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Justin Bieber will Punk’d Taylor Swift on New Years Eve

justin bieber selena gomez taylor swift billboard awardsWell this is the most confusing thing ever…..

Ashton Kutcher’s old hit show Punk’d is returning at last. It was finally confirmed that the show will return, with the premiering episode on December 31st. Justin Bieber has also been confirmed to be the first star to prank someone on the new edition. Taylor Swift will be the victim according to reports. As of press time we do not know much more about the return of the show. It seems to be kept pretty bare at this point. If you recall correctly though, that the series was announced to return with the help of Justin starting this past summer. At this point, no TV spot has been released.

Over a year ago they were reporting that Justin will punk’d Taylor Swift in the first episode of the return of Punk’d. I can’t remember which interview Justin did (Ellen, Jay Leno or Letterman) where they asked him about Punk’d and Justin said it wasn’t true and he knows nothing of it. Now BSC says that JB will in fact be on the premiere New Years eve, Saturday night, Dec 31, 2011.

If they want JB as their first host to bring in the audience then why would they not come out with a commercial promoting it yet when there’s only a few days left? So is this true or not?

Well if this is true then we already know that the episode will involve fireworks, a wedding, and a boat:

Guess we’ll just have to wait til Saturday and see. :/

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  • @ronaldsings

    excited much,..love u justin!


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  • i am with justin,selena only

  • Kayla

    Punk’d returns on march 19 it’s a Monday 2012 with Justin prancing Taylor swift as the first episode!