebers might like selena…i do

    • Anonymous

      I would soooo not hate selena gomez I love her and justin bieber do u have something wrong with u?

  • lilly

    This is soooo not even true. Selena said ” when i get to that stage with a boy i want them to purpose to me, it would be so romantic *giggle*” so im pretty sure this is a rumor. Justin is only 17 years old. Selena is 19 about to turn 20 i get it maybe she should date someone her own age then. I support them though. And i find it fishy how rumors on twitter are going around about jinsu purposing to jasmine soon. I support them too ๐Ÿ™‚ but now jelena rumors…WOW!. I like jinsmine more, why? because they aren’t always all over eachother they are always just calm and take their time and maybe sure all their love later at HOME! Justin&Selena i support but they make out A LOT and thats what all we see, i mean they go on dates but they end up making out like crazy, save it for later like in a hotel room or something because it makes people think its for publicity or something.

    • Kirstie

      That’s because their younger… I’m 19 and that’s normal for 17/19 years to be all over eachother unless you’re square. Btw Selena isn’t turning 20 soon, she won’t be 20 till July and that’s in 7 months

      • lilly

        whos younger? jasmine and jinsu or selena and justin. selena is 19 jasmine is 18 justin is 17 jinsu is 18 turning 19. so who are you talking about? i never seen a young couple like Jelena

    • brandy

      It says at the bottom of the passage that it was a stupid rumor

      • rhi :)

        and by the time she is 20 he will be 18 it not a big deal;

  • lilly

    One more thing. Jinsu isn’t a dick, all he was doing was sticking up for his own girlfriend, wouldn’t you want your boyfriend sticking up for you if someone called you “a slut and a whore”. but nooooo some of Justin’s fans are always on justins side even when he’s wrong. Justin came at jinsu first why? because jinsu replied to a jasmine hater “no jasmine is more beautiful” because that hater was a selena lover saying “selena is pretty jasmine is ugly” why wouldn’t jinsu stick up for jasmine he’s in love with her and thats what boyfriends do. unless he’s an asshole and just leaves you hanging. Justin replied to jinsy first pissed for no reason at all, he was probably mad since selena name was involved. but whatever just making a point that jinsu isnt a dick because i met him when jasmine performed at microsoft. he was SUPER nice

    • rhi :)

      bahahahah…….fuck off with your jinsu shit its a justin bieber fan site not that losers so why dont you go somewhere else ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  • Anonymous

    HELLO!?! THE NATIONAL INQUIRER IS ALWAYS FULL OF LIES! all there stories are just made up gossip. So, obviously it isn’t true.

    • Anonymous

      Most thumbs up! Sweet XD

  • Kirstie

    Lol this is the stupidest crap I have ever read… Only a moron would believe this…

  • ashliii

    this is soo not true and he is too jung

  • i am very proud of u that u are getting married to Selena


  • yolanda

    yo solo opino que aun estan muy jovenes para tener unas responsabilidad tan grande!!! digo es algo serio sin se aman y se adoran y se han visto que han luchado mucho por su relacion!!! digo una son muy jovenes para tanta responsabilidad como el casamiento y de tener hijos!!!

  • If u believe this bullshit, you’re stupid. For Christ’s sake, they just started their careers, esp Justin! I doubt being tied down is what they really want now. Besides, Justin’s team and parents wouldn’t allow it and he won’t like that. He cares too much about what his fans want, he knows we’re not ready to see him settle down, and definitely not with that stupid Selena girl. No way!

    • ?

      ummm i will agree that justin does care what us beliebers want but he oviousley cares about what he wants too and that is oviousley SELENA!! and to be honest i don’t think what his family thinks is going to make much of a difference..cuz oviousley he really likes selena and when u rlly like someone u would do anything for that person….so i respect his wishes…and i think all beliebers should too just sayen ๐Ÿ™‚


    • and i am pretty sure they are not getting married.. they r to young.. i am just getting kinda anoyed at how some people are like i hate selena i mean she did nothing to u so stop saying mean things about her.

  • Anon.

    I wish it was true, lol.

    BUT considering he’s only 17, I don’t think he’s even legally able to do that? lol

  • gabz

    LMFAO i almost just choked on the pretzel i was eating when i first read this…


  • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i do have to agree that justin bieber , is way to young just think about marriage , and plus i will calling the double starteded just with selena gomez , why word she what to risk just to have more hater,s by her fan,s and by her boy friends haters i just do,nt under stand selena gomez any more , love david conway

  • Justin doesn’t want this! It’s just a stupid rumour! He’s not getting married. You should know this. If u really were a beliber u would know Justin not be the type to want all that drama around him. He’s really mellow. And we all know they’ll be a lot of drama if he gets married. He wouldn’t want that

  • christina

    calm down justin said he wants to get married in his 20’s and have kids at 25
    he’s only 17

  • Anonymous

    wow you guys are really gunna to believe this is real. in 2 day its will be finalized as a rumour selena even said it her self that shes not going to marry justin, they need to explore other ppl. They wouldnt get married.

  • Ellen

    i don’t think this is true, Selena’s Justins first steady relationship and proper relationship now that he is older but he has many other years to have lots of girlfriends before finding the right one, Selena may be the right one but he is only 17 he wouldn’t do something like that ๐Ÿ™‚ although i don’t mind Selena ๐Ÿ™‚ (listening to Chestnuts at the moment-love that song ;D)

  • anonymous

    as long as justin and selena are happy why should it matter if they are or aren’t getting engaged. Some of you beliebers are really selfish….shame shame

  • Anonymous

    Well Even If She Was Going To Its Not A Secret Anymore… Wow People Really Need To Stay Out Of Others Personal Life And Worry About Their Own! Give Them A Break For Crying Out Loud!!

  • belieberForever

    she should give him a promise ring instead of an engagement ring, are girls aloud to purpose? i thought it was the guy?

  • eny

    mair teneg haragdaj bn ji mdrel muutai muu iim gajig ohin sonirhodog ji bl tneg ohin za selena hamgiin tnag ni justin ji yagad naad ohindoo sain ym be? ji boliojee guujina naadhaasaa sal teh uu guujina naad ohinoosoo nsal odoohon

  • Ke$ha:piloveeeeJB

    I hope this isn’t true.. </3

  • Rose

    I think they are both still too young and plus Justin said he wants to marry at 25 or 26

    • rhi :)

      no he said he wants kids by then…awkward

  • i personally think the world would be much much better if they both weren’t alive..

    • rhi :)

      fuck off…simple if you hated them so much why do you even bither coming on the site.. i bet its because you actually do love him just dont want your butch lover bagging you out.. you would have to be brain dead not to love him… now leave and dont come back your opinion is not wanted of valued in any way shape or form.

      • i agree!!!!ha! lol.i still LUV jb

  • christina

    some fans are dumb this isn’t the longest girl he gone out with he went out with this one chick for 2 years. which he mentioned in 09 he had his first love already it wasnt selena

  • christina

    and honestly i think he should go out with caitlin

    • Belieber9876

      Agreed she is sooo much prettier!! And she and Justin had the best relationship till Selena entered his life! Fuk her

      • I BET by the time its his birthday… they are already gonna be married and Senena is gonna be pregnant

    • i still think he should go out with Jasmine.but hey,its his life…

  • Anonymous

    haha what ever happen to a promise rings? promise rings can do the exact same thing! LOL

  • xoxo

    sweeeeeeeeeeeet! <3 a true belieber would be happy for his happiness ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • How stupid are you, they aren’t getting married retard!

  • Katie

    LOL i can’t believe that people are stupid enough to believe this crap.

  • justin drew bieber

    guys me and selena are not getting married i tought we made it clear on national t.v.

    • rhi :)



    • But Selena Said That she will proposed to u on christmas day. Oh I got your someday Collection and your Calendar for a xmas present. PS i am your number 1 fan ever.

    • ?

  • what thee????? this is the stupidest piece of crap i have seen, well next to the whole Mariah Yeater thing, but anyway, im pretty sure that if pattie knew about it, she would try to talk them out of it! and hes only 17! this is his first serious relationship in hollywood and itll probably be just a fling. theyve only been dating for a little over a year, so i dont think either of them would be ready for this….
    and if this was so personal why would it be leaked to the national inquirer?? if only selena and pattie knew about this how the hell would it get out????
    hmmmmm oh right just another piece of crap!

  • Yah right, never gonna happen. I’ll tell you what probably is gonna happen. Ofcourse selena will get him a ring for christmas, but that doesn’t mean that they are getting married!

    • mcflurry CRAZY SKITTLE GIRL

      i agree cuz theres a difference between a wedding ring and a regular ring

  • mariem

    this is a big stupid rumor for god sake she’s 19 and he’s 17 they still young and this all ring thing could be just a present not a wedding ring i hope. i’m sur that pattie will never agree because her son still young and selena is older then him also he just get out of mariah yeater thing .

  • Anonymous

    it dosen’t say what type of ring she is going to give him. it’s probably a promise ring.

    • kenneth

      Selena and justin i hope you guys
      know that i will never turn
      against you guys i love yall

  • kenneth

    Hey guys

  • Hi JB merry xmas

  • a true beliber

    omg justin i love you i dont care what other people say a true beliber wouldnt care about selena and justins relationship just him it wouldnt matter if he was dating miley cirus its just him he has the freedom to live his life without someone saying he has a baby or spreading a roumor justin is a great singer, has an awsome personality and great hair who cares if selena was gonna marry him they have been pretty seiorus over time it will probaly end at that anyway so why dont we come back to reality and realize that the people who come up with their roumors are just looking for attention and that is just sad now do you feel good that you just added mor drama to his life what we want is to make him happy for gods sake he even came on the website and told you it is not true so why are we still careing about it if you where a true beilber you would only be on justins side some of you are just going with the first thing you hear please get your facts straight rember its not true unless we hear it from him himself if you really cared about him you would be on his side at all times if he wanted to ruin his fans he would lie to us and if you know him well enough you would know he wouldnt do that to us we truley love love love lim isnt that all that matters . i lobe you justin.

  • Belieber9876

    Not hatin. But it’s illegal for them even to be dating justin is younger than Selena and the man has to be 18 or over to be dating a younger girl, so if they got married it would be illegal still so I don’t see a ring on his finger anytime soon

  • anonymouspurplebieberlover

    young,young,young… thats all i hear what about when they’re both older?, if they still really love each other then they are really gonna get married anyway..and we ? what ? we’re not gonna b able to do what? nothing.! you can still be a faithful fan 2 him or selena, its not gonna change if you are a good peson. put yourself in there shoes what if u were them and aloot of ppl hated u bcuz you were in love how would you feel? think it over .


  • Kb the beliver

  • wat the heck is wrong with him??????just because he does not want to lose her he wants to sleep with her???????HOW CAN U DO THAT TO YUR FANS JUSTIN!!!!!!!??????Maybe he lost a lil of his mind….

  • IF this is true about him thinkin about that,thanks a lot mariah yeater!!!!GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!IF U NEED HELP GETTING ONE…ASK ME OR PEOPLE WHO HAVE ONE ASAP!!!!!!

  • X

    Look SELENA and JB are only 17-18..For goodness sake!

  • Jessica

    GOD PLZZ DONT DO THAT TEENAGES !!!!!!!!!!! key word teenages

  • i wish my life was like this picture peaceful and simple