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selena gomez justin bieber 2012 mexico

Justin and Selena are back in Mexico Jan 6, 2012

God these guys move quick. Just took a nap for a couple of hours and now Jelena is in Mexico! Not sure why but I’ll update the post when I get more info. If any of you know please leave a comment and tell us.

Click on the picture above to make it bigger.

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  • Sheila

    Well Selena has a concert there. I think Justin has just accompanied her because he needs his muse around for ideas for Believe. Haha! Jk…I think he’s just being a protective boyfriend. He was very protective about her even when they were just friends. I mean I recall Selena saying in a radio interview back in 2009-10 that Justin was panicking when she was in Europe cos she was not carrying her phone and he wasn’t able to stay in touch with her our know where she was. They’re just too adorable!

  • Anonymous


    • carolyn


      • Anonymous


        • Jelena forever

          Im sure she probaly knows she is the luckiest girl in the world, but i think looking at the pics she is probaly tired from the plane journey or just woke up or something

        • Belieber♥

          @jelena forever sooooo true♥ and plus it look like their leaving the hotel and getting ready to leave, and im pretty sure that pic was taken early in the morning.

  • Taylor

    Lol I’m sorry, I love them both and all, but wtf is he wearing? Does he know he doesnt match at all? And THIS is why Ryan Good needs to come back, the sooner the better. Lol I seriously can’t stop laughing! His face looks perfect, as always. Its just his outfit that has to go. Just saying.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah your right, WTF is he wearing?.

    • WTF! Is wrong with you!:L. He looks abs fine, KAY:*. And tbh, if you think that doesnt match, then you must be fucking blind, what kind of style do you have!:LL It does match its a combination of blues, grey’s and white! the winter colours, which arent just red and green!:L. hes adding in a combination, of all these colours which give an effect on the colour of Justin’s skin, as it is quite fair!! Believe me i would know bout all this shit!<3. and if you were a true'belieber like me, you really wouldnt care what he's wearing, thats his style, everyone is different, you should know that you retard! and Btw, Justin is doing amazing without Ryan good:L ryan good was one of the most lucky people ever he got to work with Justin'Drew'Bieber ffs!:L<3. But he decided to leave! You stupid dick!:L<3 now fuckup and SMD!<3

      • Michelle

        HAHAHAHAHAHAA !!!! I don’t know why you get so offensive over his clothes !!!! You are just an OBSESSED fan that needs to CHILL OUT !!!!! 😀 TBH: He is wearing something TACKY !!!! T A C K Y !!!!! Get it ??

        • Belieber♥

          i think he looks cute no matter what ;)♥

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  • yami

    Her tour starts on January 22 in Puerto Rico so i dont think theyre there for that. Some people and even an add on tv is saying that she might bring him to the concert. . . So hoping its true

  • Angel Bieber

    God LEAVE THEM alone you freaking Paparazzi!

    • Belieber♥

      haha true they need privacy :)♥

  • nothing i can say it?

  • Zaiga

    to stop rumors about chaz and justin..and that b***.. it need to seems like selena “loooove” justin!!!!!!

    • Michelle

      Haters are gonna hate !!! ^___^ You think they actually care. He probably is mad at Justin because he got a lame phone while the other guy got a car 😛 Hater Hater Hater ! GROW UP ! He’s is still with her, and he will never leave her for a hater and people that disrespect people for no given reason

  • Claudia

    They are so cute together!Love=Justin&Selena 2gether!

    • Me

      Love how you added a little corny ass equation. Cute :/

  • Ellen

    Selena looks abit tired, she needs to have more sleep 🙂

  • yuli

    in wich part of mexico are they?

  • hmmm.....

    they both look tired as hell =(

    • annonymous

      no shit! dont uu see all dee work deez liddo kids be doin? think a liddo

      • Belieber♥


      • geanina

        justin biber I love dont’t no stupi selena gomez/ justin biber I love :*

  • thea_esmee

    she is not smiling because she thinks that she’s better than him…she’s the man:/

    • Michelle

      Oh gahh !!! She is tired. People do get tired of traveling a LOT !!!!

      • Belieber♥

        go michelle! 🙂


  • uhh

    So this is going to sound extremely stupid.. but I was talking to Justin on this site, and he said Selena was cheating on him. Even if it isn’t true or it isn’t Justin, I’m starting to believe it. He said its been going on for a month. Think about it. They spent the holidays apart. Seperate hotels for new years. Selena looks upset in all the recent photos, no new kissing lice, Justin was spending time in la at the beach with a bunch of girls. I dunno. Makes sense to me…

    • Patricia

      I really doubt that Justin would be on this site talking to fans. That was most likely a poser.

      • uhh

        It wasn’t this site, a different site.

  • U know i dont really care if they look tired or whatever!!! All I care about is if theyre still toegther and they love each other!!!!

  • Angel Bieber

    PAPS just leave them alone and let them lie there lifes

  • Lizzie

    I am such a big fan do Justin I think they are honestly a really cute couple, I hope they stay together for a long time!

  • love i Death love Me justin Bieber i am the death of you You are satellite

  • juanita

    i think selena look terrible

  • Mrs. Bieber

    How caurus about selean she his stupt and I hate that she gets Justin all what she wants it his fame then she gona leave him is she relly even pregnet by the way bitch if you see this I hope cry dum ass bitch

    • Belieber♥

      omg haha ur a dumb ass bitch and i doubt that she would cry because she has like a whole lot of fucking fans hating on her already so she prob used to it already. plus bitch your just jealous that she got him and u didnt so you stupid ass skank be fucking jealous 🙂 because face it youll never have him. js and relpy if u want haha but it wont make a difference so bye:)

      Belieber 4 Life♥

  • sophie

    she looks preg omg

    • Mrs. Bieber

      Is she relly preg

      • Belieber♥

        noooo shes not why would she be prego when she has a damn tour think about it duh and she wants kids but she said herself she isnt ready yet…

      • geanina

        next to justin biber I LOVE YOU :*

  • tylisha

    boyyie..whudd disx world crankin up..I use to hate the fact tht they were a couple but now itsx thru they bee together for da longest..bhudd umm still a lil on edge aboud td…but dey look cute together..nd leave dem alone..dey wanna have normallives too!!.DANGG!!

  • koshan shanu

    selena she is a beautiful gilr .. with justn beiber ilike so so much all sing is justn.. <3 <3 <3

  • giselly

    justin vc e bonito agora a selena e muito estranha nao estou me mentedo no seu namoro mais acho q vcs form,a um casal diferente nao conheço ela mais me descupi mais acho q ela tem cara de ser muito isibida vc nao brincar com tudo mundoi com todo respeito fique com Deus asim nao uma fa mais uma pessoa Q TEM SO DEUS COMO IDOLO

  • geanina

    justin biber I LOVE :* next to justin:*:*:*..*X*X*X*X