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Justin Bieber buys bestfriend Ryan Butler a car for Christmas

Justin has done something truly awesome for his best friend Ryan Butler. While staying in his hometown of Stratford Ontario over Christmas, JB presented Ryan with keys to a white Mustang convertible for Christmas!

Ryan shared a picture of his new ride on Twitter:

“Justin got me a present. #swag!!!”

Justin Bieber gives Ryan Butler a convertible Ford Mustang for Christmas

They grew up together in Stratford, Ontario since they were young. Justin actually lived with Ryan’s family for a while when Justin and his mom Pattie had nowhere to live. Ryan was also featured on Justin’s first music video “One Time”.

JB is known for his extravagant gift-giving and is reported to have spent $47,000 on a Chanel watch for Selena Gomez when she was being treated for malnourishment and exhaustion in June.

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