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justin bieber ingoring fans france

Justin Bieber is not ignoring his fans!

Seems like kinda negative news this whole day. Thank god it’s almost midnight and this day will be over! One last post which I think shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.

A few days ago I posted a video of Justin at Nice airport leaving France after the NRJ Awards. Then other sites started posting the same video but said “Justin Bieber is ignoring fans” causing JB to have to write a long public apology today on Twitter.

Justin Bieber has gone on Twitter to set the record straight about what went down at an airport in France over the weekend.

A number of outlets posted video of The Biebs sprinting through the terminal at Nice International Airport and speculated that he was deliberately avoiding the fans who had gathered.

But that’s not what happened.

“I want to clear something up that is important to me,” wrote Bieber on Tuesday. “The other day in the airport I got surrounded by 20 paps. I dont like small spaces and i just wanted to get on the plane. I ran to get thru the gate and there is a video of me running by fans and on the other side you dont see the 20 paps.”

He explained,

“I would never run by my fans and for those that i did pass that day I AM SORRY. I know my fans are my everything. I know my responsibility to them. I LOVE MY BELIEBERS. So as i get older i know i will learn to deal with these things better and better just still learning. still human. just had to get that out.”

Considering the endless paparazzi harassment and the rush-to-judgment by other websites, we’re not sure Bieber should be the one apologizing here.


I agree. When I saw “Justin Bieber ignoring fans” and watched the video I was like wtf? He wasn’t ignoring fans! From the video it’s obvious he was avoiding the paparazzi and some fans just happen to be there. It’s understandable. And there isn’t a law that says JB has to greet all his fans all the time. There’s just too many! He does his best and sometimes a guy just needs a break.

I just feel bad that he has to respond and keep apologizing every time someone posts something negative about him. He’s only human. Leave him alone.

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  • ?


    • tahlur

      i love justin bieber he is so hot

  • Christina

    remember guys he Hates small places because he can’t breath

    • taylor

      he hates small places because he is claustrophobic is when you are scared of small places. my mom is claustrophobic too.

      • taylor

        why did this get a dislike? If you have a problem with it please tell me because i would love to know.

        i am not trying to be rude but please tell

  • Michael

    I Beliebe in you JB, I never woulda though you were ignoring your fans!

  • TrueBieber Babe

    I don’t know how he does it without just screaming at the top of his lungs. LEAVE ME ALONE. Michael Jackson even wrote a song where is sings this.
    I wish Justin the best and I hope that paps would just let him get on the phone in Peace. They can take photos from twenty feets. What do they have those good camera lenses for? Use the long distance lense.

    • taylor

      for better quality.*-*

  • guest

    he’s getting weirder and weirder….

  • amber

    I’m wandering when it starts to wear masks like MJ. HE IS GETTING WEIRDER AND WEIRDER….

    • amber

      * when HE starts…

  • guest

    when you are successful at such a young age in the future you will be probably alcoholic or drug addict and your behavior will be strange. There are exceptions..so we see if justin is one of them. Somethimes he;s acting strange…

    • johail

      your no future speacialist so stfu 🙂 JB will never turn into nothing. oh and hes acting strange?? how? paps are everywhere and driving him nuts how do you expect him to act? smh

  • Anon

    asdfghjkl he looks so good

  • cray cray

    im sorry but he needs to take off the girl bracelet and replace it with a watch

    • Kirstie

      It’s not a girl bracelet ( if you’re talking about what I am). It’s for both male & female. It’s Megentic and helps with blood flow. I have 5

      • guest2

        hahaha! is pure gold its not magnetic

  • taylor

    he should be left alone he is claustrophobic. he is scared of small places. and he doesn’t have to apologizes. It would be disappointing if he did that to me too but he is still human all of us would do that. you know deep at heart you would too.

    • taylor

      why did this get a dislike? If you have a problem with it please tell me because i would love to know.

      i am not trying to be rude but please tell

  • adventure club.

    It’s his fault lol Deal with the paparazzi. He’s famous, it’s one thing that’s always going to continue no matter what so if you fans say “just leave him alone!” obviously that’s not going to happen at any point.

  • johail

    he is claustrophobic. deal with it. he was NOT ignoring his fans, he is just trying to get away from the paps not the fans. and @guest you cannot tell the future of nothing so stfu.

    • guest

      obviously you are a blieber:p so discussion with you is pointless…and i guess you are 13-17 yrs old so…im a little older and i know a lot about people in this buisness, thats part of my job just like visiting this site. but don’t confuse me with hater-i’m not. I;m wishing all the best for him.

  • Patricia

    I feel bad for Justin 🙁 He’s always having to apologize and explain himself over situations that aren’t even his fault. He already apologized on his twitter and Alfredo apologized on his tumblr. What more do people want? smh Paps need to leave the boy alone before he cracks and has a nervous breakdown or something.

  • mjbs

    i never thought that till this cam up. u need space jb dont worry those who think that u avoided them don’t know u and can’t understand u so their not ur fans.

  • AstridBieber:)

    You guys should just leave him alone whoever those girls were he’s a person not the last cookie on the plate he loves all his fans just give him some time he is only 17 geese leave him alone!!!!!

  • Bieber lover

    You are right girl he I’d just a person

  • OMB!

    Aww poor Justin 🙁
    We love you too Justin!
    We got you!! <3

  • babiebs

    people are always criticizing him ! that annoys me so much ! he shouldn’t have to apologize about that ! don’t people know paps follow him everywhere ! oh ! sometimes it really pieces me ! he always tries to do his best to meet us and now people are saying he ignored fans !? please this really needs to stop ! his human , it must be horrible to be followed by paps everywhere you go ! that’s what people need to understand !


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