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Nick Cannon does not trust Justin Bieber to babysit

Nick Cannon recently revealed his spouse is in her element planning the babies’ first Christmas and the family will spend the holiday season in the exclusive ski resort of Apsen, Colorado where they will “be as festive as we can.”

He added: “I think my wife has been planning this all her life, Christmas with the kids. We always have a real Santa Claus come with real reindeer on Christmas Eve, but this is the first time with our own children.”

Plus he added Justin Bieber aren’t allowed to babysit their kids.

The ‘Baby’ singer hit it off with the 41-year-old songstress when they filmed a video for their duet of Mariah’s single ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You‘ recently, but despite their friendship Mariah’s husband Nick Cannon has no plans to let the 17-year-old popstar care for their seven-month-old babies Moroccan and Monroe.

He said: “Justin didn’t meet our kids because Mariah didn’t bring them to the set of the video. I think he will eventually but hell no would I ever let him baby-sit!”


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  • Anon.

    Yet you trust yourself (who’s a baby compared to Mariah) with babies? Umm.. dumbass. I think Justin seems to be excellent with kids.

    • lola

      justin would probably be the best baby sitter in the world. I am not a bieber fan but I do think that he is really really REALLY good with childeren. But I would not trust him if he was with selena. who knows what they would do?!?!? :O:O:O:O:O:O!!! If selena was there, then justin and selena would probably put the kids too sleep and then go in a different room and have sex!!!


  • Sophia

    @anon what do you mean “and yet you trust yourself?”
    He is the father! -_- and if he is a baby compared to Mariah then what is justin?
    Think before you write!

    • Anon.

      Hunny, I did think. 🙂 Nick Cannon is an immature idiot. He’s about 15 yrs younger than his wife. He’s like a “teenager” himself compared to her.

      • Anonymous

        That is such an ignorant comment. How is Nick Cannon an “immature idiot”. You don’t know anything about him. It doesn’t matter if he’s a teenager compared to Mariah, he’s a hell of a lot older than Justin and he’s the father.

        I hate how all of you guys overreact to everyone’s statements if it seems like Justin’s being attacked.

      • Kirstie

        Lol you need to shut it. You don’t even know what you’re talking about. If you’re gonna talk crap the. Have some facts to back it up. Nick does not act like a teenager, why would he let jb watch his babys? He doesn’t really know Justin. If you were smart and mature yourself you would know you don’t just leave your kids with anyone. You have to really know/trust them, and know that they know what do in a bad situation.

        • Anon.


  • There are plenty off parents who let teenagers baby-sit there childeren.
    If he doesn’t want justin bieber to baby-sit there childeren it’s okay but say it in public it’s just mean.

  • I Hate Nick Cannon Cuz He Don,t Trust You Justin . No One Has This Right To Say Anything About Any One . Their Baby their responsibility Not Your responsibility justin . God Bless You. Your Cool Fan Sonia.

  • i think u can babysit her twins maybe they have bieber fever

  • San

    I wouldn’t have Justin babysit my kids either… I mean what kind of father babysits their own kids?

    • Clo

      I agree 😉

    • Patricia

      This 🙂

  • kiki

    whatta hell :O Justin is good with children.. he have little baby bro Jaxon n most cutest sis Jazmin. That wasn’t nice at all what that guy said about Justin. JB GOD BLESS YA N Don’t listen what they say 🙂

  • katerina

    wow! nick cannon is dum! justin is gr8 with kids plus he even has 2 younger siblings (jazzy 🙂 and jaxon!) !

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you guys really are dumb. If I was Nick, I wouldn’t let Justin babysit my babies either. Have y’all seen the pictures of Justin flipping the bird to the paparazzis? Keep in mind that he did this more than once. Do I want someone like that around my child, eventually influencing him/her? HELL NO.

    Even though Nick doesn’t explain why he doesn’t want Justin babysitting his kids, I can tell why. Justin is still a kid himself. Even if he seems good with kids, doesn’t make him responsible.

    Justin also has a nasty attitude, I really don’t blame Nick.

    Get lost haters!

    • Clo

      Agreed. But then again who babysits their own children?

  • gabb

    put pictures of him in disney

  • Patricia

    I don’t think that Nick should have said that publicly cause it seems like he’s trying to start drama or something. From as far as I can tell, Justin seems to be really good with kids. Nick should have explained himself or kept his mouth shut!

  • San

    DAISYYYYYY UPDATEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i would trust justin.(:
    -i don’t no him personally- and i’m sure you guy’s don’t either. but he seems like a guy who could be trusted.