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Justin Bieber writes song about Mariah Yeater on new album “Believe”

Just when you think this whole Mariah Yeater scandal has gone away Justin has brought her back into headline news again. First he tweets about her a couple of days ago saying “You will never get this” and then revealing that he has written a song about her on his new album Believe.

I know artists write songs about their own personal experiences but why give her that attention again? Best thing I think is to not give her the attention that she wants so desperately. That’s the whole reason she came out with that lie anyway. Now we’re all gonna be singing about Mariah Yeater when we buy his new album. Imagine that. :/

I know this is not a very popular opinion and I’ve said this before but honestly watching this video again I feel sorry for this girl. I really do think she’s cray cray.

Mariah Yeater to Justin Bieber:

“Hey I never met you. I am crazy! But here’s my baby. So pay me maybe!!!!!!!!”

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  • Anonymous

    i toally think this woman was poor and needed money. Justins security guards r with him at all times. This woman is very crazy!!!!!!!!

  • I kinda feel sorry for Mariah. It’s a shame that people come up with these stories to get money and attention, especially when this girl didn’t think about the fact that she was the one being charged.
    This woman must have a lot of problems but I really feel sorry for people like her, and on the other hand I just feel like slapping her face with a rock for being this stupid.

  • Roxanne

    The woman is clearly psychotic and needs help. People shouldn’t not be happy with what she did, but they also shouldn’t blatantly be hateful toward/about her either. There’s a fine line.

    I understand your opinion about JB writing a song about it, but then again, it’s probably a way he has coped with it. Many people use some form of art as an outlet for what they’re dealing with, and there’s no doubt that this scandal was extremely stressful on him. Of course it will be giving her a form of attention that she does not deserve, which I agree isn’t a good thing. But then again, I think we should wait until we hear the lyrics to completely judge exactly how this will have an effect if that makes sense.

    It’s similar to the MJ “Billie Jean” thing. Except for the fact that there actually is a possibility and it is very highly speculated that this particular woman did father a child of Michael’s.

    • Roxanne

      Did give birth to a child fathered by Michael. *

  • Yeah she is crazy thinking that Justin’s the father!!! that is not his baby!! I don’t like her she’s psycho!! She just wants his money so she could be in tha paper’s!
    Cause the first time I’ve seen it I was like wtf! I didn’t believe it! It wasn’t true it was false! That’s all I’ve gotta say.

  • I agree with you. He shouldn’t write a song about her. It would only give her more attention. But the again, he should write the song. Get out his feelings about the whole drama and just get over with it.

  • @LeVikki

    I see everyone talking about her Twitter, but what exactly is her twitter name?

  • candy(yea that is really my name)

    she is some sick person that baby does not evern look like justin
    and i really feel sorry for that baby when he/she grows up and finds out what a fool their mum was ….. i just feel so sorry for him/ her

    love you jb
    we all love you so much and are on your side 24/7

  • candy(yea that is really my name)

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • lalala

    i wanted to throw up on her when she said “especially when he came on to me”

  • asdfghjkl

    The song is great! but this is exactly the attention Mariah wanted.