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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez making out @ Disneyland Jan 16, 2012!!

Sorry everyone, we’ve been asked to take these makeout pictures off the site because they are “exclusive” to WENN, the owners of the pics. If you missed them then don’t worry because they are everywhere on the net EXCEPT JBShrine :/ Everywhere. Thanks WENN 🙁

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  • yolanda

    que lindosss!! me encanta esta pareja!!

    • name

      english please?

      • izzy

        she said AWW soo cute i love this couple!”

        • Anonymous

          ummmmmm selena is pretty but not enough i mean why wont justin leave her n ask me out if he see this he need to ask himself if its true luv i had a dram bout him n we had sex

        • Anonymous

          If this is going to be a dream then snap out because jb is fucking hot and their is no way salema is letting them breakup

        • astonising

          Wronggggggggggggg. In my opinion they should both be with peeps toats diff.

        • awsome

          Fuck u bitch!!! Just kiddin but i love justin so dont go around spreddin shit on him.

      • Anonymous

        I know right.this ass is speaking some fucking other language

    • sisofjb

      I know spanish but justin doesn’t so if he readsit he won’t understand

      • madgirl

        dumb as fuck

        • Anonymous

          Come down I know you like jb but is not single so don’t say fuck or bitch because it’s not really the young cripples fault

        • froggy123

          u need 2 watch ur language lik really or if u dont i will 4 u

    • Anonymous

      I just speak English.stupid

  • meeeee

    omg!they are so cute!!of course they are!lol I love how they make out right there and they just made me think of a romantic movie when the boy and the girl are super in love and make out everywhere!!!!omg I love them so much!!!!!Justin come to Romania this summer!!!pleaseee

    • Heartthebiebs

      Totally agree, he should come to Romania 🙂

  • Katie

    AWWW!!!! JELENA FOREVER! <3 they're SO cute together!!!

  • Emma

    OMB!!! My friend was at Disneyland yesterday!!!!:-O

    • were they at the disneyland here in california?

      • Emma

        Yeah, but I don’t know if she saw him.

      • sisofjb

        yes yes they were

  • Anonymous

    There r so cute together. But there is a one fan site in our country that has a new news:
    Justin Bieber, recently confessed that he had not yet found her true.
    Famous singer Justin Bieber, recently confessed that he had not yet found her true.
    “I am glad that I meet a girl like Selena Gomez. it
    great, but I feel that I love between us. There is only sympathy, and I began to doubt that it will be a lot of love. Selena also understand that our relationship is kind of playing to the gallery and it’s all temporary. I’m looking for my ideal. ”

    • Anonymous

      Why did someone pick the thumb down?? I just ask u

    • skates2000

      You didn’t write the words exactly as how it shows on the news.
      You didn’t put in a link of the news.
      Your grammar is pretty bad, a lot of missing words, not complete sentences.
      As far as I know Selena is quite good with her sentences and grammars, so is Justin–a little bit of typo is acceptable but totally missing out words is not their style of writing. Oooppsss!
      Sorry! Your news is not credible!

      • Anonymous

        I can tell you why i wrote like this , you know i’m from Russia and i saw this news on one fan site and than i wanted to put it hear, i translated it with google translate and why the words the words order uknown

    • Patricia

      If you’re gonna post on here, please learn proper grammar and spelling first. smh

    • Anonymous

      i hope so cause me and my friends want jb to be single sooo badddddddd

  • Anonymous

    Hahah tongue dance love u so much jb shrine

    • sisofjb

      You perves. Your all pedafiles he deserves better.

  • Anon.

    Aww love it! He has her pushed against something…awwwww <3

  • raw

    his eyes are always open, lol who makes out with their eyes open

  • Patricia

    This is so fake lol. Haven’t you guys noticed that in all their ” kissing ” pics he always has his eyes open and they never actually kiss. Go ahead and look at closeups of all their old ” kissing ” photos and you will see what I mean. They always look like they’re kissing, but they’re not. Thats because Jelena is nothing but a fake relationship for publicity. Im not hating on them, its just the truth. And all you Jelenators make me laugh with how dumb you all are.

    • Lilly

      Preach it^^^. I feel like they kinda do this on purpose, like make-out in public in stuff. I mean kissing is alright but sucking face in DISNEYLAND? with a bunch of little kids running around? no, thats just not acceptable. I personally think this is all for Selena. Imagine all the publicity this will get. This will be EVERYWHERE. And thats not right. He always has his eyes open and she always looks like shes begging him to kiss her. Its alright to go to disneyland but makeout in the candy shop? no. just no. -.-“

      • Selly

        & lily first of all his eyes are not always open, they have so much kissing pictures go take a look before u state ur facts. his eyes were open only in this picture and ur assuming shit. & WHO CAREES?! there old enough to show there love towards eachother where ever they want. instead of complaing about them go complain about the 12 year olds already having sex and giving blow jobs now thats not acceptable. they are just kissing are they not aloud ? is it illegal ? do they need premission from they’re jelena haters. LOL NO. they are old enuff to handle themselves they dont need ur concerns. and its not a candy shop buddy, its a smoothie place jamba juice. & only teens go there, so no they werent making out in disneyland.

    • Selly

      honesty patricia, you dont know anything about them so how could you know they’re love is fake. if you loved justin then youd know he wouldent lie to his fans like that. he really is in love and so is she. and yeah u kinda are hating. go get a friken dictionary cuz aparently u dont know the meaning of hate. your saying all this crap & saying stupid rumors thats hate. just cuz ur jelous doesnt mean u can spread stupid rumors like that

      • raw

        oh sut up “selly” have you seen ll their kissing photo’s i guess not because his eyes are always OPEN

        • Anonymous

          His may not be always open in every pic but u could ses that the kiss is fake like you don’t see the love when they kiss… Get what I’m saying ?!?

        • Saraline

          “you don’t see the love when they kiss” HAHAHAAHAA WTF?! what the hell is that supposed to mean.. how on earth are you supposed to see that love when they kiss from a phot dr. phil. How can you tell if their in love or not from a kisss dumbass. Just because he opens his eyes for a moment does not mean he doesn’t really love her. Get over yourself I mean you see a few pics with his eyes open and all of a sudden conclude that he doesnt mean it when he kisses her?!?! HAHA your not a fan

        • Saraline

          “you don’t see the love when they kiss” HAHAHAAHAA WTF?! what the hell is that supposed to mean.. how on earth are you supposed to see the love when they kiss?! just because you saw couple of pics with his eyes open doesnt mean he isnt in love

        • .....

          U suck for talking about, just leave them alone

        • .....

          U suck for talking about them, just leave them alone

        • Saraline

          this fake relationship thiing is getting sooo, soo unbelievably old!!! LOL shut up with this garbage and just accept the fact that it’s a real relationship! If you care so much about justin as you profess then you should believe him when he says he is in a relationship and he is in love. Please the fake relationship thing is soo 2011

        • Star

          One word: JEALOUS!

        • erika :)

          im not jealous because i love both of them but this thing is disturbing

      • Patricia

        Selly, trust me hun, Im not jealous, Im way too old for Justin anyway. I just know the facts, and the facts are that most hollywood relationships are for show only. I would believe that its a real relationship if Justin was with a normal, non-famous girl who didn’t always end up in the tabloids. Im sorry but without Justin, Selena would be a nobody, without a career. Justin is keeping her relevant. None of my adult friends even like her or care about her. Most of her fans are little Disney watching kids. She’s using her relationship with Justin to try to gain an adult fan base. It has NOTHING to do with love. Plus I read a lot of underground, hollywood insider gossip sites, and they all say that Jelena is fake. So open your eyes little girl and quit falling for your little imagined fairy tale.

        • Selina Gee

          hey patricia , little girl ? LOL. im sorry do you know how old i am ? no. im not hating on you but u cant say that ur stating facts. k. nodbody knows the truth k. why dont we all just wait and see if they get married or not. & how long they’re relationship last. & btw selena was famous before justin came around … shes been acting since she was a little girl. & if ur a fucking adult WHY ARE YOU HERE?! are u crazy?! this is for teens buddy. o_O wow. ur imature for coming on a belieber site & fighting with teens who love jelena & bieber. how old are you again ? do u have a life ? sorry to be so mean, & u can thumbs down my comment all u want, im saying the truth. thats just ridiculous!

        • Patricia

          To Selina, lol calm down! Im not trying to fight on here, Im just trying to get you to open up your eyes and see the truth. And yes I have every right to be on here cause I am an adult belieber. I have been one for the past two years. I could ask you the same thing. If you’re a selenator, why are you here? On a belieber website? See it goes both ways. Im NOT a Selena hater. I actually met her this past summer at her clothing event, and she’s a very sweet and beautifull girl. I have nothing against her. I was just saying that its stupid to obsess over a fake relationship. And yes there have been many cases when celebs in fake relationships have gotten married for publicity purposes or when someone is bearding for someone else ( Im NOT talking about Justin here ) Look at Kim Kardashian and her fake wedding. You just can’t believe everything you see and hear. And yes i do hope that Jelena breaks up soon so that Justin can find someone he really clicks with and likes. A normal girl who will keep him down to earth and away from hollywood bullshit.

        • Selly

          patricia, i am not a selenatator or whatever it is. im a belieber. but i still like selena. i think shes beautiful, & talented with acting, & shes a very down to earth person, also generous. shes a perfect girl for justin, they have alot in common, & been through the same things, like both parents divorced. i honestly, think that theyre relationship isnt a lie. you can think it is all you want. i love them, & im not obsessed, it just really bothers me that people question his love life, you know that he wouldent lie to his fans. how dare people get in the way of someones (Justins) hapiness. that is just sad. you can never open my eyes, k? k. you go ahead & open yours. i know my idols that they wouldent lie. theyre in love & i support them 100%. thats my opinion & no one can change that.

        • Anon

          Everything that other woman said is rigt YOU are the wrong one and “u knower idols would never lie?” wtf lmao bitch how u can say THEY will never lie. Everyone lies dumbass especially celebs. Ur dumb as fuck if u think otherwise ur ass lies don’t u? Okay then. U don’t know them much less have I met him to say anything so sit.

    • Nora

      Jealous much?

      • Anonymous

        Jealous Of what

        • izzy

          JEJE Fighting…… >.< 😛

  • i was there in disneyland twice

  • Jasmine

    I really don’t like Selena.. Doesn’t she have her own friends and her own life? She doesn’t need to be following Justin around all the time. My opinion I don’t really think they are in love.

    • they are in love bitch

    • Bitch

      your really stupid jasmine 😛 and yeah they’re in lovee , what are you in? kindergarden??

    • Anonymous

      yeah they are in love right now and i hate it

  • Anonymous

    -dies from laughing. go get a room. ;D

  • raw

    honestly, a celeb couple fake dated for 3 years and im pretty sure justin and selena could fake date as long. Plus justin said he’s not in love, he just loves her, he even said he doesn’t know alot about love he’s still learning

    • Saraline

      grow up please…

      • raw

        Uhm how about you shut up. thank you

  • PastryDoll

    Awwwww……I love them <3

  • Beth

    If you really ‘love’ him/her then why would you be bothered if it a fake/real relationship? To be honest I couldn’t care if it was real/fake they care for each other and that’s all that matters. Relationships are not always based on love. For the people who say Selena doesn’t have her own fans, she was on Wizards Of Waverly Place for over 4 seasons, and she has 3 albums so I’m sure she has a big fan base otherwise she wouldn’t of been in the business all these years. I know everyone has their own opinions and this is mine, so if you don’t like it don’t read it.

    • lea

      so true

      • Anon

        Lmao no she was in the business easily just like elective else is. Her fanbase wasn’t shit and her previous twitter follows proved that Justin has upped her life in a big way so GTFOH with ur denial. And relationship isn’t based on love? Lmao see that right there shows r just a dumbass girl who hasn’t had a relationship the first your damn self.

  • They are looking soooooooooooooooooooooo cute 🙂 :}

  • girlyoudontknow

    They are in freakin love so all u hater stfu and let them FREAKIN be gosh this is not our life and we dont need to choose the way two people tha we’ve never even met need to live theirs ok like seriously this has gone long enough and for the people that say death treaths about selena well that means that u hate justin as much as u hate her so just back offf they are old enough to deside what they want in life and they dont need permission from some haters
    JELENA ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anon

      Lmao bitch everything you said was so ignorant I’m not even gonna waste time pointing all the bullsht out. Lmaoooo ur a AN IDIOT.

  • In all of these pictures Selena always looks like she’s begging Justin to kiss her & she covers her face to draw more attention to herself. She’s always kissing/making out/ hugging/holding hands with Justin whenever they’re in public. Not even a couple that’s deep in love would show affection towards each other 24/7 like they do & there is never a day that u don’t hear about them. I mean what girl in the right mind would date a guy 2 years younger than her? I wouldn’t. & Justin is obviously in love with Selena but I can tell that Selena is just using him. If u can’t see that please get glasses. If u don’t like me because of my opinion look at how much I care:

    • Anonymous

      I’m not a jelena fan but u just said was a little stupid cuz when ur in love of course your gonna show some affection you love the person of your gonna show them your goddamn love…and did u ever see a couple madly in love not showing affection?!?!

      • Anon

        Lmao and us know their madly in love how? Exactly sit

  • No Anonymous, what you said was stupid. I think that Belieber meant that it’s okay to show affection towards eachother but Jelena overdoes it so that’s why they seem fake to her, duh. I agree %100 with what Belieber said. Selena is fake.

  • Kaitlyn_Rebacca

    im so happy for them. but he’s mine

  • if you think jelena is fake then you think your idol is lying to you. let them be. they are young and in love & they dont care if they are at the beach, disneyland or in front of millions of fans, they are going to express their feelings for each other because thats how much they are in love<3 stop hatting

    • raw

      LMFAo justin even said he’s still learning about love basically saying “hes not in love”

      • learning about love doesnt mean you arent in love. but either way my point is for people to stop hating and let them be! stop causing drama saying that their relationship is fake he has enough to deal with and he doesnt need negativity from his fans at least RESPECT them.

        • Anon

          Espect? Lmao bitch no we respect OUR parents. Selena ain’t done shit for us to respect her so sit.

  • anon

    Okay all of you 6-11 year olds need to really stop sharing your stupid thoughts about how you hate Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber being together. Okay number 1 no one cares about what you think, like really? Number 2 do you think Justin and Selena really give one? nope they dont. Number 3 get over yourself if you were a TRUE Justin Bieber fan you would love him AND the girl hes with. Really so just keep your hateful comments to yourself because all it does is make you seem stupid. Thanks <3

    • Patricia

      Where does it say that as beliebers we have to support his relationships and his girl? Is that a law im not aware off? You must be a selenator. hahaha I understand. I became a belieber to support Justin and his career, not some girl he’s with. Im not jealous, I just don’t care about his relationships.

    • Zaiga

      NO!! your comment makes you seem stupid !!!

  • Anonymous

    justin! dont pull your pants up please….. 4 me

  • agreed

    all celebrities and people who are famous want to stay famous. it doesnt matter if they say, that they love their old lives.
    if they reallly loved their old lives, they would quit.
    you must be in grade 2 if you really believe that celeb stay famous because of their fans.
    the truth is.. half the times they do things because of their fans and the other half they do it because they enjoy it for their own gain.
    we are all humans and just because someone is a celeb doesn’t make them resistent of thinking about themselves and not their fans most of the time.
    they are obviously grateful of their fans but sometimes they go into a phase where they don’t really give a shit and that is the truth.
    the point is, justin has probably lied to his fans countless of times for his own benefit. if he decides to fake a relationship to help selena out or for his own gain, it does’nt mean he is’nt trustworthy and does this to annoy his fans.
    it’s because he does’nt really see how it can affect his life that much.
    honestly justin barely stands up for selena. if you want to hate my statement, go ahead. justin like any teen is vunerable to comments that attacks him and hurts him dearly. just look at the whole jinsu and jasmine thing. he deleted his tweets but he was still vunerable. there are other things too but they are just to many.
    justin has stood up for selena only a few times but he does in such a way where you have to look around closely to know what he could be referring to.

    all celebs are trained. they are trained in what they say and what they do.
    it would not be hard for justin to pretend a relationship with selena. justin is’nt good with acting. you can tell from comparing. when he was with caitlin and his past girlfriends, he barely touched her sexually, because he respected her. i’m not saying he does not respect selena as a person. another thing is that justin has his eyes open when he kisses her. when justin is in a relationship he loves to keep things on the downlow. he has said this countless of times and his songs respresent that, just look at kiss and tell and many others. justin can keep things quiet if he wants to, he has hung with caitlin many times without us knowing and he dates jasmine for as long as 7 months before that back seat kissing fiasco when we were finally sure that they were an item.
    selena on the other hand can act, she is very talented. she makes up for justin’s lack of acting.
    the couple has pictures of them every day. even personal pics that paparazi’s can’t get a hold off. even ones where justin and selena are taking a picture of each other. HOW THE HELL DO THESE COME OUT IF THEY ARE IN JUSTIN AND SELENA’S CAMERA’S/PHONES. it does’nt take rocket science to understand that they leak their own pics to the press.
    yes selena was famous before justin but she was nowhere near as famous as justin when he came out in a short time. you cant deny that justin made her name go far more out there. im canadian, the only famous people we talked about alot was miley, demi because of the whole camp rock thing, vanessa, dylan and cole sprous, jo bros. but we barely cared about selena. that is the truth.
    and honestly i already know that the deal between justin and selena is limited. limited as in the only person who is aware of their fake partnership is their agent. OH DIDNT THEY TELL U THAT THE AGENT THAT REPRESENTS SELENA ALSO REPRSENTS JUSTIN. scooter knows, as well as carin, and ryan, and justin’s mom, as well as selena’s parents.
    everyone else in their crew is clueless. that is why kenny does not body gaurd for justin when he is with selena. or the fact that justin is more closer to ryan than chaz. and why justin’s mom does not acknowledge selena, or wish her a happy birthday and stuff. but justin’s dad does because he is unaware.
    one more thing. bad publicity is good publicity in hollywood. so dont pull that why would selena take all the hate card.
    they are playing a clever game, but not clever enough. HA!

    • Zaiga


    • Patricia

      Finally a smart person on here. Agreed I agree with you 100% Great comment. I said the same thing in my above comment as you.

  • :):):):):)

    Has anyone ever wondered why you rarely see pictures of selena gomez hanging out with her friends? You always see her with justin. I mean I know that they are dating and all but you can have some downtime to hangout with the girls and go shopping or something. The point i am trying to make is: does selena have any friends other than justin and his crew. (crew meaning jaden, ryan, chaz,etc)

    • Anon

      Exactly cause hr ass has NO FRIENDS

  • liz bieber

    i love you justin ::going to your tour soon…see ya ..love you:xjb

  • khadara

    justin biebier GF selena gomez kiss shadara

  • shadaera

    selena gomez BF and GF justin bieber i love you u smile i smile jb fan 1 justin biebier BOYFIRNDE shadaeara love you one less lonely girl

  • shadaera

    justin biebier never say never move love you hot hot sixx
    jasmin villgunes ex girlfirdne
    viode musice smoohing jasmin

  • i want to meet selena gomez oneday please on my birthday on july 30,1996
    i will be 16 on that day LOL selena

    • Anon

      Wtf does that have to do with Justin? This is jb blog not fcking Selena so gtfoh

  • hi

  • abbylou

    they may not be in love, but they are in a relationship as far as we all know. i believe that if they would like to make out or touch each other in public, dont they have as much right as anyone else? i admire there honesty about there relationship, its not complicated. simple and inoccent.
    <3 abbylou

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  • God damn it…yoll re so heartless,nobody could just hit d hammer on d head of d knell,dis 2lovers had a real thing in dere lives,so wats taking ’em so long 2 make some gud babies?