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jeremy bieber beats up nephew tylor

Jeremy Bieber doesn’t want to be known as “Justin Bieber’s Dad”

jeremy-bieber-beats-up-nephew-tylorI wasn’t sure if I should post this here but I thought I’d do so anyway but not without letting you know first that the story came from the National Enquirer who doesn’t have much of a reputation for reporting true facts…

“Don’t call me Justin Bieber’s dad!” A fuming JEREMY BIEBER shouted that warning just before exploding in a rage and beating his 20-year-old nephew to a bloody pulp at a Canadian bar, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

The boozing-and-brawling Bieber clan turned a low-key Friday night at Dominion House bar in Stratford, Ontario, into a “boxing ring” on Jan. 13.

The singer’s 37-year-old dad, a former mixed martial arts fighter, was apparently drunk when he blew up. His sister Bonnie’s son Tylor set him off by saying that Jeremy was living off his famous son and “wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for Justin,” a family source told The ENQUIRER.

“Jeremy went ballistic! He started pushing Tylor in the chest, knocking him back and angrily telling him he wanted to be called by his own name, screaming, ‘I’m Jeremy Bieber!’

“Tylor knew the situation was out of control so he decided to leave the bar. But Jeremy followed him outside.

“Then wham! Out of nowhere, he grabbed Tylor by his coat and punched him really hard – right in the face. Tylor raised his arms to cover up, and Jeremy gave him three more blows to the head. He started bleeding everywhere.”

The battered youngster took off running. Meanwhile, Jeremy proudly strolled back inside, bought the whole bar drinks and started playing pool like nothing happened, said the source.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Justin’s largely absentee dad – who has a long criminal record and history of drug and alcohol abuse – never held a full-time job for long and makes money by selling autographed photos of the pop star on the Internet.

“Jeremy’s bar fights, temper tantrums and boozing are notorious,” said the source. “I think he’s nothing more than a drunken bully. He needs to get help.”


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  • Michael

    Wow, that’s terrible!

  • gabb

    thanks god justin isn’t living there anymore, is better if he stays in the US till his dad get better, its for his mom and his own safety, plus justin wouldn’t like to see his dad drunk and punching people, when his dad get better he can see him again, so he dont have to deal with gossips of his dad and stuff…
    thats my opinion.

    • lmao at this extermly false article. this is so not true. that mag is nothig but lie’s. i have yet to hear a celeb say that the article writen about them has been true in my 20 year’s of life. Justin’s dad doesn’t even live in startford nor does any of his family. so why would he be going to a bar there. Maybe if justin was back at home at his grandparenst house but he wasn’t.
      So not true…

      • Kirstie

        Btw this mag has been Charged so many times for printing extremely false articles I’ve lost count.

      • I argee with you Kristie,it cant be true i hope its not 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Justins father was indeed in Stratford on that night, and he DID hit his nephew, however, the reporter got the name wrong, it was not Tylor, it was his younger brother who was punched repeatedly, he has since been silenced by the family. How do I know? Lets just say I am closer to them than you are…..and very unimpressed that Jeremy wasn’t charged given he has a long history of violence.

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I understand why he would dislike being known as just ‘Justin biebers dad’ ykno?
    Hes his own person and yeah he has issues ( but we all do, his are just forced into the media making them look 10x worse)
    But hes a good dad to Justin, Jazmyn and Jaxon.
    & to be honest with you this story probably isn’t even true, Has anyone seen photos of this beaten kid? I didn’t think so..

  • Karishma

    I don’t believe this! But even if it is true, Jeremy probably snap! He probably got fed of people only referring to him as,’JUSTIN BIEBER’S DAD!’ I don’t blame him for what he did, what that guy said was very rude & disrespectful! You guys think about it, put your self in Jeremy’s shoe & that guy was telling you, you are living of your 17 year old son & if wasn’t for him you wouldn’t of have nothing! How would you feel????
    I would feel very hurt & i would of done the some thing! I don’t blame Jeremy!

  • Karishma

    I don’t believe this! But even if it is true, Jeremy probably snap! He probably got fed of people only referring to him as,’JUSTIN BIEBER’S DAD!’ I don’t blame him for what he did, what that guy said was very rude & disrespectful! You guys think about it, put your self in Jeremy’s shoe & that guy was telling you, you are living of your 17 year old son & if wasn’t for him you wouldn’t of have nothing! How would you feel????
    I would feel very hurt & i would of done the some thing! I don’t blame Jeremy!
    He’s a great dad to his kids ! & He probably has a little problem but who doesn’t have problems guys? Oh give the a break! But to be honest, i don’t believe this for one second!

    • mel lowry

      I do believe something happened. What I want to know is how Jeremy gets into the usa since he has a criminal record. He should have been stopped at the border and that would be in Justins best interest. I am Canadian and have seen this sort of thing happen before. The song Justin wrote is why he sometimes crys when singing it. I feel very bad for that poor boy.

  • National Enquirer = BULLSHIT, so this story is MADE UP.

  • Joan

    it fucking baffles me that you people believe this bullshit.. i mean WTF???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!

  • cray cray

    LIE LIE LIE LIE, im sure he would love to be known at justin bieber’s dad, every dad loves to talk about how talented his son is, like football, soccer, or basketball justin is good at practically everything. he’s proud to be his father, this shit is just bs

    • Roxanne

      *Snorts* Yeah, proud that he’s famous and bringing in billions of dollars. Now he feels his son is useful to him and can exploit his kid in a way he never could before.


  • Desteni

    I really hope nobody believes this. This honestly couldn’t be more false.

  • Patricia

    WTF?!?! They actually expect people to believe this bullshit? Lmao. I really doubt that Jeremy would beat up his own nephew, in a bar. cmon people! I know Jeremy had some issues years ago, but I beieve that he changed and now he’s a good father to his three kids. This story is so ridiculous. All this magazine ever does is print bullshit stories. Btw Jeremy is so sexy 😉

    • Patricia

      Why did people thumb me down? Anyway last night I went to the grocery store and picked up and read a copy of the Enquirer and this article was definatelly in there. There was also a story of how Justin supposedly bought a mansion for his grandparents in Stratford. It even had pictures of it. Saying that I still don’t believe a word this tabloid prints. Its all BS.

  • Roxanne

    Though I don’t believe the story, I must say, I don’t think he should be known as Justin Bieber’s dad. He should be known for what he really is, which is … well, I won’t use those words here.

    Jeremy Bieber is … ugh, again, I will refrain from using those words.

  • i dont believe that crap none of that is true is nephew of him so he did that
    cuz what about justins si and bro he wouldnt do something that stupid

  • maria

    whp cares about justins dad’s life, really? we do know he’s kinda a douche and didnt care all that much for justin before fame or else justin wouldnt have written where are you now. i dont care if this is true or not, it doesnt impact my image of justin, and hes the one i love and care about.

    • Roxanne

      Right on.

  • maria


  • Claudia

    its kinda hard to believe this but i understand that he doesn’t want to only be known has being justin’s dad. he is his own person.

  • Liezel

    I think this is all BS! 🙂 Jeremy wouldn’t sell autographed pics of Justin to get money. it’s his own son. he loves Justin. why would he do that. :/

    • Roxanne

      Literal lol. Do you know nothing about Jeremy Bieber?

  • renee

    This whole site is a load of bullshit. Face it Justin doesn’t wanna know ya and only wants your money. BOOM BTICHES 😀

  • Lmfao. BS right here. Read Jeremy’s tweets. does he look like that sort of person to you? and fyi, Jeremy doesn’t live in nor around Stratford, so why would he be there in a bar? And Tylor lives in Woodstock, Ontario. Also, he makes money from Head rush, not his sons autographed photos. Lmfao, you guys gave me a real good laugh. Nice try. Jeremy isn’t a “douche” or whatever you want to call him. you don’t even know him, so don’t judge him for what you hear, in other words, what RUMORS you hear.



  • mjbs

    that’s bad reputation fr justin 2.

  • OMB!

    Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber! He won’t change! We don’t wanna worry about Justin! He’s not like Jeremy! But…I feel sorry for Justin and Pattie!! 🙁
    Please don’t hurt them!

    • leah

      I love you justin bieber

  • biebsgirl

    i doubt this is true, it doesnt sound like him! he has a family and wouldnt do something like that

  • a local

    This sounds exactly like him. Take it from a local who sees him in that bar often enough.


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    • Anonymous

      I dont understand, what does this mean

  • Georgia

    This is Bs Jeremy is not like that anymore. He may have had problems in the past but thats not what matters… It’s who he is now that matters and that is an amazing father and a loving person to Justin, Jaxon and Jazmyn. He is also a huge Gentleman to Pattie. I can’t believe that people make this stuff up. It’s sick 🙁

  • Mai

    Ok, im not so sure if this is true. But, i heard that Justins dad was in charge of Justins money and like ,lost the money or something, and that’s why he had a haert attack because he didn’t invest it like he should have. Some people think that His dad is living off him. Since justins mom was single a single MOM!….and worked two jobs and live in a housing residential or something…Justins’ dad couldn’t have been helping out.And now he suddenly wants to come around….? I don’t know what this is. But, Justin is a good hearted person. He wants to believe in his dad and wants to trust him and I hope his dad doesn’t screw it up. But, his dad does seem like a nice person and I don’t think he did it.

  • stef

    I like Justin Bieber he is supper

  • person

    their family is so famous that if this actually happened everyone there would’ve been recording it on their cell phones and it would be on youtube

  • justin bieber

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  • Anonymous

    hola justin te quiero conoser en vivo soy un niño de 9 años

  • Roger

    I’d love to catch this guy at a bar. I’d mop the floor with him. I’m MMA champ of the state of Florida. Come on CHUMP! Bring your ass to the US and see how things go. A common bar room brawler would kick this little guys ass with ease. He is a shrimp.

  • Esme Bieber

    <3 <3 <3 <3


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  • clara santos

    ay justin estas guapisimo y tan rapido te isistes famoso y haces muy buena pareja con selena gomez deverdad e y que sigas con ella y que no la engañes con nadie porque la verada taylor swifh esta mas bonita que selena y tambien miley cyrus esta mas bonita que tu selena..cambiala

  • clara santos

    i love justin

  • tamia

    ask doys fiends justin diders assk doys fave poclores did you justin dider can sing fave

  • Anonymous

    dummies haha

  • angie

    i like justin more than jeremy okay justin if you are reading this dont let the popaazzi get you like this just because you dont want them to call you by youre dads name that doesnt mean you have to change youre name to youre middle name okay every one loves you and youre music remember that okay ‘WE LOVE YOU’!

  • idfk bro

    LOL this is bullshit all of that was a complete lie.js

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