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Did Justin and Chaz Somers fight because of Selena Gomez?

What is going on here? Is Justin and Chaz fighting? And is Selena Gomez the reason behind it?

Even after all the PDA pictures the last year I’m sure lots of people still believe Selena is using Justin for his fame. If the rumors of a fight between Chaz and JB are true, then it seems like Chaz Somers is one of those believers.

The story is apparently Chaz told Justin that he thinks Selena is only dating him for publicity. Obviously Justin didn’t like that comment so now they are fighting and are no longer friends.

The fallout became public last night on Twitter when Justin tweeted that he doesn’t consider Chaz his real friend:

#realfriends @itsRyanButler and @officialjaden

Then Chaz replied and quickly deleted:

@justinbieber i thought what we had was real?

Justin then told Chaz to….

‘Be Real’

I thought it was kinda weird when Justin tweeted Ryan and Jaden’s name. It did make me think of Chaz. What happened to make him think that of Selena? Or could this fight be over something else and that’s Chaz’s way of being mad? Maybe it was because JB bought Ryan a car and bought Chaz only an iPhone for Christmas?

I don’t know but time will tell what really happened.

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After being harassed by some many Beliebers on Twitter, Chaz tweeted:

I’m don’t know what to believe.

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