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Mark Walhberg believes Justin Bieber has the acting chops

Justin Bieber & Mark Wahlberg

Mark Walhberg has a lot of faith in Justin and believes JB has what it takes to pull off a dramatic role in an upcoming basketball movie. After spending time with the Biebs Mark explains why….

“Intuition. I’m pretty intuitive. I see the guy and spent time with him, and you see what he does and how he does it, and then you actually have a conversation with him, and it’s there. It’s there — and if not, I will extract it.”

“Wait till you see me and Bieber in the flick. Think of, like, ‘The Color of Money’. So I get this call from Paramount [with a story about] an old guy and a young guy. I’m like, ‘Cool, let’s get Jack Nicholson. Let’s get Robert De Niro. Let’s get Robert Duvall.’ And they go, ‘What about Garrett Hedlund?’ I’m like, ‘For what?’ ” he further recalled. “They’re like, ‘For the young guy.'”

Thank god they decided on JB instead of Garrett Hedlund. Besides, Justin has already made Paramount a whole ton of money from “Never Say Never” the movie so having JB in this basketball movie will help them make even more money!

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  • camilla

    .-. i just hope JB go to more acting lessons. He will be good tho. but i dont want the critics go for him <3

  • he is a great actor and singer !!