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justin bieber stabbed by fan justin-bieber-stabbed-by-fan

Justin Bieber stabbed by crazed fan outside LA nightclub!!

There is a rumor at this very moment that Justin was stabbed by a crazed fan outside a nightclub in Los Angeles last night. This is not true at all and the rumor is going around Facebook.

It is a rumor started by a scam. I have seen the link myself and it’s not even Facebook. It’s a page on Blogspot made to look like Facebook. I’m not putting the link up because its spam but these pictures are from the page.

These scammers want to make money because when you press the play or share buttons an advertisement comes up asking you to answer a survey which is how they make money.

Justin has been in Florida filming the Disney Christmas Day Parade special since Dec 2 and then flew straight to Atlanta after that. He hasn’t been back to LA for a while. So don’t believe it! If it’s true then I’ll let you know for sure.

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