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Does Justin Bieber look gay & girly in V Magazine Photoshoot?

Did you like the V Magazine Photoshoot pictures? From the comments you left it seems like everyone loved it.

But this is not really true on Twitter last night. While most people thought the pics were amazing and hot, many fans thought the V Mag pictures make Justin look gay and girly. You would guess an argument like this wouldn’t be such a big deal right? Well it wouldn’t be if Justin didn’t find out about it. And apparently he did.

He saw what some people were saying and he ain’t liking it. A supposed “Belieber” even went as far as to call JB the biggest idiot for doing the photoshoot:

That’s pretty brutal. And that’s just one example. And why would this supposed “fan” have over 17000 Beliebers following her? (and damn @JBShrine only has 7000 🙁  Follow me please! )

When a fan DM’d Scooter to tell him about the situation online, Scooter says Justin knows about it:

To tell you the truth I actually didn’t like the V Magazine pictures that much. I was expecting nothing less than AMAZING. It just didn’t make sense to me. There’s really no connection in the pictures. That see-thru netting top should never be put on a guy never mind on the cover. Doesn’t the roman soldier pic looks like someone put a broken watermelon on his head? The make-up and photoshopping was too much. So yah personally I think they could have done a much better job. Justin deserves better. I also think these pics could be used by haters to make fun of JB. That’s just what I think.

I wonder how he’s feeling right now about the reactions to these pics. They are just out on the internet starting today and the magazine goes on sale Thursday. I say we’ll be hearing a lot of people’s opinions about this particular photoshoot in the next couple of days.

Btw, the person who did this photoshoot actually works for Lady Gaga.

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  • George

    JBS earned themselves a follower on Twitter!

    • trulybieber

      I love this website. Thanks daisy for doing what you u do.

  • jess

    Anyone who is talking.shit about Justin.is.no.real.fan u.don’t have to like the.pics but no.need to be mean..grow.up

  • Anon.

    I love JB, but I’m not a fan of these pics.. but I wouldn’t insult them, either. They’re just not my preference! He’s done way better photoshoots. BUT the costume designer or whatever, Gag’s person, should be fired.

    • yeah. that’s weird

  • DebbieDoo

    As a Senior for Bieber I don’t usually post here as most members appear to be young teenagers. But I do want to give my perception of these pictures. I see them as a very beautiful, very deep expression of a “real boy”, who has become a strong, serious, handsome young man, who is at the very verge of adulthood. There is a suggestion of wistfulness for a childhood gone by. The costumes are an historical salute to the dignity, power and respect that was awarded to warrior princes of old. JB is a warrior Prince of life as we know it now, with media kingdoms and internet armies. I know we all love his smile, but this photography collection is expressing a few moments of a more solemn reflection. It’s good.

    • Patricia

      Thumbs up for being a senior for Bieber 🙂 Im also an adult belieber and I really appreciate your explanation and your point of view. I never thought of it that way.

    • OMBitstheBiebs

      Someone who appreciates and understand art! You are a wonderful and insightful person. My hat’s off to you!

    • Belladonna

      THat was an amazing explanation thanks for that. im 23 and when i saw what fans were saying i didnt know what to say!lol I know many of the fans are younger but I fear for justin because I dont want what happened to the backstreet boys and all thoughs over boy bands to happen to him. The artists wants to grow up and see the world and follow his own ideas and the fans wont let him. The truth is he doesn’t sell as much as Gaga (who I love) or Adele and he never will if people dont let him be an artist! I think Justin will be one of the greatest artists of all time if he just keeps growing! love you JB!

  • nikki

    i also just want to add i’m not trying to come across rude but i just don’t think that these are his best pictures everyone has different opinions and just by me not liking some of these pics doesn’t make me a fake fan now whoever tweeted those tweets above now that was really harsh and i’m sorry if i came across that way but i just don’t think that these are his best but don’t get me wrong i still absolutely positively love Justin Bieber still

  • mary

    If justin doesn’t like it, to be honest just 2 of those pictures looks like ridiculous and the others one are ok to me,,, and whatever he does the haterz always going try to get him down, so it doesn’t important what the haterz think or does! right? All the love for Justin…hottest man in the world.. 🙂

  • Inlovewithjustinbieber

    I like the pictures and the crown and helmet let him look cute<3. but some are too photoshopped!:) the fans offend him because of the pictures are in my opinion not true Beliebers!!!!

  • Patricia

    First of all I hate cabieberfans. She has always been a huge bitch. I even got into arguments with her before on twitter. She just pretends to be a belieber, but she’s always hating on Justin. She’s even proud of the fact that both Justin and Scooter blocked her on twitter. Pathetic bitch. Now about the photos. I don’t really like them, cause they’re not representing Justins personal style. He would NEVER wear that stuff in real life. Of course he always looks gorgeous, but I find these pictures kinda weird. Im not a Lady gaga fan at all, cause I don’t like her style, and this just reminds me of her. But i will always support Justin whatever he does.

  • Robert Lydick

    I would never put Justin down, because he does not deserve it. He has done what few young americans could ever do. But, the photographer really needs to be fired, and a better one needs to be found. For someone who does shoots for Lady Gaga, he did a real poor quality job on Justins photo shoot. Justin, man, if you read this, Don’t ever go back to that guy or girl again. There are millions of photographers out there who would do 100 times better than those hacks did. And, by the way, NEVER SAY NEVER.

  • Robert Lydick

    And, I may be thirty, but I’ll be a Belieber till I draw my last breath.

  • Justinswife

    this girl @CAbieberfans is just the most disrespectfull girl.. i read her tweets and she just talks trash about Justin all the time. Justin and scooter followed her once, but she says that they both unfollowed her because of something she said, and once she talked with Justin on phone for 5 minutes!!
    and when the album ‘Under the mistletoe’ came out the only thing she tweeted about was how bad it was… once i asked her if she still was a fan and answered really rude to me.. something like this: @OwnedByJDB the min im not a fan my username will change until then i am one! u shouldnt have to ask a stupid ? like that in the 1st place…
    i dont like her at all..

  • Michael

    Honestly those pictures do look rather…. Odd? I mean I’m not gonna say they look bad, Justin still looks very cute in general, but ya… They could have, should have done better. I’m still a strong Belieber but… Sorry Justin.

  • Yamilet

    That’s not ridiculous, that’s High Fashion!! For the ones who don’t know. . .

  • Me:)

    And, that person calls themself a true “belieber.” I mean yes, they aren’t the best photos of him, ever, but you don’t have to go off and say things like that. Personally, I don’t think the photos look that bad. They are different from what Justin usually does, but there creative and different. If he took the same kind of photos, every time he went to a photo shoot people would think hes boring, but now when they try to do something different and out there people don’t like them. I just really wish people would grow up. And the people that call themselfs “true beliebers” when there not, to get a life.

  • Zoe

    Some of the pictures are good but in a lot of them he doesnt look happy and not like himself… I still love him though!!!

    • Sweet_Elegant

      See!? That’s my thing, He DOESN’T LOOK HAPPY. It looks like he lost a bet or something…It would be different if he owned the look & kept it ‘Justin’!

  • gabz

    okay i personally think that justin is amazing & sexy & perfect all by himself & he doesn’t need make-up or photo-shop to look that way. i think the pictures of him, himself, are absolutely flawless (as usual) but it was just the clothing choice that threw everything off balance. they def do not look like something justin would choose for himself to wear, thus making it look unnatural and weird. also, he’s not smiling in any of the pics and he looks way too serious & uptight, which is sad because he has such a beautiful smile. i think this photo-shoot would’ve looked a ton better if: 1. he was smiling 2. the clothes were something he would actually wear & chosen by him 3. the pictures weren’t as dark 4. he wasn’t photo-shopped & had make-up on. but despite everything, justin still looks flawless & absolutely amazing. <3

    P.S. i really like the 5th one of him in the gray jacket <3

  • gabz

    btw. @CABieberfans is a bitch & everyone knows that she is not a true belieber.

  • Jared

    Wow…Well coming from someone actually intelligent and mature, the photos are amazing. Apparently young kids just dont understand atristic work nor fashion.

  • Anonymous

    These photos are very high fashion. Beliebers are not used to seeing Justin in such high fashion clothes. He dont usually wear what he is told to wear. He wears what he wants to wear. For example the American apparel jackets, and G-star clothing or wearing a beanie in a shorts and short shirts. In these photos he is being told what to wear. If he wants to be known as the same Justin that never changes than maybe he should stick to the image he has establish. That image is that he is a humble guy from canada not affected by hollywood. In these photos he looks like hollywood has affected him.

    • MoreBiebs

      oh please… excuse me while I scoff.

  • TrueBieber Belieber

    The pictures are artsy fartsy. Something like Lady Gaga would do, but much tamer. I think the photographer was trying to be original. He just didn’t know you cannot improve on perfection. Taking pictures of Justin just the way he is would be wonderful. God made Justin perfectly perfect.

  • OMBitstheBiebs

    These pictures are amazing! So high fashion, cutting edge, and artsy! I feel sorry for those of you who do not appreciate this art, because yes, it is art. No Justin would not wear this stuff normally but this is a photoshoot, and a photoshoot is something that using a subject (Justin) and various pieces such as clothing and props will tell a story. If you have a broad enough mind to be able to see this beautiful and well played out story I applaud you. If you only want to see him in supras and tee-shirts then I suggest you leave the internet, because there’s many of us that can actually see the beauty in these kinds of things.

  • Claudia

    i fucking love the pictures. they are different,hot and creative. But if some one doesnt like them keep your stupid mouth shut and keep it to yourself. its not that hard!

  • MoreBiebs

    This photo shoot is incredible! The cover of the magazine says ‘Pop Prince’ that was the whole point of the crown and helmet! To show that he is royalty in the music industry! I really disagree with people saying that the photographer was a hack and that these photos were overly photo-shopped. The photos were originally in black and white… you can’t badly photo-shop a black and white photo! People on Tumblr just took those photos and added colour, photo-shopping them worth crap! :p These pictures are artistic, it’s just sad how some people are too narrow minded to understand them.

  • Brooklin

    lets trend “#wowCABieberfans” on twitter. and then “#WeLoveJustin”

    • ilovejb&usher

      we should also start a twitter war on @cabieberfan and tell everyone following her that she is a #bitch and that she is not a true belieber right?

  • LoveEm

    Personally, these are my favorite photos I’ve yet to see of Justin. Most magazine pics I’ve seen of him tend to look pretty, but the only thing that makes me glance at them for more than a second is Justin. These make me do a double-take. Their interesting, have symbols of power and fame, showing that the “celebrity” today is comprable to emperors in ancient history. They’re interesting to look at, and even if nobody had any clue who Justin was, these would be interesting and thought-provoking photos.

    • MoreBiebs


  • belieberforever

    wtf guys.. some of you a ‘great beliebers’
    … well i think he looks sexy


  • Leah

    man-.-bloody idiots;S
    like when he has a mugshot took of him, he still looks SEXY, like phewwww, real beliebers would be nice;) and support not moan about a couple of pictures;D tbh he loooks HOT!<3

  • who did that to him? ooh poor!!!!!!

  • swaglikejuzt3n

    alright, so in november i defended Justin and Scooter against @CABieberFans and they both followed me. she says she’s a belieber who speaks the truth. which is sometimes the case, but she never shows Justin or any of his team support AND on top of all that, she’s upset that they unfollowed her . people like this … smh .

  • biebsgirl

    What kind of belieber is that? he/she doesn’t even deserve the name! justin looked amazing in the shoot, as always and they looked ‘girly’ because they obviously put make up on him and he is a pretty boy as well! JUSTIN DREW BIEBER IS MOTHER EFFING SEXY!

  • Anonymous

    It is a fashion and art magazine you ignorant idiots.

  • naya

    Th cabieber girl makes really good youtube fan videos. Like, theyre legit amazing, to the piont that Justin has tweeted several, which is why she has so many fallowers. She recently made a video abot how sorry she was for something or other. It might have been this. It was wierd. But yeah.
    ioved a lot of the pics. I only hated the watermelon headed one.
    But i loved the others. And i didnt have a probllm with the fishnet shirt picture. Frankly, i think Justin looks just as hot when he looks “pretty” as he does at any other time.

  • justin is amazing and if u guys dont think that then y bother even speaking about him .. hes his own person! alot of ppl dont like him, but then agin alot of ppl do <3.. justin i hope ur looking at this …. im a really huuuge fan i think ur work is amazing i have all ur cds LOl .. and yuu sleep on me every night (jb.blanket)[; .. well i hope yuu can come new hampishire .. love yuu justin bieber ! omg it would bbe soo awesome if yuu mak a song with my name (leslie)
    that would make evryday the best day of my life !

  • anne

    sorry…but he looks REALLY girly in these pics…its the truth 😛

  • Justin beiber pretty awesome, what ever u guys say about him , he dosent really care, but forreal those pictures are kinda funny lmao,

  • kaylee

    you are my baby justin drew bieber do u think justin bieber i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much justin bieber



  • Moya Pruett

    i love them all. kinda don’t like the ones where he has something on his head but other than that they’re awesome. fave ones are the love sign, and the close up of him in the gold jacket <3 <3 <3 <3 i love justin bieeeeebeeerr!!!!

  • kaitilin

    hay <3 cool photos


    Justin l love yu bt those pics no ways.l dont agree no mayas