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Beliebers call Disney “Pathetic” for calling Justin Bieber a GIRL

The Disney Channel is in hot water this weekend, following a joke made on one of its shows. According to Justin Bieber fans, the network is “pathetic” for allowing cast to say a girl looks like the “Never Say Never” and “Baby” singer on ‘Jessie’.

“Disney used to tell kids how beautiful they are and now they make fun of eating disorders and bigger celebs, Disney Is Pathetic,” a top tweet on Twitter read Saturday.

According to fans, who made “Disney is Pathetic” a trending topic, followed by “We Support Justin” Saturday, comparing a girl to Justin Bieber  equates to calling him a girl. What they said exactly was quote: “Maybe it’s the girl downstairs. She looks exactly like Justin Bieber”.

“Dear Disney, Justin is not a ‘her’ and Demi is beautiful and worth much more than your channel. Stop being jealous. Disney Is Pathetic,” a fan wrote.

As widely reported, Demi Lovato was offended in December when a character told a joke on ‘Shake It Up’ about ‘not eating’ following her very publicized battle with an eating disorder.

Lovato said via Twitter in December

“I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actress’ from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make joke about that very disease….. #nice,”

Fans say Disney is “pathetic” now for both incidents and will loose viewers.

“Disney Is Pathetic, they have advertisements “Stop Bullying” then make jokes about eating disorders & Justin Bieber’s Gender. #hypocrites,” read another tweet.

The Disney Channel pulled the episode that offended Demi Lovato. At this point, it is unclear if they’ll pull this particular episode referencing Justin Bieber.

Bieber however, seems to be in support of his fans, telling them he appreciates them. Bieber said following the trending “We Support Justin” and “Disney Is Pathetic” hashtags:

“:) im very lucky to have all of u. i support you too,”


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  • Anonymous

    i love you justin and you so cute

  • Mandissa

    now why would they do this kind of jokes… it’s not even funny.
    it’s well known that justin and demi have a lot of supporters that would go against the channel… wrong, so wrong.

    • Anonymous

      You are right about Demi lovato but truthfully you all are assuming Justin looks like a girl because they didn’t say anything him looking like her. They just said she looked like him it could’ve meant that she looks like a male.

  • hmmm...

    I know I’m gonna get a lot of dislikes and probably mostly from little kids but i miss the old disney. they were against bullying and had good shows and inspirational movies. Now their movies are about popularity and other crap. I feel bad for little kids that watch disney now because that’s all think is gonna matters in life.

    • Anonymous

      i dont let my kids watch disney. the old one was better

  • Hmmm

    I think it was really stupid. Beacause demi lovato is beautiful. And justin bieber is a boy a very nice boy and disney channel can,t say something thats not true and thats true that Disney channel are about popularity and other things. Befor it was better but i hope its. Okei with Justin bieber demi lovato love u
    Support You all

  • Hmmm

    And the kids do i think really bad for beacause they are watching Disney channel and somebody love,s it and some other,s not beacause someone is gonna matter in life

  • Justin Bieber

    fuck disney channel that’s why i only watch nickelodeon

    • your birthday is coming up, I’m your number 1 fan

  • Anonymous

    The Demi thing is hilarious! She’s such a spazz

  • Lala124

    i saw that episode of jessie i think it was when Jessie was on that date with a movie star or something. but disney has changed.

  • nikki

    i don’t think that it is rite to say that but then again they said the girl looked like Justin Bieber not he looks like her so therefore they said the girl looks like a boy.

  • Claudia

    omg stupid disney. there jokes are not even funny and this just took it to far.

  • Lilly

    I watch Disney and I don’t think young kids understand it but Disney
    makes alot of mean comments like in good luck Charlie they say they
    play checkers but older kids understand what it really means.

  • Rachel

    Disney…you needa shut y’all s mouth! What is wrong with you?…I miss the old Disney-with nice people,good friends, and NO BULLYING! You soo bullied Justin..not cool! I love how Nickelodeon brought back the old shows! Imma start watching Nick now! – <3 Belieber 4- Eva(:

  • Selly

    i honestly hate disneychannel now. Now that hannah montana and wizards of waverly place ended, im done with disney, i HATE all there new shows. i miss the old disney 🙁 with thats so raven lizzie mcguire cory in the house and others. now its shake it up , ant farm o_O and other crap.

  • Patricia

    Honestly I never watched the Disney channel, so I’ve never even heard of this Debby Ryan girl until all this happened. I hate all those new Disney shows and the old ones too. The only Disney I like is all those old classic disney animated films. Everything else is so cheesy and lame on that channel. Now I have even more reason to hate disney, ever since they hated on Justin.

  • Birttany

    I think someone need to get a hold of the Diseny Channel manger or something cause i want this over its not right i HATE how the show Jessie called Justin a girl and is making fun of Demi THIS NEEDS TO STOP

  • Anonymous

    I like the old Disney channel, Nickelodeon is WAY better! I have lost my respect for Disney now that they are making fun of amazing and inspirational people like Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato!

  • nottellingya

    Okay Beliebers have to relax its not really debby’s fault, well even thought she said well its on her script so dont blame it on debby. the Actors/Actresses are just doing there jobs. But clearly that joke isnt really funny for The beliebers but there show is a comedy so there trying make it funny. Youse can hate tje channel but dont hate the Actors

    • nottellingya

      Youse can hate the channel but dont hate the Actors**

  • disney is pathetic

  • alex

    See, you can call it ‘pathetic’. But a lot of people (i.e everyone over 12 with a brain) would call it ‘observant’


  • Anonymous

    Hippy;B day Justin

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