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Justin Bieber supports Drew Ryniewicz after her elimination

Fifteen year-old Drew Ryniewicz was surprisingly eliminated from “The X Factor” yesterday night. Her mentor Simon Cowell voted for her to stay over Marcus Canty, but the other three judges voted Drew out. She took it very hard, crying audibly as the show ended.

Drew took to Twitter, though, and has expressed her gratitude:

“Hey thank you for your love! I’ll miss the xfactor but have a lot more in stor for you all! Upbeat? Yes.”

But in very exciting news (because Drew is a huge fan), guess who tweeted back at her? Justin Bieber himself. The Biebs says:

“@drewryniewicz keep your head up. I lost my first competition too. this is just the beginning for u. never say never. best wishes.”

What a nice young man that Bieber is.


Watch: Drew Ryniewicz’s amazing cover Justin’s BABY

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  • Kirstie

    First yay.
    I was so shocked and surprised that drew is gone. She was my second favorite on the show. Recheal crow all the way!
    Looking forward to seeing more of drew

  • ?

    People are seriously surprised and shocked that she was sent home? Drew has an amazing voice and is going places! Marcus has an amazing voice and is going places! They’re both awesome. As Simon said, he takes full responsibility for this, and he should. First of all, no woman should ever sing “Billie Jean,” and the song shouldn’t be altered, and you can’t do Michael Jackson slowly and boringly and sitting down the whole time. Marcus was a true performer Wednesday, AND last night. He had SOUL in both performances. Drew had some soul Wednesday, yeah. But last night? No, she didn’t sing for her life at all. The performance was dreadful. She was crazy pitchy, and boring as hell. Simon only wanted to keep her so that she had one more shot, NOT because her performance was good. Based on what I’ve seen so far, they didn’t make the wrong decision AT ALL. Also remember it’s the last 7 … only one person will win this competition, and the fact that she made the last 7 is such an honor and prize in itself. I’m still proud of her, but I was not shocked, and definitely didn’t think they made the wrong decision.

  • she dosent deserve this and am agree with justin he is right

  • ?

    Justin never said she shouldn’t have been eliminated – he gave her support.

  • wowwww she singing very very very weeeeelllll

  • christina

    she’s good but i heard better on youtube. she has a big mouth

    • lol

      she rocked that stage she was alsome to me lol xoxoxo…….

  • Patricia

    I iked Drew’s personality and the fact that she’s a belieber ( thats why I was rooting for her ). But to be honest I don’t think that her voice is that special. There are way better singers out there. But it was sweet of Justin to offer her words of support.

    • lol

      one think and one thing only is that she made it through x factor lol