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Justin Bieber & Chaz Somers are no longer best friends?

….or maybe even friends at all!

chaz somers justin bieber ryan butler

Chaz Somers hangs out with Justin Bieber & Ryan Butler

Back on January 6th I told you guys that Justin and Chaz were in a fight after Justin got mad at Chaz for accusing Selena of dating Justin just for publicity.

This fight was confirmed when Justin tweeted and intentionally left out Chaz’s name who we know, along with Ryan, has been Justin’s best friend since they were young:

#realfriends @itsRyanButler and @officialjaden

Shortly after I made the post on JBShrine I noticed that Chaz was starting to get a lot of harassment from Beliebers on Twitter asking him if it was true or not. Chaz then tweeted:

I wasn’t totally convinced. Not because I think Chaz is a liar but because I got the feeling, from reading his twitter, that he was getting tired of all the harassment he got so he tweeted that to make people stop.

Today there seems to be more proof that Chaz and Justin indeed are no longer friends. Justin once again publicly declaring the best friends he could ever have by posting this picture on Twitter, and again intentionally completely leaving Chaz Somers out of the equation…

"We're the 3 best friends that anyone could have" - Justin Bieber

This is probably the reason why we’ve been seeing Ryan with him everywhere but Chaz is nowhere in site since the fight. If all this is true then I hope they make up soon! Good friends are hard to find. Especially when you’re a big celebrity.

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  • anonymous

    if u go to chaz somer’s twitter, it says ” ChazSom3rs Shaz Comers
    @justinbieber can I come to France
    27 Jan ”

    • Anonymous

      the one on the left is so cuter than jb

      • Anonymous

        Heellll no he aInt he’s ugly as f*ck!:0

        • Anonymous

          i agree he=ugly jb=hot so f*ck of yeah

        • Chloe

          He’s not ugly

        • Stalker

          I totally agree he,a ugly as hell and well jb is HOT!!!!

  • John

    Chaz cannot come every time that Justin wants to have him and Ryan. Chaz has School and Ryan does not , so that’s why you see Ryan with Bieber more than Rayn/Bieber/Chaz. So stop thinking that Bieber and Craz are not friends

    • maria

      are you a fan or you know them? cuz ur a boy, there arent that many boy fans lol. btw, in 2010 you saw chaz and justin together pretty often even though chaz had school too.

      • John

        No my mom know Chraz

        • Marissa


      • Kevin

        So what if we’re guys? We can like Justin

    • Patricia

      Your mom knows Chaz? Thats cool. But why isn’t Ryan in school?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

  • Rienne

    Well, there is a possibility, but we’ll just have to wait and see for now :/
    I hope they’ll patch things up soon. 🙂

  • gabb

    aww so sad, i love chaz!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you chaz is hot and Justin is all right

  • Anon

    Chaz retweeted some girl who said she missed Chustin so Chaz and Justin could still be friends just not spending as much time together

  • cray cray

    THEY AREN’T FIGHTING, chaz was just talking to justin on twitter

  • Roxanne

    I think EVERYONE is reading waaaaay too much into Justin’s tweets. Not many think it’s weird when girls exclude certain friends in tweets or posts like this, but we all know they’re still friends anyway. I’m not explaining this well. Point is, everyone is reading too much into this.

    • John

      True Chraz cannot come every where with Bieber because Chraz is in School I think College or Gr 12. So ya people need to stop thinking things that may not be true or not

      • Holly Davies

        umm how come ryan isn’t in school/college then? chaz and ryan are the same age <3

        • Anonymous


    • Kirstie

      I know eh Roxanna. Anyway it’s none of our business if they are or arn’t fighting. People need to stay out of it & stop tweeting Chaz and Justin asking them about their friendship. They don’t like people wanting to get into their business. I know Justin doesn’t like it because you all freak and strat threating and sending hate to people. That being said people fight, just stay out of it ( if they are fighting), if Justin wants us to know what’s going on he will tell us.

      • start*

        • AMBROSINE


      • Roxanne

        Exactly. I understand it better when some fans ask JUSTIN questions about his life, but his friends need to be left alone. It is none of our business.

      • Patricia

        Kirstie I totally agree with you

  • maria

    lol, it seems like chaz wants so badly to be justin’s friend but jb ignores him. i feel a bit bad for chaz. ryan is annoying af. chaz is somewhat more likable.
    and why does ryan not have school?? i dont get that. because hes friends with justin and became a semi-director he doesnt go to school anymore?

    • Roxanne

      Well, I was finished with high school when I was 16. Ryan might have finished early? Or he might be a drop out? Or he might have a GED? Or he might be home schooled? I don’t know.

      But agreed. Ryan is annoying.

    • John

      Ryan does I think he does online classes and Chraz goes to school, that’s why Ryan is able to come with Justin more often than Chraz

      • Kirstie

        Ryan is really shy and Chaz is more hyper, sociable. I met them both in startford this summer when I came across them at a park.

        • Roxanne

          That’s so cool!

        • Kirstie

          Ryan was like really quite and kept to himself. Mean while Chaz was like yap yap yap and bouncing around lol

        • Patricia

          Wow thats so cool that you got to meet them.

  • Blah, it's me.

    You really should start doing more research on things instead of just starting to post stuff because someone said it. If you look at some of the things Chaz tweets or retweets you can see they are still friends. I don’t think Justin would just blow off his BEST friend all the time. Theres problay a reason why Chaz can’t always go everywhere with him. Whether it’s true or not don’t just assume. Do more ressearch or just don’t say anything. I know it’s your opinion, but still, don’t just say things until you know the truth.

    • Amber

      I agree and plus you dont know if there really was a fight that happened between them!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Justin looks soooo good in the second pic, but honestly I don’t think ryan can pull off the look like justin

  • John

    Tell me this if Chaz and Justin are not friends anymore why does Chaz still follow him on twitter and retweets/replays to Bieber on twitter. Answer that. I am questioning this Fan page on what they post may not be true. I hope the owner of this fan site does research before they post anything on thin site

    • Mia

      then why don’t we ever see bieber reply back?

      • Maybe the do it over DM or over the phone

      • Anonymous

        Because he’s busy I mean he is a celebrity like

  • KB

    i really can stand the way Justin is dressing lately… like he used to care so much about his appearance and i loved that he was always so stylish… lately he dresses either like a bum or like a freakshow with all these weird socks and clothes… im not liking it.. i guess hes trying to make a statement but hes not making a good one!!

    • Kirstie

      What he is wearing is in style and fashionable right now gun. Look in any runway/ fashion mag and I don’t mean a people mag…

    • TrueBieber Babe

      Justin is like on his summer vacation from school. You know where u can wear anything. You don’t have to dress for school so you just throw on anything. It’s like that. He dresses when he is going to an event. Other than that it is #slum time. Do what you want throw on anything time. The socks are Christmas presents and he wants to show them off so his family knows he appreciates them. You can’t wear crazy socks and not show them. I’m glad he likes the socks I gave him.

    • Patricia

      Justin is going through a phase. All teens go through it where they dress more edgy or unlike themselves. Or maybe thats the trend out in LA. Personally I don’t care what Justin wears. He could wear a thrash bag and I will still love him.

      • Anonymous

        concordo contigo patricia ele continua a ser lindo como sempre

    • TW

      I agree, He did have a sense of personal style, that even if weird sometimes, was actually pretty stylish
      he looks like an odd hipster, he kind of dresses like a pimp sometimes:P just saying
      I miss the days when his pants didn’t sag to the ground, he was cool then
      And don’t anyone say a guy with sagging pants is attractive, it’s belittling of a gentleman
      he may be an “adult” and a “man” but he is no gentleman

  • haley

    whoever runs this site should actually get the facts instead of assuming things and starting more rumors… just saying! you really cant assume things from what you see.. you honestly have no idea whats going on between them.

  • TrueBieber Babe

    You shouldn’t read too much in the pic Justin posted because Jaden Smith wasn’t in the pic. We all know Justin considers Justin a good friend. So, Chaz not being in the pic is the same thing. I know we all wish Justin well and hope that he keeps all his TRUE friends. Good #real friends are hard to find no matter your age or status.

  • Nora

    I love his caption to the second photo…it’s a play on the quote “you’re the best 3 friends anyone could have” from the Wizard of Oz, which is Selena’s favorite movie. So cute that she’s always on his mind 🙂

    • Marissa

      The hangover is what justin was quoting…were the three best friends that anyone could have.

    • Patricia

      stfu you Selenator. No one here cares aboout Selena.

      • taylor

        Hey please don’t tell her that. Nora seems to care. I care. Justin Drew Bieber cares too. How would you like it if i told you to “stfu”. You wouldn’t would you. I’m not a Selenator im a Belieber. You want Justin to be happy don’t you? I have a lot of respect for her. she is one of my inspirations next to Justin. Jelena is an amazing couple. They are happy together.

        • Nora

          Thanks Taylor. It’s really sad how everyone on this site fights about everything…people should be allowed to comment without fear of being reprimanded for their opinions. That’s what the “thumbs down” button is for in my opinion; if you disagree with someone then push the button…don’t just be rude to them.

          Also, I love your comment “I’m not a Selenator I’m a Belieber”. That’s how I feel too…I’m not a huge fan of Selena (I just know her song from the radio) but I respect her, and most of all I respect JB and his choice to be with her. When Justin is happy, real Beliebers are happy too.

  • Marissa

    It would be stupid for justin to not be friends with chaz over that…bros before hoes (not that selena is a hoe) never lose a friend over a girlfriend or boyfriend that is stupid considering in the end your friends are who will be left.

  • Anonymous

    have yous not seen the hangover!? that’s one of the quotes!

  • This was Chazes tweet before he deleted it: Me and Justin are still friends please stop the rumors, he DMs/Cell me instead of tweeting me (c) and part 2 of the tweet: Bieber knows that I don’t like when he tweets me so he DMs or Cells me so please stop #stillfriends

  • John

    Chaz also deleted this tweet: I cannot go everywhere with Bieber because I have school still in Gr 12. So that’s way you don’t see us together much

    • idfk bro

      bro you are not friends with Chaz. he follows me on twitter and the fact that you can’t even spell his damn name is fucking pathetic asf and I DM’d him asking if he knows anyone by the name of John he said “No I do not know anyone who have that name and if I do it’s probably my friends dad”your comments are just stupid and to all the haters hating on Selena you guys are not true BELIEBERS to hate someone that actually puts a smile on Justin’s face besides his real beliebers friends and family you guys should also respect her you don’t have to like her but show some respect like damn you’re never gonna date him if you hate on people he know or dated so stfu all of this is just fake.Ryan has a job to attend and Chaz has to finish school so when Ryan is with Justin Chaz is either getting out of school traveling to see Justin or just in school.

  • Patricia

    I do have to admit that I thought the same thing where is Chaz? When Justin posted that picture. And yeah its true that he spends a lot more time with Ryan than Chaz. But we can’t assume we know everything about their friendship. Let them work it out on their own. Everyone fights and argues with their friends, its normal. They probably are still friends.

  • Anonymous

    NOOOOO that is so sad they looked cute together!!!!!

  • OMB!

    I really don’t agree with Justin in this case! 🙁
    Please don’t fight!!


  • jelenatic n chustinatic

    chaz n justin please tell me it`s a lie tell me that u r still bffs

  • @idaanggraini

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  • lola

    whats up chaz is so coooooooooooooool that u r hanging out with justin lol

  • Mai

    Ok so heres another topic. I have heard a lot that Selena is dating Justin for publicity and that there relationship won’t last long at all. Ok, so she dates Nick Jonas, Taylor Hautner…I mean Lautner….lol:p. But I don’t want Justin to get hurt. I mean I love him and when I say that I swear on my life I do! She does date al the top stars but who cares! They look happy and Justin treats her like a princess…so cute!!! So haters shuup and hop off!!!! And, maybe Justin and Chaz had something going on and Chaz got upset and blurted it out. But hes not stupid…whose going to post something about Justin and Chaz fighting….everyone is just going to take Justins’ side and harass Chaz!

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  • Anonymous

    Idiots there still friends!!

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  • acacia stones

    oh gosh chaz and justin are still best friends ok??!!

  • Elizabeth

    LOL you people are so stupid try stick to your own bees wax and stay out of it, they can figure things out well if Justin goes to him and say sorry, because friends are important to everybody I myself had trouble with my best friends, its had to have friends, but I believe that friends will happen in your future Justin if you just believe

  • Susan

    I love you