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Justin Bieber passed Selena Gomez’s Mom Test

While she is usually quiet about her love life, Selena Gomez dropped a bit of information about her mother’s meeting with Justin Bieber. The “Wizards of Waverly Place” star offered the inside scoop about the meeting when stopping by “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” for an episode aired on Thursday, June 9.

During the interview, Selena was asked by host Jay Leno if her mother has met her pop singer boyfriend. To the question, she replied with a smile on her face, “Yes.” Not satisfied with the simple answer, Jay pursued further, “And how’d that go? Okay? Did she like him?” This time, the 18-year-old said, “He passed the test.”

Selena has reportedly taken Justin on a family outing back in May. Hollywood Life claimed that the teen couple went with a group of about 18 people to the Pappasito’s Cantina in Arlington, Texas on May 29. Their server said, “Selena’ mom and step-dad were there, along with her cousins and friends – and Justin’s manager, who paid the bill. Every one seemed to be having a great time.”

In early June, the twosome made a trip to Justin’s hometown in Canada where Selena got to meet his family. They were spotted enjoying lunch at the Swiss Chalet in Toronto with his cousins, aunt and uncle on June 1, and spending time with his father Jeremy and half-siblings, Jazmyn and Jaxon, at a local park.


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  • Ohhhhh!

    How is she so well-mannered!? I am her age and am very impressed by how she holds herself and how determined, mature and well adjusted she is.
    she is a true professional and i think after this teeny bop movie shes coming out with and teeny bop album she’ll star in a pg13(atleast) movie where shes a little more realistic. if she aspires to be like shia.
    I dont know why im sitting here writing this, oh accuallyy i do because im high.
    Anyway.. Good on you Selena Gomez, I am impressed by how classy and ladylike you are.
    Dnt really understand why people think she is malicious in any way, i think she works hard enough and deserves some more respect

    But thats just my 2 cents

    • tiara

      of course she would be well mannered who would go on a show and not be well mannared

    • Anonymous

      wow is she really pregnant

      • no esta embarazada

      • destiny

        No are you stupid she is not. obviously do you see a big fat belly on her. NO. Okay so shut up talking about people.

  • Jessalyn

    Ha Nope! she won’t be like shia not at all her actings ok his is FANTASIC:)

  • ashley

    jelena is a set up by both of their managers and all this relationship is all planned out so i think she said that for publicity

  • BELIEBhers

    what test? your mom make a test for your boyfriend? ;/

  • Jelena look so cute together thank god justin passed the mom test

    • #1beblier

      Its for the carmra she is does using him

  • like y r u likein justin u r 18 he is just 16 no that is wrong man pls rephay

    • Anonymous

      you are really stiped

  • Nothater

    Myb a test to make sure he’s an eligible man for Sel,although they r not going to b 2gether ‘4ever’

    • Anonymous

      selena and justin should not b2 ever

  • justin bieber shoud not be datting selina because she is ogle. my mom sed that salina gomez has a big hed

  • i like you songs

  • The mom test i hav heard of it presonally i thnk mom test is better thn dad test.

  • Tht report bout tht lady claimin Justin got her pregant is i fake! the media is always tryin to ruin stars cause they hav lame jobs livin in their parents basements! so bac to wht i was sayin…….ahem…. LEAVE SELENA AND JUSTIN ALONE!

  • Kianna

    I love Selena!!!!

  • I love justin and selena together and no one should hurt that because if true love is ment to be it should be and people are just being rude to them about it

  • BRE




  • maria Figueroa

    I Love uuu 🙂 <3

  • lily tores

    Im sad that im not old enough to go to your concert but when i turn 13 i will go to your concert and i always look for your information even if there’s 100 paragraphs i will still read it because i really want to know allot about you i promise i will never change my mind of you being my biggest fan in the world i love you don’t ever for get me because i wont

  • lily tores

    i will save you from danger selena gomez because i saw in the news that you were in big danger you can count on me