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justin bieber facts new album believe

Interesting Facts on Justin Bieber’s new album “BELIEVE”

Here are some interesting facts on Justin’s new album Believe:

  • Justin Bieber has recorded 40 songs for his new album. Only some of it will make it on the album.
  • The First track of his new album is called ‘Die In Your Arms’ it is a mid-tempo R&B ballad with an “old school vibe to it”
  • All Around The World’ is a serous club banger + the male equivalent of Britney’s Till The World Ends. Ludacris even features on it!!
  • Justin says track ‘Believe’ is “a song I wrote for my fans. The lyrics are about how they inspired me”. He said it means a lot to him as he wrote it on his birthday.
  • Right Here‘ which will feature Drake! Other album artists include Taylor Swift, Kayne, Diplo and Timberland
  • Thought Of You’ is a big pop number produced by Diplo. Lyrics “I’m in love with the thought of you and the things you do”.
  • Be Alright’ is simply Justin with a guitar + no production. He says “it sounds like a mix between Fergie + Jesus!” It’s rather a Cute ballad and is pefect for his fan base. He wrote it while on a plane to Indonesia last year and recorded it in a make-shift studio when he landed
  • As Long As You Love Me’ is also a massive club banger. It’s got tonnes of bass and serious epic. The song, produced by Rodney Jerkins, is one of his fave songs on the album and it will feature a rapper who he does not want to reveal yet.
  • Justin Bieber revealed he has written a song about his experience of being accused of getting that crazed girl preggers by Mariah Yeater.
  • Justin Bieber says he has no plans for a One Direction or The Wanted duet.

Justin’s new album Believe is out June 19, 2012. Are you excited?

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  • Kirstie

    Thank god he has no plans to do a duet with one direction ( can’t stand them!) or the wanted( dont like their music but they seem like chill guys)l
    The song about mariah well be interesting, just hate how she is getting ecknolged. Can’t wait for album!

    • Taribia

      I totally agree!
      I am happy he dont do a duet with 1D..

      • yay finnaly someone who hasnt been brainwashed by them! lol no i actually know more people who hate them then like them

      • dana

        aw? i love 1D.

        • calista

          i agree Dana ! ;D

        • megan bieber

          justin please come to belfast im megan grant /bieber watching justin bieber never say never this is my 70th time watching it plzzz come to belfast im crying cause i love you soo much well keep you in touch <3 🙂

    • lalala

      yeah i wish mariah yeater was not acknowledged!!! fame and money is the whole reason she did it!!!!!

    • christal

      i no right

    • Stacey

      Dont be a hater Kirstie!!…for your advive be a lover..ok???

  • beliebers

    oh yeaa!!! lovee, i’m loving it already!

  • Nikki

    I’m so excited i can’t wait oh yeah i’m loving the album already <3

  • Anonymous

    Omgggggggg!!!! Cant wait❤! I am eager to listen to the song of Mariah’s thing..
    I think it’s funny that when Justin tweeted the mariah yeater song he wrote yeeter. I think that means he didnt pay much attention to that, he thought this is another rumor, a big one. A big false accusation.
    I think the song will be about like people make up a lot of thingss… Dont know.
    Two months❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Anonymous

    OMGGGG 40 SONGS?! HOLY SHIZZ thats a lott! i really reallyyyy hope he puts them all into 2 seperate albums so we can hear how beautiful they are(: ILOVEYOUJUSTIN<3

  • mollie.

    my love for justin bieber is unbearable. honestly, i have always been a HUGE fan of him <3 33 posters, alarm clock, pillow case, etc. you name it, i have it. i have been to one concert and honestly cried the hardest i have ever cried. im soo excuted for his new song & am going to a concert for his new songs <3 the day he followed me on twitter, I FLIPPED. and cried that day too. @laxgirlswag. im officaly locked out of my twitter because i forgot my password and dont have acess to that email & i REFUSE to make a new twitter because jbiebz follows it. #NEVERSAYNEVER #MYHERO #I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER <333333333333333333333

  • snooper girl

    oh guys he is the perfect one for me any way
    i cant hold on any more justin make room in ur bed
    cause i am comin over to show u how great i am
    so get ready
    we’ll keep this between ourselves dont tell selena

    • Stacey

      Girl..calm down your going tooo far….

  • snooper girl

    i ‘m on the plane and just about to land im on my way i’m in the door

  • snooper girl

    hi abby u don’t know me lets be friends wat is ur best thing about bieber mine is his deep dreamy eyes

  • snooper girl

    hi maddie wats up

  • snooper girl

    i wish icould do bieber do u get wat iam sayin guys

    • Stacey

      Yea i do but dont want too know more..

  • snooper girl

    justin bieber is beautiful isnt he

  • snooper girl

    yo maddie wat up i agree every one can feel the same way

  • snooper girl

    hey were every one go

  • yoslettys

    he so sexxi

  • Alan Davies

    This article should be credited to markmeets.com

    • hola

      lo amor mio como anas todo bien soi fanatica numero 1 justin bieber

  • lisa

    i love you so much justin bieber you are so sexy in your new music video

  • bella

    ilove you jbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    • doha


      • Stacey

        I agree to that..he’s charming and handsome…heyy want to be friends????

  • Brooke

    well justin you are the best and i hope i get tickets to your next concert i might not Forsyth will not get tickets i will have to order them or something but i hope you are happy and don’t ever forget who you are or that haters don’t know what they are talking about !!!!! i hope i get tickets love you JUSTIN im your BIGGEST FAN GOOD LUCK on the alblum <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Brandi

    Wow he is so sexxxi ,,,,, this whole town like him even young ones say can I meet JB? hah isn’t that cool ! Haha

  • cecilie

    hei justin i looooooooove you

  • yjslkshpf


  • sAmrA gh0ri

    JustIn ur bst In th3 wrld ! i Luv ywe vrY mUch !!!…….<3


    why doesn’t justin want to do a duet with one direction? there AWESOME ,but so is justin, but he should still do the duet!!!!!!!!

    • Stacey

      Veronica that is sooooo true they are both awesome but why they cant do a duet together..1D and justin bieber has good voices..I think they should do a duet..Fyi i think its going to be a great duet and i hope they do it!!!!!!

  • LiaBiebs

    Thanks god That he didn’t do Or he’s not going to do a dute with 1D.

  • Breanne Gardner

    He is really hot kid and I want to meet him really bad.

  • sarani

    i love u so……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………much jb .u are my one love.my one heart

  • savannah bales

    You are soooo……. hot and i like your new hair do.

  • mussa sohail

    hai justin u r so cute & hot ………?

  • doha

    i love you so so much justin bieber i’am froom morocco plz come to morocco

    • iveth calles

      you are so hot justin bieber<3 i love you baby your mian baby come to 740 st. mier p. ok

      • Anonymous

        <3 i love you

  • Chelsea

    Salut moi c Chelsea J’adore Justin Je vais peut etre te voir mais je kifferais car sen toii je suis rien franchement. Dit pour Lyon en 2013 c annulé? J’e^pere pas car la je pourais te voir et mon reve se realiseras pour de vrais trop contente bisous.

  • heather michelle long

    justin I love you and i find your music very inspiring i’m homeschooled so I don’t have any friends and I won’t trust any of my cousins with well anything my parents are wierd i’m not even supposed to be on the internet this netbook is for school purposes only so please don’t tell my mom i’m barely aloud to be on facebook if I go nere twitter my mom will kill me i’m a skilled artist when I graduate I am going to apply to art school my sister never leaves me alone I get no privacy I died my hair purple beacause you said it was your favorite color I’m not insane my birthday is august 28th by the way I just got believe i think it was your best album yet my favorite song was die in your arms I also liked catching feelings but i found believe most inspiring please reply soon

    • heather michelle long

      .p.s. please don’t hate on me I literly have no self esteem

    • justin bieber

      hey its justin i love your note and i wish u a happy birth day i love u

      • shristy

        I love your song of love me and believe also my birthday is on 3rd APRIL just after your birthday I really love you

  • iveth calles

    you are so hot justin bieber

  • jazmin

    i love you sow much

    • justinlover99

      he is so hot

      • rosemary


  • bella

    i love you

  • meri

    entaksi kai o bieber einai kouklos. KAI POLI KOUKLOS MALISTA.










    APO TA KSENA………………………………

    SE KLINO JUSTIN ………………………………..





    GIA SE OLUS……………

  • tiare allende benber

    justin bieber tiene un hijo con una amiga mia y el viene segido a averlo y algunas veses viene con usher a averlo y se parese mucho a er

  • Mckenna

    Justin bieber you are ym hero without you i would be here<3 uve made me the person i am today i will always love you and in the future ill be mrs. bieber<3
    uve made me strong and always told us to never say never , and we never have and u know what else we would never ever do is give up on u<3 ILYILYILY AND IM SEEING U TODAY :O

  • justinlover99

    i am a #1 justin bieber fan and he has insider me to be who i am<3 u justin bieber

  • justinlover99

    one less lonely girl ……………
    one time…………
    never say never…………….
    stuck in the moment……….
    as long as u love me…………
    all around the world…………….
    kiss and tell…………
    lain girl……….
    dr. bieber……


    i love you justin bieber

  • sarah lübers

    hi ich heisse sarah und bin ein super grosser fan von justin bieber ioch liebe ihn so sehr

  • sarah lübers

    i love you so mutch justin bieber

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  • rosemary


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  • hi justin bieber im joseph your # 1 fan

    i love justin bieber

  • Anonymous


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  • Maury

    Your believe song was sooooooooo nice I love the song

  • shristy

    I love your song very much my birthday is in 3rd April just after your birthday

  • Maury

    I am really a big fan of Justin biber I love Justin and he is soooooo cute