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selena gomez mom mandy miscarriage

Selena Gomez’s Mom Mandy Has A Miscarriage, JB by her side

Selena Gomez has cancelled her concert after her mother sadly suffered a miscarriage. Citing a family emergency, Selena rushed to her mom, Mandy’s, side to comfort her.

Gomez posted on Twitter last month that her mom and stepdad, Brian Teefey, were expecting their first child together. Selena was excited to have a new brother or sister, what a tragedy her mom lost her baby.

Selena must be devastated. A sweet sensitive soul, she always puts her family first. Deeply connected to her mother, who raised her alone, encouraged Selena’s love of acting. Ruled by her heart, Bieber’s girlfriend has six rescue dogs and is a huge animal lover. She’s always ready to lend a helping hand.

Her boyfriend Justin Bieber, is a perfect love match for Selena. He shares her love of family, also raised by a single mom, he understands how she feels and I’m sure will provide a shoulder to cry on during this difficult time.

Hopefully, Selena’s mom Mandy and her husband Brian will get another chance to have a baby. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family during this holiday season.


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  • Sheila

    My heart goes out to Selena and her family. She was really really liking forward to becoming a big sister. I really wish them all the strenth in the world. With Christmas around the corner I really wish for a miracle and to hear that news of the miscarriage isn’t true. When she made the announcement of her mother’s pregnancy, I kinda wished she didn’t. Because so many justin bieber “fans” had such negativity towards her, there was too much negative energy. Anyone who is delighted to hear the news of the tragedy in Selena’s family, seriously needs help. Justin is a good guy, who would never give two hoots about any mean person who says or prays for such harsh things for anyone, let alone his girlfriend.

    • Monica Phillips

      i agree with you, Sheila!

      • nashaly

        I agree with u

      • Tiffany Gliem

        Im so Sorry about the lost when i read it on one of Selenas Gomez Facebook Account when her Mom Mandy Had a Misscarrige I felt So bad for that family I was praying for them and im still praying for them It Broke My Heart When I Found Out That Selenas Gomez Mom had Misscarrige .

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 hi my name is david conway i just what to give my love to selena gomez and her mother and please get well mandy gomez selena gomez , loves you mandy more us right now , and to selena marie gomez , again im so sorry just about your last on tv series , love david conway

    • sonja

      Happy holiday Merry Christmas Happy new Year so sorry to hear about your mom lost. I know you was looking forward to becoming a big sister. all my prayer to you and your family

      • SASHAY

        iam soooooooooo sorry for your lost.CRY

    • im so sorry i have to much of my comments here you can alway,s take off my comments just if you what to or not i can always start all over again no problem by me david conway

  • Lilly

    Sad times for Gomez and her family. JB better be by her side at the first chance he gets, to prove if he is a man or a little immature boy. I just hope Selena doesn’t feel guilty and get pregnant with JB’s baby to fill the void of her deceased brother or sister. These things need to be thought out and elastically planned.

    • Kirstie

      Lol you’re funny. When something like that happens, having a baby is the last thing anyone wants..

      • Roxanne

        That’s actually not true …. many women who have miscarriages want another baby right away. It’s a very complicated matter.

  • Julie

    Praying for Mandy and her family… R.I.P Little unborn angel :(<3

  • lilly

    Awwweee :'( poor mandy and brian. but what does this have to do with justin? oh right becuz selena is his girlfriend thats it. I wish mandy can get pregnant again 🙁 now i wonder if the unborn baby was a girl or boy 🙁

  • loverbug

    UGH. justin isn’t in l.a with her ): he has things to do, I wish the best of luck to Mandy And Brian I hope Everything Goes well

  • Anonymous

    I hope u know that she was probably never even pregnant to begin with they both do stuff for fame…. So this is probably a huge fame stunt tbh

    • Sheila

      You’re sick! Absolutely disgusting! And you know the funny thing? You yourself know that. if you had the guts, you wouldn’t have made that comment as “Anonymous”. You proper call yourself justin bieber fans? You don’t even deserve to be called humans! You need therapy, you twisted witch!

      • anonymous

        i agree, a true fan would never say something like that ever!!!!! i think this is so sad:(

    • Honestly

      dude, NOT cool.
      get a heart, you insensitive prick.

    • Ssrag123

      Ur a sick insensitive little bitch. U should be caring for her and her family not being a bitch and saying its a huge fame stunt

    • nashaly

      get a heart gosh

      • that is so mean. how could u say something like that about mandy u bitch. not talking about u nashaly.

  • Lilly

    I don’t like her, but I wouldn’t wish this to anyone.
    Poor family 🙁
    They’ll need to be very strong :/

    • kylie sok

      they aint no poor family!!

      • elisa

        who said that doesn’t mean poor like in no money stupid. they mean like oh my gosh poor them like its just how there saying it so umm yeah chill.

  • Bella

    i feel so bad. I really hope they get another chance at a a son/daughter and Selena will have a sister/brother, she seems like she’s be an amazing sister. My heart goes out to them,

  • Sheila

    I wish Selena’s rep addresses the issue soon…afterall, it’s still a rumour. E!Online has used an unnamed “source close to the family” to validate the rumour. That’s not always a reliable source. And yes, Usher said (on Twitter) that we should direct special prayers towards Mandy, but that could mean that there are complications…perhaps not a miscarriage.Maybe I’m just trying to stay positive. People who’re suggesting that Mandy’s pregnancy was a publicity stunt need therapy. Or maybe just some attention from their parents. They obviously have psychological issues to deal with.

  • Jelenaloverforever

    OMG. When i first heard about this, i was shocked. I hope selena and her family get better soon. Such a tragedy </3

  • kylie sok

    so who cares about that miscarriage this is probly a lie SHOOT and peaple who say that i dont have a heart i do!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nataly

      STFU! i dont like selena very much, but why would her family ever come up with this? there are so many other ways to get attention. so get off this website with ur bullsh*t

      • kylie sok

        how bout u saying all these BS words

    • Sheila

      before you go around barking about people’s personal tragedies, remember: what goes around, comes around. Bury that lesson deep inside that black heart of yours.

    • Honestly

      who cares about that miscarriage…did you really just say that?
      in 10 years when your grown the fuck up your going to realize how completely ridiculous you sound.
      and if you had a heart you wouldn’t go around on the internet saying completely inappropriate things about people you know nothing about… but i bet if it was you in this situation it would be “different”.
      grow up.

      • If your so mature why are u on this website don’t be calling her immature when u are posting nasty things about someone u don’t even know.

        • I’m talking about you honestly.

        • Honestly

          it hurts… doesnt it?
          point proven.

        • kylie sok

          why u i dont even know her u dont ethier

      • kylie sok

        it will be different they probly want poblicty me i dont need i got my family i dont need the whole world

        • Saraline

          English please!

        • nashaly

          thts messed up nd y would someone came this kind of stuff up i dnt think they did

        • Anonymous

          this might have been a long time but i just wanna say something. WHAT IF… this happened to you, would you like it if people would be saying things like wat you are right now? i bet you wouldnt so if i were you i would stop because what your doing now is a sin.

  • I’m on your fansite JB and checking out the videos

  • Nataly

    this is such a tragedy, it wouldve been a beautiful baby. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family <3

  • ilovejustin

    i’m really sad seriously i mean the people the wroth bad comments on this i mean they really don’t have a hart what if justin is with her he is really bussy and cant fly over there to be with her but that doesn’t mean he is a bad boyfriend he is provably preying and calling Selena every time he can

    • learn how to spell

      • justinlove

        just keep your mouth shut anonymous. if you dont like selena and you consider yourself a true belieber then go get a brain.

    • nashaly

      i agree with u ilove justin

      • Lilly

        You can be a Belieber and love Justin. as a matter of fact, i think a TRUE belieber (even though theres no such thing, its either ur a fan or not) will not CARE about who the fuck he dates. I personally could care less about who he’s with. Yea sure, i may hate her with all my guts (not cause of Justin) But, i respect them dating. I dont think i would even consider myself a fan if i was a ‘Jelenator’ because it doesnt exist. The only thin that exists in the J for Justin and the Elena for Selena. You either support one, or the other. Seriously if you were a true fan, would you be all up in his GFs face talking shit? Would you be all up in their face telling them how much you love them together and that they last forever? or would you be all like IDGAF?

        • Anonymous

          You homo

  • I offer my condolence 2 selena and her family . Such a sad moment 4 them. I wishing you God’s peace . God bless you and your family . Love sonia 🙁

  • I hope every thing goes well selina is going to be a biggy sister thats really nice
    Ilove ya

    • Anonymous

      not anymore… her mom had a miscarraige.

  • Since when has this become a selena gomez website. Sure its bad that she couldn’t have the baby, but who cares? I wanna hear about justin!

    • i totaly agree, selena sucks.

      • Mia

        Ever since Justin started dating her, it was always about the two of them and rarely about JB anymore. That’s why I’m starting to feel like it’s only for publicity (why they’re dating); but you never know, they could really love each other. Either way, we can’t do anything about it because it’s their choice. 🙁

    • Patricia

      I completely agree with the anon.


    well i pray for mandy and hope theres going to be another lil one coming around and its really close to the holidays to thats legit but i guess it part of life but u cant forget it so my heart goes out to them and just stay in there and for selena you keep ur head up bc alot of girls r jealous just dont mind them and be the bigger person and dont let it get to ya okay do that for me and for jelena stay cute and for the family stay strong and always have hope and faith and never say never haha you will be okay alrite just have love in your heart and you will be just fine okay, PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS : )

  • justinlove

    people are such you-know-whats these days. how about you grow up, get pregnant, and then have a miscarrige and see what its like. praying for selena, so that she may find peace with her whole fanily. love you selena<3

  • Christina

    Aww poor Mandy….she had a miscarriage..my only question is how did it happen? Did she like fall or take in something bad? Does anyone know? Sorry I sound so nosey. Just wondering.

    • Mia

      was there even a baby?

    • Miscariges can happen without anything going wrong at all, it was simply just not meant to be, no matter how tragic.

  • Anonymous

    i wish the best to their family and you guys should to imagine if that was ur mom u wouldnt like these rude evil comments against ur family give love and its not delightful to have a miscarriage at this time because christmas is right around the corner guys. You should love selena gomez she does this all for you even if she cancelled a concert u would have 2. Selena i wish you the best and dont listen to haters LOVE U

  • Ke$ha:piloveeeeJB

    What the fudge??? People talking crap and sating its all publicity annd are just haters need to fall in a freaking hole! One day when you face God, will you be proud to go over the moment you put ugly comments about someones tradgety? I think not.
    Praying for Selena and her family

  • Patricia

    WTF!?!? Why is this on the Justin Bieber shrine??? I come here to read about Justin, not about his ” girlfriend “. I mean yeah I feel bad for her mom. Its a horrible thing to go through, but I don’t really care, cause im not a Selena fan.

    • nashaly

      thats so rude

    • Anonymous

      Whether you not a selena fan or not, you shouldnt say these devilish things! god is watching you from above, be respectful

  • Thimali

    I love selena gomez….<3 <3

  • Cassandra

    I fail to understand why there’s even a debate about whether or not Mandy’s (reported) miscarriage a bad thing. If true, it’s a terrible situation to be in… even for the people you don’t like (and especially for the people you don’t even know!). Another thing, why do people keep accusing Selena of doing this (the relationship) for publicity? I’m a Belieber, but I think Justin will have to be an idiot to let a girl use him just for publicity with people like Scooter, Kenny and Pattie around him. These guys would tell him if a girl was using him. However, the “everybody-is-involved-theory” seems kinda outrageous to believe.So I’m just saying… if it’s a publicity stunt…they’re ALL okay with it. NOBODY IS BEING USED! How about we all just reconcile with the fact that he has a girlfriend whom he loves, and deal with it!

    • Mia

      Yeah, because either way, we can’t do anything about it. 🙂

      • nashaly

        yep ,i agree cassandrea

  • KittyKat

    U noe what?
    We shud as fans, prove to Selena that we are her biggest fans and we will stand by her side no matter what happens. This might be very hard for Selena and Justin’s doing all he can, and i think we shud also support her and pray for her as fans instead of commenting bullshit comments -.-

    Dont worry Selena; you’ll soon become a big sister one day 🙂

    • But most of us aren’t selena fans, we love justin!

      • nashaly

        it dont matter if some people dont love selena and love justin we still have to have a heart and i least be there for her and him its his gf and we have to support them i hope she can become a big sister some day
        love you selena and justin

    • Patricia

      If you love her so much then go on her website. This right here is a Justin Bieber website. So you need to stfu about Selena!

      • TINO

        WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nashaly

    omg i feel so bad for them i hope selena gets a another chance to have a brother/ or sister its so sad i hope they can go through this

  • nashaly

    people need to stop putting mean comments its just hurting her family even more their going through a rough time so if u dont have something nice to say dont say it at all

  • That’s just horrble! i feel soo bad.
    i’ll keep you in my prayer’s!(:

  • Lilly

    I wish the best for her Family at this tough time but seriously guys?!?! not trying to be rude or offensive to ANYONE but not ALL babies can be born… In this case it wasnt born. If her mom tries again it could happen and the baby could be born. I dont get why you all are so devastated because of this. My sister was pregnant and lost her daughter cause of a drunk driver and then she went again and got pregnant, currently due for march. All her mom needs to do is try again. She may have not gotten her sis/bro now, but later in the future she will. You guys are all making this big depressing fuss over nothing tbh.

  • Me

    Ok, the people that say this was for publicity or that, “It’s just a miscarrige; they can have another one,” really need to grow up. This clearly wasn’t a joke. How would you feel if your mom had a miscarrige and you were really expecting to have a baby brother or sister? I know you would feel sad and upset. Think of how Selena feels. I love you, Selena. I’m praying for you. Things will get better.

  • biggestbelieber

    i feel so badly. she was so excited:( praying for her ♥

  • chustin!!

    Guys i might not like Selena much but seriously? Its sick how peole say its a good thing that her mom had a miscarage! Its not even funny. My MOM and AUNT both had a miscarage its sad it really is! IF you dont like Selena? Okay dont like her but dont bring her family into this! Dont judge people because they dont support JELENA! People dont have to like people if they dont want to! But seriously were BELIEBERS, family, we all have one thing in common: JUSTIN! We didnt start liking him to support HIS GIRLFRIENDS we came here to support HIM! Ask yourself what a belieber means a nd look deep into Justins heart you might change your mind!

  • i keep coming back hoping its a rumor!!!!
    i have cried the past 2 days for selena’s family
    i really will pray for her and her family; selsna was soooo happy to be a big sister and now those dreams r ruined unless they try again after they recover from thier loss!!!!

  • i am glad justin is with them all the way

  • ambreen

    praying 4 selena mandy and brian. this news is soooooo sad. i really hope they get thru it 🙁

  • Mia

    SELENA THIS, SELENA THAT! I miss those days when it used to be just about JB. 🙁

  • justcauseisaiditdon'tmeanthatimeantit-Adele

    she just wants to fuck justin,so her mom helped her come up with a story that will make her sad so justin will have to comfort her.we know where that will lead.ugh

    • jb'sgirl

      by your name do you really mean what you just typed

    • 3-1-94 ,12:56a.m., Tue

      i know that song rumour has it by adele.Adele is a way better singer than selena gomez ever will be.some call her fat ,their just jealous of the curves and beauty they will never have.

  • keepitrealbitches

    selena,selena,selena.its always about that bitch.why?

    • italkalotofshit

      so true

  • italkalotofshit


  • with god nothing is impossible Selena Gomez, I know you are an amazing young woman. Everything you do ether its your music, acting, or career do it for the lord. God bless u and your family

  • selena gomez- i admire you so much i don’t see much actor’s or singers canceling a tor or concert for family not one can i name a adult that does what you do. has love is kind is not selfish or brags and is humble take that and let it lead u were u want the road to lead u to or story be written by you and no one else;/

  • HateGomezLoveCyrusx3

    That’s sad but everyones lost someone and it’s not
    cool how her fans tell us to respect her because of it.
    But still, it’s sad.

  • I feel really really bad for you Selena.i would have JB comfort me after that.And this is coming from a 9 year old!

  • I really want to tell the world that the baby is comming so we should be happy of it and of his/her parents and do not fight each others for somebody that u hate but for somebody that u LOVE ok

  • olivia

    OMGosh im so sry to her this, i didnt hear it sooner how sad i coudnt even think of wat selens went through stay strong i love soooo much.

  • elana

    Sooo Sad 🙁 i am crying i love selly <3 people get a heart cuz u need one

  • rose

    i love you selena

    • rose

      i wish you get another brother or sister

  • Tiffany Gliem

    U guys it Stucks Haveing MissCarrige U Need To Leave Selena Gomez And Her Family Alone Im Pretty Shure that Family is haveing a hard time because of the MissCarrige .

  • Katie

    I feel so sad for Selena :'( Selena would have been an awesome big sister. I wish that never would have happened. I just heard about this so when did this happen? I was about to write a letter to Selena and pray for her and her family.

  • @selenakia from twitter

    hayyyyy im ur biggest fan from buffalo and if u get a chance to read this i am sorry for ur lost……………….and ur familys lost…..:( i will pray about tis every night!!!!!!!!!!! i love you sooo much and i hope yall feel better soon!!!!!!!!! ur loving fan from n.y.14215 716…shikkia white<3