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Did Justin and Chaz Somers fight because of Selena Gomez?

What is going on here? Is Justin and Chaz fighting? And is Selena Gomez the reason behind it?

Even after all the PDA pictures the last year I’m sure lots of people still believe Selena is using Justin for his fame. If the rumors of a fight between Chaz and JB are true, then it seems like Chaz Somers is one of those believers.

The story is apparently Chaz told Justin that he thinks Selena is only dating him for publicity. Obviously Justin didn’t like that comment so now they are fighting and are no longer friends.

The fallout became public last night on Twitter when Justin tweeted that he doesn’t consider Chaz his real friend:

#realfriends @itsRyanButler and @officialjaden

Then Chaz replied and quickly deleted:

@justinbieber i thought what we had was real?

Justin then told Chaz to….

‘Be Real’

I thought it was kinda weird when Justin tweeted Ryan and Jaden’s name. It did make me think of Chaz. What happened to make him think that of Selena? Or could this fight be over something else and that’s Chaz’s way of being mad? Maybe it was because JB bought Ryan a car and bought Chaz only an iPhone for Christmas?

I don’t know but time will tell what really happened.

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After being harassed by some many Beliebers on Twitter, Chaz tweeted:

I’m don’t know what to believe.

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  • De'ara

    It broke my heart when he didn’t put chaz in that tweet.. but maybe Chaz did something bad. I guess we won’t ever know.

    • stef

      I KNOW ! I think chaz is jelouse Because Justin alway hang out with ryan , they went to the laker games , beach & more stuff . Chaz is blaming on Selena Gomez . Selena Didnt do anythings.

      • Anonymous

        selena did things duh…. chaz wouldn’t say things about her iof she’s not doing something bad

        • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

          u stink!! mrs hurdwells daughter!

        • Merrrrrrr


        • Anonymous

          Oh Amy go to sleep its past ur bed time!!!

      • Anonymous

        Dont get all mad at Chaz Cuz you DONT NO WTF Happend

        • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      • lexi


    • yeah he could be a jerk at times

      • eat my farts

        so can u 🙂 hehe

    • unknown

      I hate selena gomez and she’s an idiot so I would not know bout her and don’t even get me started with justin!!! Is he mad 2 fight with 1 of his best friends u don’t fight over a girl at the end of the day she’l leave him thn he’ll need his friends !!!

      • tj

        I don,t now ho you are but if say one more word about them . its me and you bitch. got it

        • andrew . oberther

          ok you dont need to get bist over something that is beatwen justin an chaz

      • Tori Vega

        hey justin bieber dont hate selena gomez she is your exgirlfriend soo dont break up

      • Aviaq Andreassen

        Yup, i hate her 2
        because she’s a heartbreaker

    • linda

      people will never know if selly is using justin for money only she will know.I hope they arnt fighting tho.If one of my friends told me that then i would believe them and not my bf

    • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer


    • eat my farts

      u broke my heart 20 years ago in the month of june!! u stupid bitch!!

  • Merkku

    I heard that Justin didn’t even buy an iPhone for Chaz, he gave his old iPhone to him…

    • Selly

      WHO CARES?! hes not required to buy chaz an iphone. wtf, since when was REAL frendship, buying expensive gifts to eachother. that shows what a frend chaz is if thats true..

      • Me

        Yeah, but it’s still pretty shitty that he’d buy Ryan something like that and not get Chaz shit. I’d be pissed, too. Justin and Chaz have been friends for a loong time. It almost appears to me that he’s choosing his fly by girlfriend over a long time friend. I love but, NOT COOL.

        • I completely agree with you!, You have every right to assume, all of his beliebers care for him as a little/older brother we’ve helped and shown care and love for, ”These haters need to stop and just listen”, back off out of Selenas ass and consider things that Justin’s tweets may meen, if he didn’t want us to see the tweets and for us to be concerned h would have called Chaz or Text Chaz about it?, Afterall he has his number he bought his phone?, Ignore everyone, your just giving us the things we want to here and i agree with your oppinion<3

      • Christina

        Well then why’d he buy Ryan a CAR? Just wondering not saying your wrong..

      • i used to hate selena until i saw their support vids.. its so touching. they are real. justin loved selena since 2009 and selena loved him back. And the inappropriate thinggs? that’s teenage hormones. my friend and i talked about this. eventually, this will happen to u! #StopHatingOnJelena it was chaz’s fault to say something silly like that. i love chazzy, yes he’s cute and all, but i think it was just stoopid of him to say that

        • jessicaelliot

          I understand where chaz is coming from justin is his really close friend and he didn’t want to see him get hurt. I mean I not saying that is true about selena or what chaz said but chaz was only helping his friend and i would have done the same thing i think it was unfair for justin to delete chaz as his friend i’m sure justin would have done the same thing but we don’t really knw the whole story. BTW i love justin and selena so dnt say im hating.
          i had to tell my friend that her boyfriend wasnt good enough for her and she understood because i told her that i would have wanted her to do the same for me

        • natalie

          u hat her

      • Anonymous

        YOu dont even no what the fight is about so dont say ohh well Chaz is not a “Real Friend”

    • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer


  • sara.bass

    chaz and justin don’t talk cuz chaz told justin that selena is using justin just for fame and justin got mad at chaz and now they are not talking :/

  • gabb

    chaz is right, selena is using Justin for fame, she doesn’t even look like she loves justin as much as justin loves her, is the same case with taylor lautner, taylor swift, nick jonas and the other SELENA USE PEOPLE

    • Zaiga

      amen !!!

    • belieberforlife

      FINALLY!! people who understand!!!

      • lex

        I love y’all 4 tht!

    • Elaine

      I think we should know what’s really happening before you say any bad stuff…..I’m not a FAN OF JELENA. and I’m not a fan of selly either. in fact I used to hate her before … but didn’t you think that it’s too lame and too childish if we keep on blaming selena for what’s happening between chaz and Justin. and besides, they’re good friends they could solve whatever conflict their having right now.

      • Shaya

        ok I know Jelena but who is Selly?

    • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer


  • TRUTHhurts

    Selena is using Justin for fame ? WHAT DO YOU KNOW ? No the question is ; DO you even know them in the first place . All this hate is getting way to dumb and silly . It’s sickening because people out there still have the living guts to comment on someone’s happiness . So grow the F up and stop assuming things .

    AND FYI – Stop all accusations and assumptions and just sit back and wait for the real story aight .

    • Miranda

      OMG, thankyou ! finally someone that agrees with me!

      • BELIEBER

        i no right someone tht understands me…. OK 1th selena is NOT NOT NOT NOTNOTNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT use justin 4 the fame she is in love with him so much!!!! i know selena and selena doesnt like BAD PRESS im sure no one does…. my point is…. selena <3 justin becuase alll those #BELIEBERS (are some beliebers) HATE selena 4 datting justin and she does like all tht hate so Y would so fake it THE?!?!?!!?

  • Ashey

    I don’t think Selena is usin Justin and I hate people who think that. I’ve seen pictures where it does look like she loved him. How would you really know if she is using him? You’re not with him 24/7. Don’t just assume.

    • Ashey


      • me

        and how would u know if shes not using him? and shes an actress she can fake all that “LOVE” she says she has for him just like in her shows.

        • Zaiga

          totaly agree

        • wheresthelove

          you guys are just filled with too much hate. he loves her, she loves him. he’s not an idiot who would stick with someone who’s not in love with him. he is a 17year old, and a mature level-headed one at that.. for once let him make his own decisions without speculating and spreading Selena-hate for it…

        • JelenaRoxs101

          She LOVES him. Selena wouldn’t treat nobdy like that. There are some pictures where she is covering her face.That doesn’t look like using. Jealous much?

        • Anonymous

          Selena didn’t do anything, if Chaz wants to say stuff about Justin then let that happen, it’s none of your business. -_-
          And dont even get me started with your jealous asses, Selena wrote two songs about Nick and admitted she thought she was in love DONT JUDGE UNTIL YOU KNOW HER 🙂

        • BELIEBER

          man i wish i could beat tht…. I mean u r right i would try to telll u off but i cant and u r right she is an actor and is falls in love in her T.V shows and movies but i dont know its kind of fishy too me ever since i saw tht post if urs…. but one thing is i dont really thing so cuz i no selena and she 4 a FACT; DOESNT LIKE BAD PRESS and all the BAD PRESS is coming from the beliebers im a true belieber my self but i <3 selena from true heart <3<3<3<3#< her so much but i dont think so cuz she <3 s her fans and she hates bad press

  • Anna


  • REAL

    Justin is a person and as much as we love him he has to do what makes him happy in his life. None of us know Selena so saying she’s using him is a guess. Even if she may not act as in love who knows how she expresses her emotions everyone is different and obviously she makes Justin happy so leave it at that!! If your a true fan u would want him to be happy.

    • Baabiebs

      Totally agree with you !
      God ! It was just a tweet ! It doesn’t mean anything .
      And they maybe not talking for another reason .

    • dorky belieber

      How do you know shes making him happy?Like you said WE don’t know Selena.

      • Anonymous

        true <3

  • :)

    And no one knows what Chaz said to Justin….. were you in the room or on the phone?? If not then don’t comment. All we know is what’s on twitter everything after that is a guess so don’t state it as a fact!


  • No hate

    But you never know people express their. Emotions in different ways and she is already famous without him so saying that she doesn’t love him or uses him is a guess ..besides he’s the one in the relationship if she was mean to him or anything he could dump her…… And on Ellen she said that he likes to show his emotions to people and she likes to be more private when giving gifts or dates or being romantic

    So no hate until Justin or Selena say she’s using him or that that’s what Chaz actually said to Justin

    • dorky belieber

      Yea like Selena’s gonna go out and say Oh yea im using Justin

  • WOW !? WHO CARES??! . I Don’t think selena is using him . I’m a Biggest Fan OF SELENA & JUSTIN B. I support them ;]. I see many pic That selena really does loves him alot ! . I have a magazine . & they said they both are so “INLOVE” . Yeah It trues . If chaz think selena is using justin just for fame ? Ehh , Nahh . He wrong . But if you think Selena is using him It your Opinion . Maybe chaz is Blaming on selena . But selena didnt do anything . Probably Chaz is jeloue cause justin hang out with ryan . they went to the Laker Games & the beach .. NuffSaid .

  • Anonymous

    No one knows the whole story except for Justin and Chaz their selves. All of us can guess what might of happened, like how people think Selena was the one who caused the problem, but until we find out what the truth is, don’t hate on Selena if you think she was the one who caused the problem.

  • MJQ

    Nice I totally agree with you. No on can judge them we don’t know their personal life> So please just keep watching the Drama and don’t assume whatever you want> Nice comment again.

    • Anonymous

      EXactly we dont know what the fuck happend so we need to just wait. But I think iit is rude of Justin to do that to Chaz over Twitter.. Its like stupid girly highschool drama. I hope it gets sorted out 🙂

  • Mimi

    I give a big applause to Chaz …finally some one has told Justin

    • ana

      yesss Team Chaz

      • Selly

        team chaz ? umm yeah hi. do you know what website your in buddy, you lost? it says thejustinbiebershrine.com did you see chaz’s name anywhere ? no. so why are you here ? gtfo. this websites for beliebers. morans.

  • Anonymous

    YES i think she does use him in away n here is y
    I thnk that she is cause YES she was famous before JUSTIN but she couse be using him to get even more popular. But do i really think that she loves him??? I can say i honestly dont know cause in some pics she look like she does n some she dont n also when JUSTIN was on the ellen show talking about his neew album with ellen she said it looks like u n selena always find a MISTLETOE everywhere u go n it was showing pics of them 2 kissing n he said wat can i say ahe has kissable chicks then when selena was on the ellen show she asked her to say something adorable abotu JUSTIN like he did n she says his eyes duh ya HE DOES HAVE cute eyes but thats all she said to say so in a way YES i think she uses him but then again NO she dont but i thnk that its DUMB how JUSTIN n CHAZ r fightin over a ONE yr relationship when all he is trying to do is watch out for his FRIENDS HEART n if JUSTIN gets mad then maybe deep down im he feels something is wrong with him n selenas realtionship just sayin but NO ONE knows wat really happened so in time we will get the whole story!!!!!!!

    • Zaiga


      • wheresthelove

        what’s wrong with her saying ‘his eyes’.. did you expect her to bare her heart out and list all the things she loves about him.. seriously stop the hate.. it looks plain ugly and exposes your bitter selves..

  • Becky

    No one should be judging anyone for what happened, it’s their business. It could have been Justin’s fault, Chaz’s, or both of them. Either way, people grow up and move on. It’s sad, but true. Friends come in and out of everybody’s lives. I wish the best for Chaz and Justin.

  • Roxanne

    The truth is, NONE of us are actually in Justin and Selena’s lives. Guess who is? Chaz …. he probably knows things about the relationship that the public does not. No, I am NOT saying Selena is using Justin for fame. I’m saying that we can’t say Chaz is wrong, and we can’t say he’s right either. None of us are their friends or involved. We shouldn’t form definite opinions on whether or not she is using Justin, because none of us actually know.

  • ana

    im on Team Chaz. and to be honest i would be really upset if they stopped talking entirely. Like youre gonna waste 10 years of friends ship for 1 girl???? Bros before hoes.

    • Me

      Exactly! Come on now people, don’t turn a blind fucking eye to what’s really going on here.

      • Selly

        excuse me do you know whats going on here ? NO. stop assuming shit u morans. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW IF ITS JUSTINS FAULT OR CHAZS. SIT UR ASS DOWN AND WAIT FOR THE REAL STORY. were you there when they were fighting no. its honestly none of your buissness you dont need to get into other ppls situations.

    • Selina Gee

      selena is not a hoe. so u can take ur “bros before hoes” back.
      1. you said it wrong .. its “bros over hoes” u idiot.
      2. how the hell do you know if selena is a hoe ? did she do anything ? no. i still love miley cyrus but shes got alotta pics and stuff as proof for her being a “hoe” but selena has no pictures. & shes sucha sweet heart. shes a real down to earth person. so no. shes not a hoe. you guys are so low, that you get into someone elses happiness. jelena supporter forever <3. i hope they never break up & get married. there the sweetest & truest. IF THEIR RELATIONSHIP WAS FAKE THEY WOULDENT STILL BE TOEGTHER FROM ALL THE DEATH THREATS U PHYSCHO JELOUS BITCHES WERE SAYING TO SELENA. but guess what she stuck with it and held up her head high & stayed strong so she can be with the guy she really loves… justin. so FUCK chaz. (:


  • KB

    I think its kind of immature of Justin to put that private stuff on twitter for millions of ppl to read. If hes having a problem with Chaz it should be kept between the two of them. What Justin did is kind of spiteful and i dont like ppl that do that kind of stuff… I love Justin but im hoping that this is not the true story bc i really think that doing something like that is kind of childish, i thought Justin was way more mature than that (and yes even for a 17 year old, he usually is wayyy more mature than this)

  • KB

    Also, if Chaz really did tell Justin that, then Justin should atleast respect Chaz for trying to be a good friend, whether Justin believes what hes saying or not… and OF COURSE Chaz is probably envious of Justin (i woulnt say jealous)… im sure Ryan is too… Justin went from being thier best friend to this GIGANTIC overnight celbrity with MILLIONS of girls around him every single day and now hes got a gorgeous famous girlfriend, who the hell wouldnt be envious?! as long as Chaz isnt using that as the real reason to why he said what he said (which im sure he really truely cares about Justin and was just trying to be honest…) then Justin should try to respect what Chaz was trying to do… im only saying this IF this is what is really going on with the two of them…

  • cool justin biber

  • Lala124

    chaz was telling the truth… she is using
    him. and i really think chaz would appreciate an iphone for christmas;D

    • Selly

      how do you know ? have you met selena chaz or justin ? have you went out with them all the time? are they in your lives ? NO. so how the hell do YOU know what the truth is. all your doing is spreading rumors. you moran. sit ur ass down & wait for the real story. u guys are such low lifes that your getting in the way of justins happiness. he doesnt need your concerns, he can take care of himself, without your bullshit. so honesttly, just stfu. cuz jelousy takes you no where in life. get over urself, and accept the fact that justins happy with selena. & real frendships not about the gifts you fucking gold digger. get a life.

      • Sarah

        You are a DUMBASS every sentence and every line of what you said is BULLSHIT

  • #realtalk

    seriously, my opinion is that no one knows the REAL STORY. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s false. Come on guys let’s stay quiet till we know the real story ! #nohate please 🙂

    • lea

      agree. It’s just a rumor and people talk about it like it was true.

  • RealTalk

    Alright alright, enough.
    We, as beliebers, will never know if Selena is using Justin. No one will. The only person who knows is Selena, herself.

    As for the ‘fight’, I really hope they do put this behind them. </3. Its sad seeing this. 🙁

  • Bella

    Selena’s album got lower ratings when she was with Justin. Justin isn’t making her more famous. It isnt getting her name out there, she’s already known. She’s just getting hate. there’s really no advantages for her career in dating Justin. Justin also said she does small things and gets mad because everyone says she does nothing in the relationship. Justin does extreme things, he likes to be romantic and surprise here. Selena probably does stuff too. i can’t think of what, but she does.

  • I completely agree with you!, You have every right to assume, all of his beliebers care for him as a little/older brother we’ve helped and shown care and love for, ”These haters need to stop and just listen”, back off out of Selenas ass and consider things that Justin’s tweets may meen, if he didn’t want us to see the tweets and for us to be concerned h would have called Chaz or Text Chaz about it?, Afterall he has his number he bought his phone?, Ignore everyone, your just giving us the things we want to here and i agree with your oppinion<3

    • lea

      maybe but i don’t get why people always involve selena like maybe chaz and justin had issues because of other stuff.
      I don’t think they really fight, but sometimes it seems like justin is more friendly with ryan than chaz .
      But i think people should stop talking about it until they really know what may happened

  • Jessa

    Justin didn’t put anything about Christian in the tweet why aren’t people making a big deal about that

    • tami_akaTRUbelieber17

      ppl are just trying to find a reason when in reality they need to shut up and worry about their own freaking lives while they still ARE alive *rolls eyes*

  • lindsey

    I thought about chaz too… i tweeted back and chaz? …akward

  • hmmm.....

    no one really knows why there fighting. you guys are getting worked up over a rumor. for all we know it could have been an argument about something else (not related to selena) and justin could of started it. and selena isn’t using justin for fame. shes famous because she has talent.

  • Bella

    Justin isnt following Chaz and Chaz got Justin’s old phone he said it himself

    • Jessa

      Justin Is following Chaz and Chaz is following him too

  • Lilly

    ok this whole fighting crap seriously needs to stop. But i literally PREACH CHAZ for speaking his mind AND THE TRUTH. Selena IS using Justin for Fame. When she started being seen with him 1year ago, she started gaining more followers on twitter and likes on Facebook and stuff. When they were seen kissing in Hawaii she gained SO MUCH PUBLICITY from the pics being EVERYWHERE. Have you guys noticed that her album ratings and fanbase and TV show views GREW EVER SINCE SHE STARTED DATING HIM?!?! its effing OBVIOUS shes using him. BUT its also obvious that Justin actually does have feelings for her. but she just doesnt feel the same way. Shes using Justin just like she used Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus etc. But only this time she knew that Justins fame would never die out like what happened to the rest of them. so she took it to her opportunity.
    Now back to the Chaz thing. Im TEAM CHAZ on this. No matter how much i LOVE Justin, chaz is speaking the TRUTH and is only LOOKING OUT FOR HIM, like best friends do and like some Beliebers have been doing for the past year. I personally think Justin is being really childish about this. He should just go and ASK selena herself. She might not tell the truth, but hell, be HARSH with her until she tells it. The more you provoke her, by saying that u know somethings up, the more her ‘plan’ will be revealed.

    • chatterbox341

      I completely agree with you. It’s like justin is oblivious to what selena is doing. Chaz is just giving him tough love and justin probably took it the wrong way. Like i said before justin is going to realize what selena did and break up with her this summer or fall. I am not a hater i just think what selena did was WRONG!

      • wheresthelove

        the things you say show what are important to you in life. all you care about is money and fame.what’s the use of those things if you don’t have someone to love. i am pretty sure justin is smart enough to know whether or not selena’s using him. he can take decisions for himself… if you saw it from another angle, you would see how happy they are together.. the tweet was not even from chaz’s account.. stop assuming things..

    • skates2000

      Wooh! It looks like you know more about the Justin and Selena relationship more than them personally. What did Selena do to you for you to even think about that? Chaz is not with Justin 24/7, he wouldn’t even know how Justin and Selena are doing. To say that Justin’s family and friends also think the same thing–that Selena is using Justin–is also a hater’s opinion which is not even true. You have to remember Selena was dumped by Taylor Lautner, she was disappointed about the whole thing because Taylor wasn’t man enough to defend his love for her if ever that was even existing. Anyways she moved on that’s why Taylor Swift came in. About Nick Jonas, she obviously liked him too and he also liked her so where is that using and being famous coming from. You have to remember when Justin and Selena started, Nick tried to talk to Justin on twitter, but didn’t proceed with it. Nick probably wants to tell Justin to take good care of Selena. Taylor Swift and Selena became best friends when Taylor Swift had a relationship with Joe Jonas. She wasn’t even popular at that time. Selena was friend with Demi since they were 7, they lost touched after Demi became friends with Miley and started to get into drugs. You’re probably a Miley’s fans that’s why you are trashing Selena. That is really pathetic of you.

    • Parissa

      i get what you mean, but then again well never know , where not him, this fight between chaz and justin could be about anything, how is there proof to say its about selena, its obvious their fighting but now obvious about what .. you know what i mean
      i think their both in love but im not sure and not taking sides

  • Viki (:

    To be honest we will never find out the truth….why are ppl getin involved in this?I mean its between themm….and the hole justin or chazz team this…is pothetic…i love them both…!!!At the end of the day we will never know f Selena is using justin …or if they are happy together..WE wont EVER know that.Justin is still young.He will make more mistakes but he seems like the type of person that will learn from them.In someway i think chaz has a point there.But im not gonna completly agree with him…because mabye Justin is Happy wiv selena…and to me she seems like a nice sweet girl…Shes very beautiful wiv and without make up.At first i was jealous of them cos obviously im in love wiv justin like any teen girl is!I supporte him from day 1!And i will always Be his fan…!When ppl been sayin that mabye they arent friends anymore because he dident buy something for chaz…..I think that just a rumor!I dont think chaz wud care what he got 4 christmas…he seems like a REAL friend that would care about his friendship more.Also Justin dident include Christian Beadles…..that really got me wondering.Well anyway…i think everyone should just back of and let them deal wiv their problems themselves.and live their lives!I mean if you had an argument with ur family or friends would u all want everyone to start gossiping about it?Make rumors about it?And start deciding wat side ur on?NO NO NO!!!!!!U wouldent wud u!Its not fair how people judge them…and who is right and who is wrong! WE wont ever know that…unless you actually are justins Friend!…anyways i hope they sort things out nd be friends again…i hope justin is happy wiv selena..!As long as hes happy,nd hes smiling we should be happy to (: He lves his fans<3333 xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Christina

    I agree when I saw that tweet, there was no Chaz. But you guys do realize he stopped like really talking to Christian to right? Like in 2010 when they were around each other like a lot but 2011 like that stopped? I sorted of noticed some signs to. Like the fact that he’s always with RYAN if he can fly him out. But more than likely if Ryan could fly out then maybe Chaz could to? He’s always tweeting Ryan, but not Chaz. He’s always retweeting Ryan’s tweets. He bought Ryan a car. I mean especially that, I immediately thought to myself, what did he get Chaz? I even went on Chaz’s twitter to see. And saw what? A swagged out Iphone? Really? You get Ryan a car and your next best friend a phone like WTF? Chaz probably felt like shit. I just don’t understand, they were so close. And now ever since he’s started dating Selena like. Everything is changing .

    I do find it very fishy that she’s dating Justin and he’s like almost bigger than mother monster. Didn’t she do the same to Nick and Taylor when they were big? And when the new thing came around, she was dating them? I just refuse to think she’s that type of person but I do have my doubts. And if they’re fighting because of HER. Because Chaz was just looking out for a friend by saying that she was using him for fame, then I’m sorry to say I just lost a lot of respect for Justin. If he’s willing to throw away that many years of friendship over a girl well, then he’s stupid.

  • CHUSTIN!!!

    It’s not Selenas fault. Friends fight, it’s what happens. I hope they stay friends. Selena obviously loves Justin. I just want the old Justin back.

  • Esmee :/

    I honestly don’t think Justin should ruin a whole 10-year relationship with this boy. I mean, everyone has their opinions and Chaz made his statement. I know being friendss is supporting them and stuff, but Chaz made a mistake. Justin should at least give him another chance, ’cause that what a true friend would do. Not talk about them on Twitter, where everyone can see. Oh well, whatever happenss, happenss.
    All I know that Bros comes before Hoess. No hate, with thosee Selenatorss out there.

    #Nuff’ Said, Bitchess ;DD

  • Bailee

    You know they arnt fighting Chaz just tweeted that Justin and him arnt fighting…

  • Me:)

    Chaz tweeted that they aren’t fighting. I don’t ever believe that Justin would forget about who has always been by his side. And even if this is true, it’s not our buisness and what we say really isn’t going to put any affect into what is going on in their relationship. I love jelena, but I do agree that Justin does spend a lot of time with Selena, but they are both young, and wildly popular, so their relationship isn’t like any other relationship. If you guys had Justin as a boyfriend, I bet you would be spending lots of time with him, right?

  • Ellie

    I dont think Selena is using Justin like seriously beliebers WTF!
    Jelena is 1 year and a half already!!! if selena is using him then she should already brake up with him SINCE PEOPLE ARE HATING ON HER! BUT SHES BEING STRONG AND IGNORING BELIEBER’S COMMENTS! JELENA IS FOREVER!

  • Anonymous

    IF chaz and justin are fighting because justin bought ryan a car and chaz an iphone (I doubt) That is stupid. An iphone? Chaz, appreciate that shit man Hahaha

  • Selena is not using Justin if SHE was then they would prob be over by now am i right unless u know she kept it hid really good lol but Selena is not using Justin

  • @ronaldsings on twitter

    i tweeted “what about Chaz?” when i saw that jb tweeted ryan and jaden’s name as real friends.. so sad that their friendship will be put unto an end after all that they’ve been through.

  • Djjhbehshevxievx


    • Sabrina

      What’s his Tumblr?

      • belieberforever


  • Lily


  • Ironic

    People argue and disagree but at the end of the day it’s his life!! If him and Chaz fight who cares its his problem!! Not everyone else’s. If Selena is “using” him then GET OVER IT because it’s HIS LIFE and if he cared he would obviously dump her not just take it!! And CHAZ AND HIS MOM WROTE ON TWITTER THAT CHAZ AND JUSTIN AREN’T FIGHTING so get over it!! Only Justin and Chaz no the truth so until ur them or they post it on twitter don’t comment or assume things there’s no reason to get all upset when u don’t have all the facts!!! And if u don’t like what I say ignore it even though it’s the truth so don’t hate if u turkey loved Justin bieber then u would be happy for him!! No fan has a REAL chance with him u can only dream millions of girls love him so be happy he was able to find someone who does make him happy!! Even if u think she’s a ” fake” at least Justin appears to be happy:)

    Thanx n please if u don’t like what I have to say move on!!*

  • Jessica Marie

    I understand Justin loves Selena, but choosing his girlfriend over his best friend? So not cool. In the end IF they are going to break-up the people who are going to be with him and stick with him no matter what happens are his friends and NOT Selena. They have been friends for such a long time, so why waste or end it just because of a girl.
    I hope they are going to work it out and be best friends again.

    • TrueBielieberBabe

      I agree true friendships often last longer that relationships with gfs and bfs. Justin has not learned that yet. This is his first BIG love thing. When he and Selena break up he will be sorry he let a good friend slip away. Maybe it won’t be too late to get his friend back.
      Also, he was mean of Justin to put this dirty busy on tweeter. He wanted his fans to know so that would unfollow Chaz too. So mean.

  • skates2000

    The statement in this article–“Even after all the PDA pictures the last year I’m sure lots of people still believe Selena is using Justin for his fame”–is very biased and opinionated. The fact is that the beliebers do not cover the entire world and not all beliebers believe that Selena is using Justin for fame so there is really no proof for stating that the majority and a lot of people still believe that Selena is using Justin for fame. This statement is only encouraging more hate on the Justin and Selena’s relationship. Being in support of Justin Bieber’s website, you should also support Justin’s decision in regards to the girlfriend of his choice. The belieber, most specially this website, should be supportive with whoever Justin goes out with. Justin is a well-grounded person so is Selena there is really no reason why you should even have any doubts of his judgements. It is his life so it is basically his choice of where he could find his happiness and not anybody else.

  • skates2000

    If the rumours are true–“A friend who criticize you for your choice of girlfriend is not a friend”–he is only trying to control your life. Chaz, I think, doesn’t deserve Justin’s friendship, if he interferes with his choice of girlfriend. If Chaz is sympatizing Caitlin Beadles so he is against Selena, all the more he doesn’t have the right to bud into Justin’s relationship. Justin knows better who he wants to be with. Chaz should be happy, if Justin is happy. That is how best friends are supposed to be. Selena is not a bad person so I don’t think there should even be any objection in the first place. If I’m not mistaken I think Christian Beadles actually likes her, so there is really no ground for Chaz to hate Selena or even be suspicious of her.

  • Anonymous

    TEAM CHAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    • Robyn

      I was just going to comment that lol looks like you beat me 2 it

  • herpderp

    poor chaz. only trying to show his friend the truth to protect him. justin and selena make out and do heavy pda’s in public wherever they see a camera! OF COURSE SELENA IS USING JUSTIN FOR FAME! AND THEN HE PUSHES DOWN A FRIEND THAT SHOWS HIM THAT? selena is tearing the justin we knew apart. I HATE YOU SELENA HOW COULD U!

    • belieber

      is justin a spineless boy who will be so swept away by a girl that he will throw away everything he has for her? that he will be so blinded by her love that he wont realise that she is ‘using’ him?
      just NO. he is so wise and street smart… lets respect his decisions, lets respect him. lets give selena the benefit of doubt and not be too busy putting the blame on her.. lets give love a chance..

    • Anonymous

      that is so true…. she’s a user,, she doesn’t deserve to be justin’s girlfriend. she’s tearing justin and his friends apart.

  • Claudia

    poor chaz. i think justin shouldnt be mad at him for saying his opinion.

    • Anonymous

      exactly i believe it

  • Lala

    What is chaz’s twitter

    • dorky belieber


  • TrueBielieberBabe

    Justin used his charm and sex appeal to get PRESS when he flirted with Rihanna, katie Perry, and Chelsea Handler. When JB started dating Selena, he had a big fight with Rihanna and Chelsea Handler. In fact when he was Chelsea’s show last he would not talk about the Staples Center date with Chelsea. He had talked about it on every other show. I think Chelsea had a weird jealousy thing going on. The fight he had with Rihanna was about Selena also. Goes to show you that show business is SHADY! You can’t believe everything you see. Guys in show business make deals with girls to date them all the time (beards). Maybe Justin has a deal with Selena or it could be the real deal. I believe its real for Justin and he wanted to get engaged but his family stopped him. Let’s wait to March 1 when he turns 18. He will get engaged no matter what anyone says. Selena wants him to seal the deal. Many people in show business get married for show also.

  • wheresthelove

    stop assuming and burying your heads under the sand.. stop spreading hate and accusing people.. they may be celebrities, but they still have hearts.. it’s very easy to just type shit and put it out to the universe, but think about the consequences., is there any point in hurting people? in saying things when we don’t know the truth? and anyway, what you type and speak shows what you yourself are made of.. why be so bitter?
    be the bigger person.. be a person of character-as your idol justin once said.. respect his decisions and stop lashing out at his loved ones.

  • Ema

    there is nowhere any proof or evidence that Chaz said this about Selena. So why are so many people assume to be true? Simply because they want it to be true because that would make Chaz an ally against Selena and Justin relationship. I think Justin put only Ryan and Jaden in that tweet because they were with him at that time. I know Justin also consider Sean Kingston and all boys of Team Bieber his real friends but he also did not include them in that tweet.

  • dorky belieber

    People believe this and people don’t believe this please stop hating on each other everyone is entitled to there own opinion remember #WereAFamily we’ve been with Justin since the beginning and so has Chaz

  • chaz was confirmed, they arent fighting… check his twitter guys! 😉

  • but im not sure with wats going on… we dont know the real story 🙁

  • Yu Lee

    Daisy, u are very naughty writing that Chaz “deleted” a tweet, one that u have obviously invented & we can’t verify it because its now DELETED ??? The opposite is true, Chaz has now tweeted twice “Justin & Chaz are not fighting guys”

    The CHAZ rumor probably started cuz Justin should’ve included him in his tweet with #realFriends like Ryan & Jaden but then where would his list have ended? 16 million friends?

    My real question is why Ryan got the car while everyone else got an iphone. Apparently Ryan is different because his parents frequently were “babysitting” Justin when Pattie was working as a single Mom. Pattie & Justin even slept over for a while when they were so poor they had to move between apartments!

    This explains why Justin owed Ryan something much much bigger!

  • sierra thomas

    I dont think that they should break up a life long friendship over selena. This just shows that justin is an amazzzzzing boyfriend by defending her. She better realize that nd never hurt Justin. He’s fighting with his best friend for her. I am a supporter somewhat because she makes Justin happy. Someone on twitter said that they were at a party he wuz at nd he said that they were the most awkward couple there. I dont base my opinion on what other say but I have to stay I AGREE with chaz. Im one of those believers sorry I loVe U Justin. <3

  • missy ella 23

    poor chaz… he doesn’t deserve this. one moment his BFFs with justin and then the next, justin chose selena over him. i think that’s a bad decision, chaz was just trying to protect justin and yet it turned out that chaz was the bad one… i just hope the two will be ok soon and i also hope that justin would see and realize that chaz was doing the right thing.

  • ReaganBieber

    first of all none of u guys no if selena iz using him or if selena isnt using him, so u guys need to stop saying false thinggs about it. second of all, the rumor iz- Chaz said somethingg mean about Selena to Justin than Justin got mad and didnt want to hangg out with Chaz anymore. BUT that iz a rumor so no one knows if it is true or if its false. nobody besides Selena, Justin, and Chaz no the truth…

  • Glykbelieber

    I feel sorry for Justin :/
    Justin Bieber can’t really have reall friends i mean.. he is really famous.. he has to travel all the time and can’t stay at his home. Now about Chaz what he did wasn’t nice it was rude and mean what he said!
    and also i saw some of the comments saying ‘ he is probably jealous’
    ‘ justin bieber bought i car for ryan’ I dont believe is that reason and also presents dont make friendships! real friends dont need presents!

  • OMG!!
    i realy think justin be a big friend of chaz!!!

  • OMG i didn’t even know they were fighting, i tink it’s all Selena i mean Chaz Somers is so freak’n sexy. I know i wud date him from the looks of it <3

  • Chaz Somers is so hot i think it’s SELENA’S fault

  • thats soo cool j/k.

  • hey sup peeps

  • sup where’s that girl who thought i was a hot guy but i am a hot ggirkll

  • pec out

  • nikki

    Like immediatly i thought of Chaz wen he posted tht nd i was like “Ahem Chaz?”… I hope they still arent figjting who knows Chaz might b just saying there arent fighting bcuz he doesnt wanna b harrased? But i mean Justin bought Ryan a CAR nd according to a comment i read (dont know if its true or not) Justin gave Chaz an iPhone… mayb even his old one

  • ashley

    why would justin get mad at chaz if ge was just telling how he feels? justin should just say ok i understand your opinion. chaz isnt being a bad friend at all, you should be able to tell your best friend how you feel. so justin needs to get his act together

    • ashley

      and its not about a phone or car. chaz lover the gift chaz always wanted an iphone

  • sup

  • Sharon

    Or….. this is just a publicity stunt and maybe Justin fell for her we can only

  • Sharon

    Maybe this is a publicity stunt cause you can’t just say selena has gained more of a fan base when Justin has, they’re everywhere and it’s very much annoying! but.. we can only speculate so we don’t know what’s really going on unless your really close to them! js

  • Anonymous

    ever since they started “dating”, all you ever hear about is Selena .she is so fucking fake

  • yash shah

    hiiiiiii justin biber you are my bigest friend in the….. wor d

    iu apsgfu yo r maoldkg

    • u spelt his name wrong its BIEBER!
      not tryin 2 b mean just sayin!

  • Belieber♥

    Well i think that Chaz is right…. selena is using Justin for PUBLICITY AND FAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”Jelena” lovers its annoying that you guys keep on saying “If you dont like selena then your not a true Belieber” Seriously i LOVE Justin Bieber and then “You should be happy for Justin” I do want Justin to be happy but not with Selena cause she using him For ex…… Jonas Brothers who was it yeah Nick oh & then who was next Twilight yeah because it was big at that time who did she go out with Taylor & know that Justin became the most popular guy who does she date YES excactly Justin……… Let see if she wouldnt be using guys for fame then well of course i would of like “Jelena” This is my opinion you have your own so respect it #SELENAHATER&PROUDOFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:♥

    • OMG UR AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i finally found sum1 wat understands wat im tryin 2 say!!!

    • ana

      Who would be the next one? Harry Styles?

  • Anonymous

    When did Justin and Chaz get into the so-called fight?

  • I MISS CHAZ SOO MUCH… 🙁 Y DID THEY HAV 2 STOP BEIN FRIEND?? 🙁 ITS NOT KOOL.. I WATCH NSN ND START CRYIN.. THEN I C CHAZ ND JUSTIN HUG ND START CRYIN EVEN MORE, THEY WERE THE BESTFREINDS!!! nd they were so happie when they saw each other.. but justin kinda left chaz out a bit… nd liked ryan more…. but still i miss chaz!!!! they should b friends again!! u neva hear anythin bout chaz anymore.. just bc there not friends :””(

    i talk 2 a chaz somers on fb.. nd he asked me out.. but idk wat 2 say coz idk if hes real or not ://

    he asked me 2 cyber him….

  • ana

    In my opinion, how could justin believe a girl he he met a few years ago and dont believe his best friend since he was a kid. Maybe she would be using him. When jo bros were famous she dated nick jonas, when twilight was famous she dated the most hottest and famouse guy from the movie Taylor L., and when justin bieber was the famous kis BAM! the dated. They were just dating like two years now. He would believe a girl he met like just two years ago, but not his friend that they know since kids. WOW. That was totally rough.

  • I agree with Chaz Somers he and Justin are friends for so long they will do any thing in the world more then Selena Gomez is useing Justin for fame Selena ticked Justin first she told him to stop being friends with Chris Brown,Sean Knigston and Little Wayne and last year at the Kids Choice Awards 2011 Selena Gomez was cheating on Justin Bieber with a Glee star Cory Monteith.Chaz is doing the right thing for Justin and friends is first then a girl Justin sure listing to Chaz not to Selena to his friend and if Justin breaks up with Selena she is going to date the next guy Harry Styles from One Direction.Justin will be sorry to Chaz.

  • Mandi Roark

    I think they are a cute coupl they are a cute match for each other…..I dont think they would fight over something really stupid!!!

  • Mandi Roark

    I use to not be a big fan of Justin but Know im a big fan of him Ha ive watched every show of wizards of waverly place i have every move of selena gomez and all of her cds…….But i most deffently this Justin and Selena Are a cute couple i look a photos of them on the computer when i get a chance to plus im also doing a powerpoint for my final exam for Chorus..

  • Kayla

    Selena is not using hym for fame how when she was way famous before hym? And the only reason say they hate her beuc she has more money and has hym

  • Anonymous

    i like selena nd justin 2 dey both r soooooooooo cute if i got chance met them or talk to them i will justin is so hott

  • Cuco rempong

    Komen nya bahasa inggris semua-_- kaga ngerti gua-..-

  • Najad

    I’m with chaz on this one because it so obvious that selena is using Justin how would I know? When jobro’s were big she took nick away from Miley then when twighligt wa big she dated Taylor now bieber fever? She goes after Justin whose next Cody Grayson? Exactly and I’m not a hater I actually loved selena untill I started noticing she only cares about the fame!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE You Justin Bieber And If You See This I HOPE YOU Come To My House Im In GRMNEY i Live On Airazona steet you Go in side and walk up the stairs and walk up the stairs the door on the left knok PLEASE And Im Onlle 9 And I Love You So Much And I HOPE YOU COME.

    • Anonymous

      my name is asia

    • Anonymous

      Justin The Two That Says Anonymous at 6:41 AM And at 6:43 Are Min My Name Is Asia Just To Let You Know.

  • Morgan

    Poor Chaz :'(
    They Should Be Friends Again
    But I’d Rather Believe His Best Friend Who Hes Known all HIS Life
    Than a girl who hes been dating for like 2 years
    Feel so bad for chaz <3
    and Justin Keeps acting like a hormonal chick,who needs to put his freaking tampon the right way , he has and always will be a spoiled little brat.
    who his bffs are better than him

    Chaz Somers <3

  • mrs.bieber

    selena gomez is getting on my nerves startin trouble

  • JAmie DaviDs

    No but I don’t like this chaz and justin were Best Best Best friends why did selena come between them now they fighting it,s not right she,s wrong maybe she is dating him because of fame and I’m a belieber hay and justin can’t just treat chaz diffrent to ryan if justin wants to be best friends with them both then he should treat them both eqaully