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justin bieber believe album cover

Justin Bieber BELIEVE Album Tracklist

Below is the rumored tracklist for Justin’s new album “Believe”:

1. Believe
2. Let it be
3. Them Sexy Ladies ft. LMFAO
4. Be Alright
5. Dance For Me ft. Kanye West
6. By Your Side ft. Taylor Swift
7. Canadian Swag
8. Your Lips against me
9. Beach Bodies ft. Cody Simpson
10. My Beliebers

Again I repeat this is not official. LMFAO has said they are not doing a collab with JB and Drake should definitely be on the album. And the title of the last song “My Beliebers” sound way too corny.


See the official tracklist here: JUSTIN BIEBER BELIEVE TRACKLIST [OFFICIAL]

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  • Salma Bieber


    • Anonymous

      i dont think this is the track list becuase his new song boyfriend would be on it

      • derrie

        yeah i was jus thinking that

        • PaulaBieber:D

          I was just thinking that too..I love that song <3and i am a BELIEBER!!! love you justinβ™₯ xoxoxoxox

        • aysia bordley

          I dont like justen biver he stenks

        • tiana rivera

          I love justn bever so much

        • aysia bordley

          if you don’t like justin bieber then why th hel would you have gone on this page in the first place. Clearly you like him thats why you where trying to find out his new playlist.!

        • Kayla

          yea it would

        • Kayla

          bitch its Biber

        • Anonymous

          ilove justin biebers new song boyfriend what do you think


          you spelled bieber wrong again dumbass!


          Girl , its BIEBER . Get you self together byyytchhhh .

        • jessica

          ok the bxxxx stuff needs to stop its not cool it makes you look like a bad person, hes just a little boy you dont have to fight over his last name who cares how you spell it! get over it and grow up.

      • ?.... Bieber

        because its on the dueluxe album x there is an extra 5 songs i thinkk ….

        • yolo

          no the first couple of songs realesed are on the basic album.

        • Emma

          Yeah cuz its boyfriend, Turn to you (Maybe), All Around The World, Die in Your Arms, and others so that is wrong as I know of, but idk cuz its gonna be epic either way!

        • Sally niesen

          Dear Justin bieber
          Am l love you my ablum posters
          Biggerst fan YouTube hot studio
          Love dance move come over house
          Saying thank you big

          Thank you Sally

      • yolo

        Yeah and the song featuring drake!

      • Becca

        Yeah ur right … Also this isn’t the track list because he is picking the songs for Believe now he said so on Twiter so this is highly false information

        • Anonymous

          And turn to you the song for his mom is also there on the album he said so himself

      • Anonymous

        ikr !!! i was thinking the EXACT SAME THING!! πŸ™‚

      • nessah bieber

        Yeah I went to youtube and gave me the right list and boyfriend is like the main song I love u justin your the best can’t wait till believe
        comes out

      • Courtney

        yeah u soooooooo right this just a made up thing

      • bethany

        yeah that is right i agree

      • Anonymous

        I know I am getting so mad too because I am searching them on youtube and cant find them -.-

    • monika

      i love jb who elsa does say yah if u do belieber

      • Chloe Bieber


      • cassie


    • Aditya Parewa

      I Love his New Album Songs.I like BOYFRIEND song most.and I don’t Thinj that he need to do Breakup with selena Gomez…………………..:)


        Ummm yeah he really did need to break up with Selena Gomez . Justin Bieber just needs to single. It should be illegal for him to have a girlfriend . Unless its me Bytchhh hop off .

    • Anonymous

      I love jb

  • LinnΓ©a

    i dont think this is going to be the actual playlist because he’s not going to collaborate with LMFAO, and i think he’s going to have a little more serious names of the songs, just sayin’

    • Belieber

      No, Justin actually really likes Lmfao. He loves to shuffle. JS

      • Beliebergirl


        • AlyLoveBieber22

          Yes!He said he would like to collaborate with LMFAO! Anyway hello to all, I am new! My name is Alice, I’m Italian and I am 12 years old!

        • DESTINY


    • I also think the song names are kinda weird. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      • LinnΓ©a

        yeah, but the only songs i think hes going to put on the album is “Believe” and probably “Be Alright” πŸ™‚

        • PaulaBieber:D

          i think he will put on let it be aswell, it is a really good song.. all justins songs are the best β™₯

    • mackenzie

      he actually is collaborating with LMFAO. And Canadian Swag is supposed to be featuring Drake.

    • Sophia

      i think so to that this is not a playlist becauze his song “baby” is not here!


        Girl PLEASE . Baby feat. Ludacris was on My World 2.0 <- a YEAR ago . Soooooo , you stupid . Its OBVIOUSLY not going to be one BELIEVE .


        hellaaa dumbbb

  • justjustin

    sorry, no collaborate with LMFAO :/

    • init :):)

    • amisabieber

      whens the album coming out do u know?

      • Melissa

        justin said on an interview it’s going to release around march-april

        • Anonymous

          june 18th

        • anonymous

          errm… 19th…

        • nicole j


      • Emma

        In 10 more days! So on 6/19/12 a day after school gets out for da summer!

  • Sophia

    I dont care what song he sing!!!:)

    • bushra

      this aint out yet…..

  • amisabieber

    when is the album coming to itunes?

    • Falak

      It has came out on 8th June…

      • Falak

        Sorry 18th of June

  • babylieber

    MY Beliebers? Canadian Swag? is it an album for retarded people? i don’t really BELIEVE those are the names of the songs. I hope my Justin makes an outrageous album

    • Anonymous

      Really???? Really????? My 2 girls are huge fans. They also happen to have Down’s syndrome..How do you think your comment makes them feel. And haven’t you heard of the new movement Spread the word to STOP THE (“R”) WORD. Maybe you could think twice the next time or maybe you could even “spread the word”.(www.r-word.org) Either way,there are other words we can use .Remember, these people are people with a disability not the other way around. Thank you.

      • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that the person of the anonymous here just about the R word , retard , i just what to say thank you to that comment just because of one reason i am one off thoses kids my self to i just did it say about my dissability here just because of this web site might not what me here any more , i am also down to earth person just like justin bieber and selena gomez is also as well and please try to reply to this comment later tonight please , i can say more later tonight , love david b conway

  • Anonymous

    This is CLEARLY fake. He said that he isn’t doing a song with LMFAO and Drake was CONFIRMED on his new album. And in other news in an interview with iHeartRadio he said that the album will come out FEBRUARY or MARCH (A little too late for February) but it’ll more than likely be Spring.

  • kiki


  • gabb

    let it be is a beatles song

  • Anon.

    Some of these songs have sexxxxy names – and I’m not complaining one bit. Let’s hope some make the cut.

  • Justinswife

    And Cody said that they were’nt doing a song together

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  • some of your fans shouldn’t be swearing JB

  • Anonymous

    Yea this doesn’t look to legit, the features don’t fit and Kanye and Drake are looking to produce on the cd not feature.

  • Taylor

    lol at the Canadian Swag one… Im thinking of what the song will sound like, and im seriously laughing out loud. i doubt that will be one of them… but if they can make a song about “Canadian Swag” and make it sound good kudos to them!

  • Patricia

    This is so fake. I seen this shit on tumblr and its supposedly by Swag Records. There is no record company named Swag Records! Daisy you should know this is fake and not post it. The song names are ridiculous.

  • Celine

    Canadian Swag is going to ft. Drake btw,

  • Selina

    i love justin, but why does he have duets with everyone but selena gomez -__- i dont understand why he makes songs with other girls but not his gf. o_O yeah selena doesnt sing that good, but just the thought of them having a song together would be really cute. <3

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t colab. with Selena because people would automatically assume that they were doing it for publicity. Plus, if I had a famous bf and I was famous as well, the time that I spent with him I wouldn’t want to be working.

      P.S. Selena is a very good singer, have you seen her live twice?


      • unknown

        i totally agree. they are both amazing but u guys need to look up this guy on youtube his name is austin mahone and if justin discovered this kid and did a duet with him (like usher) it would be the best song ever because they have such similar styles and they are both EXTREMELY good!!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

    • Anonymous

      Selena , i love you

      • jacqueline

        selena and justin i love youuuuuuuu

  • chloe

    life is made.

    • Anonymous Belieber

      Yea! anyway shld i listen to it? justin bieber is my fav singer but taylor swift is my most hated. my friends all the opposite of me.

    • is karen

      i love justin not taylor

  • Danielle

    THIS IS FAKE GUYS!!!! this girl on tumblr made it and people started to believe it so she said it was fake. it was just a joke but people brought it out of tumblr and started saying it was real on their twitters and stuff.

  • abderrahman

    I love justin bieber

    • Anonymous

      If he is actually taking this freakin Long for ten freakin songs I will not Love justin freakin Bieber! And will not buy the freakin album

      • nicole j

        less of the freakin n more of the love him n carein n hell love u back xxxxx
        p.s be nice

  • It’s not true πŸ™‚ saw a pic on tumblr with the songs on like a backside of a cd cover and on a little text it said something like “No copyright because this isn’t real” or something like that πŸ™‚

  • Ga1234567890

    Men I really hate Cody Simpson he doesnt belong to Justin bieber album believe is better Selena Gomez then that poopface

    • unknown

      totally agree he annoys me and he is such a want-a-be. hope next time he will do a song with selena. that would be a great song. they both have such amazing voices!!! πŸ˜‰

  • Ga1234567890

    Cody Simpsons is
    the poopface

    • jacqueline


  • mariah



  • Akanksha

    justin i m ur biggest fan ilike u i know every 1 likes u but i like u so so so so so much luv u luv u luv luv u so much i like ur all songs

  • i like the names even if they was fake i like it cuz we need some funny and dancing songs not crying and sad songs or for newyear we need some normal songs abut love or funny songs like baby somebodi to love i like pray but we dont need songs like that we want songs to be happy

    • Rk lie u. H. Ehh o o x 9

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  • These aren’t the official songs, just songs I made up & posted on Tumblr. On the pic it says that they aren’t real & were made up just for fun etc etc. I didn’t expect it to go viral at all, especially because I only have 100 followers.

    • Anonymous

      its dumb to make up songs?

  • mandy96

    I dont care what he names his songs……they r gonna b AWESOME anyways… πŸ™‚

    • Meggie!!

      Haha yeah!<3

      • Falak

        Yeah….Gud, it has a Gud tuning…AWESOME song….lolzzz…8-)

  • wow!! this album is gonna be super…!!!!

  • wow!!this album features even CODY SIMPSON,TAYLOR SWIFT,LMFAO!!! best album ever!!!!

  • Claudia bieber

    When does the album come out on iTunes???

  • EVI

    omg …. JUSTIN BIEBER <3


  • kristine aira

    Yes ! Justin has a song for Beliebers :)) that is kinda sweet :))

  • Aira Bieber

    I can’t wait for this πŸ™‚ !!!

  • omg. i can’t wait for this. when does it come out???!?!?!

    • Rose

      He said in June sometime.

  • Belieberr

    iThink This Albuum Is Gonna Be Awesomme.(:

  • @CaintChitChat

    I can’t wait to this album #BELIEVE

  • Lioni

    wow This is Real
    Oh my Goodness Special Song for me
    #I luv u πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    what that dosnt even have boyfriend

  • beibsbestbeliber

    This isn’t real for sure, cause Justin just said he has a single called Boyfriend!! Cant wait for it, and lots of the songs are just ridiculous, lol

  • sandra

    okay,he’s sexy and everything but why is his mouth always so dry? umm…have yu heard of, !BLISTEX! ? not for nothing just sayin

  • I can’t wait until the album is available on iTunes. I can’t wait to buy it myself.

  • I Love JB…..when are you coming in India, Mumbai ????
    really excited for Belive

  • be my ‘Boyfriend’ Justin <3<3<3<3

  • Rose

    I’ve been waiting so long for you and *Cody Simpson* to sing a song together. Thank you. I am so totally getting the “Believe” album. Love you Justin. πŸ™‚

  • justin bieber your album believe cool

  • breanna

    Umn i dont think tht this is true because if it was the new amazing song boyfriend would be on it!!:)

  • snooper girl

    hey annon how are u lovin justin dont stop

  • indian girl san luvr of jb

    i luv u a lot jb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ur songs rockzzzzzzzzzz! and i’m vry xited 2 listen 2 ur upcumin’ songs. waitin’ 4 19th June. lookin frwrd 2 meet u

  • indian girl san luvr of jb

    plzzzzzzz cum 2 kolkata ,india , i’m ur biggest fan frm asia (i wil not say da world). u know what i mean. ndin’ with a luvin’ kiss

  • Anonymous

    Omg you’re fucking kidding me. Cody Simpsons and Taylor Swift. Wtf Justin? I’m not proud to be a belieber anymore!! THIS SUCKS! HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO ME? :(((((((( I don’t love you anymore.

  • Aayushi Arora

    u r amazzing,,,,, ur songs make me feel gr8…. u’re my favorite…. nd u knw ur song down to earth made me ur big fan….. nd ur song stuck in the moment is gr8…..

  • shannene

    justi bieberyou are my number one…….justi ilove you so much..
    i never stop loving you.

  • chalifoux

    i love you justin bieber<3 your songs are amazing:)

  • Anonymous

    i love you justin bieber

  • maveric

    n one can compare his songs n thats why he is pop no 1
    his songs unbeatable n straight striking our hearts

  • yasar

    hey JB, I am your greatest fan from INDIA…. All the best for future success in you…

  • yasar

    I wish there would be concerts here in INDIA TOO..

    • Falak



    Heee you my best star,fistly pass my greating to your favorite usher,secondly iwant to introduce myself to you,my real name is SADA ABDULLAHI iam from NIGERIA i love you (J B) i knew the love that selina gomez doing for you so me i love you better than her,in adition to that i have alot of you pictures and also i have alot of you songs and vedios to me you the king of pop,the super star,super boy,the best among the bests you are best qaulify to have the rank of michael jacson.iam your best sporter in this world.good bye to you (JB).

  • nicholas cruise


  • BelieberForeverrr

    Its not the track list because his new song boyfriend would be on it ..

  • Jazzy

    What about Boyfriend and Die in your arms?

    • Avery

      Is Die In Your Arms supposedly in Boyfriend because I haven’t bought it yet..

  • Ana

    I love sooo much JB

  • Areesha

    Love u bieber u r the best singer and celebrity ever!

  • Avery

    Has anyone heard the song Die In Your Arms by Justin? Because im IN LOVE with it and i dont know what album its on or if that song’s album hasn’t even come out yet…

  • Anonymous

    i dont like justin bieber!! (jk)

  • Judy

    i cant wait for it to come out!!

  • Please call (509)430-6261

  • ajiya fatima

    Omg…. Cant wait for jb song ft taylor swift!! Both are my favourite…!!

  • theBielebers

    yes <3 πŸ˜‰

  • belieber

    its not the real tracklist! the original tracklist has 16. tracks
    i love him soooo much

    in love your biggest belieber

  • kaylee

    hey justin bieber u are my man so i whant to get married with him soo bad i love him soo much love u

    • ryan whyte

      what age are u

  • Mai

    Yeah! what kind of song would be Canadian swag?…I mean it depends how much JB says swag!! But i”m so excited for this album. Since i can’t meet him, his music makes me feel on step closer to him2 I LOVE YOU JB!!!!!

  • jacqueline

    i love youuuu justin

  • The Mrs.Bieber

    I love him with all my heart. So I’m sure whatever his songs are he will be sucessful and make it all the way. He truly has talent and skill. I love you Justin! Good luck! <3

  • The Mrs.Bieber

    Cody Simpson is the worst
    sorry to break it to u

  • ryan whyte

    do u want to hear my lyrics to my song lonely if u do check my next message

  • ryan whyte

    Lonely by ryan whyte

    everytime i see you
    i think that i’ll ever see u again
    i was right beside u asking u do u want to go out
    next i see you cheating on me

    and thanks to you i feel lonely
    i feel lonely because of you
    Nobody likes me because of you girl
    u know i feel lonely, lonely, lonely boy

    thanks to you girl i am lonely
    you said u r sorry
    but i thought it was just a joke
    i checked my heart and i had a message saying i miss you

    i thought it was from a guy i know
    but it wasn;t it was from u my girl
    if you ever come near my home
    i won’t even talk ton u i’ll just walk away, walk away

    i am lonely, lonely now
    my freinds tell me to forget about u
    but i think they’re wrong for saying that
    Cause I am lonely,lonely,lonely, lonely yeah

    Now thanks thats the short version the real one will take long i will send in all my new songs thank you cheers | that wasn’t about u jb i love you ryan out

  • ryan whyte

    Lonely by ryan whyte

    everytime i see you
    i think that i’ll ever see u again
    i was right beside u asking u do u want to go out
    next i see you cheating on me

    and thanks to you i feel lonely
    i feel lonely because of you
    Nobody likes me because of you girl
    u know i feel lonely, lonely, lonely boy

    thanks to you girl i am lonely
    you said u r sorry
    but i thought it was just a joke
    i checked my heart and i had a message saying i miss you

    i thought it was from a guy i know
    but it wasn;t it was from u my girl
    if you ever come near my home
    i won’t even talk ton u i’ll just walk away, walk away

    i am lonely, lonely now
    my freinds tell me to forget about u
    but i think they’re wrong for saying that
    Cause I am lonely,lonely,lonely, lonely yeah

    Now thanks thats the short version the real one will take long i will send in all my new songs thank you cheers | that wasn’t about u jb i love you ryan out

    • ryan whyte

      JB i did to by mistsake

  • Falak

    JUST-IN…..JUSTIN…I LOVE U JB………. No words so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Aweeessssooooommmmmeeeeeeee Song Beiber……………<3

    Fuck MusiKKKKK……….

  • Falak


    Love u all d time….

  • Anonymous

    This is not the track because beauty and a beat will be on it. As long as you love me ect!!! This is fake

  • zhanise

    i got believe it is so good i love you u are my life


    i love believe all the songs on the album are amazing….. Thumbs up if you want justin to be your ”BOYFRIEND” haha πŸ˜€

  • Emily

    Wow he is soo amazing I loved him since I was 5 now I am like 12

    P.S -Justin keep on doing what you are doing what you are doing right now might be music come to be the NEXT BIG THING — anyway GOOD LUCK

  • Cookies&Cream!

    I Hate When Gurls Call Themselves Beliebers And They Cant Even Spell “Bieber” Right! Its Like, Umm Honey, If You Cant Even Spell His Name What Makes You Think Your A Belieber? Duhhhh! I love Justin Thoo<3 Im You Numbahh One Fann!

  • Desteney Bieber

    I love Justin so much!
    his songs are amazing!
    he is so hot!

  • Delara

    I’m really loveeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • justin and selena fan

    i love justin bieber so very much:)



  • Lizzie


  • Lizzie

    Justin when r you coming back to mexico to do a concert??????

  • Annie

    I love this new album

  • chrissy

    i love and the song boyfriend

    • chrissy


  • shan

    the album of jb is awesome

  • Aisha

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllloooooooove jb nd ONE DIRECTION….
    Especiallyyyy ZAYN <3
    btw this ain't the list of songs πŸ™

  • prince saini

    i fuck u jb

  • hotchicknini

    wow i love you jb and all ur songs tooo!!!!

  • jessica

    whats up with this you girls need to show respect, its just a name who cares how you spell it. your getting all but hurt over spelling bieber wrong! its not like its the end of the world hes just a boy with a last name chill and relax. the b word is not cool makes you look bad when you use that.

  • Athbaa

    I adooorreeee you Justin ur my soul I love u soooooooo mucchhhh and I wish that u follow me someday @abh_47

  • Greece,Nadia Pandh,Agios dhmitrios

    maybe you never see that but i am dying.I have a very bad ilness and really i want to see you one time before i…

  • Maggie Burns

    Hey Justin Bieber
    This Is Maggie Burns Im Your Biggest Fan
    I Want U Come To My School To Perfrom Your New Song
    Called You Want Me Will U Be My New Boyfriend Plase
    I Know Everything About U I Really Want To Meet U So Bad
    Will Take Me To Your To Your To Hang Out Together Like Girlfriend And Boyfriend I Know Your Birthday is March 1st I Cant Beleive Your 19 Years Old