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mariahyeater justin bieber sex scandal

What the?? Mariah Yeater wishes Justin Bieber a Happy Birthday!

How odd that Mariah Yeater has decided to wish Justin a Happy Birthday on Twitter. She probably felt bad for what she did to him so she’s saying nice words on his special day….NOT!

“Happy Birthday @justinbieber! #FinallyLegal, you know what that means ;)”

What do you mean Mariah? That it’s legal for you to have sex with him?

She goes on with more loving words….

“Im back on Twitter. All you Beliebers can leave me alone, I have a new BF, @D_Swales is more of a man then Justin Bieber will ever be! :)”

I used to feel sorry for Mariah Yeater (for being so dumb) but this just changed it for me. She’s just a terrible person.

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  • codysmith

    ok so what is mariah yeater’s twitter? i cant seem to find her

  • Ashley

    That bitch wants killed don’t she?!

  • Kirstie

    It’s strange how we haven’t heard anything about the DNA test he took. I find there’s something not right about the story still, I think as much as it begs me to say this but i think their both lying.

    • Anonymous

      I AGREE

  • AngryBitch

    This BITCH needs to get BITCH slapped! PRONTOOOO!

  • gabz

    does this bitch wanna get cut?! how dare she tweet that to justin. some fucking nerve. i swear to god she deserves all the hate she gets (i would never ever normally say that because NO ONE deserves hate, but this bitch just keeps asking for it & she’s pushin our buttons). when will she drop of the face of the earth? hopefully soon.

  • Lilly

    All of you little 2 yr olds need to calm the fuck down. And stop threatening to physically harm someone. U guys really need to see someone if your that obsessed with Justin. Get a life.

  • Rienne Blackrose

    Mariah is stupid for targeting Justin in the first place, but whatever. What’s dumb will stay dumb =.=””

  • reylinne orteaga

    this chick is a liar not that i like justin i just dont like what she did like what is wrong with her he took the test but she didnt if you claim hes the father then you wouldnt be scared to take the stupid test and her ex said she is a gold digger and this is a scam hmmm what does this mean ??????