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justin bieber gold mask venice beach 2012

Justin Bieber wears a gold mask at Venice Beach

Back on Jan 3 I had reported that Justin spent the day in Venice Beach in California and posted a pic of him with a fan. Yesterday some pictures were released from that same day showing Justin wearing a gold mask and sites reporting that it was to hide his identity so that he wouldn’t get attention from fans.

I think he was just having some fun with the mask. Not trying to hide from fans. Who would wear a gold mask if they don’t want attention? Luckily he wasn’t mobbed by the girls. And it wasn’t because of the mask because according to a fan that was there that day, everyone knew that behind that golden mask was none other than the “Justin Bieber”.

Justin Bieber, his dad Jeremy, and Ryan Butler at Venice Beach Jan 3, 2012

But seriously, no matter how good his disguise is, we all know that if we spot Jeremy and Ryan together, that the Biebz can’t be far away.

Justin Bieber in a gold mask disguise in Venice Beach

I wonder if this is what he meant when he tweeted:

“i am the #masterofdisguise”

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  • Selena

    Yeah, even with a gold mask you could tell who he was. If you’re a fan, you could easily spot him. Plus, like you said, if Ryan and Jeremy are near and together then he must not be far. All in all, we found the Biebs ;D

    • ally

      yeah hi you should stop being so self center and leave JB alone because he need respect him he woulg give you respect if he know you so you should give him some.

      • Anonymus

        *cough* noob *cough*

    • oh yeah i was chatting with u yesterday afternoon which was fun, that call me maybe video was really funny and i heard u laugh in that behind the camera in that video

  • ally

    OK iv been looking at this pic and you could tell Justin any where if your a fan. but some of them are so stupid if you watched his movie my world you could hes doing ALL this pic for more fan. his mom provably isn’t even OK with him doing this pose. if i know jb like i do the one of him running thought the water naked … he would never do that,and that a fact all jb want is respect he went and gave a 15 year old a hug and she turned around and try to kiss him so if he do not want to be kiss by us then y would he want us to see him nude? so i gusset you just need to get a life and stop being so self center and give JB some respect for once in your life. i know i do so you should try to

    • tina

      what???? his movie isn’t called my world!!! it is called never say never duhhhh!!!!

    • Anonymus

      you’re a noob.
      and OBVIOUSLY not a true belieber if you think his movie is called my world and if you think its dumb.

    • i think some random chick just want to meet a super star just to say “hey i met a superstar”. i think dats wrong

  • Anonymous

    lol. trust justin to do that! :’)

  • laura

    yeah i mean if i were any 1 of his fans i would try to take off the mask and i am a fan soo i would try to do that any way

  • Anonymous

    Wether he was doing it for attention or to just relax without gettingmobbed who really cares? Just let him mess around & have fun. He probably just wanted to have time with ryan and his dad

  • Hope Bieber

    Hell yeah!
    You could see him easily!
    Bieber is unique!
    See the muscle!
    See the clothing!
    See the hat!
    See the sleevelessness!
    It’s obviously Bieber!
    Any true fan can see that!

  • Justin

    OMB I laughed soooo hard when I saw this on E! News because they were just showing the pic and I had it on mute I didn’t have any caption on the bottom so no possible way I would’ve known and me and my sis walked in and my sis was like ” is that Justin Bieber???” and I’m like really sarcastic so I was like ” nooooo it’s the phantom of the opera!!!!” again I wasn’t trying to be mean it’s that I’m pretty sarcastic but my sis doesn’t understand sarcasm so she was like “oh” I just rolled my eyes and watched tv

  • Gaby

    i hope he is just playin around and not getting weird like michael jackson did towards the end…with the masks and vails.. if he does it again… idk man. kinda worrie

  • maria rute

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  • alexialovejb***

    i dont care what justin bieber is wearing he still looks cute


    Hi, we were at venice beach on this day over from Australia. I have heaps of photos of justin and video footage. My daughters got the cup he was drinking out of. They shared the rest of the drink betwen the three of them and bought the cup back to australia with them anlong with his prints & dna to prove it. They were so so excited to experience meeting him in the flesh. Cheers

  • KûKêé ßéLîèßêR

    she looks so perfect :*