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mariah yeater baby tristyn

Just when you think this whole Mariah Yeater scandal has gone away Justin has brought her back into headline news again. First he tweets about her a couple of days ago saying “You will never get this” and then revealing that he has written a song about her on his new album Believe.

I know artists write songs about their own personal experiences but why give her that attention again? Best thing I think is to not give her the attention that she wants so desperately. That’s the whole reason she came out with that lie anyway. Now we’re all gonna be singing about Mariah Yeater when we buy his new album. Imagine that. :/

I know this is not a very popular opinion and I’ve said this before but honestly watching this video again I feel sorry for this girl. I really do think she’s cray cray.

Mariah Yeater to Justin Bieber:

“Hey I never met you. I am crazy! But here’s my baby. So pay me maybe!!!!!!!!”


mariahyeater justin bieber sex scandal

How odd that Mariah Yeater has decided to wish Justin a Happy Birthday on Twitter. She probably felt bad for what she did to him so she’s saying nice words on his special day….NOT!

“Happy Birthday @justinbieber! #FinallyLegal, you know what that means ;)”

What do you mean Mariah? That it’s legal for you to have sex with him?

She goes on with more loving words….

“Im back on Twitter. All you Beliebers can leave me alone, I have a new BF, @D_Swales is more of a man then Justin Bieber will ever be! :)”

I used to feel sorry for Mariah Yeater (for being so dumb) but this just changed it for me. She’s just a terrible person.


Mariah Yeater’s ex-boyfriend said she lied about having Justin Bieber’s baby for the money.

Powell said Yeater lied for $50,000

In an interview with RumorFix, Powell says, “We were both homeless and living in Oceanside [California] and Mariah was trying to make some quick money.” So he says she made up the story and sold it to a tabloid for $50,000.Why target squeaky clean Justin Bieber?

“She just picked him, because she thought he was famous and all and thought she could get a lot of money by telling the magazine Justin was the father. She just saw him as an opportunity to make a lot of money,” he says.

Although Mariah said she met Justin at a concert in Los Angeles and that they had sex in a bathroom, Powell says Mariah’s never met Justin nor has she been to one of his concerts — she’s only seen him on TV.

Speaking behind a glass panel in jail, Powell got emotional at times saying Tristyn Yeater is his son, even though the birth certificate doesn’t list a father.

“She said she was doing it for us … for our family and our son. She made it seem like it was all for us but she’s greedy. I don’t know, I still love her though. All I want is to be with my son, that’s all I care about. She can take all her money, I just want my son. And man, on the real, I feel sorry for Justin Bieber. He’s just a little kid man. He don’t need to be going through all this drama. He got a career and sh*t to focus on. I feel sorry for the dude.”

Powell is in jail on three burglary charges a charge of receiving stolen property and drug possession.

After weeks of unanswered calls, Mariah’s attorneys have called us saying Powell’s accusations are “all wrong.”


It’s official. This girl is crazy!

justin bieber hot mariah yeater

Mariah Yeater will submit her baby for DNA testing this according to her legal team.

Lawyer Jeffrey Leving tells TMZ that his client is not avoiding the DNA test, and can’t wait to compare baby Tristyn’s DNA with Justin Bieber’s.

But Leving says he does have a big problem with the DNA test Justin has already taken because a member of Yeater’s team was not present while it was administered and he has no idea if the test was done using proper controls.

Although members of Justin’s team have told TMZ Yeater and her team had gone silent since Justin took the test on Friday, Leving says his co-counsel has been in touch with Justin’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, Monday and Tuesday. Leving says he hopes both sides will reach an agreement on a DNA protocol.

Weitzman could not be reached for comment.


mariah yeater justin bieber baby dna

The woman who claimed to be Justin Bieber’s baby mama is running for the hills, because we’ve learned neither she nor her lawyer have made ANY attempt to contact Justin’s team … to compare his DNA with her baby’s.

Justin took a DNA test in New Jersey last Friday, and sources connected with the singer say he can’t waiting for Mariah Yeater to hand over her baby’s DNA results. But so far nothing.

Yeater’s lawyer has been blabbing to the media, but has stayed clear of anyone in Justin’s camp. Sources connected with Justin believe Yeater will never produce DNA results, because it will simply become ammunition for a lawsuit he intends to file against her and her lawyers for abuse of legal process.