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justin bieber selena gomez dating 2012

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Dating 1 Year Anniversary

Earlier today I reposted a Jelena support video “Don’t Be Meana To Selena” in Facebook. Here is another Jelena support video which I think you’ll all enjoy. (Thanks Tania!) Come like our page on Facebook.

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  • Michelle

    They are so cute together ! I am so happy that Selena makes Justin happy and Justin makes her happy ! If you are a TRUE Bieber fan, you would be happy that he is happy.

    • Anonymous

      Amen for that michelle. 🙂

      • I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WANNA KNOW WHY FOR STEALING MY GIRL i had a huge crush on Selena Gomez and still does but i have to wait until they break up then she’s mine but in taylor lautner makes another twilight movie before i have her she’s gone and i have to beat him up. right now i hate Selena for cheating on me wait no i dont I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MY BUUUUU!!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          that was so stupid dude

        • joanne

          omg salena gomez dose not know how to kiss justin bieber` on the lip salena gomez is nigger bitch

        • Anonymous

          shut up you retard

        • i love u ur the best ever go out with me

        • i love there realationshp its cute

        • anon


        • Anonymous

          thats stupid

        • l g b

          your all sad

        • Faith

          no i won’t go out with u

        • Anonymous

          Ur so stupid

        • Anonymous

          really Dlyan

        • jocelynn

          ok look dude yhu are seriously crazy to ever think that! yhu need to shut your mouth and quit hating all over the enternet and just because yhu can open your mouth on the enternet and cyberbully and say wahtever yhu want to on here let me guess yhu think your all big and bad! plz shut your mouth and quit hating on justin bieber just because your OBSESSED with her shut your mouth its not like anybody really cares and wants to know! plz just be quiet im not a big fan but i still listen to some of his music! you and other ppl who decide to run theyre mouth on the enternet are really stupid! if yhu think that yhu are gona break up justin and selena your wrong yhu are not gonna change theyre mind and neither will anyone else i hope that yhu understand yhu and or anybody will never break them up unless they dont want to be together so quit hating!!!!

        • kennedy

          I totally agree.. The people who say crap about Salena and Justin they always say ‘oh i hate justin bieber and his music sucks and they need to break up blah blah’ they aparently do care if they clicked on this website and put a comment, I think they need to just keep their mouth shut and go on about their bussiness.

        • amber

          internet* someone doesn’t know how to spell…

        • joanne

          yea it true we can not make salen and justin broke up beacuse thay real love each other

        • Anonymous

          Your right but how many times are you going to aquavit your mouth!!!!!!!!

        • Ashx3

          well said :]

        • Anonymous

          take it easy dude its not her fault that justin like and she like him back

        • joanne

          yea it is true if thay love each other leave them in there love is kind sweet

        • Sumit Tripathi

          good bro. i admire wth u…

        • bethany

          she not ur girl freak

        • david conway

          dear justin bieber shrine blog 2012 , hi my name is david conway , i just what to apologzines here just about my past post comment,s i did here i just hope this web site can just for give me i do,nt mean to that mean before here , and to say as well im so sorry to make it look like i was so bossy over selena gomez , i just what to help her and save her career that,s all , love david conway

        • megan

          if you relly loved selena you would be happy that she has found love and i hope she is happy with justin foever i hope they live happly and get married so get over it and move on SHE DOENST LOVE YOU !!!!!

        • nobody

          really dude shut up stupid idiot

        • cristal


        • Jasmine

          Yur An Idiot iBet She Dont Even No Who Yu Are

      • Mar

        hey guys! are justin and selena still dating???? answer plzz
        thanks (:

        • joanne

          yes still dating thay still love each other

        • justin beiber

          very very much love each other 🙂

        • BOB:)

          u r so wrong they arent dating anymore cuz selena cheated on him… such a female dog she is. Yes he wuz in luv with her but she cheated and they broke up does anybody ever listen to radio! duh!!!

    • xoxo

      god blees them!



        • Alexis_Fillio

          ^ You spelled ‘bless’ wrong too! so shut up!

        • bob


      • keshonda


        • Mariah

          Did justinbieber and Selena broke up after there aniversery?ugh I am a tarde le speller but did it really happen?hey justinbieber my name is Mariah and I’m a huge fan of you.you are so cute and so good and sexy whith the new hair style .i love you I got to go

    • TrueBelieber&Jelena #1 Fan 6

      You know, I Cried almost trought the whole Video, I’m Juuust soo Happy That there togheter , & also Bieber Fans , start hating Selena 4 Dating Him… But She stays Strong & 2 doo that u have 2 B in Love ! Awhhh…. I’m Still crying of happiness Right Noow.. :'( I’m Sorry… Wat I juust said may sound Laame.. But I’m juust expressing my real Jelena Feelings, Happy & congradz on the 1 year Anniversary !

      Love You Justin & Selena, Always Will.

      Love one of your Biggest Fans, Probally 1st but, IDK Theres other people 2, You know but 2 mee I Am…

      • Lauranava1

        I agree with you I mean if you like one of them then you don’t have to hate the other one just because you wanted that person to go out with you i think that Selena and Justin make a cute couple and I always will but really it’s her choice who she wants to go out with if she likes Justin and Justin likes her than that’s true love and be happy for them and if Selena doesnt want to go out with talor she’s not so just stop talking about it just respect selenas choice!!!!!!!

    • dania

      they are breaking up that what jsitn bieber txted me earlier this morning and told me yeah

      • Anonymous

        Justin did not text u liar

      • ana

        they are not breaking up you are an idiot i dont even believe justin texted that to you , they are a wonderful couple and alway will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • justin

          hablen que se entienda

      • mariah

        iolso agree but your to sexy for me

      • Anonymous

        non of your business

    • Anonymous

      omg i hate them as a couple i mean shes wayyy to old for him!!!!! and she belongs with taylor launter and he belongs with kendall jenner!!!

      • Alexis_Fillio

        You know what, just cause you don’t think they should be together doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be! they’re in love and just cause you don’t like it doen’s make a bit of difference! so shut up and keep your opinions to yourself! bye!

      • she’s only a year older but it doesn’t matter about age but if they love each other! Love you Justin & Selena, you’re a perfect couple and should stay together because you guys love each other so much! <3

        • sammi

          i love them together there so cute hes hot and shes pretty i mean seriously and they love each other i mean how can that relation ship be better than that !!! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        So true

      • saida

        every thing is not you choice

      • Justin Bieber

        I really would like it if people not talk about me and Selena’s relationship. Me and Selena are perfect for each other and she is not too old for me she is only 1 1/2 years older than me okay? I would appreciate it if everyone could stop hating on our relationship. Everyone is just going to have to get over it and if you guys really were Selenators or Beliebers, you guys should be happy for us. I’m really disappointed in every one who hates on us seperately and together! I just want every one to be happy for us. I love everyone who likes us together and respects us! Thank you 🙂 #BeliebersFamily

        • Nicole

          justin u nd selena make a cute couple i love yal photos its so cute nd y did yuh nd selena break up rite after yal one year annerversity..

          love ur biggest fan love yuh

        • Anonymous

          You got your point across 😉 My dad is 4 years older than my mom.

    • eille

      i agree michelle i am not a really big bieber fan but i like his music and i love selena so i am very happy for them have a good anniversary xx

    • aaliyah

      I am happy for them I wish justin all the best

    • Angie

      They are beautiful together

    • Anonymous

      I feel that way about them too people need to stop being jealous they make each other happy!

    • Anonymous

      yea but you wont if u hate selena

    • Anonymous

      i agree! Im sooo happy for them! they are absolutely adorable together, i still think he would look cuter with me, but i guess they’re good too. jk lol

    • Anonymous

      I am soooooooo annoyed I used to luvv Justin Bieber but noww not soo much coz his with Selena ):

    • Angel lover

      i think they are the cutest couple in the world and all you haterz out their neither justin or selena want you anyway so stop hating let it go and get over it

    • joanne

      me 2i thank same thing but not the salena gomez it dose real if justin bieber happy im happy

    • Anonymous

      i’m SUPER amazed that their together and happy!!!!Selena and Justin remember we FAN are always here for both of you

    • Anonymous

      i LOVE justin bieber and it sucks because i’ll NEVER be able to meet justin bieber or go to his concerts.But I won’t giveup ontrying to go and raise money for tickets

    • necol

      i don’t like justin or selsna but all i know is they both suck and i wish they breck up and F.Y.I people the are big fans for them the are not cute and there music sucks fuck both of them

      • angela

        you should be quiet because all you know how to do is hate on people

    • natalia

      iloove that theyre mad cute together and that there happy.

    • Anonymous

      They are not cute together I think he and Miley Cyrus should go outt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kayla Tate

      ok selena is NOT got justin bieber because his hot and shes NOT

    • Leen

      WOW they are soo sooo sooo cutee togetherr i am soo happy for justin and selena i have been in love w justin for a long time now and i have been watching selena gomez ever since i was a little girl they make each other happy and im a fan of both of them and so glad to see them together!! <3

  • ayels

    that is actually my favorite video you have ever posted. i love them 🙁

  • PastryDoll

    Awwww i love them so much…….I am big fan of the both of them and I want them to be happy! <3<3<3<3,,,,,,I just wanna meet them! 🙂

    • honestly i think Justin Bieber is super sexy and i really like him but i think him and Selena Gomez are perfect for each other and i hope they stay together forever!!!!

      • Anonymous

        i also hope they stay together forever

    • selena gomezkrebsartig

  • name

    Thumbs up if this changed your view on their love<3

    #Support Jelena

    • Anonymous

      This just really changed my view. Ikr!

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that , i just what to tell selena gomez is question i have for her please , and i can understand that selena gomez , her self just do,nt come to this web site at all , but i have to tell her this just about justin bieber , and me as well , how does she know just about justin bieber ,s parents were devorced , selena gomez, i was younger just when my parents just got devorced , and i was not a teenanger at all , and and my parent,s and family just told me that i was born with a down syndrum retardation headacape , and i use to get some time,s my feeling,s hurt just when some pepole just like,s to call me a fuck retard , i know a,lot more just about hater,s , that,s why i can,t not love selena gomez or justin bieber , i already prommes my self that just after i herd about the frist hater,s that what,s to hurt justin bieber and selena gomez , i prommes the question that i just get love them both or to be there fan, any more im so sorry just to justin bieber and his girl friend selena marie gomez , i just can,t do it , im just starting to cry , love david b conway

      • page 2 / im not human to have feeling,s just a for celebirtiy just like justin bieber and his girl friend selena gomez , im just to stupid and headacape just to have feeling,s for them ,, i just wish i can just take the bultin for them , and get shunt at the end ,,, i just do,nt care how munch rich there are in the media today , i better off to be shunt in the back ,, love david b conway

        • Anonymous

          awwwwwe i 100 percent agree with you!!!!

      • omg im so srry about ur family and i hope u stay strong and never give up i dont know u and u dont know me but i have faith in you! i hope u get better in anything and everything im gonna pray for you and i know this sounds weird coming from a person u dont know but just believe me i have been through alot of crap and i know how u feel!!!!!!!!:(

  • giani

    awww i love them hope it lasts

    • Me to happy for them

  • Anonymous

    I hate jelena…but this video is beautiful…. But I honestly just pretend I’m Selena lo

  • Anonymous

    i just wanted to thank you for posting that video. i have loved them from the start not just because she makes him happy but because they are perfect for each other. i hope they can stay this happy forever<3

    • JBiebsSGomezFan

      ikr! ive been a #JELENAsupporter ever since the beginning….
      theyre amazing! i do really hope this will last 4ever…

  • Anonymous

    face it, a lot of you guys dont like her because you wish you could be her:( I can admit it too, and you can “thumbs down” this comment all you want, it wont change anything. Wake up people, there two kids in love. And i’m happy for them<3

    • no, we don’t want to be her thank you very much , ur probably the one who’s up selena’s a**, and wants to be her. this is the justin bieber we can say what ever we want about her. because last i checked we didn’t have to like selena to be a true fan. and how do you even know their in love? do you talk to them? no. so you face it because i can say whatever i want. smiley face that.

  • Anonymous

    “if your from africa, why are you white….?”

    random, but who loves mean girls!

    #nuf said

  • Anonymous

    they’re cute together. (:

  • raw

    lol i laugh at people who say they are perfect for each other. why? eveyone says that to every fucking couple, then next they break up and marry someone elese, like justin says “im 17 and im just having fun” he did even say i will have other girlfriends. all im saying is some of you need to stop acting like they’re meant to be just because they’re both famous. i respect them though

  • omb
    it was so sweet i cried

  • Anonymous

    OH my God.!It brought tears to my face..they shine together..!!!!

  • Patricia

    I still don’t support Jelena cause I still think they’re a fake couple. I believe that they’re good friends whose publicists are making them pretend they’re in a relationship for publicity. Honestly they have no real chemistry. And even if they are really together, there is no relationship in all of hollywood that lasts forever, so sooner or later, they will break up like everyone else. Im not a Selena hater. I was never a fan of her, but I did meet her this summer, and I respect her. Thats just my opinion of them.

    • Zaiga


  • Daisy

    they are so perfect together, don’t take me wrong but i don’t really like selena, but these two are so perfect together and i wish them all the best for the future, he seems like the perfect boyfriend and im glad hes finally found his perfect girl :’)

    • F YOU i love selena i hate justin though i want to date her when i turn 14 who cares she older i can date her when i am 19 it’s not a law then

  • Andrea Qr

    I think they’re a lovely couple, and if Justin’s happy I’m happy for him 🙂 I wish i could have something like what they have, It seems for me that their relationship is special and truthful 🙂 Much Love to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

  • Kirstie

    Just so you all know, their real 1 year anniversary was in November early December which is when they started dating.

  • Grace

    That’s just sooooo sweet! They look so cute together! I reckon if this lasts they might actually get married but you know idk maybe the haterz will get to them and they might break up I hope it doesn’t get to that.. whatever happens I wish them the best of luck ! <3

  • TrueBieber Belieber

    Daisy: I just found out that Selena brought three of her friends on this vacay with them. That is probably why we did not see pics of Justin and Selena on the beach on the first day. she was in the hotel with her friends. Leaving Justin to take a walk on the beach with his body guard. This feels like one of those high school dates when a group of guys and girls hang out together. I wonder who Justin brought with him.

    • Zaiga

      it proof that selena don’t care about justin


  • Anonymous


  • Wish u a happy romantic dating selena justin selena ur not hot cop… Because why u no ur guys are awesome u know justin ur birthday come on march and my birthday also come on march 31 st march i am also 16 years old i will some years my fav purple my snac.. Apple pie and my fav….. Singer mj and u akon pitbull chris brown b.m lady gaga miley selena britney kesha rihanna we found love

    • Anonymous

      i love them so much

  • Thank u every one luv u

    • Anonymous

      Y her justin shez a bitch u since grad 8 i alwaz had a huge crash ön u if i had a gun i wud kil selena shez am man use nick david talouyr n u no justin i love nt dat bitch of urz snd me a message frm0715485006 am ronnel

    • Y her justin shez a bitch u since grad 8 i alwaz had a huge crash ön u if i had a gun i wud kil selena shez am man use nick david talouyr n u no justin i love nt dat bitch of urz snd me a message frm0715485006 am ronnel

    • Anonymous

      that is not ture i haet justin

      • Anonymous

        she is a bitch

      • nayareth crystal alarcon gonzalez


    • tasneem

      ilove you pleas come to egypt

  • Maryam

    I ship jelena forever
    They are the most perfect and cutest couple ever 😉
    He’s happy, so I’m happy


  • scatt

    I luv selena justin shudnt be with her. 2 celebs staying togther for eva. In 4 years I’ll. Meet her and sweep her of her feet like she deservs. I love u selena remeber the name fatir.

  • mjbs

    I luv Justin. It hurts soo much 2 watch this video but if he’s happy i’m happy.
    May the triple gem bless you jelena!

  • Taylor

    He really does love her.

  • Eu acho que o Justin estava muito timido nesta festa e a Selena estava forçando um pouco a barra com ele….Coitado

  • tatiana

    wish i was selena!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love seeing them so happy…They are so cute for each other. Selena brings out the best in Justin. I pray for you too. Love You Guy heaps xoxoxox

    • Anonymous

      Justin & Selena are the cutest cuple ull ever see so stop hating on them

      • he is hot but she
        can’t get him back
        but i got ever thaning
        for my birthday i got his cake
        i know wher he live and famliy’s
        so you can tax me now
        love happy girl

        • Benedikte

          Are they still dating? Many “Selenators” calls me dummy because I think that they still dating.. So I need to know if they’re still dating.

  • Anonymous

    Awww bless, i wish i was Selena! <3
    They are soo cute together, this so sweet.
    Don't be hating on Jelena, they really love each other!

    • sam

      ya listen to who ever said this and god bless you and your family for saying that

    • BRE


  • I love them together. I think its absolutely absurd that people actually hate either of them for dating. There are so many girls who hate selena because she’s dating Justin. That’s just not fair that she has to go through that. Like who cares? none of the girls who are obsessed with him are never gonna have a chance with him anyway, so they mught as well learn to accept it and be happy for him that he’s found someone that he loves.
    Im sooo freaking happy it’s been a year. I love them together and i really truley hope that it works out for the both of them. They are so perfect for eachother. They are both quite lucky to have eachother <3 c: 😀 :p

    • omg you really love justin bieber and you comment really touch me was very cute …. 🙂 you are awesome

  • daniirasberry

    Hey Question When did They START Dating ???? I Really Don’t know And It’s drivin Me Crazy
    Please Does AnyOne Know !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • sam

      no sorry look it up on google youll find it

  • sam

    i love them and i hope that they stay together forever andjust to say for whoever hates them should go to hell just so you peoples know

  • Jenny

    I’m not a hater of Justin, but I just hate Jelena. Don’t hate on me either, but Jelena is gonna break up soon. Selena ia using Justin, and Justin is ignoring his Beliebers of Selena, I miss the old Justin. 🙁 JATLIN AND JUSTMINE WERE BETTER!

  • OMG that was very beautiful it makes me cry :,) was really really beautiful they are the perfect couple… i wish you luck in everything..!

    • Anonymous

      How can you like him?!?!?!? (You are uttely weard!!) :0

  • Anonymous

    Me and my sisters hate justin bieber but like seina Gomaz!!! We can’t beliver that they were going out’OMG!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    They are ok as a cupple but me and mu sisters HATE Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bekka

    I used to hate Selena Gomez so so much. And I used to hate Jelena. But now I’m just happy to see them together and I like Selena now. She makes him happy and he makes her happy. They’re so cute.

  • bert

    Awwwww you guys are so so so so so so cute, im glad u are still a couple!!!!

    • Anonymous

      there not a couple any more

  • Anonymous

    I don’t hate Selena but I wonder why I never heard of her until she started dating Justin Bieber?

  • gail

    i love justin too
    wish i was selena gomez!!

    • gail

      i don’t hate selena gomexz

  • Anonymous

    they need to get back together right

  • caroline

    dios como los amo 🙂 me encanta justin i selena tambien. hacen una gran pareja juntos primero no quieria pero ahora creo que por estar juntos no pasa nada <3
    algun dia voy a conocer a mis idolos….algun dia !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    I think they are the cutesiest couple in the world

  • i think selena deserves someone better then justin
    but then in all its not up to me what they do 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Brianna

    I Love You Justin!!! <333

    • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee toooooooooooo <3 <3

  • I think these guys are the cutest couple! People shouldn’t make up lies about them…. 🙁

  • brienne dias

    omg love you guys think your amazing together :L x

  • BRE

    i love justin:) but i really think that justin and selena make a good couple:) IM A BIG FAN OF BOTH OF YOU:)

  • chloe

    they are so cute together but im so jealous of her,,,, i love u both so much <3 justin bieber is the best guy to have in the world cause hes very kind and sweeet and theres more…<3 i just wanna say im happy for them both

  • hi

  • hi i`m enas from EGYPT
    i <33 selena v.much
    i`m a v.big fan for
    you both

  • ay como quisiera de sirle a selena de todo pero no lo ago por justin
    memuero de selos justin te amo como quisiera ser yo la que te ablasa y te besa
    juss nadie te ama mas que yo nisiquiera selena nitanpoco otra chica
    voy a ser beliber tttttttto daaaaaa la vida te amo justin

  • mya

    you better take care of my selena do not hurt her feelings !

  • Devonne Upton

    Watching that has literally made me tearfull.. but trust me now there’s no one like you two: the best couple alive. Love you both and i hope everything goes well, really happy for you!

  • I love justin biber and selena so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That Jealous Girl

    UGHHHH THIS MADE ME CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so jealous its not even funny.
    -_- I respect Selena but I’m crazy for this boy and seeing another girl with him is hard. Every girl should be able to relate to me, your dream guy dating the oh-so-perfect-girl and you can’t do anything about it. Yeah it hurts. I cry.

  • who says_never say never

    I think justin and selena are the cutest couple ever and the ones who disagree only do because they are mad that they arent with either one of them. These two are teen superstars and they arent gonna listen to you people. So cut it out with all the “omg i hate justin, he stole my girlfriend” or “selena is way to old for him!” like really. Im pretty sure they dont even know you people exist. Get a life and get over it!

  • thecrazylovingRainbowXD

    i hate ppl tht say things about ppl itz not kool but all i can say im happpy 4 them okaii bye XD

  • aaliyah

    I am happy for them I wish them all the best.

  • aaliyah

    Omg I am happy for them

  • kyana

    This… was SOOO beautiful{:
    i hope they last FOREVER!<33

  • its what they want not u dangg lay off haterzzzz >:o

    • saida

      shut up

  • belieber

    odio a selena puta y bruja maldita

  • ananomys.

    Smh, hopp of them damn, -_-

  • Anonymous

    i honestly think she’s too good for him

  • Anonymous

    you are SO right if they break up i would be sad becus of those crazy bieber fans i love them together do more!!<3

  • Justin and Selena are the perfect couple big fans of them both and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Love you guys xx

  • Anonymous

    Ok WOW!!!!!!!!!! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fans are way too obsessive over their relationship…Its so funny to get on this site and just crack up over all the HATERS postings on here…If anyone doesn’t like the fact that they are together, all I can say is “GET OVER IT AND YOURSELVES”!!!! Because for 1. If you think you will ever be with one of them, you obviously aren’t thinking in reality. Because the odds of that ever happening is very slim to NONE!!! But I guess little kids can dream. For 2. Selena isn’t that much older than Justin, she’s actually only about a year and a half older than him. For 3. They are a very cute couple and I can see them together for along time.

  • Anonymous

    To add to my post just a couple minutes ago I do enjoy their music and Congrats on making it to the BIG 1 YEAR Selena and Justin

  • Anonymous

    if it makes justin happy it makes me happy 😀 love you Justin!<3<3<3<3<3<3
    and does anybody know if he has ever seen this website? xxx

  • courtney

    AWWWWWWWW!!!!!! <3 OMG!!!! so fuckin cute there SOOOO good together im glad there together awwwww i love that video


  • alexialovejb***

    i am going to cry i love justin bieber!!! and i hate selena gomez for stealing MY MAN!!!!

    • saida

      i hate you for saying this idiet

  • Jb lover

    They Are good together! Y would you even be on this site if you don’t like justin?
    I think they are meant for each other!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m just gonna say that if their happy leave them be. I don’t like Justin Beiber but everyone deserves happiness, so i’m happy for them and glad they love each other. Happy one year!!

  • AubrEy jean

    I lOve yo jb

  • AubrEy_jean

    who know’s jb’s real fb account
    can we add him??

  • anonymous

    selena hot justins famous-they work well togethor 🙂

  • Mar

    paige r u there?

  • Kate

    I dont really like Justin, but I love Selena, and if he makes her happy, then I am happy for them!

  • chavierre

    hi i love justin and selena so i think that its so cute how they are still going out today so cute i love them and just let them live ther lives ok all of the bielibers out there dont be love crazy ova that bot when he dosnt even kno that u exsite he dont even kno who u are so just let them be and just let them live there lives thanks-cha’vierre

  • jessica

    justin is so bad he had sex with aonther girl so thats why i hate

  • jessica

    why do pelpol like justin he is a bad he lip sing

  • Brianna

    First of all I think they are a cute and perfect couple….my daughter is a HUGE Bieber and Gomez fan and I even like them, who ever is saying mean and ugly things on here about them is just awful and should be ashamed about your self because of young children who really like the two of them and who come on this page and read all of it is just wrong…you should really think about what you say on the internet before posting something….Any ways I dont know if they are still together or not (hopefully they are) but enjoy your selves and hope you have a great relationship together!!!!
    A HUGE FANS Mother,

  • hailey morrison

    my friend HATES selena gomez
    u stole her boyfriend j.b

  • Mimi~sayz

    heyy guys ya do alot of talking on here lol but seriously just leave them alone of you don’t like Justin and Selena why do you bother talking about them they never did anything wrong to you. As you can see Justin and Selena help their fans and care about them look up the video on YouTube Selena says leave my fans alone to security. So no I’m not gonna beg you to leave them alone but I’m going to say move on with your life can’t you see they moved on with theirs I think they are the cutest couple and that dude that’s obsessed all that you said wasn’t really necessary sooo……stop talking about them over the Internet cause if you met Justin right now you probably wouldn’t say all that as I said before move on with your lives 🙂 biii!!

    • saida

      yeah your right

  • pink puma

    Justin and selena are awsome together…and people should not be saying all that mean stuff about selena she did not do anything wrong.

  • saida

    happy anniversery selena and justin beiber and people who hate them and say they should die mostly from twitter they should die and fuck off

  • saida

    not realy fuck of thats rude umm people who hate her are crazy stupid idiots and i thank people who support her hope you be happy selena

  • sepehr


  • Liv Bieber

    I love them together more than chocolate ice cream and sprinkles, peanut putter and jelly, shampoo and conditioner, MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They seem like a VERY good match and Selena is THE LUCKIEST BELIEBER I KNOW ( I got to meet her so technically I was meeting Justin my one and only dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I will put their two year anniversary on my calendar!!!!!!!!!!! Go Jelena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shiedda

      cool so do i i love him sooo much and i HATE SELENA just because she is going out with justin bieber ik its wrong but i cant help it, i would rather have him go out with miley cyurs

  • Tanya

    hey i love that there together, there so in love, that is sweet… good for them… way to go guys… you guys are soo great for each other keep up the work…

  • Anonymous

    i love their relationship they are so cute together.

  • angela

    people this year needs to stop hating because their perfect together.i love them both and i bet the only reason why people hate is because you don’t want to get make fun of because you like justin but guess what it’s what you like not what anyone else likes.just saying everyone needs to stop hating because their great and i would give anything to see justin bieber and selena gomez but anyway i love both of them.so can you PLEASE stop hating!!!

  • angela

    i love selena and justin so everyone needs to stop hating on them because their great together.i would do anything and i mean anything to see justin and selena because their awesome.so if you dont like them then dont like them because it’s your feeling not what others think but i love them

    • sarah

      you are totally right you shouldn’t hate on them! i mean you can’t love jb without loving who he loves!

  • anonymous

    i hate selena gomez! ………….. I love justin bieber ! 🙁

  • anonymoussss

    i hate selena gomez! ………….. I love justin bieber ! 🙁

  • Mariah

    I have to go guys I love you justin

  • Mariah

    I don’t know if you got my last message but hey Justin bieber Im a huge fan of you and I love you and your music I’m sorry that people hating on you and Selena gomez yah really do look good for each other and I want to know did yah broken up after your annversery ugh I am not a good speller but I got to go I love you and I am happy for you bye

  • shiedda

    ya some of my told me that justin bieber and selena are not dating amymore is that true

  • Mariah

    Hey justinbieber my name is mariah

  • Mariah

    Hey good morning every one .hey justinbieber

  • Mariah

    Hey good morning every one .

  • Mariah

    Hey cutie justinbieber

  • olivia

    I love seeing them happy but why did Selena pick justin?

  • Nicole

    love yall

  • sarah

    I love jb so much! him and selena are the perfect couple!

  • navita

    you such a jerk.i used to be a BIG fan.i hate u.u took JB from JONAS BROTHERS

  • tasneem

    pleas justin come to egypt pleas we waiting you in egypt pleas come to us

  • hoda

    pleas justin come to egypt we wait you

  • tasneem

    pleas justin reply me

  • hoda

    pleas justin come to egypt i wait you

  • Nobody

    Okay, don’t get me wrong, I hate Justin Bieber only because of his songs. But I don’t hate JB THAT much. And also, I’m not Selena’s fan etheir, but that does not mean I hate her.

    But ya’ know JB fan girls,

    τhεγ αrε α coυριε αηd ιf γου βrεακ τhεm αραrτ αηd τακε αwαγ Jβ αιοηg wιτh yου το κιςs αηd dατε, τhατ’ς jυsτ sτυριd of γου το do τhατ, αηd hυrτ SG~ c;

  • hoda

    pleas justin reply me

  • MissMindless

    …!!..!!..?…that is ugly..!!..!!..?..? I think him and Miley Cyrus should go outt!!!!!!!!

  • Ananya

    They look so good..I’m kidding.. Oh my gosh they are somretarded

  • Kaitlyn

    Their cute… If you really love Justin Bieber or call yourself a Belieber. Than you would be happy for him. Not hating him… So stop. She gets enough of it as is. So stop it… Besides he’s not dating you. He’s dating her. Because they’re in LOVE

  • ally

    Are these two still datting or not. I think they should be because they are great couple.

  • Ss

    She is a slut girl

  • nohelia guillen

    i foking hate selena gomez i want to kill her bicht selena gomez

  • fernanda

    que deus ilumine eles e que eles possam passar muitos e muitos aniversarios jusntos o csal jelena se amam e da pra ver no olho deles eu sou fan deles e obriagada por existirem em mi vida

  • Karim

    i luv selena and justin both are cute…