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Justin Bieber’s Pubes REVEALED in Cabo, Mexico Jan 7, 2012 [Picture]


Justin Bieber’s pubes revealed in Cabo, Mexico Jan 7, 2012

WoooooW!! BIEBERGASMSMSMSMSMS!! Yesterday while on the beach in Cabo, Mexico Justin happened to pull his shorts too low while running revealing maybe too much and the paparazzi was right there to get the shot.

Is it hot or are you offended (it doesn’t show anything!). Your thoughts?

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  • Lololololol xD can stop laughing at that “Eww” photo (; And I don’t know what I think :3

    • btw first. πŸ˜‰

      • Anonymous

        Soo wat

        • sammy

          omg ewwww i like him still πŸ™‚

        • jj

          Okay obviously there are alot of 6-10 year olds on this site that do not realize how hot that is.. God.

        • emily

          i know right

        • what u doin bicth

        • Anonymous

          I agree what the heck!

        • Anonymous

          i know right

        • lol ikr?

        • omg justin bieber is so sexy he is the hottest thing i can see in this world

        • omg u r right about THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SEXY

        • Anonymous

          He is so not sexy

        • Anonymous

          HE IS SOOOOOO GIRLY BUT NEVER EVER SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL WEN HE HAS EARINGS IN HIS EAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • omg i agree with u he is so sexy (:

        • Anonymous

          I agree there are to many 6-10 year olds. And you are right. Hot!

        • KC

          shit i do , SHOWWW MEEE JUST (;

        • Anonymous

          U r shit kc what the hell u doing

        • Emily

          I love you

        • Anonymous

          oli9q8q 0978ww67e*+/
          e e e s 8w6bw wy7wb7w www8yw wy899q wnyw89

        • Anonymous

          6 to 10 year olds? obviously you are one cuz no one wants likes him but 6 to 10 year olds. even if they like him no one wants to see his *yuck*

        • Elena

          I’m 16 and i like Justin! So shut the hell up.

        • justin drwe bieber do you what be my boyfrind.

        • Ashley

          I’m 24 years old and I love Justin Bieber. What he does for charity is amazing and he inspires me as well as others to give back. There is nothing wrong with being a fan of his. Whether you’re 6 or 96. Justin is an amazing person and those who can’t see that just don’t want to give him a chance. Don’t judge before you know.

        • lalala

          or 69

        • Anonymous

          Well that’s mature so she must be 12.

        • Sym

          I agree! πŸ™‚

        • Mrs.Bieber

          ikr!!! lol do u c his tan line πŸ˜›

        • Anonymous

          ugh i dont wanna c that(vomiting)

        • anon


        • PrancingRedPandas

          Um, thats kinda gross, no offense….
          -Prancin’ Red xD

        • I agree with you,prancing red pandas. I SAW the hair. that IS gross!like,he shouldv’e pulled his shorts up.

        • honestly, this is the wrong thing to do to put this on the internet. it obviously was a mistake but no body should post this on the internet. this just shows how fast people can get to pictures like this and what they can do with it. He will realize and that will be the end of it.

        • we kissed o elen he my because i 16 sory but he like me brat o .

        • Anonymous

          How do u no he has one, since he hasnt had ANY public nudity for all we know it’s two inches long :/

        • Anonymous

          Really ….. Rudeness

        • Anonymous

          lol πŸ˜€

        • CharleeBieber

          OMG baha NOMMY, ME DEFO WANNA SEE πŸ˜‰ HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!! btw im not a perv, but its justin, im pretty sure every sane belieber wants to shag him :))
          i know i do… πŸ˜€

        • Anonymous

          OMG, how old are you!?

        • Anonymous

          o m g i love u jb ur soo damn sexy

        • joseph

          hey ur funny…. its like your yhe only person who doesnt like justin beiber

        • Anonymous

          how could you say that i LOVE jb.

        • your nasty justin bieber

        • Juliett

          whateva he is nasty …. but STILL CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the question i have to ask is……… HAS HE HIT PUBERTY??????

        • jasmine

          i know huh ewwwwww but u gotta still like him

        • OMG SO CUTE πŸ™‚

        • alexis ibur

          i like him tooooo i love justine bebier….

        • talija

          i know and im only ten omg!!!!!!!!! hes cute

        • Justin Bieber

          ewww no offence but that is disghusting

        • Anonymous

          I still love him

        • MORGANBIEBET2013


        • Anonymous

          soo wat ur face

        • Anonymous

          so next he shouldshow his big dick

        • lol yes he should

        • bieber fever

          seriously your digusting i love the kid and all but to go thaat far and want to see his (you know) your just a freak. have you thought about the poor kid now knowing everyone has seen his pubs i feel sorry for him lol

        • Nicole

          what does that even mean you stupid idiot justin bieber is the most hottest guy in this world i would do anything to meet him and im only 11 so take that fat ass oh and justin if your seeing this i love u

        • Anonymous

          So cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • alexandra

          eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew heis so ugly i dont like him i just like his songs

        • sophie louies


        • marybieber

          i know you are so right

        • zuzka mernny

          I love you best boy!! Justin!!

        • sophie louies

          GOT THAT RIGHT πŸ™‚

        • raghda

          i am a fan in australia and i dont want to comment but , this is a shout out to sarah ahmedin-you are perfect the way you are

      • bieber 4 eva

        dang! just a little lower justin!please!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          I’m with on that!!!!!! To bad right??????

        • Anonymous

          hi justion biver my name is taylor

        • Anonymous

          Its BIEBER !!!

        • agreeeeddd<3<3

        • Nicole

          whatever your sick

        • kaylah

          lol that was funny!

        • Nicole

          thats sick
          what does that even mean you stupid idiot justin bieber is the most hottest guy in this world i would do anything to meet him and im only 11 so take that fat ass oh and justin if your seeing this i love u

        • Anonymous

          what in the hell is wrong with you bitches

        • Justin Bieber

          what is wrong with u people some of us dont even wanna see his pubes

        • Anonymous

          fuck justin i hate him

        • sophie louies

          I WOLD BLOW ANY DAY LOL ‘)

      • bella

        omg he is so HOT with a capital HA tehe im so inlove with justin bieber im a belieber all the way

      • Anonymous

        Wait wat u say girl

        • i hate everyone that hates justin bieber

          yeah i did not understand half of what she just said

    • jr


      • I justin wanna let u know Justin bieber i love uuuu soo much jb!!! <3 and let u know i'm ur biggest faver in World jb i love u soo much !!! can can u com back to Australia in perth plzzzz <3

        • kaylah

          i love jb sooo much and yet part of his music video for boyfriend im in love with and that is my fave song ever!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

        • leslie

          OMG……………… I DOO TOO HE IS SO CUTE…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE JB πŸ™‚

        • Ariyonna:)

          Ohhh lol im dumb hehe

        • sophie louies

          my best meet sister whent out with jb she is so luck i got to see him and get VIP back stage passess i will never foget that day as it was my 13 th birthday gifet πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :): :):)

      • Anonymous

        that is not something u want 2 put on the internet people can see tat all the time and make fun of u. i <3 jb but not that much 2 tell the world that u want 2 suck his dick

        • Cheyenne

          Justin put it on here. The admins/moderaters did

        • Hey justin bieber this is your biggest fan ilove u a lot and I ju want to wish u all the best in your life muhest LOVE from Confidene from S A god be with you TOODLES

        • dennison

          hi justin this is ur biggest fan i love u hooooooooooooooooo

        • konrrela


        • sophie louies

          i would suck on his dick an day way πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • bieber is adorable

        wow thats all u wanna talk go to teen chat center .com

        • Me

          I wish it was a little lower u is so hot. Bet he’s got nice pubes

    • cant you get a pic with it all out damn its not that good anyways tell me when its just hanging in the open

    • yum lol

    • marian

      all my life i am just waitin for a JB tour or concert plzz justin if ur readin it plzz come


    • ss

      justien and slena not a good cupal they neet to brake up.

      • shayna

        *Justin *Selena *couple *need *break, and improper grammar, so lets seee, they are cute and you just need to stfu

        • bieber is adorable

          ss just shut up all of us girls wish we could be selena so dont be hatin because ur basically telling everyone ur jealous but stfu all of us girls are jealous and i im super jealous but im not talking crap about selena so give her a break ur never gonna be with jb just deal with it dont take it out on selena. i totally agree with u shayna they are adorable 2gether i think just about everyone should click thumbs up for ur comment.

    • i hate everyone that hates justin bieber

      so disgusting.

    • Ohara

      I love u Justin

    • Kyara

      I love justin

    • crysta

      he did it on accsdent but everones taking pics where ever he goes >.>

    • sophie louies


    • daleja


    • sophie louies

      lol i can just see what u are thinking about πŸ™‚


    well thats kinda disturbing … :/

    • little fairy princess= Justin Biebs

      hes soooooo ugly dont u tink so?

      • ddon’t say that

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure that you wouldn’t say that to his face!

      • Anonymous

        f*** u don be a hoe
        hes hell hot and that eww picture is funny

        • Giorgie


        • jessica

          put it there sister

      • Anonymous

        If you don’t like him then why are you on his fan site?!

      • bieber 4 eva

        then why are you on this site?

      • Anonymous

        Hell no he is the most cutist person and yes that is to low there is 6and 10 year olds on this site and font need to see that yet

        • Nicole

          ikr who needs to see his dick

      • Claudia bieber


      • thats a lie. That boy is s e x y af..

      • mickenzie

        no he is not he is probs hotter the n you

        • Nicole

          rude arent u your probably a peppy cheerleader mickenzie

      • shayna

        *think, and uhm, how about you gtfo his pictures then?

      • i hate everyone that hates justin bieber

        you are an stupid bitch go fuck your mom.and get a life. suck a clit sometime

        • iluvjustin

          shhut the fuck up talking ike ur the shit shut up punk bich if u hate justin y the fuck u on this

        • lucky one

          How about you do that to your mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • iluvjustin

        ur so ugly everybody thinks that ur ugly

    • i love justin bieber

      • melissajane

        agree (: i love justin beiber <3

  • Jess

    I think it didn’t reveal enough lmao

    • I love justin, no matter what. <3

      • cyndi

        me too

      • Anonymous

        It shouldn’t matter what he does it shaould matter how he acts!

      • valorie bieber

        me too

    • Anonymous

      Your right!

    • Anonymous

      super sexy

    • miss.bieber

      I dated him and he is an amazing kisser OMG he is my wall paper
      p.s.no this is not my fucking imagination

      • -

        NOT TRUE!

      • fuck that you never dated him i dont belive you you lier!!! no one listen to this hunk of crap!!!

        • Nicole

          wow thats rude how knows she might of dated him how do u know stalker

        • i hate everyone that hates justin bieber

          who knows what she did with him. when he had a son it might of been hers

      • nikki


      • Chanel

        Frikkn delusional bitch!

      • shayna

        Liar, you are just an attention whore

      • i hate everyone that hates justin bieber

        wow i wish i was you so i could makeout him.

  • Bree

    I bet he just wanted to give a little suspense leading up to the reveal of the bieberconda! πŸ˜›

    • Anonymous

      I’m sure that if he did show more than people wouldn’t be hating on his cause they would be imbarest!<3

      • John

        You should be ‘Imbarest’ you spelt ‘Embarrassed’ wrong! lmfao

        • huh

          Oh shut up people can spell things like they want this not school

  • IWantBieberconda

    Not enough hehe I want BIEBERCONDAA <3

    • ajpink1560

      i know right like show the fans a little more cuz i for one wanna see a his snake

      • valorie bieber

        u r so fuckin nasty dude

        • megan

          true that man seriously man how can u be that desprit

        • Nicole

          i know right

    • Bieberlurvin

      Totes rite? Just pull it out man

  • Anonymous

    this is fake

  • Anonymous

    i wanna see more πŸ˜€

    • Nicole

      WDF your sick

      • precious

        waddup justin

    • trey

      meeeee tooo

  • Someone

    Seriuosly! Is this really a JB fansite? I don’t really think so, ’cause u guys r not respecting him! This is worse than haters! Who cares if the paparazzi took a picture of him like this? That doesn’t mean you have to use it! BTW-if u didn’t notice Justin IS a human.

    • Shrine is not you regular fansite. It is a blog. I blog about JB so lots of times I post stuff that you might not find any where else. If it’s interesting I will post it. Shrine is made for fans and people wanna know everything, not just the good news.

      I did a quick poll today and most fans don’t think this picture is offensive. We all love looking at sexy jb pics but it doens’t make us less of a fan. My me posting this for my readers doesn’t make me less of a fan either. Look at the poll.

      And besides, something tells me that Justin would want it to be posted. He’s just like any normal teenage boy i’m telling ya πŸ˜‰

      • Rhiannon

        I know he is just a normal teenage boy

    • Anonymous

      I agree

      • huh

        U so fake no no no u two faceted argreeing with what other people say then go back and say some different

    • Elizabeth

      Your right i mean people are always hating on his and making fun of him and ive about had it with all of it!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think he gonna be so glad about this? But yeah, to me he could take them just a little more low :I

    • Anonymous

      i agree LOL

      • Anonymous

        Everyone should just shut talkinglike y’all ain’t got any hair down there

  • Anonymous

    its fake, in all the other pictures he has underwear on! they have photo shopped it and cut of his shorts and you can tell as the tie to his shorts is missing

    • The ties to his shorts are there. Look closely, one is on his hand, can you see the string? its black, like his shorts. and the other is somewhere.

    • Anonymous


  • BieberFever


    • Elizabeth

      I’m sure that if that was you that you wouldn’t be saying that ’cause you could be to imbarest!

  • Lauren

    Neither I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean to.

  • Issy

    So photoshopped

  • fghjcfdsdfgh

    i say take it ALLLL off πŸ˜‰

    • Marie

      Thats so wrong in so many ways i mean i love him just like every other justin bieber fan but that’s just too much!

      • pengyuin

        totally agree i mean some peope dont like to see that stuff. im not sayin its not sexy but………KEEP them ON please justin

    • Anonymous

      yeeesssss take it off!take it off! i wanna see dis!!!

      • valorie bieber

        discusting why would any one want to see that i mean im his fan but u no who wants to see that

  • katie

    fake. he wears underwear under trunks

    • Anonymous

      not all the time like do U live with him … NO

  • Vicky


  • Lars

    Lol at all of u saying it is fake. It is NOT. The pics where he was wearing boxers, he was also wearing COMPLETELY DIFFERENT shorts. This is taken at another time, and is real

  • BEber

    Guys actually we can see back in Hawaii, he did not wear boxers. How do We know it ? When he was kissing Selena in the ocean, his white swimming shorts seemed to get a little in to his bum, and there are no colors of his boxers. And we knew it that JUSTIN LOVES TO WEAR BOXERS HIGHER THAN PANTS. I can tell you that this is definitely right and it was not photoshopped. He didn’t wear underwears at the beach. Most of all his pics at the beach, his pants is low and there were no boxers waistband.

  • Gracee(:

    Yummy. ;D

  • niggaplease

    i do think its kinda photoshopped the color doesnt matched in less thats just his tan

    • kenzie

      how does the color not match every 1s part are alwasy lighter then the rest of you body??

      • belieber

        coz u would know

    • shayna

      It is not photoshop it is tan, it’s not like they sit out and tan naked!

  • Leeroy

    Looks like she needs a trim.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that’s tromatized

    • Anonymous

      Nope ur not!

      • Anonymous

        not at all!!!!!!!!?!!ewwwww

        • NIGER

        • lms

          hey i am not going to put up with that word watch ur mothe lil boy ok and it his life i bet u have done it once to many times and at lest he hit pebrity

  • Anonymous

    The people calling him a “she” are lowlifes who need to go get a life.(: Because honestly you’re not funny. You’re just rude and inconsiderate. How would you feel if you were a guy and people said shit like that to you? Exactly so do us all a favor and stfu

    • valorie bieber

      they can go to hell and burn

  • gabb

    i know he wears underwear but maybe he pull it down too

    • Anonymous

      Thats true but if I was justin bieber I would be affended

  • Alice Edwards

    He’s hot, doesn’t bother me πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    So if this isn’t fake, why is this the ONLY picture that has worse quality then all the other pictures that were taken… coincidence?

  • Anonymous

    omg that so hot omg id have sex with him hhahaha πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    its not fake beacause we no he always grabs his junk and this time he pulled it down a bit to far… and also he desnt always where underwear under his trunks like you guys dont no that he did this time cause u were not there and dont no him …. duhh hahaah

    • huh

      Get ut grammer fixed and shutup

      • shayna

        You can’t really talk, *your *shut up

  • What a tease!

  • Lilly

    c’mon Justin…. we can ALL see that BIEBERCONDA lets to be let out πŸ˜‰

    • april


      • Anonymous


        • valorie bieber


      • mariah


  • Michael

    HAhaha that is just tooo great. Total hotness right there

  • biebs

    ewwww,i wonder what he gunna do to Selena gomez maybe sex and if selena saw her ball’s then she want to have sex with him all night

  • O

    How much more embarrassing can his life get seriously?!

  • Karishma

    Ohhhhh come on……………….. really? Those paparazzi is sooo saddd! Give the poor guy a break! Why are you all up in his buzz???? People don’t wanna see him private part or his pubic hair! Only sick people would like to see that!!! Leave him alone! Give him some space!!!! Justin if you see this picture you probably be very embarrass! I’m sorryy ! Poor Justin! I feel soo sorry for him! πŸ™

    • Roxanne

      This made me literally LOL. I’m pretty sure Justin doesn’t care at all that there’s a picture where his pubes are showing. Having pubes is not embarrassing for a guy. And there are actually plenty of girls in the world who are sexually attracted to him (personally I’m not one of them, but I don’t think it’s gross) and do want to see pictures that hint at the fact that he is human and a dude who has a dick. It’s not that weird.

    • Patricia

      You must be a little girl who hasen’t gone through puberty yet if you think that only ” sick ” peope wanna see his pubes and bieberconda. Give it some time and soon you will feel the same about it like all of us do πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    He is used to having to hold his pants up (When he IS wearing underwear). It doesn’t surprise me AT ALL that they came down while he was going ‘commando’.

  • Sweet_Elegant

    He is used to holding his pants up (When he IS wearing underwear). It’s NO surprise to me that they came down while he was going ‘Commando’! #ijs

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s both disgusting and sexy….but I think he should shave it.

    • looks like he does πŸ˜‰

  • Taribia

    People who said this is the “same day” when he
    Was with jeremy and ryan. Its not -_-
    this is in mexico, cabo.
    With his dad and friend was lis angeles πŸ˜‰

    Btw its so sexy ^^

  • hmmm...

    This is random but does anyone else wonder what happened to that funny twitvid justin was suppose to post if we voted for him.

    • chatterbox341

      o yea…..

  • hmmm.....

    i know this is random but do anyone else wonder what happened to the funny twitvid justin was suppose to post if we voted for him.

  • Roxanne

    As to why anyone would be offended by this is beyond me (unless you’re a little girl who has yet to go through puberty). He’s human, humans get pubic hair, and it’s not disturbing or weird. It’s natural. Most guys don’t shave down there, and personally for me it’s a turn off when they do. Relax everyone. It’s not disturbing.

  • lets have sex together because i think u are really sexy

  • cookieface

    why does he grab his stuff all the time this time a lil too far like he’s trying to loose the trunkz ( like remove them) or make a full moon

    p.s. i really love this site it’s allsome with the new things new news and the things we would all want to see

  • Madeline

    Hawttt!!! so close the bieberconda <3

  • Claudia

    hahahah its fine you can barley see anything. and he looks hot

  • patricia

    i think its freakiiin HOOOT!! and damn so close to see da biebercondaa(;

  • herpderp

    lol he has a paper white tan line there XD

  • jess

    I think he needed to pull his shorts alittle bit LOWER πŸ˜‰ but I’m sure he’s kinda upset this is being posted..srry justin but ur too sexy to be wearin clothes xD

  • Hope Bieber

    Oh God!
    Show more Justin!
    Show more!

  • Belieber

    SEX! ’nuff said <3

  • Mrs.Bieber

    That “eww” photo is so cut and hilarious….lol

  • Belieberbiothes

    Smexi(: lol

  • Patricia

    Wow that is so fucking sexy. This is why I can’t wait till he turns 18, cause then he can legally finally show us the Bieberconda πŸ˜‰

  • maria

    I don’t see his pubes

  • TheNorwayGirl


  • hotttA

  • Tara


  • Karisma


  • Anonymous

    I would fuck his dick so hard and suck those nipples.

  • IGotItFromMyMama

    Were gunna see the BieberConda by the end of the year, yup. I know it.

  • Shawn

    Lol, he’s still sexy πŸ˜‰


  • It'sJoannaBieber

    This photo is CLEARLY EDITED

    justin is not UGLY….!

    • Anonymous

      How is it clearly?

    • MahomieBelieber

      Dhatz what I said c;

  • Anonymous

    Hot hot hot!

  • hunny

    i see his weenie a little ahahahahh

  • Jarica Taylor

    i think its HOTTTT! :> when i saw that im just like “:O” πŸ˜‰

  • BEber

    Just a little bit lower and we’ll see his BIEBERCONDA ! Ahhh πŸ˜‰ I’m obsessed with this guy πŸ™‚ Before this he had show us his boxer briefs, and now slower and slower to revealing the BIEBERCONDA. End of 2012, start of BIEBERCONDA. Yeahhhh πŸ˜‰

  • justin bieber te amo pirsipe violeta te amo mi amor justin el amor de mi vida
    tego todas tus fotos mi amor te amo justin bieber

  • he’s sexy!

  • Anonymous

    he is so so so hot

  • Anonymous

    i could just eat him up

  • omg look at that top photo, LOL FITTY<3

  • Anonymous

    watz he doin grabbing his dick like that any way

  • Anonymous

    id love to see the rest

  • i love justin a lot πŸ™‚

  • i love jb im gong to be his futuer wife

  • sonita

    ok so, even tho its a bit nasty, i can see a bit of hair right there xD #bieberconda

  • shae


  • random

    Okay first this just shows how disrespectful the paps. are I mean seriously Justin deserves more privicy whoever took this picture and put it on the internet is sick and a horrible person and they should know if Beliebers ever found out who they are… well lets just say they wont even have a chance to know that Beliebers found out who they are

  • n

    thats sooo mean to post that

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love it so

  • Severus Snape

    I can’t see anything.

  • Well, having pubes is just normal! BTW, he still is hot! Fuck you haters!

  • ?

    OMFG this is so sexy, i think when he turns 18, he needs to pose nude πŸ˜‰

  • :O

    *drools* dayummmmm i wanna jerk that off so badly!

  • Irene...β™₯

    ooooooh,Justiin *_*

  • Courtney Biebaah ;)

    Omg πŸ™‚ Haters stfu and grow a pair.. :/

    • MahomieBelieber

      ROFL !! ;3

  • Biebaah Condaaah ;)

    If y’all ‘hate’ him so much then why are you looking up pics of his pubes πŸ˜› Haters Really Make Me Laugh πŸ˜€

  • MahomieBelieber

    Okay Okay !!!
    So, well Hmm how shall I say this guys ?
    Look at “Justin’s face” in that picture…
    Carefully ;3 Is his face really lighter than his body?
    When your at the beach your whole body that’s not covered up shud be tanned.
    Just saying c: I love Justin so, I’m not hating

  • ..

    You can’t see anything….

  • Jenna

    HAHAHAH! I can’t stop laughing. This is perfect. It’s kind of adorable, actually. Talk about Bieberconda! LOVE YOU JUSTIN! <3 <3 <3

    BTW, he's probably gonna see this and be like "Oh my gosh, my fans are so disgusting and perverted."
    not our fault he's sexy. (;

  • Mrs.Shawtymane2117

    first off… thats friggen hot. – secondly… that one hell of a tease, thats not fair at all!!! thirdly – come on now, sooooo close, the bieberconda wants to come out and plaaay. ;3

    • alex

      The mythical ‘bieberconda’ is a legend. Justin bieber with a dick is about as likely as the 7 years bad luck/ mirror legend. If you put a scrap of logic into either of them, you’ll see what I mean… oops, sorry to deny you your orgasm, little girl.

  • holly

    I dont think that the poparotsie should have even took a shot like that!Q!

  • justin i love u the way u r ,, and goingotlove u till the end of my life never gonna leave u, i love uu so much . plz come to hornsey school for girls, london inderwick road , plz, we love u justin , if u come my dream is going to be true, please this is the thing that i really want to see,
    i love uuu plesas come, we want to u

  • Anonymous

    Stop calling it the “Bieberconda”… The kid didn’t hit puberty until he was like 16, so he’s only got like a 6 incher at the VERY most.

    • ariana

      better than u, fuck off and get off of here if u despise him , nobody called u.

    • alex

      He didn’t hit puberty at all. How many guys do you know that have a high-pitched voice at 18? Although its a change to see somebody on the forum putting a little thought into a post, credit to you for that. To the little girl who also replied to this, the reason us trolls enjoy trolling your forums when we are bored is because its hilarious how serious you take our posts. You make us feel better about ourselves. Appreciate that, btw.

  • BieberBoy

    OMG I wanna fuck him so hard and suck him till he cums in my mouth everywhere


  • simon

    Justin I begJustin I beg you to Slovakia prits my brother, she enjoys the plis.

  • IloveBieberconda

    oh how much i want to be his hand right now..

  • Annie Bieber

    I think that they shouldnt have posted this picture. justin needs his privacy just like everyone else and posting this picrure is un acceptable. how do you think hes gonna feel when he sees this pic. pretty damn embarrassed.! we need to respect him and only post appropite pics of him.and the comments on this pic about bieberconda is dumb.

  • lyssi

    OMG,,,,,,,,biebergammmm O haha

  • lyssi

    OMG,,,,,,,,,,, biebergammmm O haha

  • Claudia bieber

    Aww thats cute πŸ™‚ but what if justin bieber didnt want it to go anywhere ?


  • Justin bieber is my Bitch I would love to suck his dick and I would love to kiss Selena my name is Olivia Hoffman some people call me Olivia Hoffloser. WhenI suck a dick I spend 2-3 hours on sucking lol . Email me but don’t say was U on here . cuz I am on lol

  • Anonymous

    hes wicked hot! i want to suck down thier i think his pubes give me boners πŸ˜‰

  • Piper

    ok guys im not sure why im on this site but THAT PICTURE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anna Bieber


  • laura


  • Jaydah

    I Think It’s Super Sexy. I Love Him so Much And on Day I’m going to ride that bieberconda. I think he should pull is paints a little more Down to see the bieberconda! I’m a perv But Im a Bielieber Perv. Arn’t all Bieliebers?! lol

  • Jaydah

    I thhink it’s very sexy. One day im going to ride tthat bieberconda and i’m going to be so happy. I think he should pull His paints down more. I like His bieberconda. I’m a perv but I a Perv only for justin I love Being A bielieber and want ever it is with justin of his body part i love!! Isen’t Every Bielieber A Perv ?! Lol

  • 0.0 ….. well, it’s not a bad photo if thats what you mean :3 <3

  • tara

    OMG i love him soooo much!!!!!

  • hi love

  • hi sweetheart well you merried me


  • I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love youu

  • Anonymous

    At this right its not gunna be long before someone gets a picture of jb naked :O

    • Anonymous

      rate* sorry haha

  • myk

    A real orgasm is better then a biebergasm so jump on my 7 1/2″ and let a real man pop dat cherry!

  • Rhiannon

    Justin Bieber is the hotes teenager i have ever know of x x x x x x x x x

  • ariana

    actually to me this makes him more manly which is so awesome but still ewww, eeeeeeehhhhhh hes still cute and if u want us to hate him, ur gonna hav to do better than this.

  • Anna Bieber

    mmmmmm<3 sexy:3

  • Not telling

    If this photo was taken from my iPhone 4S you could clearly see his pubes a lot better.

  • joyce

    justiinho falta muiito poouuco pra vc ser perfeito
    sei qe não te conheço
    mas dΓ‘ pra ver nos seus olhos sua personalidade
    a garota qe tiiver seu amor tem muiita sorte

  • why are there so many arguments on this, its so silly. JUSTIN’S has a girlfriend so go get a life girlies hes never going to leave her for the fans. p.s ILOVEYOU justin and sealena<3 god'bless your we hearts. btw i cant wait to your concert;D

  • megaboybeliber

    i know justin is da BEST!!! and thats a fact but that pic dousnt prove anything so whoether posted that pic is a total noob :-p

  • I think the ‘Ewwww’ picture is so cute <3<3<3

  • Anonoymous

    Cmon please Beebs JUst a little lower

  • Justin Drew Bieber

    wow im shocked at this picture im sorry to all of my fans. πŸ™

    • A



  • Anonymous


  • Casey

    JB is EXTREMELY sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Giorgie

    LOL EWWW i still like him though

    • BabyBieber

      I know πŸ™‚

  • cherrypie1282

    g lmfao

  • naomi


  • meeeeeeeeeeeee

    hes 3 pounds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nasssssty <3

  • BabyBieber

    Ewwww disgustin

  • mee


  • i love you what is your number

    • love for ever i am 17

  • kyara

    y dont u all just the f*** upif ppl want to have sick minds let ’em if u think it inapropreite then think that it’s better than fighting ovver the internet and or out in the real world so yeah!!!!!!!!!! learn how to grow up and learn how to just be yourself and leave other ppl alone ok

  • Justin bieber is nasty. Having sex with another firl. I just want to see them breakup already.

    • Ali

      Justin is a virgin you nimskull πŸ˜›

  • araceli

    look at that hot thing!!!!!!!!!(:

  • alexis

    wowww that thangs on fire!!!!!!;0

  • i love justin he is just my idol πŸ™‚ <3333

  • moet hij plassen of zo

  • hemoo

    aaaaaah..nice ..aaaaaaah..dont ask me why i feel pain

  • laurabieber

    so sexy

  • Ali

    All the “I wanna see more’s” are pigs and yall are gross! He is gonna be 18 soon, 17 days actually, and he ain’t no porn star! EWWWW is what I say! And no BieberConda at ALL…..Come on there are young kids on here that see your comments so stop with the “i wanna suck his d**k” crap!


  • Anonymous

    I’m a whore

    • alex

      Its a bieber website… we all knew that already

  • A

    what a beautiful site πŸ˜›
    wish we can see more πŸ™‚
    YES YES YES!!!! πŸ˜› πŸ™‚


  • alex

    Right… a vague shade on the front of his pelvis. Obviously pubes. If they are pubes, they are what most people get when they start puberty. That’s around age 13-14. As bieber is almmost 18, when puberty is supposed to have finished, I would still be rather concerned.

  • rafaela bieber

    perfect !!!! I love you justin β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

  • Caro Eckart


  • michu bieber


  • zelena gomez eres una zorra descaradop te odio maldita pudrete en el infierno…………………………….

    • Summer

      You know ur gonna be the one that’s gonna fukin’ rot in hell right. To be sure of that ima make sure to KILL you myself!!!! All I need to do is track you down and HELLO ur dead.

  • Anonymous

    just makes me wanna fuck and suck him even more!!! πŸ™‚ 8=D

  • bieber fever 101

    Leave the poor guy alone, paps need to back off a bit
    that really personal
    he couldn’t help it
    poor thing

  • Im sorry but he should have so many more than that he’s like 17

  • Fuck all you people that is so freekin sexy i love justin bieber so much he is a sexy hunk that is hot !!! and if anyone says diffrentley ill kick ther fuckin ass!!!

  • I love him soo much, and i love this soo much,but paps got to give him some privacy mahnn <3 Love you justin: * and everyone follow me on twitter i follow back (:! @iSmurfBieber


  • I’m offended. He’s 18 now. ‘too much?’ no ‘not enough!’

  • Yea real biebergasmsmsmsmssmsmsmsmsmssmms!!!

  • SEX

    Justin, i’de let your Bieberconda slither into my ‘zoo’ anytime πŸ˜‰

  • fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

  • guess what yall i have the same b-day as justin bieber no joke i know u guys dont care but im bored lol πŸ™‚

  • pedo

    aww thats so yummyy!

  • fachiu justin biber

  • *BIEBERGASM* UNFFFFFF why cant he post nudes instead of teasing us. seriously guise this is sexy AF

  • Kieren Paola

    For me it’s so embarrassing!

  • xdhxg



  • Bieber Fever

    they need to get real pics and show off so stuff!!

  • don’t u think of u and selena having sex

  • Summer

    It’s fukin’ funny how you people think that Justin has a BIG dick when all ya know that he doesn’t. C’mon look at him he’s scrawny and light-skinned which means that when he takes a piss, then he has to get a microscope and tweezers to see that “thing.” To be honest, I feel bad for Selena. It’s never too late to get that hot ass of Taylor back.

  • MEhran

    Justin can you sex Selena Gomez
    I think you can not sex Selena gomez


    • MEhran

      Please send your sex images

  • JB IS HOT!!

    Stop being gross it’s just hair. He wouldn’t pull is pants down any ferther any way. Geez

  • MY GAWD….THATS DAM GROSS!!!!!!! well at least u cant c all of it πŸ˜‰

  • chloe

    that picture is hot<3 i love u justin bieber

  • jamie


  • kaylee

    you are soooooo super hotttttttttttt!!!!!!!! and sexeyyyy love u soooooooooooooo much

  • shannon

    nice tattoo bieber. Ma friend likes you alot……

  • Mrs. Bieber

    HES so SEXY

  • Anonymous

    cute x

  • Anonymous

    omg this is so similar to justins body and I’m really positive its him holding his dick bare naked. ttp://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpe8xdyMDZ1qbnz05o1_400.png

    check it out

  • Someone


  • justi l love you come wiy jnujjd

  • I don’t understand why do girls like so much I like him to

  • Selena is the one for me

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber is cool. no need to sagg he is already popular as it is he does not need to fit in nowhere, but if he likes that then nobody can change his mind because at the end of the day he’s carrying his own weight

  • super cool kid that is so totally awesome :)

    OMG YUMMY!!!!! SO SEXY LIKE DAYUM ID TAP THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ?

    ok first if its not nice then don’t post it a lot of people look up to him and that right there like “eww that’s gross” like really it was a accident what if that was you huh huh exactly

  • ?


  • lalala

    oh thats such a teaser!! we want to see MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!

  • mariah

    omg justin pull it up please but i still love you!

  • cass

    def not eww… hot πŸ˜‰

  • Nunya

    Ok i am a straight 14 year old and i even think thats hot!!!! I wud suck his dick so hard in a heartbeat!!! Plus guys suk dicks way better than girls!!!

  • chippy


  • lila

    still do uou have to grab youre dick so much

  • Ariyonna:)

    Im a big fan but I think you dont need to c his bieberconda cuzz he dont want to show it to u anyway yall r wayy too desprite for him cuz if I were u and just to say if it happens dat bieberconda waz let loose and u r exspecting a andacona and you get a worm im going to laugh cuzz I luv him but chil gurls and he anit showing it he is being a boi and sratchung hiself and he pulled down his shorts k cuz u sound obessesed wit him but i luv him too remembergive the guy sime space lol πŸ˜‰

  • NinA


  • bieber is adorable

    ss just shut up all of us girls wish we could be selena so dont be hatin because ur basically telling everyone ur jealous so give her a break ur never gonna be with jb just deal with it dont take it out on selena

  • Samantha

    Man just go lower!!!!!!! I love u Sooo much but I wanna see more!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • bbob

    like to see more than that

  • ainkagilaloly:)

    So woahhh babe ;D

  • Lindora

    Don’t worry someday he will accidentally be caught πŸ™‚

  • Serena

    Its not that bad everyone gets that :’)
    Anywayyyy This Picture Its Hot!!

  • Anonymous

    ola querido justin amo tu cansion la de BOYFREIN olle a de ser fastidioso que las chicaas te persigan verdad no esto opsesionada ni nada pero mi hermana save todo de ti bie

  • Tiffany


  • JerryDanny

    It’s close people, i know! In less than one year or so, we are gonna see the whole bieberconda!!! I can feel it coming!!!

  • heather michelle long

    dang it com on 1 inch lower

  • E.R

    Holy shit you girls (presumably girls) are idiots. You’re all idiots, and lesbians!

  • anonimo

    joder no ensenyes tus partes hombre πŸ™‚ je je je bueno a tu chica si claro, que en este caso es selena

  • Richard Wiles

    I like justin bieber i think hes cute.



  • diana

    justin bieber is hot end selena gomez not

  • mariah

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove him

  • mariah

    evrybody just back off. he is mine

  • mariah

    hey. jb

  • mariah

    oh and befor i ferget whom is that crazy dude that i cant understand

  • Dee

    Everyone has them, no big deal people. I mean it is Justin Bieber, but still.

  • natalie

    you are gross you are touching your butt

  • justinbarbiegirl

    Justin is so cute but that’s not the reason I love him. He has a great personality he has a great sense of humor I mean who wouldentw ant a man like thatN he has talent he has style and I likee to call him the swag monster.I’m a belieber

  • justinbarbiegirl

    Guys its not all about how cute he is its about what’s inside that makes him that way. He has swag but he also has talent. And great care for his his fans so I suggest you guys if you want respect from the star you have to take the restpect he gave you and make even more respect to give to him

  • Jerry/JB lover

    Holy shit!! That is sexy as hell!!

  • Selena Gomez

    hi , im sorry u guys had to see his pub but i love him

  • Selena Gomez

    hi , im sorry u guys had to see his pub but i love him and i wish you all a happy valentines DAYYYYYY

  • julian

    ILove you justin bieber

  • Anna noto


  • Em kay

    super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dnt get why the ewwwwwww hs super smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rortuno


  • Anonymous

    OK than

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