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Selena Gomez hospitalized after Tonight Show appearance

Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital last night, just after she appeared on “The Tonight Show” — TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us … Gomez was feeling horrible during and after the show, complaining of nausea and a severe headache.

She was taken to a Los Angeles area hospital and is still there, undergoing tests.

We’re told the exact cause of her illness is not yet known.

UPDATE: Selena just canceled her performance tonight at Santa Monica Place, an outdoor mall in L.A.


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  • tiara

    nausea are the first symptoms of a pregnancy and they reported that she had been pregnant which are the third 2nd is missing your period many sites have been saying that she might be pregnant there might be bieber baby on the way

    • tiara

      I MEANT nausea are the first symptoms of a pregnancy and they reported that she had been throwing up which is the third symptoms the 2nd is missing your period many sites have been saying that she might be pregnant guys there might be a bieber baby on the way

      • [Justin's Sexyy],[Jinsu Suckss Dickk]

        yes and it would be illegal if they had a kid and she’d get arrested for rape(which would be hilarious)

        • tiara

          i would be happy if she got pregnant cause i need some entertaining stuff like that and it all hell would brake loose on her i would just sit back and watch all the destruction happen while i do my evil laugh

        • lol

          oh and shes been throwing up all morning

        • random

          if SELENA GOT raped, then who would be the rapist?

        • Anonymous

          That’s awesome cuz she is still to young and all fans of justin bieber would hate her just like on kelly’s tweet the screeming vans told her they would ruen her live forewer!

        • jessica berryburg

          it wouldnt be rape because the legal age for sex is 17 which is the age of justin

        • Jessica

          actually its 16 :]

        • nicole

          not unless he presses charges will she get arrested

        • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mygoodness

        • Anonymous

          hi im selena gomez from work i was five our six then before school that’s my first book cause i won’t learn it

        • Anonymous

          uh no

        • haley

          justin bieber would get arestted

        • Hailey

          Um, no they just did “it” . she didn’t rape anybody , they decided they were in love and wanted a little somethin soemethin. and your username is just perverted.

      • Aniestin

        it says headache..is that a symptom of pregnancy..NOO..haha i actually dont know…but I DONT THINK SO
        i really dont think shes pregnant..

        • lol

          actually it is sweety

      • Anonymous

        Wow… Imagine if she really was pregnant?!?! Well, apparently she said that she wouldn’t wear her purity/truth ring with justin anymore so there is another clue….. ?? But I don’t think that would happen…. But it would be quite funny if she got arrested!! LoL…

        • Anonymous

          she better not be

        • Anonymous

          I’M wicha

        • Anonymous

          But she is

      • cotten_Ritz

        1)and so if there iz…u should b happy 4 them…and 2) how do u know thts wht shes doin? cuz u herd it in the news,updates,mags,ext…oh wel if u didnt hear it from justin or her then dont help spread rumerz.cuz wht comes around goes around..3) GROW THE FUCK UP N GET A LIFE…

        • avery

          Hey Selena….Did you know that your prego my eggo? well I actually don’t know if you are or not but still………….

      • i am not pregnant it was just illness

        • Anonymous

          She is not pregnet its just an illness she says well guess what ppl shes tellin the truth because i have the same illness and if ur going to pick on someone pick on me but u might not want to unless u live near a hostpital

        • Anonymous

          The person who wrote these both is katelin michelle tyler

        • Anonymous

          Its just an illness she says
          Well guess what she is telling the truth because i have uad the same illness and if u want to pick on someone pick on me which is a bad idea unless u live near a hostpital btw you guys are just gelouse because she is a beutiful star and ur not

        • avery

          come on……. give them a chance!!!! can’t any famous couple be left alone without out people jumping to a conclusion that there pregnant or engaged? It’s just some people are jealous that they can’t be with Justin Bieber! so everyone needs to shut up and leave every famous couple alone!

        • Anonymous

          its about time u say sumthin weres justin he shuld talk 2

        • Anonymous

          i belive selena because she is awsome and tells the good truth 100 percent of the time…..i had that to one time..very bad stomack ache and very bad head ache.. she was probaly just nervos at that time …/=p!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I am glad that you are not pregnant

        • Anonymous

          You aren’t Selena Fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        • Anonymous

          I love you. You are the best!!!!! Have a perfect life.

        • Selena Evergreen

          i wish you were pregnant because i want to see the cute baby, babies are always cute.

        • Anonymous

          Omg Selena I am your biggest fan I love u and don’t listen to the haters cus u know there jealous it would mean the world to me if u replied back

        • really?

          Can we believe ha nahh im jp guys if she says shes not pregnant then shes not pregnant case close i mean shes the only person who knows if she did “it” or not so yeah case close shes not pregnant

      • Anonymous

        I dont think the should have a baby they are to young

    • Enrique

      I just dont think selena is pragnent.and i dont want selena to think im just 1 little stupid fan,selena marie gomez is part of my whole life love you forever selena!

    • Ikr and they constantly and together and cant keep their hands off of each other so yea she may or may not be a prego or not but she really needs 2 take there relationship a little bit slower b4 that actually happens

    • Anonymous

      k guys…..do u even know justin?!

      • Selena Evergreen

        yes everyone should know justin “biever”

    • whattttttt thats crazy i dont beleve that

  • lol

    alright shes out of the hospital and is fine

  • ChelzGzz

    C’mon you guys! You don’t really know that she’s prego. After all, her and Justin went to Hawaii didn’t they? She might have caught a bug there or somthing, maybe food poisoning. Don’t say things when your not sure what going on ok?

    • lol

      justin was caught buying a pregnancy today -.- hmm that makes you think

      • Randomgirl

        Wheres ur proof. You have none. Oh and way to respond to yourself with a different name (same square face thing) moron.

        • lol

          its on twitter you bitch

        • Jumboadam

          yeah cuz u should so trust twitter. -__-


          Send Me The Link?

    • Selena Evergreen

      your just jealous that J.b. and Selena g. are dating right

  • Aniestin

    aww poor selena hope she gets better 🙂
    and everyone saying shes pregnant..im dont think so..just cause they were on maui and kissing and touching doesnt mean they had sex…selena is more mature and careful, shes would let that happen til later when shes older

    • lol

      they did have sex already, where would her purity ring go, you only take it off when you have sex

      • megan

        she had her ring off way b4 then so stfu they dident have sex

        • Anonymous

          Actually when they went to hawaii and kissing she took it off

      • megan

        and just because she dosent wear it dosent mean she had sex with him she dated others and is just useing him u dont know anything so stop

        • JOHAIL

          first of all nobody knows if he is a virgin or not, and i think he is still a virgin because he even said that he will wait till marriage for the right person..and also you notice that he is always he is wearing this black ring, that ring represents that he is a virgin till marriage and also i trust justin…and also nobody knows if she is pregnant it does not mean if she has a head ache and she feels naseaded that she is pregnant that happens to many ppl and it turns out there not pregnant so fuck off already! and dont trust the internet escpecially twitter rumors are always spreading around. Justin is a good person that believes in God and would never dop dat till marriage.

      • Jessica

        WHO CARES IF THEY HAD SEX OR NOT….. even if they have had sex does not mean shes pregnant…..lots of people have sex and dont get pregnant…..

  • fujj nedobre

    • get a life

      • Selena Evergreen

        good job i think you did a great comment

  • Lil

    OMG… she has a headache and everyone is praying for her.
    I was SUFFERING with PAIN a few days ago, I almost died, and everyone is praying for her.
    Im sorry but if I should feel sad with the girl who ruined my dream because she has a headache, I dont.

    • tiara

      exactly justin started that stuff on twitter there are people with worse conditions and they are praying for her when she has a fucking headache

    • Mel

      Yea. Its kinda messed up. And last year, when Caitlin was in the hospital, DYING he didn’t tweet anything. But when Selena has a headache he’s praying. It’s kinda weird. I think she’s pregnant and they know it, and that’s why they’re praying. It makes sense

      • Lauren

        LIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he did tweet her get your facts RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Selena Evergreen

          nice lauren and so funny

  • megan

    she was food poisoned and is now reported to have been diagnosed with stomach intoxication…not just a headache. thats whats wrong with selena she is not prego

    • lol

      noooooo! jennifer hudson had food poisoning

    • tiara

      noo that was jenifer hudson dumb ass

    • Selena Evergreen


  • FuckYouSelena

    Yeah, everyone prey for Selena cause she’s throwning up. People around the world of cancer, starvation, dirty water, and you want me to prey for this bitch cause she has a fucking headache??? I don’t think so…

    • FuckYouSelena

      I meant …people around the world die of…

      • u make me sick

        • u should not be saying fu 2 any one

        • Selena Evergreen

          THATS right you shouldn’t

    • Anonymous

      You peice of shit WTF!!!!!

  • she had confirmly pregnant…and yeah.JB will have a baby soon
    credited to:


    • megan

      shes not prego

      • megan

        fake link

        • Maria

          thats not true she is not pregnant

      • yess, she is dumbass.

    • pandai ek ko promote gravine kt sini..ha3..bijak2

      • Katherine

        y the fuck r u calling me a bitch!!?!?!? do u have any fucking prof that she is pregnant

  • Rachhy

    People Do Get Sick, Doesn’t Mean There PREGNANT!

    • Anonymous

      ya ure right! u know nausea, headache can be a symptom of tired, not enough sleep, overwork, stress n doesnt really mean pregnant only

  • OMG People Really!?! She Aint Pregnant…N Yh I Pray 4 The People Dying Around The World But It Doesnt Mean Selena Doesnt Deserve Our Support

  • morebiebs

    I would only believe the food poisoning story!! Even if I hadn’t heard of the food poisoning story, I would have just thought she was having a migraine!!! Those sound more like symptoms for a migraine, not pregnancy!! 😛

    • lol

      she only had a headache, jennifer hudson had food poisoning

      • megan

        no selena had the food posining

        • tiara

          no jenifer hudson did look it up you dumb bitch

        • Amber

          Selena also had food poisoning u dumb ass

        • sara

          i think more than one person in the world can have food poisening just sayinn

  • Jessalyn

    wow just a headache and puke we have people around the world straving,and dieing and you expect me to pray for a girl thats never really been that important in my life and why is this on here IT’S JUSTIN BIEBER SHRINE not selena gomez shrine psshhh.

  • morebiebs

    btw… this is the most attractive photo of her ever! :s

  • lol

    isn’t this a BIEBER SHRINE not GOMEZ


    selena cancel her concert just because she had headache. chicka justin broke his leg and still do his concert ! now look how she’s doesn’t even care about her fans who already buy ticket for her concert ! selena, i don’t hate you. i just don’t like you. and stop this bullshit alreadyy!!! ;/

    • Jessalyn

      justin also puked but GUESS WHAT he kept his concert going, yeah he puked back stage mutiple times but he cares about his fans well at least I think he does he refers to us as kids -_- saw it in the never say never movie

    • tay

      come on… ive had migraines so many times b4 and i know that loud noises bright lights and other things besides quiet can make a migraine worse. only quiet and sleep help make them go away. she loves her fans and owes all her fame to them so she wouldnt cancel a concert for no reason. migraines arent funny at all the hurt so much and cause other probs like nausea… and she wouldnt want ppl to see her all sick like that. so she canceled once… no big deal… calm down. i bet she will make it up eventually. migraines sometimes just pop up during the most awkward times. she definitley didnt plan on this happening

  • Bri

    It was food poisoning. So, yeah. No biggie.

    • megan

      see food posisoning

      • lol

        no it wasnt look online, she had a headache

  • Carolyn

    he didnt say pray for Selena, he said #getwellselena which is FINE. and when you end up at the hospital that is pretty serious. I dont think she needed to go to the hospital for a headache & nausea but whatever. shes so not fucking pregnant though, you people are crazy.

  • madi

    headaches and nausea can b the start of alot of things. its very unlikely that she is pregnant. u guys all need 2 get off her back and stop being so jealous of her just because she has justin and u guys never will. justin never said 2 pray 4 her just he said get well selena. big differnce between get well and pray 4. back off and leave her alone. there maybe something behind the headaches and nausea!

  • Ninja

    She aint pregnet shes just over exagerating to get attention *like always* she using justin like she used every other guy *like always* and she makes a big frekin deal out of thing *like always* PERIOD.!

  • jayde

    ohh woww for all these comments, i dont know why its a selena page right now, and yeah we dont know the full story yet, its a bunch of accusations. im a belieber but if shes pregnant shes pregnant what can we do? but i gotta agree with a person that said that getwellsoon selena but for a headache? but theres so many other people out there with diseases and deadly diseases. sean kingston is in hospital with severe conditions and nobodys still saying pray for him or getwellsean. i support Justin and Selena but the fact that people are making a big deal out of it cause shes got a headache? its ridiculas!

    • wayyconfused

      so you guys are saying its bad that he said get well soon to his gf who had a migrane…..or was sick… why is that so bad? Yes there are plenty of other people out there that have it worst… but dont you tell your significant other to get well soon if their not feeling the greatest???

    • Anonymous


  • hi it,s me david conway and my comments to selena gomez im sorry for what happend to her , mis selena gomez as well i just what to say to her get well soon selena gomez , im sorry just for my comment just about i what to propose marriage to selena gomez , just put me back on here just after my old post comments are done here , im sorry to bother you pepole , love david b conway

  • SELENA GOMEZ IS A WHORE. She was caught going to Justin’s house at night and leaving the next morning, if they are gonna keep it a secret thenn atleast make it less obviouse. Bieber is with a BEAVER. What the hell. And those of people who actually pray for this nasty slut they are retarded, i get head aches about everyday, but i dont go to the hospital and make a big dramatic scene. I swear…. Justin says in pray ” Children are cryinn, soilders are dieing, and some people dont have a home ” And yet, he pray for selena cause she has a HEAD ACHE. Its pretty obviouse, SHE IS PREGGGOOO!

    • me

      shes not -.-

      • Whatever

        she is NOT

        • none of ur

          she isnt but u r

  • Anonymous

    nausea, vomiting, headache is also a symptom of tiredness, overwork, stress, not enough sleep/rest.. dont jump to conclusion

  • cotten_Ritz


  • Poor Selena lets hope she ok!

  • Whatever

    Listen up people.i have no idea what u guys are talking about.even the bad words.come on.i dont even know what they mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All i know is that selena is NOT pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Whatever

      im just a in 5th grade

      • Dont Worry About It


  • Selena dont worry bout them hun u know wats the truth and thats all
    That matters and justin it goes for u to its none of there buisness if
    Your a virgen or not!!! You both blessed us with ur talents and if we didnt have
    U selena there wouldnt be any wizards of waverly place or the movie and that was my favorite movie ever it almost made me cry and justin dont pay attention to all the haterz in the world there are twice as much loverz then haterz and ypu guys will always have ME lol

  • Selena dont worry bout them hun u know wats the truth and thats all
    That matters and justin it goes for u to its none of there buisness if
    Your a virgen or not!!! You both blessed us with ur talents and if we didnt have
    U selena there wouldnt be any wizards of waverly place or the movie and that was my favorite movie ever it almost made me cry and justin dont pay attention to all the haterz in the world there are twice as much loverz then haterz and ypu guys will always have ME lol

  • Ummm this bitch Selena Gomez!!

    • Anonymous

      u BASTARDS ALL SO jealous . u cant even handle ur own damn envy. if u h8 em they dnt giv a damn who u r get da F outta their lives and try to make use of urs…. wat did any of em ever do to maake u so angry. bastards caught up so much in their own envy all they can say is bad stuff

  • Okay people stop with the rumors I’m not pregnant I just felt really sick. And yes I’m feeling better thx for asking. 🙂

    Love u guys all

    • Ashton

      Aww! Its great to know your feeling better. 🙂 Love you Selena.

    • Brooke YO

      guys she is not prego she would be way sicker then she was if she is and selena would not want to mess up her life like that!! so stop the rumers….

      • wayyconfused

        okay for 1. yahh i dont believe this but 2. theres a flaw in what your saying. When i was pregnant i was not sick at all… just some heartburn

  • evry 1 just stop selena gomez is awsome and so is justin bieber i <3 them both maby jb a little more but selena is NOT prego and u all need to cut it out and get a life ok…go obsess over something besides jb and sg okay so scurry off weirdos

  • tony

    Oh my Gosh everyone needs to get a life.
    Cant believe this site pulled me in.

    • Hi Selena, please come to Florida. It would be my first coernct. You rock!!!Ps. Don’t hate Selena. She’s doing everything she can and trying really hard to please you. Also remember that word hurt people and that if it really hurts them, then they start to blame themselves. Bye Bye. ~Taylor:)

  • tony

    I’m outa here

  • i trust what selena says about not being prego she to protective about that type stuff

  • Anonymous

    i honestly DON’T believe she is pregnant. She has been seen wearing her purity ring in a video with Demi and in public. I have been a fan of hers for years and she just doesn’t seem the type to just go about and get herself pregnant. I think she knows that if she did that would highly effect the way her fans will feel about her and her career will go down hill from there…..if she is i wish her the best because her life will be like hell once that baby arrives. she is an amazing actress but one little slip up and everyone hates you .

    • selgomezFANNNNN

      i love selena gomez and i totally agree ! justin bieber is HOT but i dont think she’d have sex with him lol

      • I love justin beiber and also Slena gomex they are sooooo amazing and role models to me and other people in the worldso what if they r dating we wel i still love thm like i did before

  • trololol

    guys…she’s not pregnant, she would of told us by now…she had a headache, not bloody stomach pains or whatever. She is defiantly not pregnant. trolol

  • you people are so dum this is so fake

  • Nia

    Lol!!!!!!!! You guys are so easy and stupid!!!!! First of all,all youSelena fans need to get your head out the clouds saying ‘Oh,Selena is so sweet and perfect and awsome and would never lie to us.’because you don’t know her that way!I have nothing against Selena but i am not that easy when she says she would never lie or has never told one because i’m pretty sure she has told one.+hat goes for all the bielebers out there ,too.

  • courtney

    I hope Selena is gonna be alright.

  • loserfaces

    its called a migrane….

  • Anonymous

    To Selena Gomez from Nicky smith

    I wish to meet you one day you are so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    To Selena Gomez from Nicky smith

    I would love to marry you one day. You rock!!

  • peeps

    love you selena good luck in your carreer

  • Jasmine

    I love u and where do u live .I do not like ur girlfriend

  • Jasmine Kaur kailey

    I wish I marry u One day. U rock

  • secret kepeer

    you have no fucking proof that she is a prego she might be u do not know so just hope she gets better and for all you hatters out there fuck you i hope you go to hell i will always love you selena gomez and that is the real way to spell her name

  • Watevzz

    Look all of u r pathetic loserz and u need get a lyf.If shes prego shes prego if not shes not.Jus cuz she n jb r celebs,doesnt mean they cant hav a private lyf! Leave them alone. nd u all kno tht if u were in their shoes,u wouldnt want any1 in ur biznis.



  • i love selena gomez her cell number is 2093846511293483203

  • Anonymous

    Hey Selena if you r prego Plz cAll me I have a juicy secret for yOu?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?my number is 2816874429

    • Honey im positive i am not pregnant i swear. Justin is never going to get me pregnant, I LOVE MY FANS promise i wont let you down 🙂

      • Anonymous

        If this is really seLena please don’t ruin your career by getting your self pro use protection . Selena your a lucky girl but how can u date Justin if u guys live in different states if his never there holding your hand and don’t marry him this soon your 20 years old . Ps please reply

      • Anonymous

        If your not pregnant then why would u be at the hospital all day long and ps don’t get married this young

      • I know you had a child 3 years ago. you should tell Justin. It was 3 years ago. What will he do? He can’t. So tell him. If you don’t my sister will.

      • Selena tell JUstin you had kid 3 years ago.

  • No sweetie im not.But ill call you later today Sel-

    • Anonymous

      That’s good but use production though

  • supergirl1992

    Selena and Justin will make a cute baby when they decide to have a baby in the future.

  • supergirl1992

    Selena will be a good mother in the future when she decides to have a baby.

  • kekemervin

    Please Don’t tell me you are pregnant..Justin bieber is the father .!

  • shravya

    oh justin……………………………is father yucks.

  • shravya

    justin bieber this is the message for you i am your fan ok but u should not have done like this but dont worry i am too small.

  • they would make a cute baby but in the future i mean if they did start a family now i guess she would make a good mother and supposing justin is around his sistr and seeing how he takes care of her and stuff i think its would be good if they staarted a family

  • Michelle

    Did Selena Gomez had sex with Justin bieber

  • juliana

    are u justin biber

    • juliana

      selina gomes can u call me my phone number is 786 484 6365 ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll mmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee! ppppppppllllllllllssssssssss im beging you