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Justin Bieber sleeveless in Venice Beach with a fan!

Justin Bieber sleeveless in Venice Beach, California

Justin Bieber sleeveless in Venice Beach, California

After the craziness of the last two months, Justin has a bit of a break right now before hitting the studio to make his new album Believe. Earlier today he was spotted at Venice Beach taking in some sun and took this picture with a fan.

Justing rockin’ the winter touque on the beach. Oh well you’re Canadian so I guess it’s in the blood. Still looks hot though.

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  • randomuser

    its pretty hot here in cali :O

  • Anonymous

    WHY!? does that fan has to be in that photo!? it could be perfect just justin alone

  • bieberfever

    I thought Justin was in NY?

  • Patricia

    Its a ”Tuque” not a ”touque” 😉 just saying

  • Lindshei

    Aww thats so sweet! Shes a lucky girl <3

  • Sandra

    What’s the hotel behind them ???

    • henry

      i love you be my girl frind sing to you boyfrind i have a justin bieber cd meet you love you


  • JS belieber

    omb i wish i was her…. 🙁